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l   4.5  (65 ratings) Homeopath Clinic sudama ngr ,5/29 kalwa
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Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health....more
Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.
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Health Benefits Of Olive Oil!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Health Benefits Of Olive Oil!

7 reasons why olive oil is so good for you!

Olive oil also known as ‘jaitoon ka tel’ is an essential fruit oil with its origins being mainly in the mediterranean regions. It is utilized for cooking purposes, developing cosmetic products and soaps, for medicinal purposes and as pharmaceutical supplements. The various types of olive oil are virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and pure olive oil. Apart from being a cooking medium, olive oil also has several unique health benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Helps prevent alzheimer’s

Studies have shown that oleocanthal, a polyphenol found in extra virgin olive oil, reduces cognitive decline that comes with ageing including alzheimer’s disease. Polyphenols – powerful antioxidants found in extra virgin olive oil – also help to combat the oxidative stress associated with ageing.

2. Regulates blood sugar levels

Eating extra virgin olive oil as part of a balanced diet may help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Extra virgin olive oil helps regulate and balance our insulin levels so that there are no sugar spikes.

3. Moisturizes the skin

Unlike commercial moisturizers that can clog pores and aggravate a current skin condition, olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect. Try using olive oil at night as a substitute for your regular moisturizer. Apply the oil to your face and neck. Gently pat the skin with a tissue to wipe away any excess oil.

4. Fights ageing

Olive oil contains 3 major antioxidants – vitamin e, polyphenols and phytosterols. Antioxidants when applied topically help protect the skin from premature skin ageing. Vitamin e partly accounts for the anti-ageing benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather raw compound found in olive oil also prevents free radical damage to the skin.

5. Keeps blood pressure in check

Just as monosaturated fats (mufa’s) can look after the health of your heart, monosaturated fats found in olive oil also contain high amounts of an essential fatty acid (efa) called omega3. Omega3 and mufa keep your heart healthy by helping to lower blood pressure. It is called efa because the body cannot make it by itself and therefore we must get it from food sources.

6. Prevents osteoporosis

There is strong evidence that olive oil helps improve the amount of calcium in the blood which can have a positive effect on bone density, so it may prevent osteoporosis from developing. Olive oil appears to be particularly beneficial when combined with omega3 fatty acids.

7. Helps prevent strokes

Stroke is caused by a disturbance of blood flow to the brain, either due to a blood clot or bleeding. In developed nations, stroke is the second most common cause of death, right after heart disease. After much research olive oil was found to be the only source of mono-saturated fat associated with a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease.

Add olive oil to your diet to reap the many health benefits. Extra virgin olive – the oil from the first pressing of the olive fruit is green and has a full bodied flavour, is best consumed raw, as dressing for salads and dishes, in dips raw, as heating the oil can reduce its benefits. For cooking use pure olive oil which is milder in taste and yellow in colour.

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5 Healthy Herbal Tea!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
5 Healthy Herbal Tea!

5 herbal teas to boost your immunity this monsoon season

The sultry winds and pleasant splashes of monsoon are also infamous for creating havoc in our immunity system. As a result, most of us tend to fall sick during the season. Break free from the pattern this monsoon by adopting the easiest way to increase your immunity, herbal teas. The joy of sitting on your balcony and enjoying the monsoon can be doubled when combined with a steaming cup of herbal teas.

Here is a list of a few herbal teas, to keep sickness at bay this monsoon. With ingredients available readily in your kitchen, these herbal beverages will prove a boon in boosting your immunity.

1. Ginger tea

Ginger has been the panacea for multiple cold related problems since times immemorial. Ginger is not only good for your stomach but it also improves blood circulation. It helps in clearing the respiratory tract and can also be the solution to several allergies.

Preparing ginger tea is no herculean task. All you need to do is add some ginger root to boiling water and cover it for a while. A tinge of lemon afterwards and your tea is ready.

2. Honey and rose tea

A great supply of vitamin c, this drink promises to protect you throughout monsoon. Rose and honey tea can also cure the problems of a sore throat and diarrhoea, both common problems in the rainy season.

To make this tea, add a few rose petals to boiling water. After 5-6 seconds, shut the gas. Allow it to infuse till the water turns a darker shade. The strain put in honey, and you are good to go.

3. Peppermint tea

Peppermint isn’t just refreshing, it also improves digestion, eliminates inflammation, reduces pain, cures bad breath and improves immunity system. Peppermint has a component called menthol which helps bring down fever.

