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Fertility Profile (FSH LH Prolactin TSH) Test

Fertility Profile (FSH LH Prolactin TSH) Test

This test is a about the hormones that affect a woman’s fertility. It is also done to determine the hormonal causes in case of infertility. The treatment is then prescribed by the doctor once the range of the hormones is known. FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (Luteinizing Hormone), Prolactin and TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) are the four key reproductive hormones which helps a woman in her pregnancy and overall well-being. Each of the hormones needs to be present in a certain amount and precisely at a point in the menstrual cycle for conception.

There is no special preparation required to undergo this test. Food does not usually hamper the blood tests in case of hormonal tests; however fasting might be required in several cases before the prolactin test. Make sure to consult the doctor well in advance. These tests are typically undertaken during a woman’s menstrual cycle. The hormone levels vary throughout the cycle and needs to be tested at fixed times to help in the diagnosis of an imbalance. The doctor is the best person to ask about each of the tests as to when it could be done.

The fertility tests are conducted to measure and know the following: Level of some hormones produced by a female body during her menstrual cycle The reasons and treatment for problems like irregular periods, weight gain, vaginal discharge, breast secretions etc. Evaluating the cause of infertility, thereby helping to identify the best treatment

Once you go to the hospital/any medical facility, just like any other blood test, the doctor will start off by Cleaning the skin of the area from where blood needs to be drawn in order to prevent micro-organisms contaminating the test Then they will wrap your arm in a pressure device and pump the machine thereby tightening the area. Doing this helps the veins to become visible. A needle is then used to draw the blood (this takes hardly a minute) Once the major step is done, the doctor will give put a gauze or cotton over the needle mark to prevent blood from oozing out

body fliuds/ blood
3.5ml light green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
10-15 mIU/ml
7-15 mIU/ml
< 25 ng/ml
Rs1000- Rs3000

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