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Hypertension - How To Combat It In Pregnancy?

Hypertension - How To Combat It In Pregnancy?
Hypertension during pregnancy can be a problem for both baby and the mother. Thus it is of utmost importance that during pregnancy good health should be maintained along with controlled blood pressure and cholesterol levels. With an increase in multiple births and women of older age, the risk of hypertension during pregnancy has increased. But if proper care is taken it can be avoided.

Types of Pregnancy Hypertension:

There are three prominent forms of hypertension that can be seen during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies should be aware of the same. These are:

- Preeclampsia - This is the most common and serious hypertension during pregnancy. This hypertension can only be controlled by delivering the fetus which usually involves complications like death of the mother or child. This occurs 20 weeks after pregnancy.

- Gestational Hypertension - This form is only prevalent during pregnancy and is not a problem for the mother or baby after delivery. This usually occurs in the last leg of the pregnancy

- Chronic Hypertension - This form forms either prior to the pregnancy or before 20 weeks of the pregnancy.

Management of Pregnancy Hypertension:

Hypertension during pregnancy can be handled by the following:

- In case of severe hypertension, blood pressure medication should be continued during pregnancy

- If you are on ACE inhibitor-type medication, then the medication is changed to one that is even safe for the baby

- Your doctor might like to monitor you daily and can advise hospitalization for a few days

- If medication is missed, it might lead to uncontrolled life-threatening hypertension. Thus the medication should not be missed at any time

- In the case of mild hypertension and absence of other diseases like diabetes and kidney disorders, the doctor might stop the medication or reduce the dose. Also, being off medicine does not cause any problem in mild hypertension.

- Irrespective of the hypertension is mild or severe, the prenatal appointments should not be missed so that the doctor can monitor you and the baby. If any problems, like rising blood pressure, poor fetal growth, and signs of preeclampsia can be spotted and steps can be taken for the same.

- In case there is some form of hypertension present the prenatal visits and lab tests will be more

- Apart from the usual second-trimester ultrasound, there will be periodic ultrasounds in the third trimester to monitor the baby's growth and the amniotic fluid.

- Also, regular fetal tests and Doppler ultrasounds will be done to track the baby's growth.

- Lifestyle changes should be made. Salt intake should be limited, fresh food instead of processed food should be consumed.

- If blood pressure is high then a doctor might ask you to avoid exercise especially if you never did before pregnancy.
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I have normal blood pressure 120/80 but since last two days my blood pressure has increased to 140/90. And I feel bloated since last two days. Is this normal? I do not drink or smoke.

I have normal blood pressure 120/80 but since last two days my blood pressure has increased to 140/90. And I feel blo...
Your blood pressure can increase if you are under some kind of stress, due to lack of sleep. Measure your blood pressure on 3 different days at a different time. Maintain a low salt diet, avoid pickles, papad, sauces etc. If your BP continues to be on the higher side Homoeopathic medicine can be of aid.
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I am suffering from stomach upset problem for last one week. It is not loose motion. What can be the possible cause. My bp is 157/100, this high bp may cause stomach problems?

I am suffering from stomach upset problem for last one week. It is not loose motion. What can be the possible cause. ...
Your bp is high. Consult local physician for check up and advice. Your stomach upset can be treated effectively by homeopathy. Please take homeopathic medicine podophyllum 200 daily in the morning for 7 days. If you wish, contact me through Lybrate for further pvt consultation.
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My wife had uncontrolled urine problem, especially in winter. She is diabetic, mild hypertensive and on telmisartan (telday 40) and metformin. We visited our diabetes doctor and he suggested to do sonography. Sonography reported 'renal parenchyma the doctor then suggested urine test. The urine test showed high protein. The blood test showed uric acid in blood. The doctor suggested febustat 40 tabs. We went to nephrologist. He prescribed telmisartan 40 mg. He said go to urologist. We found that there is nothing like urologist but all are uro surgeons. We went to uro surgeon, who said go back to nephrologist. There is nothing from his side to explain or prescribe as he is surgeon. This is not surgical case. Ridiculous. I want to know why there is uric acid in the blood? Is it related to some kidney problem or anything else? I also need to know what is the remedy to permanently stop uric acid high levels? Febustat is symptomatic relief. This cannot be stopped as after stopping the blood report goes back to positive uric acid. Also let me know if there is any such speciality as urologist or uro surgeon himself is called urologist.

My wife had uncontrolled urine problem, especially in winter. She is diabetic, mild hypertensive and on telmisartan (...
Urologist and uro surgeon are same. High uric acid is not only due to kidney problem. Uric acid is produced as a byproduct of purine metabolism and is normally found in blood. It is excreted by kidneys. High uric acid in blood may be due to its overproduction or may due to inability of kidneys to excrete it. Fabuxostat is a medicine prescribed commonly to reduce uric acid in blood. Your description is not clear. 1-what do you mean by unconrolled urine problem. Is it inability to hold urine or something else? 2-"sonography reported renal paranchyma" which does not explain anything. 3-what was the full urine report? 4-what is latest fasting, pp blood sugar and hba1c report. As uro surgeon has declared there s no surgical problem means physician or nephrologist can solve it.
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Some Common Myths About Homeopathy!

