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Lung Care & Sleep Centre, Mumbai

Lung Care & Sleep Centre

Pulmonologist Clinic

A/405, Santacruz Sangam Soc, S V Road, Santacruz West Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹1000
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Lung Care & Sleep Centre Pulmonologist Clinic A/405, Santacruz Sangam Soc, S V Road, Santacruz West Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹1000
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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you....more
Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.
More about Lung Care & Sleep Centre
Lung Care & Sleep Centre is known for housing experienced Pulmonologists. Dr. Prashant Chhajed, a well-reputed Pulmonologist, practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for Pulmonologists recommended by 52 patients.


05:00 PM - 08:00 PM


A/405, Santacruz Sangam Soc, S V Road, Santacruz West
Santacruz Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400054
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Doctor in Lung Care & Sleep Centre

Dr. Prashant Chhajed

MD, PD, Fellow, Thoracic Medicine & Lung Transplant, Fellow, Departments of Respiratory Medicine, Statistical Methods Course, FCCP, Sleep Technology Course
22 Years experience
1000 at clinic
Available today
05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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COPD - What To Eat?

MBBS, MD -Pulmonary Medicine-Tuberculosis ,Respiratory Disease Medicine , Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), European Diploma in Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Delhi
COPD - What To Eat?

COPD - What To Eat?

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Hi Sir, I quit smoking, but my lungs produce mucus every time and I feel like something in my throat. And I spit and I see cough. How can get rid from this problem?

MSW, Clinical Hypnotherapy, MBA, Post Graduation in Counselling
Psychologist, Guwahati
Listen its better to get a proper checkup done through a qualified ENT, and if all is ok, you may go for regular gargling with hot water & a pinch of rock salt (empty stomach), drink only luke warm water, and join some form of yoga an relaxation for years overall well-being.
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Hi Sir, I am suffering from saviour dry cough and cold please suggest me a syrup.

MD (Physician), MD (Pulmonology)
Pulmonologist, Bareilly
Dear Lybrate user, Dry cough could be due to a seasonal Chest infection. You can try steam inhalation and codeine formulation OTC syrups for relief. Wishing you Good Health.
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I am having condition where my any one nostril gets closed sometimes left or sometimes right.I am Having no cough problem. This is my childhood problem and now it's really creating chaos in my day to day life. Please help.

MD (Physician), MD (Pulmonology)
Pulmonologist, Bareilly
Dear Lybrate user, vyou are probably suffering from Allergic Rhinitis. Please contact with full previous treatment records for treatment. Meanwhile you can use Otrivin nasal drops for temporary relief. Wishing you Good Health.
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Hello, Can I take levocetirizine with cefixime in the place of linezolid with cefixime, because of high cough, nose & ear closed & breathing problem.

ENT Specialist, Guwahati
Linezolid is an antibiotic which can't replaced by an anti allergic medicine. So if you have been given that drug you should take it along with it you can add levocetrizone also at bed time.
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Treatment For Lung Cancer

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DM - Oncology, MD - General Medicine
Oncologist, Noida
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Lung cancer is actually one of the major causes of cancer deaths in both men and women worldwide. Treatment of lung cancer involves a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy and new additional therapies as well.

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What Is Homoeopathy?

MD- Homoeopathy
What Is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy: the science of healing from within

The unique way of treatment optimises the patient's ability to heal its body, thus making homoeopathy universally applicable to all kinds of diseases.

A homoeopathic doctor has a different way of exploring the patient.

A homoeopathic-practitioner aims at an overall, comprehensive approach towards each one of its patients. An excellent homoeopathic practitioner not only should aim at taking steps in understanding and curing the disease, but also be learning about the patient's lifestyle, thought-processes, and psychological make-up that may affect the medical conditions. Homoeopathic physicians, like any other doctor, ask you about your health history, clinically examine you, and conduct investigations.

Keen to know you

A homoeopath may not only ask you questions about your physical health but also your mental health. There may be psychological treatments first, as homoeopathic doctors believe that it is crucial to know the psychological status of the patient; what is one going through in the personal life, and such aspects that affect the patient's medical conditions. The doctor will take a keen interest in knowing the patient as an individual, including the unique way in which the patient presents its symptoms.

