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My sister aged 33 year old diagnosed mucromycosis at sinus area .fess has done. Post surgery the fungi tissue sent to biopsy, depends on fungi type the treat would be plan accordingly said by doctor. My only concern it is curable?

Mucormycosis is a serious infection and needs to be treated with prescription antifungal medicine, usually amphotericin b, posaconazole, or isavuconazole.
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Sar mera sir me aage dard rahata hai lagta hai ki sinus ho gya hai or nosal polyps bhi lagta hai please dawa bataye please mera umra 18 saal hai.

The sinuses are a connected system of hollow cavities in the skull. The largest sinus cavities are about an inch across. Others are much smaller. Your cheekbones hold your maxillary sinuses (the largest). The low-center of your forehead is where your frontal sinuses are located. Similarly, nasal polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages or sinuses. They hang down like teardrops or grapes. They result from chronic inflammation and are associated with asthma, recurring infection, allergies, drug sensitivity or certain immune disorders. Let’s discuss your concern in detail so that we can provide you with the best medical plan.
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I’m dealing with a sore scratchy throat and am also very tinder on the outside of my neck. Could this be a sinus infection or something more?

I’m dealing with a sore scratchy throat and am also very tinder on the outside of my neck. Could this be a sinus infe...
If you have hay fever, or if your allergies are acting up, that can make your throat feel scratchy. Even if your sore throat is caused by a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu, you probably can wait it out while drinking hot tea with honey and sucking on throat lozenges to ease the discomfort. Lets discuss you concern in detail so that we can help you with best possible medical plan.
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Sinus - How Can Homeopathy Rescue You?

Sinus - How Can Homeopathy Rescue You?
Awakening with a headache and on top of it a blocked nose is an unpleasant begins to the day. In the event that this turns into a standard event and even the face harms with general largeness in the head, it's a restorative condition called Sinusitis. Sinuses are air-filled depressions inside the skull bone.

These empty spaces in the skull are arranged in cheek bones, brow, behind the scaffold of the nose and between the eyes. Another set is arranged in the upper area of the nose and behind the eyes. All the sinuses have the same coating that is available in the nose. This covering produces bodily fluid, which is depleted out of the sinuses through an opening in the nose. Homeopathy treatment can be a decent cure for Sinus of various sorts.

Top normal Homeopathic remedies for sinus infections:

Silicea: One of the Best Homeopathic remedies for Sinus Infections with headache. Silicea happens to be one of the finest remedies in homeopathic for sinus disease. The headache caused by sinus fundamentally on right side happens to be treated best with Silicea. The patient requiring Silicea feels crisp and is extremely touchy to frosty air. Concealing warmly gives alleviation. One conspicuous sign for utilizing Homeopathic pharmaceutical Silicea as a part of cases of sinus happens to be stuffiness in the nasal parts. The discharges in the nasal areas get stopped up in hard coverings. On endeavoring to extricate these hulls, there is dying.
Belladonna: Top Homeopathic solution for sinus headache with smothered discharge: Normal Homeopathic prescription Belladona is one of the perfect homeopathic remedies for sinus diseases when sinus headache is because of smothered discharge. Belladonna is exceptionally useful when a Sinusitis patient grumbles of a brutal headache. The patient may get alleviation from the headache by restricting the head firmly or applying weight.
Kali Bichrome: Best Homeopathic solution for Sinusitis with discharge dropping once again into throat.
Kali Bichrome is the top regular Homeopathic medication for Sinusitis where the discharge drops over into the throat regardless of leaving the nose. The discharge is thick and for the most part yellow.
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Sinusitis - How To Get Rid Of It?

Sinusitis - How To Get Rid Of It?
The inflammatory condition of your sinuses (marked by inflammation of your nasal cavities) caused due to viral, bacterial or fungal infection; any autoimmune disorders or allergic reaction is known as sinusitis. This condition is also referred to as 'rhinosinusitis' as nose inflammation occurs. Sinusitis can be either acute, subacute or chronic in nature. Acute sinusitis is generally caused due to the common cold and lasts not more than four weeks. Subacute sinusitis is more prolonged in nature and lasts for about eight weeks. Chronic sinusitis is more severe in nature and can last for up to twelve weeks or even more.

