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Hello, in my sonography report ovarian tumor is detected. What does it mean? The length of it is 5 cm to 7 cm what is the treatment for it? And can I consider it a serious problem? Please reply its very urgent.

Yes it is a serious condition. It needs proper treatment immediately. You can consult me at Lybrate. Avoid taking any hormonal pills.
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One tumor has been operated on my chick before one week. Now the stitch has been removed but one wound occurred due to mishandling of the dresser who cut the stitch. There are some soiling and blood. The surgeon asked to use b-bact ointment. Already I have taken zocef cv 500 7 days twice. My question is that is it recoverable?

One tumor has been operated on my chick before one week. Now the stitch has been removed but one wound occurred due t...
Yes, the infection will be gone and skin will be healed. It may left some spots though. Apply homeopathic ointment calendula over it. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment and further guidance.
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Hi dr, I am having neck and lower back pain from last 8-9 months I consulted to orthopaedic Dr. But still it's paining. Could you please suggest any solution on it.

Hi dr,
I am having neck and lower back pain from last 8-9 months I consulted to orthopaedic Dr. But still it's painin...
it's due to early stage of degenerative changes along with vitamin D 3 deficiency, start with suppliments to support the vitamin d 3 levels and maintain proper posture along with exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine will help
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Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor - How To Diagnose It?

Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor - How To Diagnose It?
A Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor is a condition characterized by the formation of malignant tumor in the gastrointestinal tract. It may also affect the esophagus, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus (the accessory organs).

In Gastrointestinal carcinoid, the tumor is commonly the neuroendocrine tumor (the abnormal growth of cells and tissues originate from the nervous and the endocrine system).

Causes of Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor:
Several factors may be responsible for gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor, the most common of which include

Zollinger Ellison syndrome: It is a condition whereby multiple tumors (gastrinomas) may develop on the duodenum (mainly the upper part) and the pancreas. This abnormal condition leads to increased secretion of the hormone gastrin, which, in turn, triggers the stomach to produce acids in excess amounts. More than often, the syndrome results in peptic ulcers. Research suggests that people with Zollinger Ellison syndrome (if left unattended and untreated for long) may suffer from the gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor.
Multiple Endocrine: Neoplasia Type-1 (formation of tumor in the endocrine gland as well as in parts of the stomach and small intestine) can also trigger Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor (though rare).
The symptoms associated with Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor include

Unexplained weight loss.
Abdominal pain.
Extreme tiredness, nausea, and vomiting.
Stomach upset (a person may throw up), diarrhea.
There is a loss of appetite. A person feels full all the time (even after eating only a small morsel of food).
Difficulty in swallowing the food (in the case of the tumor in the esophagus).
The stool may appear black and tarry (due to bleeding into the small intestine and the stomach). The stool may also appear red (if the bleeding is into the large intestine).
Women are more likely to be affected by than their male counterparts. The aged people are slightly more susceptible to Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors.

Diagnosis and treatment:
Diagnosis of gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors include

Physical examination.
Urine and blood tests play a pivotal role in determining the protein and hormone levels, thus making the diagnosis more efficient and accurate.
Certain imaging tests such as MRI, CT scan, X-rays, PET.
Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.
OctreoScan is the scan, the doctor injects a substance called octreotide (in combination with radioactive material) into the body and monitors the amount of octreotide absorbed by the body. Absorption of large amounts of octreotide indicates the presence of a tumor.
MIBG scan: The test is identical to OctreoScan except the substance used here is MIBG.

As with most cases of cancer, the treatment for Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor include

Surgery: Depending on the stage and the severity, surgery may be needed to remove the tumor.
Radiation Therapy: High beam rays are used to kill cancer cells.
Chemotherapy: Drugs are administered orally or intravenously to get rid of the cancer cells.
Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy may be used to treat gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors. Here, doses of synthetic hormones (Lanreotide and Octreotide) are given to the patients. These hormone work by blocking the hormones produced by the tumor cells.
Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a minimally invasive procedure to assess digestive (gastrointestinal) and lung diseases. A special endoscope uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the lining and walls of your digestive tract and chest, nearby organs such as the pancreas and liver, and lymph nodes.
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Lower Back Pain - How Can Ayurveda Avert It?

Lower Back Pain - How Can Ayurveda Avert It?
Back pain can take away all of your energy and stop you from doing your daily chores. Therefore, it is very important that you get the right kind of treatment. Ayurveda has proven to be a very crucial player in treating lower back pain.

