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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Rapid Identification Health Feed

My wife also has tuberculosis and she had 10 month take rhe-fd & benadon but problems are same not normal what a to do? At that time.

Thank you. As long as tb is drug sensitive, 10 months is adequate in duration. We need to find out if she has alternate diagnosis. Please see a pulmonologist.
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Hello sir, my age 24 and my weight is approximately 50. I have lung infection tb. I have been given akt3 (there are 2 tablet or capsule, I don't know if it is rifampicin, ethabutelor, isoniazid) to cure it. I want to know how should I take akt3? In prescription there is mentioned one tablet or capsule per day but chemist sellers says that I should take both tablets per day. Please advise how should I take it?

If fresh infection and initial treatment, Then better start with four drugs having rifampicin, etyhambutol, isoniazid and pyrazinamide as per weight for first 2 months and then drop pyrazinamide and continue rest for next 4 months. All drugs should be taken together empty stomach with water.
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What tests are needed to diagnose pleuropulmonary tuberculosis, to start att therapy afterwards.

Blood cbc, chest x-ray and above all positive sputum afb is needed to diagnose pleuropulmonary tuberculosis,& to start att therapy.
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