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Dr. B.Aruna

Ayurveda, Hyderabad

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Dr. B.Aruna Ayurveda, Hyderabad
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. B.Aruna is a renowned Ayurveda in Chevalla, Hyderabad. Doctor is currently practising at Shiva Ayurveda Vaidyashala in Chevalla, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. B.Aruna on has a nexus of the most experienced Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 25 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I have playing cricket from last 2 years but one day I am suffering from back pain its my lower back pain please tell me about this.

Do some stretching exercise. Do not take heavy weight by bending. You need proper homeopathic treatment for this. Soo you can contact me. By homoeopthic remedy you will get free from this pain.
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Which medicine is work good and quick in bones fever and antibiotics is necessary. In this cause.

Ayurveda, Ujjain
Only take mahavat vindharas 2 tablet after breakfast 2 after lunch 2 after dinner for 10 days than report to me.
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When I cut my breed qnd using razor on my face then the pimples are getting start. And day by day my face colour is also getting dull. I also do not have money to treat by any specialist doctor. please help me sir/mam.

Homeopath, Raebareli
I think your skin is sensitive and you need to change the shaving gel which suits you. Please also apply Alum after shave. Do use cosmetic which suits your skin - facial cream Take balance diet.
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Hi , I am 23, suffering from MELASMA for 4 months. Can any one suggest me d genuine brand for aloevera OIL FOR FACEWASH.

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, MBBS
Cosmetic Physician, Delhi
Hi lybrate-user, melasma will not go away by oils or face-washes. It would require proper medical treatment. For skin darkening like melasma, many treatment modes are available. There are creams to be applied locally, which I can prescribe to you. Treatments like peels, dermarollers and prp available and provide lasting effects. I would be happy to help you. Please consult me privately so that I can understand your problem in detail and help you. You can book a private text/audio/video appointment for further discussion and personalized advice.
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Rathika had taken ipill even though she dint had intercourse n she got her next periods 3days late. And the Lybrate doctors had suggested to go for home pregnancy test and she tested 2 times after her periods with a gap of 1 week. And it was negative and the doctors told no worries about pregnancy but this month also she has not yet got her periods and the periods date was on 10th of this month.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
See if she did not had sex there was no need to take i-pill. After ipill menses can come irregular for some time. Menses can be delayed because of stress or hormonal changes or illness or weight gain also. If she did not had sex in last month and if there was no issue of i-pill this time around, there is no reason to worry. Menses will come and there is no need to take urine pregnancy test.
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What treatments are available for tinea versicolor and which do you recommend? What side effects can I expect from treatment? How long will it take for my skin to return to normal?

Homeopath, Pune
Treatment for tinea versicolor may include: Medicine applied to the skin: This is the most common treatment. There are anti-fungal shampoos, soaps, creams, and lotions that can keep the yeast under control.  Oral therapy is also effective for tinea versicolor and is often preferred by patients because it is more convenient and less time consuming. Of course, oral therapy can be used in consort with topical regimens.  Oral therapy does not prevent the high rate of recurrence, and treatment with an oral or topical agent may need to be repeated intermittently throughout the year. Because tinea versicolor is a benign condition and oral therapy is not without risk, the decision to treat with an oral agent should be made only after a complete discussion of the risks involved. Treatment of this problem is long. Dietary alterations have not proved successful in the treatment of tinea versicolor. While choosing homeopathic medicines the various factors are evaluated for example, genetic predisposition, poor immune system, summer aggravation and so on. Homeopathy treatment, which gets to the root of the problem will reinforce the immune system and gradually restore the normal skin color and texture. Homeopathy treats the disease from its root ensuring the patient not suffering the similar problem in the future.
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Blood in urine but not in mensuration period, fever, stomach pain for female. Pleas help.

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Get an ultrasound done. You might have stone. Revert back to me with reports of abdominal ultrasound & I shall prescribe proper ayurvedic medicine.
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Fight Obesity to Prevent Yourself Against Diabetes!

Cosmetic Physician, Mumbai
Fight Obesity to Prevent Yourself Against Diabetes!

Obesity is a disorder which is characterized by accumulation of fat in the body resulting in various health problems. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the sugar in the blood does not get efficiently utilized by the body. This is due to the inability of the body to produce enough insulin to metabolize the sugar. 

Diabetes is classified into two types, Type 1 diabetes wherein the body is unable to produce enough insulin and Type 2 wherein the body develops a resistance to insulin. Diabetes is known to cause diseases such as blindness and kidney problems. The risks of suffering from a stroke and other cardiovascular problems go up significantly if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Weight plays a big role in the development of Type 2 diabetes and so weight loss is recommended. Other factors such as stress, age, pregnancy and medications also contribute to this disorder. Usually, a majority of the people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are found to be overweight. Being obese makes it difficult for the body to utilize insulin effectively in order to metabolize blood sugar.

