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Mind Matters

  4.6  (39 ratings)

Psychiatrist Clinic

Sacred Heart World, Wanowrie Pune
1 Doctor · ₹700
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Mind Matters   4.6  (39 ratings) Psychiatrist Clinic Sacred Heart World, Wanowrie Pune
1 Doctor · ₹700
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To provide quality mental health care and services to mentally ill patients and their carers to the best of my abilities and enable them to live a life of the highest quality and dignity,......more
To provide quality mental health care and services to mentally ill patients and their carers to the best of my abilities and enable them to live a life of the highest quality and dignity, which they are worthy of.
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Mind Matters is known for housing experienced Psychiatrists. Dr. Sonia Malhotra, a well-reputed Psychiatrist, practices in Pune. Visit this medical health centre for Psychiatrists recommended by 82 patients.


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Sacred Heart World, Wanowrie
NIBM Road Pune, Maharashtra - 411048
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Dr. Sonia Malhotra

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
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All You Need To Know About ADHD!

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Pune
All You Need To Know About ADHD!

It is often a problem to recognise whether a kid is naughty or has a problem. To recognise your kid's problem, here are some red flag signs.

  1. If your kid doesn't finish even 1 play activity and switches to next, then next, then it is an indication that something is wrong (Eg: switching tv channels in seconds, changing games on tab or mobile etc).
  2. If your kid doesn't wait for his/her turn while playing or talking and interrupts in between even on stopping.
  3. If your kid's hyperactivity doesn't let him/her complete even the activities of their liking like watching tv or coloring.
  4. If your child engages in dangerous activities like cutting, biting, breaking objects etc. without knowing what he/she is doing (exploratory play is not included)
  5. If the problematic behavior has begun after the age of 5-7 years

Why do kids have ADHD?

ADHD doesn't mean having a naughty child. It doesn't mean that your kid is troubling you on purpose. It doesn't mean that beating or punishing him/her will set the kid right. It doesn't mean a no-carbs, low fat, low preservative diet will make the kid alright. Diversion to high energy activities, sports will control the behavior. 

NO.... NO... NO.... THESE ARE MYTHS!!!

ADHD is a brain disorder where the wiring between activity controlling centres of the brain and activity producing centres of the brain has been disrupted. This loss of control is producing the following behaviors in a child with ADHD:

  1. Hyperactivity: Running all over the place, unable to sit quietly in class or other places, unable to follow social decorum, runs away middle of a task.
  2. Inattention: Making silly mistakes while doing homework/classwork, unable to follow multistep commands, forgets easily, misplaces day to day thing like eraser, sharpener etc.
  3. Impulsivity: Speaks between two people, cant wait for his/her turn while answering questions or during play, throws objects, eats limitlessly, engages in dangerous play etc.

Why should I get my child treated, बड़ा होगा/ होगी तो ठीक हो जाएगा"


ADHD IS A DISORDER. If not treated in time, this is what can happen to your child:

  1. With age hyperactivity will decrease, but, inattention will increase. This means more problems in learning and studies, frequent silly mistakes, social embarrasments etc.
  2. Since these children often get scolded, they start developing defiant features by the age of 6-8 years, conduct disorder by teenage and antisocial personality disorder by the age of 18 years. This means your kid would initially not listen to your commands, they would back answer you and gradually start lying, stealing, fighting and bullying with other kids and engage in unsafe behavior in teenage.
  3. Due to high impulsivity, these children have higher risk of engaging in high risk behaviors in teenage like smoking, drinking, casual sex, tattooing etc.
  4. Comorbid disorders like learning disability, mood disorders like depression, bipolar disorder are extremely common in these kids.

Is it treatable? What is the best thing to do for my child?

YES... YES.. YES...

ADHD is very much treatable. There is an option of using medicines and psychological method (mainly cognitive exercises).

  1. Medicines are good for kids who have moderate to severe ADHD. They cannot comply with cognitive exercises until controlled with medicines. Medicines too have their side effects, but without them, the kid would start falling behind. Hence, benefits out wiegh the risks.
  2. Cognitive exercises like attention enhancing tasks, assertiveness training, anger management works well with these kids. Particularly, attention enhancing tasks work well with kids who have mild to moderate severity of the disorder. When done in long term, these tasks also help in gradually withdrawing the medicines in these children.