Homoeopathic consultation includes questions about the person's lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and approach towards a stressful situation. Considering all these factors, a homoeopath will select the most appropriate medicine that will stimulate the patient's ability to heal itself. This method helps a homoeopath to prescribe the medication in a particular potency. This medicine is either in pills/globules form or dilution in a liquid form.

Is homoeopathy capable of treating every disease?

Homoeopathy applies to all kinds of diseases, all acute as well as chronic conditions that can be treated with other medicines. May it be a simple cough and cold, urinary tract infection, or chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, pcod (polycystic ovary disease; affecting one in 10 women), diabetes, and many more.

Following is a list of diseases that homoeopathy can effectively treat

  • Infections: acute rhinitis (inflammation of the nose membrane), conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, and a few more.
  • Pediatric illnesses: repeated respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, acute and chronic otitis media, and adenoid hypertrophy.
  • Skin illnesses: urticaria, psoriasis, eczema, warts, and more.
  • Female-specific disorders: menstrual irregularities, pcod, menopause related complaints, complaints during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Disease of psychosomatic origin: a migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

Is there any specific age group? can a child be treated with homoeopathy?

For homoeopathic treatment, there is no specific age limit. You can be of any age and may simultaneously take some other treatment; homoeopathy has suitable solutions for your complaints. These medicines have no restrictions even during pregnancy and lactation whereas other medications may have.

Why should one choose a homoeopathic treatment over other pathies?

Homoeopathic medicines are tested on healthy human beings; repeated trials are conducted, before application in patients. These are safe medicines for patients, including during pregnancy and lactation.

These medicines are pleasant to taste and hence can be used for any generation; from infants to geriatric groups. Oftentimes, they are not costly and affordable to all. They have no side effects, and homoeopathy does not have any habit-forming medicines.

How does one know that the medicine has expired? 

One cannot consume the medicine if the globules have changed their colour from white to yellow. If the drug in liquid form has changed its colour or has turned into sediments, it is considered as expired. On purchasing the new medicines, they may have a smell of alcohol as they are freshly medicated. This smell reduces with time, but do not worry the loss of alcohol-smell does not affect the medicine's power to cure a disease. Homoeopathic medicines need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

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Homeopathy Wonders

Homeopath, Delhi
Homeopathy Wonders

Often people think that homeopathy is only about sweet medicine good for minor ailments, but magic of homeopathy goes beyond that, effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, eczema, tonsillitis, acne, renal stones and the list goes so on. Especially great results with children who are often to fed with bitter medicines.

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I'm 32 years old. I'm suffering from sinusitis last from 4 yrs. I have ear problems with this sinusitis. From last 1 years I have some sounds ringing continuously. So I ask you Sir please suggest ayurvedic medicine. Can I take Himalaya septilin. How much time? How much Dose? Sir please give answer.

Ayurveda, Indore
Hello To cure sinusitis you should go for a proper treatment. Ear problem is a complication of sinusitis which leads to many more problem like eye ache, head ache and other ENT disorders, to prevent from them you should take a proper treatment for the disease and be healthy. Contact us Preventous Ayurveda
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My son is seven years old. He has child asthma. Taking levolin and budecort inhaler. suddenly he is coughing .Please advice. Whether montair lc kid can be given?

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), bachelor Of Science in Nursing
Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Gandhinagar
My son is seven years old. He has child asthma. Taking levolin and budecort inhaler. suddenly he is coughing .Please ...
All are the medicine that will definitely help him to get rid from problem immediately but may not be Cure permanently. Important thing is improving his Immunity to fight with several respiratory problems and infection while using minimum Allopathic medicine to protect ftom side effect and growth. You should Take and important action toward alternative mode of medication. Let him take plenty of juices rich in vitamin C n Antioxidants like lemon, Orange, pineapple to boost Immunity. Start yoga and Pranayam classes with well experienced trainer. It will glade to deal with you to treating your child naturally by meeting me or book an appointment online. All the best, God bless him.
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