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Dr. Subhangi

Gynaecologist, Mumbai

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Dr. Subhangi Gynaecologist, Mumbai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Subhangi is a renowned Gynaecologist in Sion, Mumbai. You can visit her at Indira Maternity & Surgical Home in Sion, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Subhangi and consult privately on

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Hi Dr. my wife is conceive now we have 3 years baby we don't want another baby now can I abortion Now is 5 to 7 week pls help tell medicine name pls she is 29 year.

Homeopath, Kolkata
please dont abort. your wife is 29years of age. after 30years pregnancy is risky. so think twice before going to abort.
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I have pcod problem. I am taking thyronorm 25 mg, ubiphene 200 mg, emgra 2 mg, folygel, ovabless, optogest 200 mg and injection LUPI HCG 10000unit. Is this worthfull.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
I have pcod problem. I am taking thyronorm 25 mg, ubiphene 200 mg, emgra 2 mg, folygel, ovabless, optogest 200 mg and...
take sepia 200 one dose puls 30 one dos per dy for wk kali br 12c one dos a day for 10 days aur mur na. 12c sam abov apis 12c sam abov conium 3c 3tims aday for 5 days -Fucus Q 4 times a day - Iodium 30 (3 times a day) Calcare phos 12c 3times day for 12 days Lapis alb12c 3times day for 12 days Lycopus3c 3times day for 12 days Calcarea iod12c 3times day for 12 days
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How to Prevent Pregnancy

MRCOG, MD -gynaecology, obstretition, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
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Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar, Sr. Consultant obstetrics and gynaecology and an infertility specialist.
Recently I have seen very special and different trend of young girls asking about contraception and how to prevent pregnancy, so i would like to address this issue today.
It’s extremely important for all young girls to be aware that they need to protect themselves whether married or unmarried. It’s extremely important for them to know about contraception.

The contraception that is available for them is the use of condoms for which they need to depend upon the male partner and of which the success rate is very low. If 100 people are using condoms, the failure rate is as high as 25%. If they need to protect themselves full proof, they need to take oral contraceptive pills. There are lots of myth associated with these pills but I would say that it has more than 99% protection rate and if you need to protect your health, you need to take these pills, they are safe. Go to a gynaecologist, get yourself fully examined and then take these pills.

Another thing I would like to tell you that in case you do have an un-protective intercourse, please take emergency contraceptive pills. It’s better to take this pill than to come for a medical abortion once you are pregnant. These pills are freely available at a pharmacist. You need to take them within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse and if taken well and properly, the success rate is as high as 95%.

We also need to know that what is the fertile period i.e. when you need to really protect. The ovulation takes place about 14 days after your period starts i.e. to say from the 10th to the 20th day of your period, you are very likely to get pregnant if you do not use any protection. Many young girls do ask me that when can they know that they are pregnant. We have these urinary kits, which are available at the pharmacies, they are very sensitive and they can detect pregnancies as early as the day you have missed the periods and sometimes even 2 or 3 days earlier. If you are in doubt, do the urine pregnancy test and then go to your gynaecologist if your pregnancy test is positive in case you do not want to keep this pregnancy. Please do not go directly to the pharmacist to get the medications to go in for the abortion, you need to go to a gynaecologist, get an ultrasound done, confirm where the pregnancy is, how big your pregnancy is and only on the advice of the gynaecologist, take medications. Self-medication lead to lot of problems, you can land up in emergencies and in hospitals.

If you have any queries, if you need any information, you can please consult me online on Lybrate.

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The most important preventive measures

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
The most important preventive measures

Here are some #preventive measures that help keep to a minimum the risk of #hiv infection and #aids thus:

  •  if operations scheduled time if you can get your own blood as preserved blood. This eliminates a possible infection by blood transfusion.

  •  avoid resorting to medical care in developing countries involving blood or the use of syringes unless it is an absolute priority.

  •  drug abusers who inject illicit drugs should use syringes for single use. They can get them in any big city for free.

  •  avoid sharing with others razors, toothbrushes and other items that may come into contact with bodily fluids.

  •  mother-child: the risk of transmission of infection by vhi in a positive mother can avoid practice one cesarean and giving up breastfeeding the baby.

  •  sexuality:

  •  #safe-sex avoid sexual practices that blood, semen or vaginal mucus secretion and / injured or diseased skin may come into contact with the couple. Always use condoms during sex. For oral sex, try not to get semen or vaginal fluid in the mouth.

