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Restaurant - Why To Stop Eating There?

Restaurant - Why To Stop Eating There?

Nowadays, people just don't feel like cooking at home. Ordering from out is the new trend today. It has become a regular part of your diet. But it is extremely damaging to your health. You may lick your fingers and savour of the moment after that lip-smacking bucket of fried chicken, or the burger you just polished off, but in the long run, a whole lot of health problems are going to follow suit.

  1. Restaurant food is extremely fattening and can raise your cholesterol levels sky-high. Obesity is now a major modern health problem, with it affecting children from young ages. In adults, it increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes. To our brain, this food is often very rewarding, and we tend to overeat as a result.
  2. The meat in your burger is so laden with artificial chemicals, that it is hardly nutritive. It is essentially scrap meat that is fattened up and flavoured to suit your taste buds. It contains high amounts of ammonia, a chemical that is found in your bathroom cleaning liquid and that is hardly fit for human consumption.
  3. It is extremely addictive, where the more frequently you eat it, the more you crave it until you lose all self-control. If you eat restaurant food more than once a week, you have fallen prey to the most common trend of today.
  4. Restaurant chains are nowadays trying to tempt customers with healthier options like salads or soups, but they're hardly healthy and are instead full of preservatives.
  5. The desserts and sodas that you love are full of artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is hardly nutritious and only adds to energy levels, which when not burnt off lead to all the oodles of fat in your belly. It can also increase your resistance to insulin.
  6. A lot of the ingredients in restaurant food are processed foods that contain artificial chemicals like colourants, preservatives, artificial flavours and textures. Its harmful nature can never be stressed upon enough.
  7. Eating refined flour on a regular basis is a big no-no. Its carbohydrates are difficult for the digestive tract to break down, once again leading it to be accumulated. Don't get mislead by promises of 'whole grain' items; for even they are whole grain, they are broken down to finer flour that hardly retains its nutritive value.

No wonder it's called 'junk food', it only brings harm to your body. Make a conscious effort to replace it with real, fresh food that actually contains nutrients and not artificial chemicals.

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Heavy Eyes - Initial Signs Of Aging!

Heavy Eyes - Initial Signs Of Aging!

The skin around the eyes is usually one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. There are four noticeable changes that occur around our eyes as we get older. These are:

  • Sagging upper eyelids
  • Eye bags
  • Puffiness
  • Scleral show - when the lower white portion of the eyeball is excessively visible. 

There are many causes for these conditions and they affect each person differently. While some people show signs of ageing early, others continue to look youthful for longer. Let's take a look at four common causes for our eyes to show signs of ageing. 

Loss of fat and bone tissue
As we age, the fat in our facial muscles begins to clump up and shifts downwards. As this happens skin begins to sag. The loss of fat is also accompanied by a loss in bone tissue. This makes the skin under the eyes sag further as they lose their underlying support. A loss of fat and bone tissue also leads to hollow surfaces on the skin which results in dark circles.

Loss of collagen
Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its strength and structure. It is also important in the production of new skin cells. Collagen production is affected by a number of factors such as exposure to UV radiation, smoking and high sugar intake. While these are controllable factors, one uncontrollable factor that affects the production of collagen is ageing. As the number of candles on our birthday cakes increases, the production of collagen reduces. With the loss of collagen, the skin becomes thinner and veins become more visible. This also results in a thinner epidermis that makes fine lines appear and causes wrinkles around the eyes. 

Loss of elasticity
Along with collagen, the other protein responsible for the firmness of the skin is elastin. Elastin helps the skin return to its original state after being stretched or pinched. As we grow older, the production of elastin is also reduced. This loss of elasticity is visible around the eyes as the skin begins to droop. The eyelid muscles are also one of the most used muscles in our body. We use them unconsciously every time we open and close our eyes, squint, wink etc. As the amount of elastin is reduced the eyelid skin no longer returns to its normal state every time it is used. Thus it triggers the appearance of crinkly skin around the eyes. 

Weak muscles
Muscles also grow weaker as we get older. This causes the fat sacks to protrude through the skin leading to bags under the eyes and puffiness. A weak levator muscle responsible for lifting the upper eyelids can also cause the eyelid to appear droopy. 

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Indigestion - Know Possible Reasons Of It!

Indigestion - Know Possible Reasons Of It!

Indigestion refers to the discomfort in your upper belly or abdomen after you have eaten your food. Indigestion in many cases has an underlying problem like gastro esophageal reflux disease, ulcers or disorders of your gall bladder. Indigestion is also known as dyspepsia in medical terms.

