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Dr. Varsha

Gynaecologist, Mumbai

300 at clinic
Dr. Varsha Gynaecologist, Mumbai
300 at clinic
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. Varsha
Dr. Varsha is an experienced Gynaecologist in Bhayandar West, Mumbai. You can meet Dr. Varsha personally at Dr Varsha K Thakker's Clinic in Bhayandar West, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Varsha and consult privately on

Find numerous Gynaecologists in India from the comfort of your home on You will find Gynaecologists with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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101-105, Prachi Tower, 90 Feet Road, Bhayandar West,Landmark:Opposite Shiv Mandir, MumbaiMumbai Get Directions
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I just got married, trying for baby, please help what will be best way doing sex.

General Physician, Gurgaon
I just got married, trying for baby, please help what will be best way doing sex.
Dear lybrateuser, pl keep in mind the fertility period of your wife as ovulation takes place around 14th day in a 28 days cycle. Fertility period is from 11-17th day. Better to have sex during that period.
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Hi I m a 21 year old girl. I do not have regular periods. I have tried 21 tablets for several year. But once I leave them the problem starts again.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hi I m a 21 year old girl. I do not have regular periods. I have tried 21 tablets for several year. But once I leave ...
Hello, you can take homoeopathic medicine Jonesia Ashoka Q ( 10 drops in little water) thrice a day for 15 days and update.
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Health Benefits of Cucumber - Nutrition Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus and belong to the same botanical family as melons. Cucumbers have not received as much press as other vegetables in terms of health benefits, but this widely cultivated food provides us with a unique combination of nutrients. At the top of the phytonutrient list for cucumbers are its cucurbitacins, lignans, and flavonoids. These three types of phytonutrients found in cucumbers provide us with valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits.

Health Benefits of Cucumber

1. Protect Your Brain
Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin that appears to play an important role in brain health. In addition to improving your memory and protecting your nerve cells from age-related decline, fisetin has been found to prevent progressive memory and learning impairments in mice with Alzheimer's disease.

2. Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
Cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans (pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and Seco iso lariciresinol), which may help to lower your risk of breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers. They also contain phytonutrients called cucurbitacins, which also have anti-cancer properties.

3. Fight Inflammation
Cucumbers may help to 'cool' the inflammatory response in your body.

4. Antioxidant Properties
Cucumbers contain numerous antioxidants, including the well-known vitamin C and beta-carotene. They also contain antioxidant flavonoids, such as quercetin, apigenin, luteolin, and kaempferol, which provide additional benefits.

5. Freshen Your Breath
Placing a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth may help to rid your mouth of odor-causing bacteria.

6. Manage Stress
Cucumbers contain multiple B vitamins, including vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin B7 (biotin). B vitamins are known to help ease feelings of anxiety and buffer some of the damaging effects of stress.

7. Support Your Digestive Health
Cucumbers are rich in two of the most basic elements needed for healthy digestion: water and fiber. If you struggle with acid reflux, you should know that drinking water can help suppress acute symptoms of acid reflux by temporarily raising stomach pH; it's possible that water-rich cucumbers may have a similar effect.
Cucumber skins contain insoluble fiber, which helps add bulk to your stool. This helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination.

8. Maintain a Healthy Weight
Cucumbers are very low in calories, yet they make a filling snack (one cup of sliced cucumber contains just 16 calories)

9. Support Heart Health
Cucumbers contain potassium, which is associated with lower blood pressure levels. A proper balance of potassium both inside and outside your cells is crucial for your body to function properly.

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I wanna know whether I m pregnant or not.I had intercourse last week , and my periods date was 2nd March was missed that, at that time , after intercourse I had no periods afters 2 days.I usually had periods long for 7,8 days but this time it last for 3 days only.