  •  also avoid having sex with many different people. A monogamous relationship only provides reliable protection against hiv and aids if both have mutual trust and can talk openly about possible infidelities.

New studies have shown that infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) can promote HIV transmission through sexual intercourse. Therefore, preventing the corresponding HPV infection prevent the spread of HIV.


I am >60 Years but like to meet my biological needs as I am very active, Is this OK to indulge to meet her the needs and whether the health will affect as the other gender is 32 years separated girl and wanted me to indulge in this and more vigorously need for her desire and i am OK. Your guidance and precautions pls.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
Nothing to go ,Do sex life long. I congratulate. By maintaining healthy sex Your heart will also become healthy.
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I am 28 years old. I got married on March 30th 2014. I have two baby girls. Both was normal delivery but long labour and first was vaccum delivery. And also one unexpected abortion in between this. My gynecologist says my uterus is little swollen after last labour. Pls advice me how to take care to get good utras health and when I can have my next baby and when it will OK to Start postpartum exercises after delivery.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Six months to one year after your last delivery you can do postpartum excercises and you may also plan to conceive. Though you already have two kids, and I can see only one reason which might be compelling you to conceive .For any further information or assistance you may get back to us.
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Why Regular STD Testing Is Important?

Sexologist, Nashik
Why Regular STD Testing Is Important?

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are infections whose transmission to a healthy person from an infected person happens through sexual contact. However, with modern medicine and diagnostic techniques, there are ways to prevent, detect and cure them effectively and quickly.
Not all diseases are curable though and it is best to follow preventive measures. Also, for sexually active adults it is an absolute necessity to get tested regularly for their health as well as the well-being of their partners.
Why do people tend to avoid getting tested for STIs or sexually transmitted infections?
One of the major factors that avert people from regular tests is the social stigma attached with sexually transmitted diseases. It is absolutely imperative for sexually active adults to go for regular checkups so that if they have any infections or diseases, it can be diagnosed quickly and remedial measure can be taken appropriately.
The benefits of regular checkups:
Some of the benefits of regular checkups are mentioned here:-

  • Regular checkups can detect problems at a stage when the conditions may not have progressed too much and this will make it easily treatable.
  • With HIV positive patients, the quicker the testing gets done the quicker the treatment can be started. Thus, can prevent the onset of AIDS.
  • Regular checkups can control the progression of the diseases such as Chlamydia, which if left untreated can cause permanent infertility.
  • Getting a prospective partner tested is also a good idea as this can enable one to protect themselves from STIs.
  • Symptoms for certain STIs can be similar to many other non-sexual or non-venereal diseases. Thus getting tests done is the only way to get to know if there is an STI or if it is some other nonsexual disease.
  • HPV or Human Papilloma Virus can be detected easily with regular STI checkups and thus appropriate treatment can be started. If HPV isn't detected early, it can manifest much later in the form of cancer, which makes it more important to get yourself checked early on. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.
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Dear Doctor, I am 26 years old and got married before 3.6 years but still not got pregnant in fact went to doc in nagpur itself, they told me that I am patient of Polysytic and even I got rid of that but I am not getting proper medicine and in short want to have my own child as erliest

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Go to your doctor and get detailed investigations for both of you and your husband. PCOS patients usually respond well to infertility treatments. Along with drugs, you must control your weight and diet. All the best.
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On which day of menstrual cycle I can have intercourse with my husband without causing pregnancy.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
On which day of menstrual cycle I can have intercourse with my husband without causing pregnancy.
Pregnancy can happen only on day of ovulation but that is not like mathematics. However in a woman with regular cycles of 28 days it happens on 14 th day so it is ok to have pregnancy for first 10 days and after 17 th day. This method of family planning is called safe period which is unsafe. Someone with irregular cycles almost impossible to calculate but can meet gyanecologist with history to get it calculated.
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Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Are you having unhealthy liver?
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I am 7 months pregnant. Sometimes in sleep I am lying in my back. Is lying straight will be a serious issue?

