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Healthy Stomach leads to a Healthy Brain
Econorm Sachet (Pack of 4)
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    Ways to Use
    2 sachets for 5 days
    Feed Directly
    Mixed with Liquids
    Mixed with Food
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    Why Econorm?

    No Expiry Date

    It has no expiry date and maintains its unique taste and flavour throughout.

    Temperature Resistant

    It is not affected by the external conditions like temperature, heat and retains its characteristics.

    Suits all Age Groups

    Can be consumed by all age groups on a daily basis keeping their digestive systems healthy.
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    Benefits of Econorm

    Helps with healthy digestion while keeping the taste buds happy

    Stool consistency from next day

    Goes through the digestive system attaining steady state levels

    Natural live probiotic

    Supports a healthy immune system and builds digestive balance

    Keeps Stomach healthy

    Helps keep intestines functioning well and promotes their health
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    User Testimonials
    #EconormDiaries - For me, Econorm is mine as well as my baby's best buddy. My 10 months old baby girl recetly caught diarrhea as she's teething and tends to put everything in her mouth. I never had to worry or panic as I always keep Econorm in my medical kit.
    I am a working woman hence have to take my son to daycare. There due to interaction with other kids, he is more prone to infections though the environment is very good. He frequently puts fingers in his mouth which leads to the germs entering the stomach. I always keep Econorm handy to give my son as first aid to fight any illness.
    My son whom I fondly call Golu-Molu is fond of sweets and at the same time prone to diarrhea. During, Diwali season, he had loads of sweets - adulterated and unadulterated both. Binging on so much sweet played havoc on his health. Econorm helped him to cope from all stomach related infections. Now I keep Econorm with me to ensure my son remains healthy, active and enjoys all the snacks he loves.
    Shruti Kapoor, Chandigarh
    Preeti Athani, New Delhi
    Geetika Verma, Bangalore
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Econorm ?

    Econorm is a powder probiotic which improves digestion, enhance immunity & reduce allergies. 


    2. Is Econorm a Probiotic ?

    Yes, Econorm is a probiotic which contains good bacteria that helps in restoring the healthy bacteria balance in the stomach and also helps in cases such as diarrhea, constipation etc.


    3. How does a probiotic work?

    Your body maintains a natural balance of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics help to maintain the balance of your stomach bacteria as well as act directly on cells in the digestive system.


    4. Is Econorm effective?

    Experts agree that daily consumption of probiotics is very beneficial. Evidence suggests that adding probiotics as a part of an overall balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can help support your immune and digestive systems.


    5.What are the side effects of Econorm?

    There are no reported side effects of Econorm, discontinue its use if you experience any unwanted symptoms immediately after its usage.


    6. How to administer Econorm?

    Econorm can be used directly by opening the sachet or mixing with any liquid and food of your choice. Econorm should be given 2 sachets for 5 days to show effective results.


    7. What is the age required to take Econorm?

    Econorm sachets can be given to all age groups right from birth. It can also be used in breastfeeding infants in order to keep their digestive system healthy.


    8. Where is Econorm available?

    Econorm is available at a chemist near you and on all leading online pharmacy portals.


    9. Does Econorm help to increase weight?

    Econorm helps to gain weight which is lost during conditions of upset stomach. However, it should not be used as weight gain supplement.

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