Peppermint tea can be made in a matter of few minutes. Properly crush 6-7 peppermint leaves and put them in a cup. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the cup and let it stay for 7-12 minutes. Take out the leaves and that’s it.

4. Green tea

Consuming green tea is an admirable habit all year round but during monsoon, it becomes a necessity. Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps the body exponentially in fighting diseases. It aids the body system in flushing out harmful toxins and making you healthier.

To enjoy green tea this monsoon, take a teaspoon of tea leaves and put it in a strainer. Place a cup under the strainer and pour hot water into it. Your ideal tea is ready!

5. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is your ideal companion this monsoon, to beat stress and get good sleep. It has properties that help you relax and avoid stress fevers. It also helps fight the common cold and enhances digestive system.

While chamomile tea can be brewed with dried chamomile flowers, it is more convenient to opt for chamomile tea bags which are readily available in the market. Infuse the tea bag into a cup of boiling water, let it stay there for five minutes and as it is, your chamomile tea is ready for consumption.

A small quantity of honey or sugar can be added to these herbal teas for an improved taste, it is recommended to intake them without any added ingredient for better benefits.

Hello I am 18 years old male my height is 5'4 my parents are also not so tall I want to increase my height upto 5'10 can you please tell me any supplement or medicine by which mean I can increase my height.

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Hello I am 18 years old male my height is 5'4 my parents are also not so tall I want to increase my height upto 5'10 ...
Hi Definitely you can increase your height up to 21/22 years of age. Have a healthy balance diet do activities like jumping, stretching, swimming, cycling etc. Good luck Thank you.
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Natural Remedies For Superficial Skin Burns!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Natural Remedies For Superficial Skin Burns!

6 natural remedies for minor skin burns:

There is no escaping the might of fire. From wildfires to minor superficial burns, fires have always been a boon and a bane that we can never do without. Thankfully, nature is bounteous and has provided us with the antidote to every injury. Here are some natural remedies that are helpful in minor burns:

1. Ice

It is a truth that has been known for centuries: ice and fire have always been sworn use the ice as your ally to fight the sting of a burn. But, be careful. Ice, if applied directly can do more harm by severing the burn. Instead use it indirectly by using it as an ice pack, or wrapped by a soft cloth of cotton.

2. Aloe vera

The pulpy, green aloe vera is a much-loved ingredient in medication and cosmetics. The pulp of this plant is enriched by astringent properties that are known to heal tissues. Use aloe vera on affected area to ease the severity of the burn and gradually heal the injury.

3. Coconut oil

The coconut is perhaps the most efficiently utilized plant there is. Coconut oil has been used in cookery, as a makeup remover, as a sunscreen, and so much more. Because of its mildness on the skin, it can effectively heal superficial burns. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin e and fatty acids, thus lending it properties that can heal superficial burns. It has antioxidant and antifungal properties and is also known to lighten the burn scars over a period of time.

4. Honey

The culmination of the love between bees and flowers, honey is as sweet in utility as in taste. It is a powerful disinfectant that arrests the infection of wounds. Honey is also antibacterial and shields the wound from infection as it heals. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it an excellent home remedy to treat superficial burns. Applying honey over a period of time also reduces the chances of hypertrophic scars.

5. Raw potatoes

The sting of the burn is not the only thing that is painful, the ugly water-filled blisters that follow can be worse. Thankfully, your kitchen has the right home remedy for blisters too. Raw potatoes are extremely soothing on the skin and reduce the harshness of minor burns. Potatoes are also blessed with anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the chances of blisters to a great extent. Cut a slice of raw potato and rub it gently on the burn. The released juices will heal the severity of the burn.

6. Onion

-every household has onions aplenty in their kitchens. The next time you get your hands on that hot pan, just grab an onion and release the juices onto your skin. Onions have been proven to be rich in sulphur compounds and quercetin that can help to heal superficial burns. Onion juice is also an effective pain reliever and lowers the occurrence of blisters.

Try these remedies for superficial burns, for severe burns, it is recommended that you consult a doctor for the best treatment.

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Hi, I am 25 years Male and my Height 5.8 and my Weight is 59 Kg .I am Under weight Please suggest a proper diet to maintain healthy weight.

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Hi, I am 25 years Male and my Height 5.8 and my Weight is  59 Kg .I am
Under weight Please suggest a proper diet to m...
Hello Mr. lybrate-user. FR proper and healthy weight gain you need to take a proper diet ,do exercise and do heathy habits in your daily lifestyle but for that your schedule and eating pattern need to b understand. Best is start drinking milk, increase your protein intake ,dry fruits and bananas. For detail diet plan msg me. GD luck Tnkyu.
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I am 20 year old boy and I have old chicken pox scars on my face so what should I do?