As obesity is closely linked with diabetes, it becomes essential to focus on weight loss as a preventive measure against diabetes. 

  1. Try to exercise on a regular basis. Add cardiovascular exercises to your regimen such as running and swimming as they are very effective in burning fat from your body thus reducing the weight/fat. 
  2. Lifting weights also promotes fat loss by boosting your Resting Metabolic Rate or Basal Metabolic Rate (the body’s rate of burning off calories while you are at rest). 
  3. Follow a well- balanced diet that focuses on low carbohydrate and high protein based meals. 

Apart from these lifestyle changes, focus can be brought on the following techniques also as effective means to shed off the excess fat:

  1. Ultrasonic liposuction: This technique involves using high energy sound waves to eliminate fat from your body. It is a non-invasive procedure that inflicts no trauma on the adjoining tissues in the body and thus providing better weight / inch loss.. 
  2. Mesotherapy: It is a non-surgical treatment that involves injecting medications into fat tissues. These medications target the adipose cells in the body and destroy them. This is a permanent procedure that is very effective in removing stubborn fat from the body and helping further in weight loss. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a cosmetic physician.
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I am 18 years old boy. My weight is around 54. And have a normal height around 5.6 inches. Physically I appeared thin no matter what diet or food I consume. I want you to advice me with something which will help me in maintaining my BMI. I tend to get healthy. How can I increased my overall weight?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello,Homoeopathic medicines are less invasive and have more herbal approach towards gaining the weight. There are a number of homoeopathic medicines, which treat the root cause behind the body’s inability to gain weight or bulk up. 1. Take alfalfa tonic(wsi), 2 – 2 tsp. Thrice a day, half an hour before meals. 2. Calcarea phos 200, 5 drops , once in aweek , morning empty stomach for 2 weeks. 3. Take eggs, milk, butter, bananas, potatoes, mangoes, figs, oats, soyabean and dry fruits. 4. do light exercises regularly to keep your body active. These homoeopathic medicines and dietary addition will increase your appetite and give your metabolism a healthy boost. ***If you do not get results with this treatment then please revert me i will suggest you to go through some tests.*** Take care.
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I am losing hair and have tried ketoconazole but situation did not improve? What should I do?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi,Male-pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia.Men typically present with hairline recession at the temples and vertex balding. So they can try Homoeopathic medication that is based on constitution and work wonders. 1. Take Acid phos. 200, 5 drops , morning empty stomach, once in week. 2.wiesbaden 200, 5 drops , daily morning empty stomach. 3.Natrum mur 6x, 4-4 tabs once a day. 4.Apply Arnica hair growth oil (B &T) on your hair and scalp, thrice in a week. 5.Wash hair with Arnica montana herbal shampoo (SBL) 6.Drink minimum 10 glasses of water per day. 7.Take 10 ml amla juice mixed with half cup of water, at daily night
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Sir my weight is increasing so fast as according to my age and height so sir provide me information how to control weight and criteria about fitness?

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, msc in dietetics & food service management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Indore
Take low calorie and low sodium and high protein food. Don't take rice at night. 4-5 meals in a day in a frequent intervals. Take 1 glass of lukewarm water with 1 tsp of alsi powder in the morning and go for walk.
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All About Depression in Children

Diploma in Paediatrics, MD (Physician)
Pediatrician, Gurgaon
All About Depression in Children

Depression in children is not a very uncommon phenomenon. But if the feeling of sadness persists over a period of time with little or no change to their behavior, then it can be seen as a symptom of depression. Children who are suffering from depression need immediate and utmost care as negligence may cause severe long term effects on the child. Read on to find more about them.

Symptoms that indicate childhood depression vary. Some of the different symptoms which indicate depression are:

  1. Social withdrawal
  2. Irritability
  3. Feeling of worthlessness
  4. Difficulty in concentrating
  5. Reduced ability to function during events
  6. Continuous feelings of sadness
  7. Physical complaints


  1. Depression in children can be caused due to the combination of a multitude of reasons.
  2. Children from a family history of depression are more likely to be suffering from depression.
  3. Similarly if the parents suffer from depression then it is more than likely that the child will also suffer from depression.
  4. Children from conflicted families or children and teens who are prone to substance or alcohol abuse can suffer from depression.
  5. Reasons such as physical health, environment, genetic vulnerability or biochemical disturbance can lead to depression.

The treatment process of depression in children is similar to that of adults and can be treated with psychotherapy and medication. If your child is depressed consult a general physician who after his or her diagnosis may refer you to a psychiatrist. The medical specialist will recommend psychotherapy.

