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Dr. Snehal Alok

HPB Fellow

General Surgeon, Mumbai

7 Years Experience  ·  700 at clinic
Dr. Snehal Alok HPB Fellow General Surgeon, Mumbai
7 Years Experience  ·  700 at clinic
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I’m a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I’m a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Snehal Alok is a renowned General Surgeon in Vile Parle, Mumbai. She has over 7 years of experience as a General Surgeon. She studied and completed HPB Fellow . You can consult Dr. Snehal Alok at Dr. Snehal Alok At in Vile Parle, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Snehal Alok on has a nexus of the most experienced General Surgeons in India. You will find General Surgeons with more than 40 years of experience on You can find General Surgeons online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


HPB Fellow - Hongkong - 2010
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My face is very round in shape how can I make it slim ? Are chubby cheeks are sign of inappropriate health ?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Kolkata
Mam, you should loose your weight by daily walking about 5 km at stess by a hour. It is your only solution if there has no other unidentified or identified medical problem.
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Domestic ways which can work out to remove tanning from my face. How can coffee beans help it out.

MBBS, MD - MD- Skin & VD
Dermatologist, Ahmedabad
Hello, yogurt is a very good de-tanner. You can apply daily and leave for 15 minutes, then wash off. It will be effective. You may use bleach (fem etc.) to de tan. You can make coffee and honey face pack and apply on face. Leave for ten minutes and wash.
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Dr. Sir I have oily skin. In winters me nahaane ke baad skin white and rough ho jaati h so pls iske liye koi treatment bataye.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, oily skin, Tenning ,dryness of skin, & wrinkles cause due to irregular life style, insomnia.junk food, stress,anxiety but taking d natural recourse will ,carry away the tresses making your skin sebum free and soothing. No cream can moisturise nor repair your skin to get your complexion, fairer. * Tk, plenty of water free from contaminants to eliminate toxins &'regulate your metabolism to absorb protein, vitamins, minerals, energy & other important substance, essential to upkeep ,repair & energise the body, hydrating your skin. * Go, for meditation to reduce your stress and to nourish your cells, tissues and whole body to allow your skin to b fresh, non oily & glowing. * Tk your meal easily digestible, non-oily, non-irritant, simple,on time. * Tk, apples,cheese, carrots,papaya, rajama,soyabeen, spinach,almond, walnuts to enjoy wellness. Tk homoe medicines: @ Berb. Aqua Q-10 drops, thrice with little water. * ensure sound sleep at least for 7/8 hrs in d night. * Avoid, junk food, caffiene,dust, scorching sun, fried,spicy intake, cookies, pizza & burger. Your feedback will highly b appreciated for further, follow up. Tk,care.
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Last night my friend have a baby, but the baby do not have the anus, please advice us.

MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Kanpur
It requires emergency surgery to create a temporary colostomy for time being. Pls consult a pediatric surgeon.
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I have face the problem crack on the heel? Face every month of winter. What I do?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy
Ayurveda, Jammu
Hello lybrate-user scrub your feet n apply cold cream or boroplus or you can apply krack heel of patanjali but the most important thing is wear socks. Winters r really dry so keep your feet moist n covered. U can ask for further assistance.
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I have a dark and oily skin how do I get rid of it with In a week and get a Wheatish fair skin.

MD - Alternate Medicine, BHMS
Homeopath, Surat
Take nat mur 200 1 dose every week and take fruit juices daily in morning. If possible apply aloe vera over your face, it glows your face so much.
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Excessive Facial Hair (Hirsutism) - What to Do

MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi
Excessive Facial Hair (Hirsutism) - What to Do

Women can find unwanted hair growth very embarrassing. This is especially true if she sports hair growth on her face. Excessive hair growth on a woman is also known as Hirsutism. This differs from the usual fine 'peach fuzz' that covers the rest of the body. Such hair can be characterized as dark and coarse.