The following solutions diminish the Vata dosha, which is responsible for the lower back pain:

Remain warm: One of the fundamental characteristics of Vata dosha is that it is cool. That is the reason, at whatever point you come in contact with something cold or even consume cold food items or beverages, your lower back pain somehow spikes up. During winters, this pain becomes excruciating and keeps you from doing your everyday activities. Therefore, it is very important for you to stay warm. For that, you can either put on a warm belt or get a warm balm massage on your lower back.
Lessen your intake of extremely impactful flavours: Consuming a lot of extreme flavours in your food, for example, red and green chillies and wasabi can have an extremely drying impact on the body. Since dryness is another of the primary characteristics of Vata dosha, it gets expanded with drying substances, and this can lead to constipation in your body. This increases lower back pain.
Eat warm foods: Devouring frosty foods and beverages cause an increase in Vata dosha, which leads to a lot of pain. Coldness makes your lower back tightened and causes certain body parts and areas to clog. Whereas, the fitting amount of warmth gives relieve and allows smooth bowel movement in the body and helps them remain open with the goal that we can finally dispose of the processed food. This also helps relieve the pain that comes from constipation.
Practice padahastasana: Padahastasana (leaning forward-overlay stance) is an incredible Yoga posture for lower back pain specifically on the grounds that it permits the Vata dosha to stream all through the body, wiping out the blockage of the stool-conveying channels that causes both constipation and lower back pain.
Oil your body: Ayurveda shows how stress, tension, exhaustion, and tiredness are all expansions of the Vata dosha, and a lot of collected development of Vata dosha leads to early maturing, a lot of pain in different parts of the body, particularly the lower back. Therefore, oiling the body can help unclog all the parts in the body and increase the blood flow.
Drink Bishop's weed seed tea: Bishop s weed seeds (called Ajwain seeds in Hindi) can be found in practically any grocery or departmental store and many health and clinical stores as well. This Ayurvedic flavour is very useful for pain and in addition constipation. It can be securely taken by anyone.
Kati Vasti: Kati Vasti is a miraculous Ayurvedic treatment very effective for various ailments connecting to the lower back and spine. The treatment involves retention of specially prepared warm medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for a certain period, to tackle all types of back pain, sciatica, spondylosis, and also to cure disc prolapse and spinal dislocations.
Cold/Heat therapy: Cold therapy can help reduce inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. Cold therapy may be recommended immediately following a sprain or strain. Apply cold to your back using cold packs, ice cubes, iced towels/compresses, or take a cool bath.

Back Pain - Relieving It With Homeopathy!

Back Pain - Relieving It With Homeopathy!
Back pain is one the most common problems that you are most likely to experience, given the rigors of the modern day lifestyle. Back pain is usually characterized by a mild to severe pain in your lower back area. Some of the causes of back pain can be:

An accident or an injury
Heavy lifting
Stress and Depression
Bad posture
Homeopathy, with its plethora of medicines, serves as a better alternative as compared to its allopathic counterpart in curing back pain permanently, both acute as well as chronic. Homeopathic remedies are completely natural remedies without any side effect whatsoever.

Here are some basic homeopathic remedies for back pain:

Arnica: If the cause of your back pain is an injury, Arnica can be one of the best homeopathic medicines. In this sort of a pain, you experience stiffness and soreness at the back of your muscles.
Bryonia: If your backache worsens with movement, Bryonia can help to cure this problem. You experience a stiff and tearing pain which worsens in humid and hot conditions. Try not to lie on a soft surface if you experience this sort of a pain. Proper rest with this medicine is suggested.
Kali Carb: Kali carb is best in treating low back pain, especially in females after a delivery. This medicine caters to the sort of a pain which renders a great amount of weakness to your back muscles.
Mag Phos: It is one of the best homeopathic remedies if you experience a sort of a pain, which is relieved by external application of heat. Pain, both of acute and chronic stages, can be cured by this medicine.
Rhus tox: If your pain gets worse with movement, Rhus-tox is one of the most potent homeopathic remedies which can treat the issue. This sort of a pain causes stiffness in the back and at times, gets aggravated when you are resting.
Bellis Per: This homeopathic wonder takes care of pain which is chronic, or which has been left untreated since a long time. Any surgical related back pain problem can also be remedied by this medicine.
Even though some of the medications are mentioned here, it is better to take proper advice from your homeopathic practitioner, as the dosage and frequency must be decided by your doctor only based on the symptoms and your medical history.

Lower Back Pain - Know Vital Information About It!

Lower Back Pain - Know Vital Information About It!
Lower back pain is a very common issue and can take place due to numerous reasons. However, one of its main causes is a ligament strain or back muscle strain. Microscopic tears or excessive stretching of ligaments can take place due to lifting very heavy objects or doing enormously strenuous task or due to a sudden twisted movement.

These conditions are most likely to be experienced by individuals ranging between the ages of 30 and 60. Other causes of lower back pain include back injury, arthritis of backbone joints, infections in the lower back area, and in very rare cases, tumours.