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
I am 20 year old boy and I have old chicken pox scars on my face so what should I do?
Hi lybrate-user. U can apply a gud brand sunscreen regularly over your face after every 3 hrs and apply twice, lactocalamine lotion can be very useful .apply over face twice. Pigmentation takes time to get cleared ,if not better do consult. Gd luck Tnkyu.
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Habits To Correct For A Healthy Back!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Habits To Correct For A Healthy Back!

6 unhealthy habits that are harmful for your back:

You may not be aware, but there are many ways by which you are harming your back on a daily basis. These habits can lead to disc problems and spine problems in the coming years and impact the quality of your life. So, correct these mistakes before your back suffers irreparable damage.

Here are ways by which you are hurting your back:

1. You sit at your desk for too long

  • Sitting puts 40% more pressure on your spine than standing. Also, not maintaining the right posture and slouching damages the spine in the long run.
  •  Try and stretch at a 135-degree angle to reduce compression of the discs in the spine.
  • You can do this by leaning back slightly every now and then and also while making phone calls.
  • Ensure that you use an office chair that supports the curve of your spine. Your lower back should be supported and your head should be straight.
  • Get up and walk around for a couple of minutes every half hour: take trips to get water, use the bathroom, or grab papers off the printer.

2. You watch too much tv

  • Staying glued to your television set for hours is not good for your back.
  • Studies show that young adults who watch tv or use the computer for 15 hours a week or more are 3 times three times as likely to have lower-back pain as their more active counterparts.
  • Limit tv to shows you really want to watch. In the spare time opt for some stretches or strength moves which will prevent muscle strain.

3. You wear high heels or flip flops too often

  • Wearing both high heels as well as flip flops too often can lead to foot instability, which in turn can affect your back.
  • High heels force you to arch your back, making your spinal muscles work harder.
  • Backless shoes like flip flops cause your feet to move from side to side, which distributes your body weight unevenly and can cause pain.
  • You do not have to abandon your high heels or flip flops for good. Just avoid walking long distances in them.
  • Choose comfortable flats or sneakers when you plan on walking long distances.

4. Your mattress is too old

  • According to experts, a good mattress lasts 9 to 10 years. But it is always a good idea to replace one every 5-7 years.
  • Studies show that people who switch to new bedding after 5 years sleep significantly better and experience less back pain.
  • When you do replace your mattress, pick one that’s not too soft nor too hard. Very firm mattresses can increase pressure on the spine and worsen pain.

5. You do not eat right

  • Studies suggest that eating habits that are good for your heart, weight, and blood sugar are also good for your back.
  • Make sure to include back healthy foods in your diet.
  • These are foods that reduce inflammation and include whole grains, soy, nuts and seeds, protein (chicken, fish, lean meat), vegetables, and fruits.
  • Limit intake of caffeine and processed foods.

6. You drive in the wrong posture

  • Just like at your desk, hunching over a steering wheel can tighten chest muscles and cause your shoulders to round.
  • Make sure you sit at a 90-degree angle, close to the wheel so you don’t have to stretch.
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Foods For Healthy Eyes!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Foods For Healthy Eyes!

6 foods to have for a healthy eyesight - 

We’re constantly making efforts to stay physically fit. However, we take for granted our eyes and their health. Our eyes, just like any other part/ organ of our body, require adequate nutrition to perform their functions and remain healthy. Eyes require nutrients such as vitamin a, c and e, lutein, zeaxanthin, omega-3, zinc, etc, to stay healthy. Deficiencies of any of these nutrients can be a cause of various eye-disorders. A well-balanced diet can help provide these essential nutrients and thus help boost eye sight, maintain eye health and even prevent a plethora of eye conditions such as glaucoma, dry eyes, poor night vision, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (amd).

While you can opt for food supplements to keep your eyes healthy, incorporating the following foods in your diet is a better way to keep your eyes in check:

1. Fish

Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids (efas) that are necessary for our body and its functions. As our body does not produce these efas by itself, we must derive these from the food we eat. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerels are rich in omega-3 which is known, in particular, to benefit eye health. Omega-3 strengthens the blood vessels of the eyes and aids the proper flow of intraocular fluid in the eyes, thus warding off dry eye syndrome and glaucoma among other eye sight-threatening conditions.

Include 2 servings of these fish in your weekly diet plan to improve visual development and the health of your retina.

