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Dr. Madhukar B Potnis

General Physician, Pune

300 at clinic
Dr. Madhukar B Potnis General Physician, Pune
300 at clinic
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Madhukar B Potnis is one of the best General Physicians in Shukrawar peth, Pune. He is currently associated with Dr Potnis Clinic in Shukrawar peth, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Madhukar B Potnis on has top trusted General Physicians from across India. You will find General Physicians with more than 34 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am feeling weak and when I do sex got discharge in some second. Need to solve this and increase the size too. Need the medicine for thia to cure it fastly. Leg pain is also getting in this.

Homeopath, Mumbai
Ear healthy diet. Stop all addictions. If doing masturbation stop that too. Consult online will prescribe medicine. This can b cured.
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Doctor. My palms of hands and soles of legs secret a lot of sweat! what is the treatment. I took a lot of medicines. For curing it. please give a helpful sugestation.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Drink lot of water Put a couple of cups of tomato juice in a bucket of lukewarm water. Soak and scrub your hands and feet in this for half an hour. Apply baby powder/ talcum powder in your palms and feet Tea is rich in tannins which serves as a natural anti-perspirant. Take 1-2tea bags in a cup of boiled water. Let the water cool and after this soak your hands and foot for 15-20 minute Apple cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy for sweating palms. soak your hands in apple cider vinegar solution Do this for 5 mins for each hand and feet. Wash the vinegar with mild soap once you are done. Herbs that detoxifies blood are effective treatment Herbs such as Shatavari, turmeric, neem are effective This problem may be due to anxiety and can be solved by Meditation i can give you address of rajyoga meditation center near your house (this is free of cost) And Get your Thyroid function test(fasting) done and review with reports
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I have throat problem since 3 days. Feeling dry inside. Till I have drink 8 glasses of water.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Do betadine gargle 2-3 times daily 2.Avoid drinking cold water, have luke warm water, tea, coffee, hot soup 3.Take throat lozenges, 4. Don’t take cold water. Have luke warm water/Tea/Coffe/ hot soup 5.Give voice rest 6..Avoid smoking 7.If no relief you have to take antibiotic 8.Consult doctor /me for further advice
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Resp Sir, Is uric acid formation due to kidneys improper functioning. Pl suggest.

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
Uric acid is not because of kidney improper functions. Avoid curry foods and bitter or chilly masala foods, avoid regular carbohydrates and calcium foods. This may creates stones in kidney, bladders, and passage lines. Consult me for medicine details. Thank you.
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What is the remedy of stammering problem. Please tell me as soon as possible. Thankyou.

B.A. Psychology, M.A. Psychology, Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Stammering generally develops in the course of growing up. And is linked somewhat to your self confidence. Try speaking by looking into the mirror. Speak slowly. Create a script before speaking. Exercise deep breathing and say encouraging words to yourself - i'm good, I have qualities. I'm good at doing this believe in yourself.
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I take medication for depression, including for thyroid too. What I feel is under medication I am unable to have perfect erection, I cannot enjoy sex too. What I need to do kindly help.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- Anti depressants medicinea that you are taking depresses the functionnof Central nervous system(CNS), and hence the erection process is dependant on CNS it cause improper erction. You have to start consuming ayurvedic aphrodisiac medicine, it will improve your erection naturally and provide sexual immunity from harmful effect of anti depressant medicines.
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I am 65 yrs old & I am having excess urination problem specially when I go out after passing urine I have to go again for urine after every 15-20 minutes. Some time it is uncontrollable. Even in the night I have to go 2-3 times.