Hirsutism has a number of causes. Some of the most common reasons for this condition are:

  1. Genes: Hirsutism often runs in families. Thus, if your mother or grandmother suffered from this skin condition, chances are that you may suffer from the same. This is most commonly seen in people from the Mediterranean region and South East Asia.
  2. Hormones: Hirsutism is also linked to an abnormally high level of male hormones like androgens in the body. This is usually seen in cases where women suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Cushing's syndrome or tumors in the adrenal gland.
  3. Medication: A shift in hormone levels is also a common side effect of many types of medication. This is typically seen in drugs that include hormones, such as anabolic steroids, drugs that spur hair growth and drugs that help with endometriosis. 

Facial hirsutism can be treated in a number of ways. Some of the ways to remove excess hair are:

  1. Shaving: This is an easy and quick way to remove unwanted skin. However, it may irritate the skin and with every shave, the hair growth may get coarser.
  2. Bleaching: This is a temporary solution for Hirsutism, but may irritate the skin and does not suit dark skinned women.
  3. Waxing: When done regularly, waxing can reduce the amount of hair growth. However, this is a painful technique and can cause skin inflammation.
  4. Laser hair treatment: Compared to the above forms of hair removal, laser treatment can remove hair for the longest period of time. However, this is not a permanent solution and can have side effects like the lightening or darkening of skin.
  5. Electrolysis: This is permanent solution to Hirsutism. It can require several sittings and may also lead to scarring or changes in skin colour.
  6. Medication: Prescription drugs can also change the way hair grows on the body. However, if you stop using this medication the hair growth with go back to its original form. Birth control pills and anti androgen blockers are the most common form of prescription drugs used to treat hirsutism.
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Hello sir I have a major problem. Sir I have black heads on my mouth It's feel me dirty. So please get solution of this problem.

Homeopath, Thane
Hi, for pimples and blackheads take tabs hepar sulphuris pentarkan (dr wilmar shawbe) 2tabs to be chewed twice a day for 1mth tab biochemic silicea 6x 4tabs to be chewed twice a day for 1mth and apply.
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I have black spots on my face cause from acne. Can you pls suggest any cream to lighten the spots. I hv oily skin and madam complexion.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Berb aquifolium q 20 drops 3 times in small quantity of water after meals kali sulph 6x - 4 pills 3 times per day for 8 days and revert back.
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I have blemishes on my face and due to uses of medicine I got hair on my face. What to do?

Homeopath, Faridabad
You can take homoeopathic medicines ? Berberis Aquefolium Q/ 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water/ thrice a day and Kali Brom. 200/ thrice a day ? for 20 days. Wash your face with Bakson's Facewash (wash your face with warm water only) and followed by CTMP, i.e., cleansing, toning, moisturising and protection (apply liberally Sunscreen Gel with SPF-30) after washing your face daily. Use home-made remedies: - Take 1 tbsp of fuller's earth (multani mitti) + a dash of lime + bit of rosewater ? apply this on your face till it gets dried up, then rinse it off. - Take 1 tsp of Alum (or fitkari), make it slightly wet with water and apply this on your wet face, spread it well; let it dry and rinse it off. Alum remove your excessive moisture or oil and it also tightens the skin's tonicity.
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Which is more better soup of tomatoes, carrot and spinach or direct consumption of vegetables? How soup is good for health and skin?

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
The amount of nutrition that soup provides really depends on the way you cook your soup. Boiling vegetables for a long time results in denaturation of the nutrients in the vegetables and therefore the soup will not contain all the nutrients that you could have obtained from the vegetables directly. However, cooking vegetables for a short duration ensure that any pathogenic entity is killed and thus makes vegetables more safe for consumption. Moreover, cooking activates a few nutrients in vegetables like carrot but you should cook these vegetables lightly (stir fry, steam, or light boiling). You can follow the following rules lightly cook vegetables like carrots, spinach, cabbage and other vegetables high in fiber. If you want to make soup then lightly stir fry your vegetables and add them to your stock after you have boiled it. If you wish to consume your vegetables directly then wash them properly before consumption. Your soup is only as good as the amount of nutrient it has. Soup has been proven to aid digestion if you have it before your meal.
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I have heel cracks for past one week. Its very itchy and paining. Suggest some skin ointment?