The causes of indigestion due to the presence of any diseases or underlying medical conditions consist of the following:
1. Problems like ulcers
2. In rare cases, it could be initial symptoms of stomach cancer
3. Chronic pancreatitis
4. Thyroid disease
5. Infections in your stomach and irritable bowel syndrome
6. Pregnancy could also result in indigestion

Some of the lifestyle habits that can cause indigestion are mentioned below:

1. Excessive consumption of alcohol
2. Smoking cigarettes
3. Stress and fatigue in daily life
4. Consumption of foods with high-fat content
5. Regular and excessive intake of fried and oily foods

Medications can also cause indigestion and some of those could be:

1. Steroid medications
2. Thyroid medicines
3. Certain of antibiotics in heavy doses
4. Oral contraceptives and estrogen replacement medications
5. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen
6. Painkillers

Sometimes indigestion may not be related to the factors mentioned above and yet persist within your body. This type of indigestion is known as functional or non-ulcer dyspepsia. You should contact a medical professional immediately if the symptoms of indigestion include some of the following:

1. Back pain
2. Jaw pain
3. Heavy sweating and anxiety
4. Indigestion that lasts longer than one day
5. Severe and sudden pain in the abdomen
6. Problems when you try to swallow food
7. Vomiting or presence of blood in your stool
8. Sudden loss in your weight
9. Skin and eyes turning yellow in color which is a telltale sign of jaundice

In case your indigestion persists for too long and doesn’t respond to conventional treatment, your doctor might prescribe some of the following tests.

1. Ultrasound tests of your abdomen
2. Blood tests
3. Upper endoscopy
4. Physical examination of your digestive tract and the stomach area
5. Questions by the doctor about what symptoms you may be facing and how they are manifesting within your body

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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I am drospirenone ethinylestradiol ip this medicine was told by the doctor to eat continuously for 21 days, I ate medicine for 2 days and forgot to eat on the third day.

I am drospirenone ethinylestradiol ip this medicine was told by the doctor to eat continuously for 21 days, I ate med...
Take it as early as possible ,but if you miss 2 pills that cycle will not be protected from pregnancy.
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I am currently taking thyrox 50 mcg for past 2 months. And I just got checked for tsh level of 6.06. Also taking medicine for sinus and asthma ventidox dl and fluticasone nasal spray. Should I increase my dose of thyroid?

Hhello, thanks for the query. When one is on adequate dosage of levothyroxine, tsh is maintained arounf 3 to 4 mu/l, at which most of the symptoms are in check. Since tsh is 6.06 mu/l, it is showing that there is a need to increase the dosage. Hence, increase the dosage by 12.5 mcg to 62.5 mcg per day and then check tsh after 6 weeks to see if the desired level is achieved. If you have any questions please do come back. Thanks.
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My body temperature 97.7-degree Fahrenheit. I am taking alprax.5 for reducing anxiety and to increase my hemoglobin I am taking iron supplements. Is everything normal?

My body temperature 97.7-degree Fahrenheit. I am taking alprax.5 for reducing anxiety and to increase my hemoglobin I...
Your temperature is well within the normal range. I however suggest that you go for counseling too and learn some skills to handle anxiety, which is a fear based reaction. Anxiety has all to do with fear and your inability (or so you would tend to think) to handle the same. Fear is based on looking too much into the future and imagining things that usually do not tend to happen (usually 90% of your fears will not happen). You need to change your perception of the fearful stimulus then you can change your response to the fear. The first one is the best and will preempt the need for the second. If you are already far gone into the reaction mode, then you need both responses to counter the attack. The way we see things in life (like half empty or half full glass) is very dependent on our attitude. Attitude may have developed over many years but fortunately can change in a matter of sustained choices made and acted up on now. Accordingly you choose to see things as either threatening or as an opportunity. The opportunist will be positive and work with the situation to make good out of it. The individual who sees it as threatening, will, out of fear, try to avoid/run away from the situation or react with anxiety. Yes, self-belief does impact it too, but you can see that prior to that, perception will tarnish the belief system too. Here, you can see that all the resolution lies in just changing your perception/attitude, even if it is against odds. Changing your response, despite the perception, is building up of your reserves and resources to handle any contingency that life throws up at you. And life throws up situations quite regularly and heavily. For this you need to develop a fit mind and body: the former, by meditation and mind exercises; and the later, by exercises and proper diet. You need good sleep too. Included in the development of the mind is the handling of emotions, in your case, fear. These changes will give you a handle on life and your perceptions and responses. Prayer is really powerful, if you are a spiritual person. Repeat some personally framed affirmations that are geared to calming you down and building confidence. Do a personality development course too. Anything that develops you personally will be of great assistance in building resilience.
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My mother is 49 year old. She is having severe headache from last 30 minutes. Is it dengue or something else?

My mother is 49 year old. She is having severe headache from last 30 minutes. Is it dengue or something else?
Your mother may be having simple headache, take paracetamol 650 mg for it. The most common symptom of dengue is fever with any of the following: nausea, vomiting rash aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain) any warning sign symptoms of dengue typically last 2–7 days. Most people will recover after about a week.
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Closing Holes In The Heart!

Closing Holes In The Heart!

Many children are born with Atrial Septal Defect, a condition which is popularly known as holes in the heart. It is a major concern for most parents, but, thankfully it can be treated very easily. None of the parents want their child to undergo hospitalization and the resulting pain that treatments might incur. However, the good news is all kinds of heart holes do not need to be closed by surgery at all. Many a time the holes are filled over time naturally and the child only needs to be under medical observation that’s all.