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am 7 months pregnant. Sometimes in sleep I am lying in my back. Is lying straight will be a serious issue?
Its better to lie on a side, preferably left, this helps blood flow to the foetus and decreases giddiness.
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I am 6 days late last month my periods date was on the 6th and 17th made love to my husband am I pregnant but my brest is heavy and hurts alot and my abdomen has this cramps and hurts like the pain I get before my periods.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am 6 days late last month my periods date was on the 6th and 17th made love to my husband am I pregnant but my bres...
There is a possibility of pregnancy especially once you miss your periods. It is suggested that you should take the pregnancy test.
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She has heavy stomach pain at the time of period. how to solve this problem? Please help me.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
She has heavy stomach pain at the time of period. how to solve this problem? Please help me.
Homoeopathic medicine dysmin (sbl) chew 4 tab 2-4 hrly depending on severity of pain during periods nd report after 3 months.
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Watch What You Eat

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Watch What You Eat

Protein is the key for muscle building; this will help you gain weight. Help yourself to nuts and dairy products.

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Know More About Sunscreen!

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mohali
Know More About Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is the real fountain of youth. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen or a lotion with minimum spf 15 to 30 protection daily. Remember that the sun's rays can still be damaging in winter months as it reflects off snow.

Post Miscarriage Trauma - How To Deal With It?

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Ireland, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, DGO, MBBS
IVF Specialist, Delhi
Post Miscarriage Trauma - How To Deal With It?

Pregnancy loss could be devastating. Not only does it affect a woman mentally, but it also often takes a huge toll on her confidence. Post miscarriage trauma is a common phenomenon in this case. The range of emotion a woman might go through include denial, guilt, anger, depression envy and yearning. Although the process of grieving takes a lot of time, the first step towards post miscarriage trauma is to accept the inevitable and move on.

Here is a list of tips that will greatly help a woman to cope up with the loss:

  1. Take time: While listening to friends and family seems to be the best course of action around this time, your loved ones need not get priorities at this time. If you believe that clearing your baby’s belongings is causing pain to you, take the time to prepare yourself. Clear away the stuff only when you are emotionally ready to do so.
  2. Create memories: While a lot of people suggest to completely get rid of all the memories that are attached to the baby, it may not be a great thing to do. Studies have shown that creating a memory about your loss helps to heal faster. So go ahead and take a picture with your baby, plant a tree, take a footprint or christen the baby. Good memories attached to your baby will not haunt you about the loss.
  3. Take care: Do not neglect your personal health and well-being. Eat well, take enough rest, quit smoking and drinking and seek pleasure in your loved one's company. The more you embrace life, better are your chances to get back to the grooves. Following an old hobby or working out one hour per day goes a long way in the process of healing.
  4. Get your partner’s help: Being open about your emotions is a good thing to do. Express your feelings about the baby to your partner. The process of coping up can be entirely different from each other. What matters is to let each other’s feelings known. Your partner’s broad shoulder is your best bet to come out of your loss.
  5. Set the expectations right: Women often get cranky and irritated after a miscarriage. Speak to your loved ones and let them know about your feelings. This will help you to get your loved ones support you and let you heal quickly from your loss.
  6. Support group: It is very comforting to share your feelings with people who have already experienced the kind of loss you have faced. Sharing in person can reduce your pain a great deal. A spiritual healer or a professional psychiatrist can also play a crucial role in your recovery.
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I am a 33 years old female. I am having hypothyrodisom for last 4 years and I am taking thyroxine 100 mg. I am trying to conceive a baby since 9 months, but there is a problem in eggs fertility and rupturing also. Kindly suggest me the medicines for best eggs fertility.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
I am a 33 years old female. I am having hypothyrodisom for last 4 years and I am taking thyroxine 100 mg. I am trying...
do pre- pregnancy profile tests ...then we can advise you for conceiving. Deficiency of thyroxine hormone leading to sluggishness, tired feeling, weight increase, slow heart beats, intolerance to cold, swelling of legs, feet and face, difficulty in concentrating and at times in speech. Treatment for hypothyroidism is giving ' THYROXINE ' tablets. And dose are according to level of thyroid for life time. Avoid iron medicines. Avoid bad habits . Avoid stress. Some Relax during work.go walk daily.avoid oily foods,junk foods. Do Tests T3,T4,TSH EVERY 3 TO 6 MONTHS. Take plenty of water, high-carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Nutrient-rich foods that improve your health may also benefit your thyroid gland, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables more plenty of water: Blueberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other foods rich in antioxidants can improve overall health and benefit the thyroid gland. Eating foods high in B vitamins, like whole grains, may also help. flax oil, Selenium: Tiny amounts of selenium are needed for enzymes that make thyroid hormones to work properly. Eating selenium-rich foods, such as sunflower seeds or Brazil nuts, can be beneficial. Tyrosine: This amino acid is used by the thyroid gland to produce T3 and T4. Taking a supplement can help,
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