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Nestle Resource Protein - 400g Tin (Vanilla Flavour)
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What is Resource High Protein & its uses

The daily requirement of protein in adults is 56 grams but surveys show that Indian diets are protein deficient which leads to many issues like lack of immunity, weight loss, frequent illness. To get a healthy amount of protein daily, you must consume Resource high protein regularly.

You must consume 3 scoops of Resource High protein with warm milk daily. The product contains:

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Maltodextrin
  • Inulin
  • Added flavours

Uses: Sometimes daily diet is not sufficient to keep track of your protein intake and protein supplements become important to ensure good health and wellbeing. It helps in:

  • Keeping fit and active
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Fights illness

A protein-rich diet is always recommended by experts, therefore, it is advised to consume Resource High Protein every day with breakfast to keep yourself healthy.

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Nestle Resource Protein - 400g Tin (Vanilla Flavour)
Nestle Resource Protein - 400g T...
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Nestle Resource Protein - 400g Tin (Chocolate Flavour)
Nestle Resource Protein - 400g T...
₹895.00/- 15% ₹895.00/- 15%
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Resource High Protein: Beat The Deficiency

High Protein

Fulfills 37% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of protein. It is an easier way to consume protein and make up for the deficiency.

Low Sugar

It has negligible sugar content. It contains 0.1% sugar as compared to other supplements in the market, that have 15% to 30% sugar content in them.

Whey Protein

It contains 78% Whey protein, which is a complete, high-quality protein with all essential amino acids. It is highly digestible and gets absorbed quickly.
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# One serve = 50g powder + 150ml cold water* Basis Recommended dietary allowance for Adult Sedentary Male, ICMR 2010 Of total protein content of 45g/ 100g

Customer Testimonials

I have always been an extremely diet conscious person. Nestle's Resource High Protein is a great way to have protein and fill the protein deficiency gap, if there is any. It also feels very light on body as it gets easily digested.
My 17-year-old son was facing protein deficiency issues. So to ensure he gets ample amount of proteins, I switched to Nestleu0027s Resource High Protein. It has had remarkable impact on his health.
Adopting a strict diet plan gets nearly impossible when you are spending most of your hours at work. In such a case all you need is quick and easy diet solutions. Nestleu0027s Resource High Protein is exactly that. It is high on quality as it contains Whey protein as its major source.
Venu Reddy, Age 32, Mumbai
Nisha Rai, Age 42, New Delhi
Chavi Kapoor, Age 36, Bangalore

Nutritionist Recommendations

With today's poor eating habits, it is very important to be extra careful about your body's deficiencies. I recommend Nestle Resource High Protein, which is a simple way to make up for lacking daily protein intake that isn't fulfilled by food.
Many people refrain from nutrition drinks probably because they are scared of the high sugar content in them. But that's not the case with Nestle Resource High Protein, which has just 0.1% of sugar content. So I suggest it to all my patients.
People these days are living a fast-paced life, which makes it a bit hard for them to adopt a serious diet plan. So those who are looking for easy protein intake options should consider Nestle Resource High Protein. With a rich amount of Whey protein, it is a complete, high-quality protein nutrition drink.
Vikas Rana Vikas Rana, Nashik
Ariba Khan Ariba Khan, New Delhi
Sushmeet Singh Sushmeet Singh, Kolkata

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