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Dr. Sreegna

Dentist, Hyderabad

Dr. Sreegna Dentist, Hyderabad
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Sreegna is a renowned Dentist in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. You can meet Dr. Sreegna personally at Sreegna Dental Clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Sreegna on has a nexus of the most experienced Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 33 years of experience on Find the best Dentists online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I have mouth ulcer many times. I use smile ucler but after sometime I received the same. I also use orasap gel too. please help to cure permanently.

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
Look after your stomach take fibrous food green leafy veg plenty of water, cap bnc one a day, local appl of metroggyl gel n suck on bifilac tab twice daily.
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People with TMD may experience these symptoms:
• pain in or around the ear
• headaches and neck aches
• tenderness of the jaw or jaw muscles
• jaw pain or soreness that is more prevalent in the morning or late afternoon
• jaw pain when chewing, biting or yawning
• difficulty opening and closing the mouth
• clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth
• sensitive teeth when no other dental problems can be found.
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Hi im 24 years old girl and I want braces for my teeth is it possible at this age please suggest as its very embarrassing

MDS - Orthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Mumbai
Very much possible. Braces can be put at any age. If you want to skip the embarrassment, you can always opt for lingual (invisible/ hidden) braces.
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FRSPH, Fellowship (Rotary Endodontics), Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), BDS
Dentist, Ranchi
For maintaining oral hygiene, rinsing your mouth with an alchohol-free mouth wash after every meal is important as it prevents the formation of bacteria.

I am 24 year old boy and I am suffering from teeth problem half portions of 2 molars are crode of right side lower.

Advanced Aesthetics, BDS
Dentist, Mumbai
Hi , we can't comment without checking your teeth clinically. You can send some x-rays or can come for a check-up (free of cost) to figure the exact cause and solution.
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Dentist, Jamshedpur
Bacterias in your oral cavity can affect you body. So beware and keep your mouth clean.

How I can get rid from pyria? Due to this in my teeth bleeding is generated? Please give me solution?

MDS - Orthodontics
Hi. Its because of poor oral hygien. Sometimes it also occurs due to some systemic problems like hormonal disturbances particularly in your age group. Get consulted to a dentist. Use a gum paint to massage your gums and also do warm saline rinses twice a day morning and evening for ten days. It will certainly help you.
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Dental Care

Dentist, Guna

For healthier teeth, flossing daily in a sawing motion is highly recommended. Take the floss to the point where the teeth meet the gums.

My teeth are getting yellow. What should I do to stop this. And I want my teeth should white again.

BDS, CDE Endo-Prostho, CDE - Cast Partial & Complete Dentures
Dentist, Pune
Hello, yellow teeth could be because of deposits on your teeth or food lodged in your teeth. Visit a dentist get your scaling and polishing done. For whiter teeth you can go for bleaching or whitening procedure. Brush twice daily, maintain proper brushing technique, floss regularly and rinse after every meal. Visit your dentist every 6 months.
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Avoid Root Canal with early care

MDS Endodontist, BDS
Dentist, Bangalore
Avoid Root Canal with early care
If you find a small black discoloration, sensitivity, food lodgment on any of your teeth then visit a dentist as soon as possible.
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I have cavity in my front teeths. How can I remove them. It is visible from past 1 week.

M.D.S, B.D.S.
Dentist, Katihar
Fiiling of the cavity with the the tooth colored material is possible these days. Visit your nearest dentist.
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Sir, I have done a composite filling in my tooth but after 8 months there is alot of pain either I eat hot or cold eatables. Degree of pain such that even when I suck air. And it goes on to the tooth pain happen. Please guide me. Thanks.

Dentist, Surat
If the pain is severe then better to go for an x ray, pain is b/c of pulp is exposed or cavity has reached to pulp, pulp has exposed then you will have to go for root canal treatment.
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I am infected with mouth ulcer but it is looking symptoms like mouth cancer. What to do now?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
If the mouth ulcer is causing a lot of pain, gently rub a small ice cube over the spot or rinse your mouth with ice-cold water. You could also chew on a clove bud (lavang) and direct the juice generated to the area where the ulcer is located. Clove buds are a great ingredient to cure sore throat too. To prevent the ulcerated area from getting infected, make it a point to rinse your mouth with a little salt water. Remember, this won’t make the ulcer disappear, but it can help reduce the pain. Honey is a natural humectant. It helps reduce scarring and hastens the process of new tissue growth. This, along with its anti-microbial effect ensures faster healing of the mouth ulcer. Chew a few leaves of tulsi along with some water about three to four times every day. This will help in getting rid of ulcers faster and also have a preventive action against their recurrence. Applying a little coconut oil directly onto the mouth ulcer or chewing some coconut (fresh or dry) helps reduce pain and inflammation and hence, ulcers heal faster. Mix some sugar to crushed khus-khus seeds and consume this mixture for instant relief from ulcers. You could apply a little ghee directly to the ulcerated area, or drink a glass of buttermilk two or three times every day. Mouth ulcers left untreated generally go away in a week or so; with these home remedies, you can expect faster relief. However, if you notice an ulcer in the mouth that is persistently present although it does not cause you any pain, do not neglect it or try to treat it with home remedies beyond a few days. Make it a point to see a doctor soon because often, a painless mouth ulcer is one of the earliest signs of oral cancer.
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Hi my teeth are yellow in colour I tried all tooth paste but all in vain what should I do?

Dentist, Gurgaon
Teeth are yellow due to two factors. Extrinsic and intrinsic. If it is extrinsic then you have to get oral prophylaxis. And if it is intrinsic then you have two options either a teeth whitening (bleaching) or vineers. Thanx.
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MDS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
There are various kinds of caps or crowns which are commonly given to patients whenever needed.After root canal treatment placement of a suitable cap becomes mandatory to strengthen the treated tooth.Consult your dentist for the options suitable for you.
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I'm 25 years old. I have too much big front teeth and overbite also. Which treatment I should prefer?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Kindly consult a dentist in person for further suggestion. We need more investigations to decide upon treatment. You may need braces. You may consult me in person too. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush.
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Hello sir/mam when I talk to some one my breathe come badly from my mouth so please give me some clues.

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
Get scaling polishing done by a dentist than brush twice daily especially at night use betadine mouth wash drink plenty of water.
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I'm decided to wear braces for teeth but my dentist want to remove two upper teeth and two lower teeth There will be any effect in future Like my teeth may become weak or loose please tell me does it effects me in future.

Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
Hi. Generally there is no side effecct as such but health of gums and bone condition has to be seen before starting the treatment, failing to do so can lead to weekning of gums and teeth in coming future.
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I am suffering from wight dental problem. How often should I go dentist? How many soft or fizzy drinks can children have a day? Please help me.

MDS Prosthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Hyderabad
Hi lybrate-user, you need to visit a dentist for every six months and get the check up done so that you can know the problem at the earliest. Avoiding soft drinks completely is much better. Atleast avoid taking any food especially carbohydrates one hour before and after having a soft drink as the acidic content in it will cause demineralization of your teeth.
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