Nephrologist, Kolkata
U r probably having prostatic enlargement which s very common in your age. So you need to do an usg kub n urine r/e, m/e. Review with reports. For medicines in the meantime consult me privately as I cannot prescribe medicines in an open forum as its unethical. Thanks stay healthy stay happy.
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Meri 23 years h.mera weight 44 kg h.meri height 5" hai. Mujhe doctor ne pcod batya hai. Mere period delay hota. Pr doctor kaha hai koi dawa nhi lo. Uske side effects hote hian. Jo baadh mey problem krte hian. Kaha hai exercise karo. Aur tension bilkul mt lo. Thik hojaiye ga. Meri ek prblm main tension bohat leti hoon. Pr ab bohat control krti hoon. Aur maine ek month se exercise bhi ki hai. Toh is month mera period within 35 days mey hi aaya hai. Maine Google kiya cyst ke baare kaafi information niklaali hai toh pta chla hai. Ki bohat sey home remedies se ye cure ho skta hai. Jaise flaxseed, almond,aur walnut ko grind krke uska powder. Early morning mey empty stomach mey lukewarm water mey mix krke lena hai. Aur cinnamon powder ko bhi ayese hi Lena hai. Aur kuch khaane ke baadh. Apple cider vinegar ko water mey mix krke lena hai. Kya ye saare remedies correcthain. Aur uska koi sideeffect nhi hote hai. Aur bhi bohat si chiz hai. Jaise drumstick, aur uska fruit aur leaves. Aur Tulsi leaves. Kya ye sb lena thik hoga. Mujhe suggest kr dein plzzz. Aur koi natural ways hi bataien cure hone keliye. Mujhe koi medicine nhi leni. Mujhe natural ways hi suggest Karen. Aur home remedies hi batein. Eagerly waiting for your for your useful suggestions.

MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma in Yog and Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Dear Lybrate user, PCOD bohot sari ladkiyo me pane wali bimari hai. Net pe aapne search Kiya aur information collect Kiya, ye kafi achi bat hai. Ek Dhyan me rakhiye, ki pcod jaise taklifo ke liye, long term medicines aur exercise jaruri hài. Ayurvedic treatment se isme kafi accha result milta hai. Start kanchanar guggulu 2 tabs twice day kasisadi vati2 tabs twice day Kumari aasav 15 ml with water after food twice day. Remember these are primary Medications, and helps alot. Do visit a doctor or consult privately for further information and treatment guidelines. Kafi sare gharelu nuskhe Google search karne pe milte hai, lekin iska use ek limit ke upar nahi hota, so isme apni khud ki body pe krupaya prayog na kare. Dhanyawad.
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Any homeopathic remedy for varicose veins? I am 66 and have pink blue visible veins around my ankles, more on left side. Have mild pain in lower legs and feet more during summers. Pain reduces during winter .Get relief by elevating legs for about an hour. Problem worsens during summers. Feel uncomfortable in soles while wearing footwear.

BHMS, MD - Alternate Medicine
Homeopath, Nagpur
Medication has limited role in varicose vein, so other management like limb elevation, wearing stockings have greater role to play also if you have started having pain for vericose vein. So you must rule out the venous thrombosis.
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I'm having Hypothyroidism by birth, and having supplement (Electroxin) from childhood, Recently i'm engaged, Just wanted to know whether this affects any sexual life?

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
you can go for following remedy it will help you Natural home remedy using asparagus powder and milk: 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day this is very helpful, if it dosent work then you must consult ayurvedic doctor.
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Respected sir I do masturbation daily last 10 years but today I feel very weak myself I also have erection problem please guide homeopathy medicine.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Stop masturbation totally It is not good for health It decrease your oaz and saptadhatu It exhausts your urogenital system prematurely affecting future sexual and reproductive life It creates multiple health issues like premature ejaculations, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, oligospermia, fatigue etc Avoid listening erotica, avoid sexual thoughts and fantasies, avoid porns totally Do meditation regularly before going to sleep Go for jogging daily, do yoga and pranayam daily Take Youvan churna by Patanjali 2 tsf twice a day Tab confido by Himalaya 1 1 for 3 mths.
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I hv teeth problem there are some more pain. I have also stomach pain during urine discharge.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
The type of treatment you have for toothache /sensitivity/swelling will depend on the cause of the pain, so your dentist will examine your mouth and may carry out an X-ray to try to identify the problem. •If your toothache / sensitivity/swelling is caused by tooth decay, your dentist will remove the decayed area and replace it with a filling. •If your toothache / sensitivity/swelling is caused by a loose or broken filling, the filling will be taken out, any decay will be removed and a new filling put in place. •If the pulp inside your tooth is infected, you may need root canal treatment. This procedure involves removing the infected pulp and then inserting a special type of filling to seal the tooth and prevent re-infection. •If your toothache / sensitivity/swelling can't be treated using these methods, or if your tooth is impacted (wedged between another tooth and your jaw), it may need to be removed.
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My son is 15 years old but still couldn't achieve his height as compared to other children, fathers height is 168 CMs and mothers 156 CMs and my son is 159 CMs now, we met with an endocrinologist and he got all relevant test done and came up with a conclusion to administer him hormone growth injections on daily basis for one year and said it might work and help him to grow 5 CMs extra than his normal height he could achieve, should I follow his advice and start putting him under such medication? Also he has a problem of severe bent penis tilted down which I understand needs to be fixed to live happy sex life. What is your opinion? would he be able to fix it permanently and if so then how?