Catheter Procedure
In case a surgery needs to be performed, given the hole(s) in your child’s heart is medium to large sized, the surgeon makes sure that the procedure is painless. One of the commonest surgeries is one that involves the use of a catheter. Here, a catheter is attached to an umbrella-shaped device (a disk) and the apparatus is inserted through the groin region. The device is designed to reach your child’s heart and attach a disk to the hole, thereby filling it. When the process reaches completion the catheter is taken out of the body. The good thing about this surgery is that by six months natural tissues grow over the surgical site and re-operation is not required.

Open Heart Surgery
Another type of surgery that is performed to treat Atrial Septal Defect is open heart surgery. This is only carried out only when the condition is serious. In this surgery too, the child is given medications that allow him/her to sleep throughout the procedure. Using a bypass machine the surgeons opens the heart and while the surgery is on, this machine imitates the pumping of the heart. The surgeon then uses a patch like a device to seal off the hole(s). Post surgery the child is discharged from the hospital within a week. There will be some guidelines that the concerned doctor might acquaint you with pertaining to the post-treatment care of the child. He/she might prepare a diet chart for your child.

Ventricular Septal Defect
Ventricular Septal Defect is a condition where a hole develops around the wall which separates the lower chambers of the heart. In most cases, the hole closes in on its own. If the hole is medium or large sized, surgery will be performed. With surgery, your child would go back to leading a normal life. It is just that you need to take special care of his/her diet. The doctor might recommend foods that are high in calories. Make sure you follow the doctor’s advice properly and watch your child going back to bounding and playing like other children in no time.

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I have small collection of fluid in cavity (ultrasound scanning test) pl suggest I want to go for biopsy or medicine.

I have small collection of fluid in cavity (ultrasound scanning test)
pl suggest I want to go for biopsy or medicine.
Hello lybrate-user, it's not clear as to what you are trying to convey, and where is fluid located, and as to why ultrasound was advised. Without detailed inputs, it's difficult to ascertain what you must go for. Kindly attach all prescriptions and reports , so that, clarity on treatment line can be made. Thanks.
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Lowered sexual desire by taking hair fall treatment so please help me to recover.

Lowered sexual desire by taking hair fall treatment so please help me to recover.
Start these ayurvedic medicines 1. Dhatupusti churna with milk 2 time a day 2. Cap speman daily 2 time a day.
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I am 48 years old. And I have gained a lot of weight. No other health issues other than weight.

I am 48 years old. And I have gained a lot of weight. No other health issues other than weight.
Hello Lybrate-user, You need to follow proper diet which is healthy & nutritious, at the same time start some physical activity also, it will boost your bmr & you will loose your weight, consume more water at least 3 litre, avoid fried, oily, sugary stuff, avoid out side eating. Complete your sleep. This small small changes gives you result. If you want more help connect with me.
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Sir/mam, can I take endura mass without workout in half quantity. I am a school teacher and I think my professional life is affected by my body structure. I need your suggestion.

can I take endura mass without workout in half quantity. I am a school teacher and I think my professional l...
Hello, don't be stressed. First to fall change your life style and eating habits. You should do some basic workout every day. You need to take a balance diet. Take 2 banana with warm milk in the morning. Or 3-4 eggs in the evening. Include protein rich food in your diet. You can consult me privately online on laybrate for weight management and any advice.
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Hair Fall - How Homeopathy Can Reduce It?

Hair Fall - How Homeopathy Can Reduce It?

Loss of hair from the scalp, one of the most common problems plaguing the world today, can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, disorders and environmental factors. There are a number of homeopathic treatments that are used to treat hair loss. These treatments focus on the cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms. 

Hair loss can be classified as -

1. Telogen effluvium: This is a disorder of the hair growth cycle where the telogen phase (where the hair falls out) becomes dominant. 

2. Alopecia aorta: This is an autoimmune disorder where the immune cells of the body destroy the hair. Hair loss tends to occur in patches.

3. Androgenic alopecia: This type of disorder is caused by hormonal and genetic factors resulting in a receding hairline. 

The various homeopathic treatments for hair loss are -

1. Silica
Silica is used to treat a number of diseases in homeopathy. Besides being an effective remedy for hair loss, it is also treating symptoms of vitiligo, nail problems and eczema.

2. Phosphorus
Phosphorus is another homeopathic treatment that is used to treat hair loss. It promotes hair growth in spots where hair loss has occurred.

3. Kaliumcarbonicum
This treatment is used for brittle and thinning hair as it enhances hair growth. It is usually recommended for people with various forms of alopecia.

4. Lycopodium
This treatment is prescribed for people who suffer from premature balding. It is also recommended for pregnant women if they suffer from hair loss.

5. Natrummuriaticum
This homeopathic remedy is made from sodium chloride and used to treat hair problems resulting from skin complications. It is also recommended for women who face hair loss from menstrual problems. It treats dandruff and hair disorders due to hormonal imbalances.

6. Sulfur
Sulfur is an excellent homeopathic remedy to treat hair loss as it promotes hair growth. It also eliminates dandruff from the scalp.

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