The most common symptoms of sinusitis are as follows:

Severe headache
Nose blockage
Release of yellowish green fluids from your nose.
Difficulty in breathing
Painful sensation in your eyes, ears and forehead.
Postnasal discharge
Frequent cough
A sore throat
Body fatigue
Neck stiffness
Tastelessness and anosmia (loss of smell)
The treatment methods available for sinusitis are as follows:

Intake of painkillers like paracetamol can give you temporary relief from your aches. But consuming too much of these can cause side effects such as loss of appetite and drowsiness.
Keep yourself hydrated by drinking about 2 to 3 liters of water every day and take proper rest.
Steam inhalation can give you relief from nasal congestion.
Using nasal sprays like Oxymetazoline can also give you temporary relief.
Your doctor may advise you antibiotics like Amoxicillin in your sinusitis is chronic in nature.
Immunotherapy helps to treat sinusitis if your sinusitis is caused due to allergic reactions.
Your doctor may also recommend an endoscopic surgery of the sinus if your condition is found to be very severe.
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Sinusitis - How Panchkarma Can Help Treat It?

Sinusitis - How Panchkarma Can Help Treat It?
Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, is defined as an inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis can be caused by infection, allergies, air pollution, or structural problems in the nose.

Signs & Symptoms

Headache/facial pain or pressure of a dull, constant, or aching sort over the affected sinuses is common with both acute and chronic stages of sinusitis. This pain is typically localized to the involved sinus and may worsen when the affected person bends over or when lying down. Pain often starts on one side of the head and progresses to both sides.

Acute sinusitis may be accompanied by thick nasal discharge that is usually green in color and may contain pus (purulent) and/or blood.

Often a localized headache or toothache is present.

Fever may be accompanied.

Sore throat and cough may be there.

Halitosis (bad breath) may be there in certain cases.

Poor sense of smell in certain cases or there may be complete loss of smell.

According to Ayurveda ,the disesase has kapha vata dosha dominance.The treatment principle incorporates increasing the immunity of the paient and treat the underying pathology with medicines and panchakarma.

Avoid the cause ie dust,allergens,sour and cold food items,damp conditions.

Oral medicines to balance the aggravated doshas.

Panchakarma procedures-Primarily nasyam has wonderful role in treating the disease. Nasyam is a process wherein herbal oils and medicated ghrits are administered in the nostrils. Since nose is the gateway to the head, it is believed that this therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases related to the head. The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation which has a direct influence on the functioning of the brain. In this process, the imbalanced doshas are removed through the nasal openings.In certain cases vamana and basti karma are also given.

Rasayana for improving the immunity of the patient so that the disease doesn t reccur.

All these procedures act in totality and in maximum cases patient gets good relief and can maintain themselves without medicine after the course.

Some Home Remedies

Roast one teaspoon cumin seeds and crush them. Add one tablespoon honey to it and mix well. Consume this every day.

Add one teaspoon fenugreek seeds in four cups of water. Boil the mixture till the water level reduces to half. Strain the liquid. Drink four cups of this liquid every day. This helps in relieving fever and eliminating toxins.

Boil one glass of water with 8-10 basil leaves, 8-10 crushed powder of pepper, 15-20 grams of sugar candy, small piece of crushed ginger. Boil this till it reduces to half. Strain the mixture through a sieve and consume this warm two times a day.

Take the fumes of turmeric, clove and carom (ajwain).
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Sir I am suffer from cold from last 2 months I went to doctor doctor advised for nose ct scan in results I get sinusitis I have sinus my age is 14 please tell what should I do which medicine tell doctor.

Hi lybrate-user, do not worry ayurveda can help you to get permanent solutions. You should avoid urad, banana, oil fried food spices. Saline water gargle should be done before meals. Non-irritating and bland diet, hot water, lemon, green and leafy vegetables particularly having sour and bitter taste. You can also doing this at home: 6-7 basil leaves 5-6 cloves (powder) 2-3 black piper 1/4 teaspoon ginger paste all this add in 150 ml of water then boiling mild flame and reduce to 100 ml. Later filtered and allowed to warm o it's own. Then add 2 teaspoon of honey and drink .it gives you relieved. Hot water steam will also facilitate draining from the nose and also provide relief in pain over forehead. Every day, in morning put 3-4 drops of cow ghee in your both nasal then sleep 10 to 15 min. Ayurveda nasya treatment gives you permenant relief. You feel better. For further treatment you take an online appointment to get relief permanent.
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I am suffering from chronic sinusitis triggered by allergies and have about 3 large polyps in my left nostril. I've been on medication and and fluticasone furoate nasal spray. I don't want to go through surgery to get rid of the polyps so what can I do to help myself. Thanks.

Dear madam, you must realise that medication in your case will definitely be prolonged which will have its own side effects. Today there are many motivational centres for undergoing surgery, and your surgery is not at all life threatening and at the same time necessary.
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