Kids are never medicated with the aim of making them dependent on treatment or turning them into zombies. They are our future. And FUTURE NEEDS CAREFUL HANDLING.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

2460 people found this helpful

Hi Since 15 to 20 days I was getting weired pain in different parts of the head and a sharp buzzing noise like beep noise in the ears and also pain for few seconds in the ear. So when I consulted doctor he said it might be either tension headache or Migraine and had asked me to take Naprosyn 250mg fir 15 days but I still don't see any improvement in my headache. The headache keeps moving near the forehead or temple areas or back side of head or in the back side of nose. Since 2 days slightly a pricking sensation near the chest. I'm really worried. Today I visited Doctor again and told him the same. He examined me my BP was 130/90 and pulse 79 and doctor on the prescription mentioned as frontal sinus, tension headache and dull boring headache and prescribed new medicines for 15 days one is Censpram Lite and the other is B-fit-CD. He said use these tablets your headache and ear pain will reduce. While purchasing the tablets the medical shop person told me that the Censpram lite is a anti depression tablet and will just relax and put you to sleep and B-FIT-CD is a Vitamin tablet. They are saying we don't know whether it will help you to recovery. Now I'm scared and worried after the medical shop person told me this. My question is can I go ahead with these 2 tablets what my doctor has suggested me and will they help me from my headache and ear pain problem? Please advice. Thanking you

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Pune
Hi  Since 15 to 20 days I was getting weired pain in different parts of the head and a sharp buzzing noise like beep ...
Dear lybrate-user, please do not worry so much. Your worry is making you ill. First of all, the kind of pain that you are describing is not migraine or any other pain most probably. Such pain happens when a person thinks too much, gets anxious or tense very often. Tension headache is one possibility. None of the prescriptions are wrong, antidepressants also have tension relieving and pain reducing properties hence can be prescribed for tension headaches. They are not addictive and the one prescribed to you is the one with least side effects. So you should go ahead with your doctors advice and take this treatment in the first place. Secondly, as you have not got relieved inspite of treatment, I would like to highlight to you the importance of relaxation techniques. Pls practice deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation for 15-20 mins everyday. You can search these terms on youtube and get guided by detailed videos available. These techniques are known to decrease headaches and make a person calm and relaxed. Research shows that these techniques add to the benefits of medicines. So pls start doing them along with your treatment and you shall feel fine very soon.
1 person found this helpful
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Getting A Good Night Sleep

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Pune
Getting A Good Night Sleep

We all have experienced sleep issues, once or more in our life. Despite sleep being very essential for our very existence, not many of us know how to sleep well. So here are a few tips for all of us to ensure a deep good night's sleep:

1. Fix a time when you have to wake up. Irrespective of whether you feel refreshed or not for initial few days, it is very important to fix a wake-up time to set right your body clock.

2. Never go to bed until you are sleepy. We often do many things in bed like watching tv, reading, playing on mobile, social networking etc. All these habits teach our brain the functions of bed, apart from sleeping. To teach our brain that bed is only meant for sleeping, we need to go to bed only when sleepy.

3. Do not activate your body in late evenings. Drinking tea, coffee, aerated drinks, alcohol, smoking and engaging in gaming or rigorous exercise 4-6 hours before sleep time activates the body and delays sleep. Alcohol, tea and coffee particularly also spoil the quality of sleep.

4. Do not take daytime naps longer than 15-20 mins. While a power nap will refresh you, sleeping any longer than this is likely to make your night sleep shorter and ineffective.

5. Take a warm water bath and a glass of hot milk before sleeping. Both of them, relax your mind and body and help you get a deep glorifying sleep.

6. Avoid heavy, oily food, loud music, late night parties, reading interesting novels and books near bedtime. These things spoil the quality of sleep.

So enjoy a refreshing sleep with these naturally sleep-enhancing tips!

You found this helpful

Sometimes when I walk my left hand and left shoulder becomes numb. I am 18 years old boy. 85kgs, 5.8 ft height. Am I having any Heart related problem?

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Pune
Sometimes when I walk my left hand and left shoulder becomes numb. I am 18 years old boy. 85kgs, 5.8 ft height. Am I ...
Hello Mr. Lybrate-user, first of all, pls calm down, this doesnot appear to be a serious problem. A lot of people experience numbness, redness and slight swelling on hands and arms while walking. This is because, while walking, most of the blood flow is diverted to legs. What you can do is that while walking, open and close your fists repeatedly. This will increase your blood flow. You may keep smileys balls in hand and squeeze them repeatedly. If this doesnot work, then you may get an ecg done, although, I doubt you will need it. So relax and keep walking. Thanks!
22 people found this helpful
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