Some Common Myths About Homeopathy!
There are scores of myths about Homeopathy which are circulated to discredit this all natural and highly effective healing treatment. In this article, we are going to dispel all the popular myths relating to homeopathy so that you can judge for yourself and grasp the science of homeopathy in a better way.

Myth #1: Homeopathy is just balls of sugar which comes with a placebo effect
This is an absolutely erroneous idea. Homeopathic medicines are not just sugar pills- they come in various forms like dilution, tablet, ointment, pellets, mother tincture, etc. Homeopathy is becoming popular around the globe because it is gentle, non-toxic, and efficacious and a much cheaper alternative to allopathic medicine.

Myth #2: Allopathic medicines cannot be taken in combination with homeopathy
This is yet another popular misconception about homeopathy. As we know, allopathic medicines, when stopped altogether all of a sudden, can suddenly flare up the intensity of the symptoms. No competent homeopathy doctor would advise you to discontinue your allopathic medication abruptly. Generally, the dosage of allopathic medicine is reduced until it is stopped when steady improvement sets in.

Myth #3: Intake of tea/coffee or onion and garlic is cut down in homeopathic treatment
Though this was a popular practice in homeopathy, no modern homeopathic doctor would restrict your consumption of beverages or onion/garlic. These substances will never interfere with the medicine as long as they are consumed in moderation while maintaining a time gap between these items and the medicine.

Myth #4: Homeopathic medicines take forever to bring in effects
The time required for homeopathic medicine to act greatly depends on the disease itself. Acute diseases which build up quickly (such as headache, fever or common cold) can be very quickly treated with the right homeopathic medicine. However, chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, migraine, eczema, bronchitis, etc., surely need some time to be completed cured.

Myth #5: Homeopathy works only in children
This is yet another common mistake most people make since homeopathy is known to work wonders for children and adults alike. When homeopathic medication is given to children or adults right at the onset of the symptoms, the disease is not only healed but the resistance of the child is also improved. Homeopathic medications would prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

Myth #6: Homeopathic is herbal or Ayurvedic medicine
Though Homeopathy makes use of microdoses of extracts from herbs and plants, it should never be confused with herbal or Ayurvedic medications. The science of homeopathy which had its origin in Germany is considerably different from the workings of other alternative medicines such as Ayurveda.

Sugar - Know Harms Of It!

Sugar - Know Harms Of It!
Sugar is the generic name that represents sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food.

What Happens When Concentrated Sugar Enters the Body?
Sugar is a poison when concentrated because it causes swelling of joints, liver, and brain. Sugar will hamper the healing of your body if you have an injury or chronic illness. Sugar acts as a source of energy for cancer cells and all infectious diseases. Sugar blocks the absorption of the nutrients you are eating, especially all of your minerals.

Harmful Effects of Sugar on the Body

It is a true silent killer: A study in 2008 linked excess fructose consumption to an increase in leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that tells you when you have had enough food. For some people, leptin simply does not work, leaving the person with no signal whatsoever that the body had enough food leading to over-consumption of food and consequently, obesity. As all this happens without symptoms or warning bells and you can t quite figure out why you ve gained weight in the past year sugar is labelled as SILENT KILLER.
It can damage your heart: In 2013, the Journal of the American Heart Association displayed strong evidence that sugar can actually affect the pumping mechanism of your heart and could increase the risk for heart failure. A molecule from a sugar called glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) is responsible for the changes in the muscle protein of the heart leading to heart failure.
It promotes belly fat: Excess fructose intake (but not glucose intake) actually causes visceral fat cells to mature leading to a big belly and higher risk for heart disease and diabetes.
It has toxic liver effects on the body: Fructose and glucose in excess can have a toxic effect on the liver as the metabolism of ethanol, the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages, has similarities to the metabolic pathways like fructose.
It saps brain power: Study shows that excess sugar consumption was linked to deficiencies in memory and overall cognitive health.
Quick Facts!

Your brain lights up with sugar just like it does with heroin or cocaine. Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.
Sugar has empty calories meaning you can consume a lot of it and feel full, but receive no nutritional value.
It is certainly one of the leading causes of early death and chronic illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
Food companies try to hide sugars in their food by using other forms of sugar. This leads to addiction of their products (e.g. high-fructose corn syrup).
Sugar in itself offers absolutely no nutritional value what so ever to the body. It is often coined with the term empty calories.

My wife is having high sugar level 160 fasting & 250 non fasting from last 1.5 year (during pregnancy) even after 1 year of delivery. She's taking istamet 500 daily one tablet from last 4 month as prescribed by Dr. Still sugar level is same 160/250. Please suggest what to do.

My wife is having high sugar level 160 fasting & 250 non fasting from last 1.5 year (during pregnancy) even after 1 y...
Try following a strict diabetic diet. Exercise regularly for atleast 30 mins. Stop any kinds of sugar and sugar products in your diet. Dose adjustment is required for better sugar control.
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My mom 56y using atenolol100 mg morning and evening atenolol100 mg is it safe. olmesartan and telmisartan not working. Kindly suggest superior medicine.

My mom 56y using atenolol100 mg morning and evening atenolol100 mg is it safe. olmesartan and telmisartan not working...
that medicine is best which controls BP without much side effects. Atenolol has been used for nearly 50 years with excellent safety in younger ages like your mother. If BP is uncontrolled there are other good options which can be discussed if needed. Best wishes
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