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Jamshedpur
When was period ? If your last intercourse was not within Day 10 and day 18 of your cycles,mostly you are not going to become pregnant & again if your previous cycles are regular .Or else,if your next cycle delays by 1week, go for a urine pregnancy test .Keep your fingers crossed n gud luck.
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How Poor Sleep Affects Your Sex Life

PG Dip (Sexual & Relationship Therapy), MRCPsych, Diploma in Psychological Medicine, MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Sexologist, Bangalore
How Poor Sleep Affects Your Sex Life

With more people frankly discussing about the loss of libido, studies have been conducted to investigate the reasons behind this. Surprisingly, in addition to hormonal and functional causes like genital issues, one common factor that causes loss of libido in both men and women is lifestyle changes. In addition to improper food habits and loss of exercise, loss of sleep is one of the most common causes of reduced sex drive.

Listed below are some reasons how sleep affects your sex drive:

  1. Lowers testosterone levels: Optimal amounts of testosterone in the body are required for having a good sex drive. Sleeplessness reduces the amount of testosterone produced in the body, thereby directly affecting the person's libido. A week with only 5 hours of sleep daily can reduce testosterone levels by 15%, which is equivalent to approximately 10 to 15 years of ageing.
  2. Vaginal lubrication: Studies have shown women who sleep regularly are wetter and have less pain during sex. Painful sex in turn reduces the sex drive in women.
  3. Erectile dysfunction: Improper sleep habits also reduces the quality of erection, thereby leaving you dissatisfied. Patients with sleep apnea who breathe irregularly with pauses in between were identified to have erectile dysfunction. The correlation gets stronger when the erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea improved drastically with regular sleep habits.
  4. Sleep induced depression: Sleeplessness leads to depression and general fatigue, and the last thing one wants to indulge in when depressed and tired is to have a sex.
  5. Impaired cognitive function: In addition to depression, deprived sleep also leaves you with overall reduced cognitive function, which leads to a vicious cycle of not reacting to your partner's instincts, etc. If you are not able to decipher whether or not the other person is interested, then the frequency and more importantly the quality of sex is reduced. This again sends out wrong signals to the partner, who will also not make the first move. And that again leads to a gradual decline of your sex life.
  6. Reduces love: Ever wondered why good sex is followed by a sound sleep and leaves you feeling fresh. There are strong chemical reasons to it sex induces hormones like prolactin which helps you relax and feel rested; it also produces the cuddle hormone oxytocin which increases the goodness feeling; it also reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone. All these increase feelings of belonging and love between the partners, which are affected by lack of sleep.

So, if you and your partner have been have been wondering how to rekindle your love life, think of getting a good night's sleep and sex will happen on its own.

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Hi meri wife kaa period 3 ko aaya hai to pregnancy hone ke liye mujhe kab kab aur kitne din sex karna hoga please sir help me because kafi time se pregnancy nhi ho pata rahi hai wife ke beech mai Miscarriage bhi ho gaya tha unka to please sir mujhe batao kis date mai kab kab sex karna hoga please sir help me.

General Physician, Chandigarh
Hi meri wife kaa period 3 ko aaya hai to pregnancy hone ke liye mujhe kab kab aur kitne din sex karna hoga please sir...
If she has a regular cycle of 28 days then 17 or 18 th will be her ovulation and that is the time she can conceive otherwise you can have sex on every alternate day from 10th day of the cycle to the 20th day counting first day of the periods as day one.
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Vaginal candiasis can b cured. Is that leads to HIV. N if sexually active person can Have this problem. So intercourse shud b stopped? N wat can cause more.

Sexologist, Panchkula
Vaginal candiasis can b cured. Is that leads to HIV. N if sexually active person can Have this problem. So intercours...
Vaginal candidiasis can be cured. It does not lead to hiv. Yes, intercourse should be stopped till fully cured.
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Since I am on ATT treatment 2 months I was asked to do abortion by pills So I took mifepristone 200 and 48 hrs later misoprostol 600 at 7: 30 pm yesterday. I had cramps slightly but in the late night pain got relieved. But I am not bleeding yet Y this happens how long it will take to bleed after misoprost Thank you.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, If bleeding has not occurred then abortion hasn't occurred. please get a usg done under gynecologist supervision.
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Physiotherapist, Delhi
Wear a pair of comfortable laced-up shoes rather than high heels and slippers, which would support your feet and prevent you from falling.
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M ye janna chahti hu ki periods k kithne din bad conceive ho sakta hai