PhD Human Genetics
If I were you I would not meddle with the boy's growth. He is just fifteen and still has many years to grow tall. Though the average at one ceases to grow up is about 8 years, there are late maturers who take a year or so longer. I would not subject him to avoidable medication for the same of a few centimeters, provided the benefits outweigh the side effects and the impact on the child's psyche. I suggest that let nature take its own course in this matter, unless a clear-cut growth hormone deficiency is demonstrated. I also encourage you to take opinion of another endocrinologist. As to the the severe curvature in the penis, a urologist will help your son better and will correct it surgically, if warranted.
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My mother is 40 years old. Sge is suffering from nose watering since 2 days. Any cure available?

General Physician, Cuttack
1. Do steam inhalation by steam inhaler 2-3 times daily with karvol plus inhalant capsule 2. Put otrivin nasal drop 1 drop thrice daily. 3. Take one tablet of levocetrizine (5 mg) at bed time. 4. Drink lukewarm water/hot soup/herbal tea etc.
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I have developed white patches on the palms and feet. This has happened over last 2 years and they have been becoming lighter in colour. What may be the case?

Seems like you are suffering from Vitiligo which is an autoimmune disorder. Proper constitutional homeopathic treatment can help to redevelop pigmentation to affected area. Thanks
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I have fever for the past two days. I am unable to swallow anything. I feel pain in my neck. What medicine to take for tonsillitis?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Dear, take, homoeo medicine, @ belladonna 30-6 pills, thrice a day. @ phytolacca 200-6 pills, thrice a day. Gargle with hot saline water, twice. Avoid, dust, smoke, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, junk food. Drink lukewarm warm water. Take, care.
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I am 20 Years old guy and I m suffering from dust, mild, cold, smell and many more thing allergy problem since birth. It worst in morning and spring and winter. I also take antibiotics and montelust tablets and cetrizine tablets but nothing happened. please help me to cure this problem.

General Physician, Gurgaon
As you are saying that it is due to dust so i want to tell you that Dust allergy may cause 1. Allergic Bronchitis 2. Allergic cough 3.May be triggering factor of Bronchial asthma You need to avoid dust as much as you can and boost your immunity to reduce allergic episode There are some supplement available that can be start after personal consultation and these supplement can reduce severity and no. of episodes of this problem You can take Vitamin C tablet, one tablet with food for 15 days Consult me for further management
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I have constipation trouble. For the past some days I have itching in the anus. For sumtym I have pains in the anus too. What shall I do?

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user hi take tab bandy plus at night for 2 days to clear warms. Take plenty liquid, green leafy veg, fiber content along with liq cremaffin plus 3 teaspoonful at night for constipation for 5 days avoid all spicy stuffs thanks regards.
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Are there any long-term effects associated with taking ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) medications? If so, what are they and what medications are implicated?

General Physician, Mumbai
Use of stimulant decreases the symptoms to a much good effect and if we don't give stimulant medication there will be more of conduct disorder and progress in disease and for side effects we have to monitor the person and advice them accordingly.
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