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Healthy Snack Ideas For A Healthier You!

Healthy Snack Ideas For A Healthier You!

While you may be controlling your portions and ensuring that your meals are healthy, the snacks in between the big meals may still be harming your body. The packets of chips that you may open will add not only calories but also other harmful chemicals. There are other healthier options out there which you can use to replace it and still satisfy your cravings.

Kurmura or puffed rice - A staple snack in many parts of India, kurmura comes in many varieties and mixtures that are quite popular. Some examples are jhalmuri, bhelpuri and others. While mixing it with other things such as farsan, nuts and chana is good. Excessive use of oil or sweet spices may increase its calorific value. Thus, you must refrain from these additions.

Khakra - A great Indian snack that comes from Gujarat, this is a form of flatbread which can be consumed on its own or with chutneys. This is very low in fats and oil and is one of the tastiest snack alternatives around.

Masala corn - Corn is considered to be a very healthy and nutritious snack on its own. However, you can add various types of masala or have a roast corn cob with salt and lime dressing, which is an already favoured snack all over India.

Nuts - Assorted nuts such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios can be a very filling snack without the need for large quantities of it. However, don't consume too much of it as certain varieties do contain considerable amounts of fat and thus moderation is the key here.

Soya sticks - A new entrant into the Indian market, soya sticks are baked and then laced with spices. Soya tends to have protein while not much fat and thus it can be healthy as well as a tasty snack. Soya sticks are usually laced with various kinds of masala.

Chickpeas or chana - This is another snack which can come in many forms such as roasted, boiled or even as a paste in the form of hummus. It contains a lot of protein but very little fat. Chickpeas can be had either on their own or mixed with nuts or other forms of a mixture.

Baked snacks - Various forms of snacks which are baked instead of fried can be a good alternative as well. Baked versions of potato chips and other snacks are increasingly available in stores across India.

These food items can satisfy your food cravings without adversely affecting your health.

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Signs Of Any Sooner Approaching Illness!

Signs Of Any Sooner Approaching Illness!

It is worth note that there are certain signs which show that you may get an illness. If these signs and symptoms are taken seriously then most probably you will be able to get rid of the illness a lot sooner.

Here are 5 signs that you may acquire an illness sooner than you think.

1. Reduction in appetite-
A reduction in appetite is never good. This is because a reduction in appetite is an indicator of many oncoming illnesses. These range from a simple cold all the way to a strep throat. Sometimes, a strep throat may also be the result of gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is when a virus enters your stomach and causes diarrhea as well as vomiting. It is worth note that a reduction in appetite during summer can be normal. However, feeling nauseous or detesting food can mean that you are going to have one of the illnesses listed above. 

2. Swollen neck glands-
The neck glands are just below the jawbones. When these glands swell, it is a sign that you may be falling ill. Common illnesses which may occur when you have swollen neck glands include ear infections, the common cold as well as skin infections. The reason why neck glands usually swell is that when there is an infection, the dead cells and bacteria accumulate in the neck glands.

3. Fatigue-
Fatigue is not when you are tired after the day. It is characterized by being tired all the time or after very little work done. When you face fatigue, it is a sign you may be falling ill.

4. Muscle ache-
Muscle ache is a common symptom of the flu. This is because when you have flu, antibodies are released. When these antibodies produce histamines and cytokines, they may travel to muscles and trigger the pain receptors.

5. Fever-
A fever is the body's way of fighting infections. When you have a fever, it usually means the body is increasing its temperature to kill invading bacteria. Therefore, this is another way of knowing you have infections.

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Sleep - How To Improve It?

 Sleep - How To Improve It?

If getting quality sleep is something that you may not be experiencing regularly, you need to take steps to correct it. Sleep improves your health and revitalizes your body allowing your body to be refreshed and energetic.

In today's world, getting quality sleep has become a luxury due to various factors like excessive work and the internet. There are certain tips, which you may follow to improve the quality of your sleep. Some of them are:

1. Limit caffeine intake
Drinking too much coffee stimulates the body making you energized and thus hampering your ability to fall asleep. Aim to avoid coffee at least 5-6 hours before you go to sleep.

2. Follow a sleep schedule
You should make it a habit to go to bed and wake up at the same time on a regular basis. This will allow you to fall asleep easily as the body's internal sleep cycle is reinforced, thus facilitating better sleep.

3. Try to create a comfortable environment
Comfort is an important factor when it comes to sleep. A proper environment with comfortable clothing allows you to relax and experience better sleep. Make sure the room is dark, cool and quiet to help you fall asleep faster.

4. Pre-sleep routine
You may follow a ritual before you go to sleep on a regular basis as this may help in preparing the body for sleep. Taking a bath or engaging in mediation for a few minutes are wonderful practices to follow before you sleep.

