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Sanjeevani Clinic, Ghaziabad

Sanjeevani Clinic

  4.5  (12 ratings)

Dermatologist Clinic

SE-2, Main Hapur Road, Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad
1 Doctor · ₹400 · 3 Reviews
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Sanjeevani Clinic   4.5  (12 ratings) Dermatologist Clinic SE-2, Main Hapur Road, Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad
1 Doctor · ₹400 · 3 Reviews
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Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health....more
Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.
More about Sanjeevani Clinic
Sanjeevani Clinic is known for housing experienced Dermatologists. Dr. Anuj Saigal, a well-reputed Dermatologist, practices in Ghaziabad. Visit this medical health centre for Dermatologists recommended by 72 patients.


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SE-2, Main Hapur Road, Shastri Nagar
Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201001
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Hi,<br/><br/>I am Dr. Anuj Saigal, Dermatologist. Aaj me apse baat krunga hair transplant ke surg...


I am Dr. Anuj Saigal, Dermatologist. Aaj me apse baat krunga hair transplant ke surgeon and clinic ke bare me ki aap kaise ek acha treatment and surgeon select kren. Kin chizon ka apko dhyan rkhna hai. Pehle apko dekhna hai ki aap surgeon ke sath kitna comfortable hain. Apki baat surgeon se hui hai ya counselor se. Apko surgeon ki qualification dekhni hai.

Dermatologist and plastic surgeons hi ye procedures kr skte hain. Or sirf vhi Drs kr skte hain jo is procedure me trained hain. Aap centre visit kriye procedure krane se pehle. Apko sari facilities dekhni hai. Is procedure ko krne ke lia sirf 2 techniques hain. FUT and FUE. Har ek technique ka apna use hai and patient pe depend krta hai. Islia aap apne surgeon se detail discussion kriye ki apke lia konsi technique better hai. Kayi baar 2 sittings dekni pdti hai. or kayi bar dono techniques ka combination use kia jata hai.

Kayi baar advertisements aati hai ki unlimited follicles or full head coverage. Apki information ke lia hum ek sitting me maximum 4.5k-5k grafts hi nikale ja skte hain. Kuch surgeons claims krte hain ki 8k grafts possible hai in 1 sitting but ye possible nhi hai. Kuch surgeon claim krte hain ki apko density vaisi hi milegi jaise apke head ke piche hai. But ye possible nhi hai. Transplant ki density thodi kam hoti hai but itni achi hoti hai ki apka scalp show nhi hota. Islia in sab baaton ka dhyan rkhen koi bhi centre or surgeon choose krne se pehle.

Thank You.

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What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Reduction?


I am Dr Anuj Saigal MD Dermatology practising in Delhi NCR. Today we are gonna discuss LHR that is Laser Hair Reduction LHR is the common procedure these days performed in multiple cosmetic and aesthetic skin clinics. Who would like to wax or pluck their hair, if something as safe and as effective as LHR is available? What are the benefits of getting a laser hair removal done? A) It helps you look good, B) It improves your self-confidence, thirdly it is a treatment for ingrown hair and it acts as a co-therapy in certain diseases like Pilonidal sinus and hidradenitis suppurativa and above all its saves your time and money. What are the lasers which help you in removing hair? There are multiple lasers starting from IPL, Nd:YAG and diode but in our Indian skin Nd:YAG and diode are what we follow and they have great results. Who is the best candidate for laser removal hair now? Ideally, laser hair removal can be done for both males and females; there are different areas which we target for males and females. There are common areas for females like upper lips, chin, side locks face, bikini and underarms, whereas for males we have beard, chest, back but definitely laser hair removal or reduction is for both males and females. Who will get the best result out of laser hair reduction one who is having coarse hair and one who is having darker hair? If you have blond hair, white hair or grey hair laser is not that effective. How does a laser act, it acts on the 2 things it acts on the root, it acts on the pigment that is why there are few prerequisites before you get your laser removal therapy started you should not do bleaching, you should not do waxing, threading and plucking before you start your sessions because if you do waxing, plucking and threading you will end up damaging the root the laser sessions will not be effective if you will do bleaching the pigment will be damage again the laser sessions will not be effective.

How many number of sessions are required? See we divide the body into 2 parts above the neck you require more number of sessions approximately 8 to 10 sessions, whereas, below the neck, you require 6 to 8 sessions. The sessions are placed anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks gap. How a laser hair removal session is done you come down to the clinic we mark the area, we prepare your skin by cleansing and by shaving it then we apply a cool gel and then we give shots. After setting the parameters in the machine taking care of what is the quality of your skin, what is the colour of your skin, what is the colour of your hair and how is the thickness of your hair. After giving the shots there is a bit of redness which can be controlled by applying emolium cream, sunscreen the post top care is also not much where we give, where we ask you to use proper sunscreen or avoid the sun and not to do steam, sauna and hot bath kind of things. Plus we ask you not to do any other procedures like dermaroller or any other laser for at least 2 weeks post procedures. But it is very safe and an effective procedure, patients come to me and ask me how painful is it. Now coming to that it is definitely not that painful as what you experience in waxing, you will feel a pricking sensation but it is not something which makes you uncomfortable. So it’s a very safe and effective procedure. So what are you waiting for go and consult your Dermatologist and get that flawless skin? If you have any other queries you can contact me via Lybrate or you can come down to my clinic. Thank You.

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Hi, I am Dr Anuj Saigal, consultant Dermatologist and a Hair Transplant expert.<br/><br/>Whenever...

Hi, I am Dr Anuj Saigal, consultant Dermatologist and a Hair Transplant expert.

Whenever someone thinks of getting Hair transplant done, there are multiple questions that comes to the mind starting from where should I get it done? which technique should I choose? What will be the side effects? What will be the post of period like?