Diploma In Dermatology And Venerology And Leprosy (DDVL), MBBS
Dermatologist, Ranchi
It is a kind of fungal infections, most common infections found in skin, they are little difficult to remove bcz they remain in the skin where blood supply is very little, so it will take time to remove. If you want to cure you have to follow few medicines for 1-2 weeks (it is contaminative disease, may spreads to your near & dear one). please upload it’s photo.
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So I have deep dark circles and I have tried all the remedies but it does not go. Doc says that because it is heredity it will not go. Request you to help me with proper medication.

General Physician, Cuttack
Dark circle around the eyes appear due to stress, lack of adequate sleep, hectic life style ,hormonal changes, heredity Natural method of treatment 1.Mix 1 tsf of tomato juice with 1 tsf of lemon juice, apply it on affected area, leave it for 10 minutes, wash it with water, repeat the process twice daily 2.Apply little almond oil (it is rich in Vitamin E) on dark circle and massage it gently leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning 3. Mix orange juice with few drops of glycerin, apply it over dark circle, keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off with water 4.Put sliced cucumber in fridge for 30 minutes, take them out and place it over dark circle, leave it for 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water 5.crush few mint leaves with water forming a paste, apply it on affected area, leave it for 10 minutes, wash it with cold water 6.Soak cotton ball in rose water, apply it on affected area, leave it for 15 minutes wash it 7.Drink tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and mint leaves regular yoga and meditation to relieve stress 9.Consult skin specialist for further advice and treatment.
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My brother aged 27 problem is having blood with stool. No pain or any other problems.

General Physician, Hyderabad
Hi lybrate-user, It can be piles, which needs immediate attention. As the continuous bleeding leads to the anemia and other complications. Take more fiber diet. If any further information consult me back. I will give you best treatment.
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I have black spots and pimples with my face and body how to clean the spots and pimples.

Homeopath, Delhi
I suggest you to eat watermelon, orange and drink atleast 2 litres water in a day and apply acne aid in the night.
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Hi doctor I have an itching problem in my both inner thighs. Now a days it is very frequent and the skin colour also changed to black. What is the solution for that? thanks

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
Take arogyavardhini vati1 tab thrice a day before food gandhak rasayan 2 tab twice after food mahamanjistadi kashayam 3 tspn with 3 tspn water 1 hour before food. Locally apply mahamanjistadi oil.
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I am 30 years old im suffering from some rashes on my body in last 10 days its forming total body so what can I do.

Dermatologist, Delhi
Immediately consult a dermatologist personally. It can be urticaria or drug rash or viral fever. Take care.
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Myself Armughan qazi I am 22 years old. Sir I have very sensitive skin and I have got serious sun tan because of sun tan theres vast difference between the face colour and my body. I request please recommend me a cream or any treatment.

General Physician, Faridabad
Apple is a miracle fruit for the skin.The alpha hydroxy acids or AHA’s present in apples improves skin color and elasticity of the skin.Soak peeled apple slices in milk for 20 minutes and then blend to form a creamy paste.Place in the freezer for 10 minutes, and then mix a tsp of lemon juice, apply all over your face and neck.Rinse off after 15 minutes with cool water and massage an ice cube.The skin looks baby soft, smooth with a rosy white glow.Follow this for a week to get fair skin naturally.
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Sir, I was bitten by a dog at the age of 3 yrs. The surgery left deep scars/Stitch marks over my face.(At lower left corner of upper lip). I am nearly 20 years old and now I am starting to feel a little bit discriminated. Please help me, should I go for a surgery? Or there is any other way. I may not get rid of these scars in one shot but is there any way to help ease their deep appearance on my face.

Homeopath, Secunderabad
If it's a scar then no medicine can help. Take a surgeons opinion. Not only that take a second opinion (may be cosmetic surgeon) and take an informed decision based on health status and cost of the procedures.
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