5. Exercise on a regular basis
You should exercise on a regular basis as this will allow you to sleep better. Exercises also releases endorphins that improves your overall wellbeing.

6. Reduce stress
Aim to reduce stress as this will allow you to sleep better. Stress may cause anxiety and insomnia which may impair your sleep.

7. Eat light meals for dinner
Eating carbohydrates laden meals for dinner may hamper your digestion and cause problems in your sleep. So eat light meals and preferably two hours before you go to bed.

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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I am 38 year old & I have sugar issue since last 8 years, its vary between 150--200 of pp & 180--220 after lunch, since last two years I am taking glycomet gp 1 tablet twice in day i.e after lunch & after dinner. Along with medicine, walking daily morning around 2.5 km. Pls advise about how to reduce sugar level around 100--130.

I am 38 year old & I have sugar issue since last 8 years, its vary between 150--200 of pp & 180--220 after lunch, sin...
You should try to keep your fasting blood sugar around 100 (you have not mentioned it) and pp means 2 hours after food 150-170. You need to adjust your medicines. Please consult a physician.
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I am 21 years old I used drez v gel how do I tell the infection is gone and I also hv itching but it's not too much.

I am 21 years old I used drez v gel how do I tell the infection is gone and I also hv itching but it's not too much.
No. It's still remaining causing the itching. Do direct online consultation for detailed prescription.
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How to deal with mother having schizophrenia? What should be the method to to get her agree for consultant.

Educate yourself. When you grow up with a parent with schizophrenia, it's easy to feel as if you know everything you need to know about the disorder. Seek support for yourself. Find help for your parent. She can be given some sedative given by the consultant to make her sleepy before taking her out.
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My son 4 years old had fever around 2 weeks. He is not well. Hecontinuing his antibiotics 2 days before he had urinary infection and now his hand leg and mouth had some more like tomato fever. Can it be cure. what can I do. He having pain on it.

My son 4 years old had fever around 2 weeks. He is not well. Hecontinuing his antibiotics 2 days before he had urinar...
2 weeks fever in a 4 years old child is worrisome. Please consult a good paediatric doctor get the child investigated thoroughly. Don't ignore please. How much is cbc hb platelets get urine culture chest x-ray etc then take proper treatment.
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Sugar - Is It Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Sugar - Is It Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Almost every person salivates over desserts and sweets. One does not need a special occasion to get their sweet tooth going. While the lip smacking sugary delight might impress the taste buds, it is sure to affect the health in a big way. If you thought that sugar was only bad for your waistline and general health, then you need to know that it is equally harmful for your skin. In fact, it can lead to serious dermatological conditions.

Harmful effects of sugar on the skin

A lot of what we eat reflects on our body externally. A number of internal changes can influence the external appearance of the body. Excessive intake of carbohydrates, starch and sugar can have an adverse effect on the skin. It can also accelerate the ageing process. But what triggers these complications needs to be understood and discussed in detail.

Carbohydrates can be simple or complex. Simple carbohydrates (cake, bread; to name a few) break down and convert to glucose rapidly. Increased glucose level implies increased insulin level, and causes inflammation, which affects the whole body. The enzymes produced during inflammation breaks down important proteins, namely elastin and collagen, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin.

Acne problems mainly arise from Glycation (the process through which digested sugar attaches permanently to the collagen). Glycation plays a significant role in accelerating the ageing process.

Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, is good for health. When ingested, complex carbohydrates break down at a much slower rate. As a result, there is no abnormal increase in the insulin level.

Corrective measures to check the harmful effects of sugar on the skin:

With a little care and preventive measures, the deleterious effects of sugar on the skin can be minimised.

1. Supplement your diet with foods rich in antioxidants. Lean proteins, fibrous foods and diets rich in good fats are highly recommended. Include beans and nuts that have low glycemic value in your diet. Drink plenty of water.
2. Food items containing high amount of saturated fats (cheese, ice creams, fried foods; to name a few), and with high glycemic value should be strictly avoided.
3. Do not compromise with your sleep. A sound sleep and a stress-free life is the mantra to a glowing and youthful skin.
4. Practice meditation and yoga diligently. The rewarding and positive outcomes will leave you in awe.
5. Do not skip your meals or indulge in overeating. Have small servings at regular intervals.

Hi, Some 4 years back I used to study till 4 am and sleep only 4 hours. After I discontinued the routine, I have been facing severe mental issues. If I don't sleep by 9 pm, the next day my mind literally doesn't work. I feel dizzy the whole time. I even have memory issues now. I don't remember things very well. If I don't sleep for at least 10 hours my body also does not feel active. My skin does not heal. My face looks dull. Can somebody help?