The most commonly encountered type of hair loss thata a practising hair transplant surgeon sees these days is Androgenetic alopecia which is otherwise called as male pattern or female pattern baldness.

Why do we get it?

Apart from the genetic factors, theer are other factors like lifestyle changes, the stress related factors, the diet, exercise, sleeping factors etc all these affect your hair loss.

Coming on to the treatment, there are lot of non-surgical treatments as well as surgical treatments available for treating the hairloss.

The non-surgical treatments include;

Sometimes people come and ask me, whether "I am a candidate for hair transplant as I am too young" or "too old". So, the answer is yes. Anyone above the age of 18 or 19 till the age of 80-85, depending on the medical conditions, can go ahead for transplantation.

Whenever you visit a consultant plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, ideally first a scalp should be analyzed, certain investigations should be done for you to look into the cause of hairloss. If all is done and you are found to be a candidate for hair transplantation, then another question comes that which technique is suitable?

Your doctor should explain you both the techniques with the benefits and drawbacks of both the techniques. And we choose the technique according to the patient or according to the hair loss he or she is facing.

There are two techniques;

  • FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction (Punch technique)
  • FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant (Strip technique)

FUT is usually done for covering larger areas. The donor areas preserved for future settings. The transaction rate is very less because we separate each and every hair follicle under the microscope, taking care of that we don't damage the hair root.

While we talk about FUE, FUE is usually doen for smaller areas. It has other benefits like, it is a stitchless surgery. The post of period is much more comfortable as compared to the FUT technique. Although in FUT is an old techniquen and FUE is a latest technique. It doesn't mean that FUT is out dated. We select the technique acoording to the patient's condition. At times we do both the techniques together if the requirement id more.

How the procedure is done?

Procedure is done under the local anaesthesia. It takes around 7-8 hours to complete the procedure. The harvesting of the follicles is different in both the techniques. In FUT, we take a strip. In FUE, we punch out each and every hair follicle separately whereas the implantation remains the same in both the techniques.

How would be the post of period be like?

You can join your work the next day. We won't recommend any kind of bed rest post procedure. Swelling can be there for 2-3 days, you just need to wear a head band such as a tennis stars wear. BUt the head band is taken off after 2-3 days and the normal shampooing of hair is started. You can take the bath the next day. So, regarding the post of period, it is pretty much comfortable.

Which doctor should I choose? or which centre should I choose?

This is the another question that comes to patient's mind because these days its a big market and everyone is claiming that they are the best. So, in this case,

  • First check the qualification fo the doctor. The doctor should be a plastic surgeon or a qualified dermatologist with an experince in Hair Transplantation.
  • Secondly, look at the centre whether that centre has all the facilities required to deal with the emergency which might come up during the procedure.
  • Thirdly, you should look at the pre-op investigation which doctor has done or not because the Pre-op investigation will cater to what will happen post surgery or during the surgery. If you have been investigated well, nothing wrong is going to happen.
  • It is very safe and completely painless procedure. Even after the surgery, we will give you pain killers and anti-biotics and you will not face any kind of pain post procedure.

If you have any query regarding hair transplant, you can contact me via Lybrate or you can visit my clinic.



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How To Prevent Acne and Its Scars?

Hi I'm Dr Anuj Saigal MD dermatologist. Today, we are gonna discuss a very common problem these days that is acne scars. Acne scars is present in both males and females. It starts from the teenage and continue and goes for a lifetime .so how to deal with it? When we look at its treatment, the key to its treatment is that you should focus on a particular type of scar because there are different treatment modalities for a specific scar .now when we ache the scar become more noticeable because there's less of collagen & that causes the scars to increase. There are patients that come to me and ask me why do I get scars and a friend of mine who had similar acne didn't get any scars. The reason for this is that what kind of acne you are having .if you have more of inflammatory acne you will have more of scarring .and if you have delaying And treating that acne again you can have more of scarring plus there are genetic factors also involving in this and one very common thing is that people prick on their scars or squeeze them .this is something you should never do because if you squeeze your scars more the acne scaring. Now coming onto what causes scars?why scars happen? Scars happen because when you have acne and acne enters your skin is causes a wound that gets healed up with time and when once it is healed up the collagen stimulation .so once there is less of collagen stimulation you get depressed scars if you have more collagen secretion you get Raised scars .there are two kinds of scars .depressed and raised .in depressed scars there are multiple other scars as well like eyes pig ,box scars ,rolling ,linear where as in raised scars you have hypertrophic and colloidal scars. Treatment modalities for acne scarring are also classified in the same way for depressed scars we have various treatment starting from acne scars surgery, succession, laser, we have resurfacing which can be done through lasers chemicals peel, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion ,we have subcision we breakdown the scars which are pulling down the scars ,we have fillers when we talk about the raised scars we have treatment like lasers ,we have injections of steroids ,cytotoxic chemicals and thiflorouracil and plus acne scar surgery as well. Now the take home message from my side is that if you want to prevent scarring what are the tips?? What are Dos you should not do and what are you should do? So if you are getting scars ,if you are getting acne you should get that acne treated as early as possible because getting early inflammatory acne treated will help you not getting scars secondly you should never prick on your scars thirdly once you have got your treatment done for acne you should continue that treatment once you have not even having acne ,you should paper that treatment sequence because if you immediately stop the treatment then there are more chances of getting scars. There are other factors also genetic factors scarring you cannot do much about that but still you can come down you can visit your dermatologist ,he or she will guide you regarding the treatment available for acne scarring and it is a problem which can be solved out If you have any other queries regarding the acne scarring or any other dermatological problem you can contact me via Lybrate or you can come down to me clinical I will help you

Thank you

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