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What Is Tuberculosis?

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Tuberculosis is a highly infectious and potentially fatal disease which primarily affects the lungs. It is highly contagious and can infect other people via the tiny water droplets released by an infected person while coughing or sneezing. Some strains of this disease have the potential to resist drugs, which are commonly used to cure tuberculosis.
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Positive mantoux test, lesions on palm and foot, negative afb sputum test what other tests should I do in order to identify type of tb.

With a detailed report given, it is possible that you have no tb. However, if there are doubts and evidence of tb repeat sputum afb oir afb culture test need to be done.
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I was taking rcinex from last 60 days after breakfast (milk, toast, biscuits). Now I am taking before breakfast, what should I do now, how should I recover this. Will be effect on my treatment.

I was taking rcinex from last 60 days after breakfast (milk, toast, biscuits). Now I am taking before breakfast, what...
Dear Ankit, it doesnt matter whether R Cinex is taken before or after meals. Just continue your medicine properly, in prescribed doses for the designated period. Wishing you Speedy Recovery.
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Hi sir, myself trupti, 24 years old, suffering from pott's spine, currently I am on xdr-tb treatment. My question is that k I am on inj. Kapocin (500 mg) im daily, but in most of the medicals that inj. Stock is unavailable, so if the inj. Got skipped for 1 week then is it ok or no?

Hi sir, myself trupti, 24 years old, suffering from pott's spine, currently I am on xdr-tb treatment.
My question is ...
this type of skipping of kapocin is not desirable. You should extend the dose by the number of days you have skipped. All the medicines are available free of cost in nearby RNTCP centers. You should register your name there and undergo proper treatment.
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What Triggers Tuberculosis (TB)?

What Triggers Tuberculosis (TB)?
Although your body is already in possession of the bacteria leading to tuberculosis, your immune system is able to prevent you from becoming sick. Doctors have made a distinction between latent and active tuberculosis (TB). In the case of latent TB, the bacteria in the body in a passive state and it causes no symptoms, and therefore it is not contagious. But, in the case of active TB, you would become sick and may even spread the disease to others. It can take place in the first few weeks or even after several months of being infected with TB bacteria.

What are the symptoms of active TB?
If you are coughing for over three weeks and sometimes even coughing up blood, it can be a sign of TB. Chest pain and pain, while coughing and breathing along with fatigue, fever, chills and night sweat, are the common symptoms of TB along with the loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss. TB may even affect other organs of your body, including your brain, spine and kidneys. When TB takes place outside the lungs, then the signs of TB can vary as per the organs that are involved. For instance, TB in the spine can cause back pain and that in kidneys may cause blood in the urine.

What are the causes of TB?
TB is stemmed from a bacteria which spreads from individual to individual via the microscopic droplets that are released into the air. This may happen when an affected person is left untreated and he speaks or sneezes or coughs or laughs. Though the disease is contagious, it is not easy to be affected by it. As a result, you are much more likely to get affected with active tuberculosis from a person you live with or come in regular contact with, rather than a stranger. It is important to note here that people who are affected by TB and going through proper medications for over two weeks are no more contagious.

Right from the 1980s, the number of individuals affected with TB has increased dramatically, owing to the spread of HIV, which is the virus known for causing AIDS. A person infected with HIV has a weak immune system as a result of which it becomes difficult for the body to deal with TB bacteria. So those who have AIDS are more likely to be affected with active TB and sometimes the latent form also progresses to an active one very quickly. Therefore, it is important to seek medical assistance and detect if you have any such health complications concerning TB.
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I have nothing symptoms of tb but according to report of hrct chest it is tb and what should I do for this.

You have to do sputum afb test and take medicines for rntcp section in your nearest government hospital.
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Last month my brother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He has fever all the time is it normal for person suffering from tb. Also from last 2 days he is having loose motions. He is taking tb medicine from last 30 days. Please reply with your important comments/suggestions.

It's normal to have fever to person suffering from tb. Now tale medicine full course. Don't leave course in between otherwise it will relapse.
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