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Medical science says ovulation occurs around 14 days prior to next expected period means in only those who have regular periods can predict reasonably. In 28 days cycle it would be around 14 days after period meaning 12 to 15-16days.
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Hi Had red swelling in vagina after our intercourse so please suggest a medication.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
red swelling may be due to any infection.first keep clean and dry vaginal portion.take plenty of fluids regularly.apply antifungal cream or ointment for itching if, you feel.if still problem will remain same then visit to docotr for further management.
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Took novelon for 21 days didn't got period after stopping t. Ts been five days over. When I will get period.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, Fellowship in Laparoscopy, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Took novelon for 21 days didn't got period after stopping t. Ts been five days over. When I will get period.
Wait for another one week. You sud have your periods very soon. If you don't have then ultrasound pelvis is required.
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Me and my partner want to have anal sex but whenever we try we failed plzz suggest us what to do.

General Physician, Chennai
You may need a lubricant as she might be contrcting the anus put your fingers first to give her the feeling witha lubricant then do the insertion part you will definitely do it.
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I am 30 years old. My monthly cycle is up down due to age or any other reason. Doctor recommend m2 tone for three months.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am 30 years old. My monthly cycle is up down due to age  or any other reason. Doctor recommend m2 tone  for three m...
Yes, continue m2 tone for 3 months and get a ultrasound lower abdomen test done, then send me the reports.
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6 ways to stay fit.

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Haridwar
6 ways to stay fit.
Most of us do not know the importance of staying fit unless we suffer from some ailment. Staying fit is definitely a daunting task but it pays off eventually. People often avoid and neglect health and fitness either due to their hectic daily schedule or due to mere laziness and step out for a walk or some sort of activities. The fact is staying fit is not at all a difficult task and once one starts inculcating the habit of practicing healthy habits, he will find it difficult not to stick to those habits. These are seven smart fitness tips that will help you to maintain body fitness.
1. The Most Important One—Exercise
When it comes to fitness and staying in shape all we want to do is hit the gym and then we whim “no time for it.” But it is not necessary to visit a gym to maintain health and fitness. Regular physical activity improves circulation and is a key to beat stress. Although it is imperative that you step out of home to walk for at least 30 minutes every day but if your schedule really does not permit you then read on for these easy tips.
Say No To Elevator
You can burn from 7 to 10 calories from one minute of climbing of stairs and this would be a reason for you to decide how many stairs you would like to climb each day.
Swimming is a very great way to stay fit. Butterfly stroke in swimming for 10 minute is believed to burn 150 calories.
2. Eat Healthy
Include lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Try to eat a balanced diet and ensure that you do not eat full stomach on each meal. Instead go for healthy snack every 3 hours. It is best to avoid street foods and junk foods like burgers, pizza and artificially sweetened soft drinks. One should also avoid consuming alcoholic drinks as it not only affects weight loss but also leads to various ailments. Include high protein diet in your meals such as poultry, fish, tofu, soya, and beans.
3. Drink Plenty Of Water
It is imperative to keep your body hydrated to maintain health and fitness of the body. Water is believed to be a natural cleanser of the digestive system and organs. Water also ideal for detoxification that flushes out toxins from the body through skin pores (in the form of sweat) and urine.
4. Get Enough Sleep
Our daily life has become such that we have time for everything but ourselves. We neglect our health and fitness so much so that many people even tend to cut down their sleep time to invest that time in other activities. To stay healthy an adult should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours a day, if not more. Lack of sleep affects our cognitive skills, mood and concentration, induces stress hormones, and even affects our metabolism system and immune system. Getting enough sleep helps to heal and repair body and mind from daily stress.
5. Get Regular Health Check-ups Done
A regular health check-up is must for you as it helps in early detection if and when something abnormal goes inside your body. Your eye might tend to miss out any abnormality such as a mole or a lump but a physical examination will ensure you to find out such abnormalities. If you cannot get regular check-ups done you should at least get an annual check-up to make sure everything is just the way it is supposed to be.
6. Beat Stress
Stress can not only harm your mind but also your body and may cause digestive and cardiac problems. Regular exercising, meditation, engaging in spiritual activities, giving time for enjoying your hobbies, in short taking out time for leisure to engage in activities you like doing the most is said to relieve the body from the harmful effects of stress.
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If periods are missed every month what should be done?