In the case of acute back pain, these are a few important things that should be definitely kept in mind.

It is absolutely essential to take rest for a couple of days and avoid any sort of stressful activity. Although back pain is self-limiting, if you take proper care, it can be cured in a few days. However, if proper rest is not taken, the situation may become worse.
Using the black belt, also known as lumbosacral corset, is a good idea. This can actually be of enormous help to individuals who have been suffering from lower back pain for a long period of time.
As already mentioned, one of the main causes of these kinds of mishaps are sudden jerky movements, twisted movements, heavy weight lifting etc. So, it is necessary to avoid such circumstances, or else, a more acute back pain situation may arise due to slipping of one of the discs from the spinal cord.
As much as you like long drives and bike rides, these are a strict no. Any prolonged sitting or standing activity needs to be avoided. It is important that the tear caused in the muscles due to what-so-ever reason heals properly and prolonged stay in a tensed muscle position would definitely not help the cause.
Although these back pains can be handled at home by following the discussed steps, using simple analgesics or muscle relaxants prescribed by the doctor can be a way to speed up the process of recovering the strained ligament.
Apart from these important steps, regular exercise to strengthen the core body muscles is a great way to avoid such ligament strains in the future. However, if you feel that even after following the precautionary measures, the problem doesn t subside, visit an experienced doctor for his advice.
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My husband has severe back pain across the lower back. He was prescribed muscle relaxers and they are working. It kills to walk or sit. Last august he was hospitalized bc of kidney stones but says does not feel the same. Any ideas?

My husband has severe back pain across the lower back. He was prescribed muscle relaxers and they are working. It kil...
Chiropractic Mobilization will help. Postural Correction- Sit Tall, Walk Tall. Extension Exercises x 15 times x twice daily. Apply Hot Fomentation twice daily. Avoid bending in front.
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Hi sir/madam, I have a small painless tumor under the skin on the left side neck below the jawline. What actually it is? What are the reasons behind it? What should I do now?

Hi sir/madam, I have a small painless tumor under the skin on the left side neck below the jawline. What actually it ...
Hello Lybrate-user, You will need to take proper check up. As this is a common location for lymphnode infection like tuberculosis or it can be some other serious issue. Take proper check up.
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Tumor - Know Types Of It!

Tumor - Know Types Of It!
A tumor may be defined as an abnormal unwanted growth of tissue in any part of the body. This word need not immediately cause panic because the tumor may or may not cause a health threat.

There are three types of tumors:

Benign tumor: This is a noncancerous type of tumor. In our body, new cells are formed while the old ones called dead ones are disposed by our immune system. When this disposal of cells does not occur, the remaining dead cells form a lump, which is called a benign tumor. They are not dangerous since, they do not contain harmful fluids and do not spread. A person suffering from a benign tumor in the brain may have frequent headaches.
Pre-malignant tumor: It is an initial disorder, or an earlier symptom of cancer manifestation. The inclination of this medical condition is that it will progressively become precarious. This is so because it is capable of conquering neighboring tissues and spreading as well. Leukoplakia is a form of premalignant cancer. They evolve as thick white patches inside the cheeks or on gums below the tongue. These patches are very difficult to be scraped off from the mouth. They are caused mainly due to chewing tobacco and smoking, and ff left untreated can expand.
Malignant tumor: These are the cancerous tumors, in which cells multiply abnormally and rapidly. They are unstable and travel along bloodstream, circulatory system and lymphatic system to other parts of the body. Sarcomas and carcinomas are the most common types of malignant tumors. While the former is related to connective tissues the latter is related to organs and glands.
The most common procedure to name the type of cancer is to refer to their site of origin. Adenocarcinoma, refers to cancer in the adenoid glands. Similarly, a benign tumor of fatty tissue is called lipoma, where as a malignant tumor in the same area is referred to as liposarcoma.

What is a biopsy? How does it relate to a tumor?

A Biopsy is a medical procedure practised by qualified medical practitioners. This procedure helps in identifying the type of tumor within a patient. It aids the doctor to conclude the type of treatment to be given to any patient. This procedure is a definite diagnosis to the identification of cancer. A Biopsy is the removal of a sample of the abnormal, unwanted tissue for laboratory examination. Biopsies are of different types, and they may be performed using ultrasound, CT scan or MRI depending on where the tumor is.

Excisional biopsy: In this method the entire lump of excess tissue is removed.
Incisional biopsy: Here a sample of the abnormal tissue is removed surgically.
Needle aspiration biopsy: Here the sample is extracted with the help of a needle.
After extraction, the tissue layers are sent to pathological departments to check their composition, and cause of disease.
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