2. Greens and leaves

Leafy greens such as spinach and kale, broccoli, peas and avocados contain two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that help boost development of the optical density of the macular pigment in the retina, help reduce cell damage and prevent or reduce the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, a condition that causes damage to the retina resulting in gradual loss of vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin make up the macular pigment found in the centre of the retina. This pigment protects the eyes from the sun’s harmful uv rays that can cause cell damage, thus acting as a natural sunscreen for your eyes.

Generous servings of spinach or kale 2-3 times a week is ideal to meet your lutein and zeaxanthin requirements.

3. Eggs, dairy and poultry

Eggs are another good source of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin a, vitamin e, lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc which are essential for eye health. Poultry such as turkey is rich in zinc. While vitamin a protects the cornea, the protective transparent surface of the eye, reducing the possibility of dry eye, zinc boosts the health of the retina and prevents night blindness. Lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the chances of developing cataract and age-related macular degeneration. Eggs are packed with protein and go well with all your meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dairy products such as milk and curd also contain vitamin a and zinc.

One egg or a serving of turkey and a glass of milk a day will keep you and your eyes fit.

4. Citrus fruits and berries

Fruits rich in vitamin c such as oranges, lemons, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries and other berries in combination with other vitamins and nutrients improve the health of eye tissues, helps form and maintain connective tissue including collagen found in the cornea of the eye and fights the development of cataracts and age- related macular degeneration.

Eat plenty of citrus fruits and berries, they are refreshing and make for a good snack. Also, since vitamin c is water soluble you don’t have to worry about consuming too much of it.

5. Nuts and seeds

Go nuts with almonds, walnuts and pistachios. These are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin e, both of which are key to eye health. Vitamin e protects cells from damage caused by unstable molecules that break down healthy eye tissue, reducing the risk of amd. Other nuts and seeds that contain vitamin e are peanuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. Chia seeds, flax seed and black currant seeds are also rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Since most nuts are high in calories, consume them in moderation. One serving a day i. E. A handful of nuts will give you the nutrition your eyes require.

6. Other veggies and fruits

Look beyond carrots and embrace these colourful fruits and veggies; tomatoes, bell peppers, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, corn, cantaloupe, guava, apricots, mangoes are all sources of vitamin a and c and beta-carotene. Vitamin a protects the surface of the eye and helps prevent infections, reduces the impact of cataracts, retinal problems and other eye conditions. One cup a day of any of these colourful fruits and veggies are sure to help sustain healthy eyesight.

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Effects Of Binge Drinking In Teenager!

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS

Drinking in teenage years linked to memory problems and other health issues in later life.

  • Binge drinking during teenage years could lead to thinning of certain areas of the brain causing problems with memory and other serious health implications later in life suggests a study.
  • As per a recent study conducted by the oregon state university in the us, binge drinking is linked to shrinking of certain areas of the brain that are associated with memory, attention and language in teenagers. This, in turn, could lead to increased risk of developing alcohol use disorder later on in life.
  • The researchers studied six parameters to determine the hazardous impact of heavy drinking on the brain in early years. These include response inhibition, working memory, verbal learning and memory, decision making and reward processing, alcohol cue reactivity, and socio-cognitive/socio-emotional processing,
  • Teenage is a period where the brain is still undergoing biological and psychological behaviour development.
  • Considering the fact that more and more teenagers are involved in binge drinking and heavy drinking, understanding the effects of consuming large quantities of alcohol on neural development and the impact on cognitive skills is very important.
  • Binge or heavy episodic drinking is defined as four or more standard drinks within a two-hour drinking session for females and five or more drinks for males.
  • As per the study, binge drinking among young people is associated with a thinning or reduction of areas of the brain that are known to play a key role in memory, attention, language, awareness and consciousness.
  • This type of brain alteration in young life could lead to increased risk of alcohol use disorder in later years of life.

Hii. I am 25 year old & m facing thyroid problem since I was 17. I ve tried everything but it doesn't work finally m going for homeopathic since last 1 years my doctor is saying it will definitely work & their will be no complication in your pregnancy & your thyroid will be back to normal .is it true that I won't get ny complications bcoz only for this reason I am scared to get married.

Diploma in Diet n Nutrition, BHMS
Dear lybrate-user. Thyroid definitely causes troubles for conceiving as it produces hormonal fluctuations. Do take proper homoeopathic treatment as in a constitutional medicine will only work for complete cure of d disease. Pls also do yoga. GD luck Tnkyu.
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