Advanced Aesthetics
Sesame seeds are useful in regulating menstrual cycles as they help balance your hormones. They are loaded with lignans that help bind excess hormones. Plus, they contain essential fatty acids that promote optimal hormone production. Jaggery, too, helps regulate menstrual cycles due to its warming effects. 1. Dry roast a handful of sesame seeds. 2. Grind them along with one teaspoon of jaggery into a fine powder. 3. Take one teaspoon of this powder daily on an empty stomach in the luteal phase, or second half of your menstrual cycle (two weeks before your period starts), for a few months. Simply eating a piece of jaggery, also known as gur, will also help regulate menstruation. Note: do not use this remedy during your periods any querries inform me.
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I am 22 years female. Over last few months I have been gaining weight and I got stomach. At first it was slight and unnoticeable but now my stomach became very much bulged out and my weight also increased drastically which is appreciable. My hands also became fat. I am developing blackness around my neck and facial hair. I am even getting back pain. Back pain is occurring once in a while but causing a lot of discomfort. To overcome my problems I started regular exercise and diet control to an extent possible but there has been no result, instead my symptoms are worsening. I can't any more changes to my diet or any vigorous exercises as I am a student and my lifestyle is sedentary, and I stay in hostel. I visit home once in 15 days. Then fed up of my appearance I went to doctor. Doctor has done ultrasound of abdomen and confirmed bilateral polycystic ovaries. After it is confirmed my doctor has asked me to keep those reports safely as it will be useful in future for the purpose of treatment, and as of now according to my doctor I don't require treatment as pcos generally exist in many girls in my age and it's not a major concern unless they get married, it's generally after marriage that complications arise. So my doctor did not give me any medications. I was little bit dissatisfied as I my major concern which dragged md to doctor was my increasing weight and stomach and according to meif the underlying cause pcos is treated then my other problems will be solved so I am planning to consult another doctor soon. I Want to know from Lybrate doctors whether my doctor is right or wrong and whether I should consult and other doctor and get treatment case of treatment generally what medication do they prescribe and will be effective? My periods are regular.

Homeopath, Delhi
I am 22 years female. Over last few months I have been gaining weight and I got stomach. At first it was slight and u...
u should tk proper treatment as early as possible. or u will hv several problem in future. start treatment by consulting some other doctor. u may try homoeopathic treatment as it will remove future recurrency of these problem . avoid oily food
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Health Quote of the Week

Fellowship in Joint Replacement, M.S. Ortho, Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho)
Orthopedist, Jalna
Health Quote of the Week

To soothe stiff and painful joints in your hands, apply mineral oil to your hands, put on rubber dish washing gloves, and place your hands in hot tap water for 5 to 10 minutes.

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Related to sex .online aata hai ki sighrapatan ki samasya ho to wife se pahli brr sex krne se pahle hasthmethun krna chaiye .mujhe puchna hai ki hastmaithun krne se to bahut time se jama sperm to bahar nikal jayega to wife ke sath sex krne se pahle wo kre to jab sex karenge tb sperm kam nhi padega kya?

PG Diploma in Clinical Research, Diploma in Acupuncture, MBBS, College Of Physicians & Surgeons
General Physician, Mumbai
Related to sex .online aata hai ki sighrapatan ki samasya ho to wife se pahli brr sex krne se pahle hasthmethun krna ...
Roj sperm bante hai 2to3 cc, isliye koi dikkat nahi, yadi koi bimari nahi hai to, ya koi deficiencies nahi hai to.
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