Hi, Some 4 years back I used to study till 4 am and sleep only 4 hours. After I discontinued the routine, I have been...
Get your thyroid profile, cbc, blood sugar fasting from some lab. In the meanwhile follow this 1. Don't take tea empty stomach. Eat something like a banana (if you are not diabetic) or any seasonal fruit or soaked almonds and a glass of water first thing in the morning (within 10 mins of waking up). No only biscuits or rusk will not do. 2. Don't overeat 3. Take your breakfast every day. Don't skip it. You should eat whatever your mother or grandparent eat in bfast. I mean to say whatever is your traditional food. If punjabi eat paratha, if belongs to south then take idli/ dosa etc. 4. Have light meals every 2 hours (in addition to your breakfast, lunch n dinner) e.g. Nariyal paani, chaach, a handful of dry fruits, a handful of peanuts, any fresh n seasonal fruit, a cup of curd/milk etc 5. Finish your dinner at least 2 hours before going to sleep. 6. Maintain active life style7. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods, carbonated beverages 8. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. 9. Drink lot of water.10. Everyday preferably sleep on same time exercise in the form of yoga, cycling, swimming, gym etc.For more details, you can consult me.
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My age is 35. I need to gain weight not much little bit. I look very slim for my age. I've wheezing problem also.

My age is 35. I need to gain weight not much little bit. I look very slim for my age. I've wheezing problem also.
Hello, weight gain is a gradual process and it has to be handled carefully. Weight gain diets usually work on increasing lean body tissues (muscles) with minimal deposition of fat percentage. A qualified diet expert can make sure you get best results without compromising on your health. You can opt for highly personalised weight gain package offered by me online to get effective results.
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Sir my height is 162 cm and weight is 7okg. When I am sleeping in night in morning or in mid night there is lot of saliva in mouth. (white spit).

Sir my height is 162 cm and weight is 7okg. When I am sleeping in night in morning or in mid night there is lot of sa...
It's a common happening with many people sleep with your mouth closed tell the person next to you if he notices you with open mouth to wake you up.
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Hi Sir, I am facing issue with too much increased breast and hip size. Like there is a sudden increase in size. I had taken hair growth medicines. Which had these as side effects. What should I do to decrease breast and hip size to normal?

Hi Sir, I am facing issue with too much increased breast and hip size. Like there is a sudden increase in size. I had...
There is nothing called as spot reduction but you can workout on particular muscles. And gaining depends on body type. So go for a full-body workout and increase chest workout and glutes workout.
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Prevent Hair Fall - Follow Some Common Steps!

Prevent Hair Fall - Follow Some Common Steps!

Presently, exhibiting trendy outer appearance is also very important for a man. Most men follow this principle as per the letter which is very much reflected in their choice of fashion that involves altering hair pattern. But in the event of scalp baldness, they really become very helpless and disturbed. As such, it is the high time to concentrate on certain steps that shall help to avoid losing hair:

  • Dry Gently -
    Damp hairs are quite susceptible to damage. So, never attempt to rub the wet hairs by exerting force because that will further aggravate the problem by causing severe breakage. Hence, allow the hairs to become dry first and then apply a towel to rub them in a gentle way.  Moreover, it will also keep the hairs tangle-free and smooth. This is a very simple way to stop losing hair prematurely.
  • Avoid Chlorine -
    Is swimming your favorite past time? No doubt that it is also a good habit but at the same time raises the possibility of hair damage. Right now, the water of every swimming pool contains chlorine that ends up in transforming the hairs quite brittle and dry. The simple solution to protect the natural hairs from such degradation is by applying a light conditioner or wearing a cap before taking a plunge in the pool. This measure helps to deal with the issue of men hair fall.
  • Laser Combs -
    It is the latest treatment method that has already created a good response in the market. These combs guarantee the normal growth of your hair by activating the follicles with the help of concentrated laser light. The treatment also has the potential to deliver a further better outcome once integrated with other hair care therapies. This is another crucial option to curb hair fall for men.
  • Perform Trimming -
    Although maintaining trimmed hair is a fashion, it also has its own virtue. The occasional trimming of hair results in the removal of the damaging split end with the objective of minimizing the chances of flyways and breakage. Besides, it also accelerates the speed of your normal hair growth with the addition of shiny appeal and thickness. It further widens your option as to how to restrict the hair fall for men.
  • Curtail Heat - 
    People, who wonder about escaping the untimely hair loss problem will definitely appreciate this method. Hairs are quite susceptible to the heat and due to which it is better to regulate the temperature level of devices like the dryer at the time of moisture evaporation. This will stop the emergence of curly and twisted hair patterns and other distortions. It is better to dry the hair naturally as that will never affect the scalp and follicles in any way.

Like women, men also become nervous as a result of the frequent hair fall. So, they start to find out healthy and reliable alternatives to stop this trouble forever. Undoubtedly, following certain general methods will help you to attain the desired objective. But at the same time, you should establish communication with a renowned hair doctor to acquire extra information about how to stop hair fall for men in a proper manner.

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