In some instances, a child suffering from depression maybe be suicidal. Parents are advised to be vigilant and observe certain behavioral changes that the child may have adapted to or suddenly switched to.
Some of the signs are mentioned below:

  1. Changes in eating, sleeping or activities
  2. Isolating oneself even from family
  3. Talking of suicide, feeling helpless or hopeless
  4. Increased risk taking behavior
  5. Substance abuse
  6. Giving away possessions

Sessions at first and then opt for antidepressant medication if no significant progress is seen. The best results often result from a combination of prescribed medication along with multiple sessions of psychotherapy.

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I have scar on my face. Iam feeling bad with this. I tried other medicines but this doesn't change at all please help me.

Diploma in Trichology - Cosmetology, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), Diploma in Aesthetic Mesotherapy, PG Diploma in Clinical Research
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Jaipur
You should visit any aesthtic or cosmetic centre. That scars can only be treated by lasers. And that laser treatments are not harmful. So you can visit soon.
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My mother age 60 years is not feeling to have food of any kind, although she tells she feels hungry. Very poor oral intake. Done endoscopy, report is normal. Some times she is having gas problems , for which she is taking medicines. Because of not having food she is getting weak day by day. She iscalso taking medicines for hypertension and cholesterol. Doctor here has recommended injection for strength weekly twice. But still condition is not improving. Kindly advise. Thanks.

Diploma in Public Health, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Greater Noida
You can start with syp. Liv 52 ds one teaspoon two times. Syp. Himcocid one teaspoon two three times or the time of gas formation please do liver function test and revert back with findings.
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My hair is graying, My age is 26 years. What should I do to stop it and regain my hai colour?

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
Apply curry leaves dried and boil it in coconut oil. Let it cool. Apply this oil on your scalp and do massage with your fingure tips atleast for 10 minutes and cover your head with a cusp whole the night. Wash it with shampoo next day. Do it thrice in a week.
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My daughter is 13 year old her height is 5 feet 3 inches, what I can do to achieve any increment possible in her height. Any medicine any diet plan any exercise.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Hi your height can grow till 25 year take following remedies 1. Flax seed powder 1 tsp after lunch and dinner with warm water 2. Lakshadi guggul 2 tab twice a day 3. Ashwgandha churna 1 tsp with milk at 6.30 pm exercise 1. Swimming 2. Skiping 3. Pull-ups 4. Suryanamaskar.
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My mother in law have high blood presurre 200/110, cholestrol at 209 and esr at 40 for range of 0-20. She is 55 years old, what else should I undergo?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Hello dear High triglycerides and cholesterol can cause atherosclerotic heart disease or narrowed coronary arteries in the heart can cause the symptoms of angina, when theheart muscle is not provided with enough oxygen to function. Decreased blood supply to the brain may be due to narrowed small arteries in the brain or because the larger carotidarteries in the neck may become blocked. This can result in a transient ischmic attack or stroke. Peripheral artery disease describes gradual narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs. During exercise , if the legs do not get enough blood supply, they can develop pain , called claudication . Other arteries in the body may also be affected by plaque buildup causing them to narrow, including the mesenteric arteries to the intestine and the renal arteries to the kidney. Change life style .do meditation,yoga, Go walk daily, do any one physically activity daily any game., Avoid fast foods,oily foods,junk foods,alcohol,smoking,fatty foods, non-veg.,avoid stress,take plenty of water in day time. And 1 glass of water before bed at night. use flax oil, omega-3 fatty meal or cap., take .green veg., whole grain. Garlic,. Cod liver oil. Take anti cholesterol medicines .
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Hi, I am suffering from lumbar spondylitis with leg and knee pain. Age 43 years female.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hi lybrate-user Lumber pain with leg and knee pain indicate that your nerve is involved. First get your mri of lumber and below lumber region. Take some precautions. Do not sit on floor Do not bend forward or backward. Use comod toilet Consult to a good physician for further management Thnx.
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Hi! i'm 20 years old and I suffered from intense acne last summer and nothing worked. My cheeks were all covered with puss filled pimples. Then as winters approached acne slowed down gradually and almost vanished. But now as temperature is becoming moderate again and the summer is approaching as well my face has acne again. Please provide some solutions as i'm very much frustrated provided I have a oily skin.

General Physician, Cuttack
Occurs due to blockage of pores of sebaceous gland producing sebum leading to accumulation of sebum and causing inflammation and producing pimples/Acne. Treatmrnt – 1.Wash your face twice daily with soap and warm water to remove excess oil 2.You can wash face with Acnestar soap (Benzoil peroxide). 3.Don’t scrub your face. 4.Apply moisturizer/Apply acnestar gel (1%clindamycin+15 nicotinamidetwice daily for 4 week. 5.If no relief, consult skin specialist.
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In my Beard There is a blank spot I saw from some weeks. It's normal skin. No itching but without hair. Please tell best solution and what is the cause of this?

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Make a mixture of argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil and olive oil and massage your beard and moustache daily to grow and maintain black and smooth hair.
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