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Dr. Raina's Safe Hands And Polyclinic   4.6  (3607 ratings) Sexologist Clinic H No- 227, Arjunnagar, Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi
1 Doctor · ₹1500 · 15 Reviews
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Sexologist.We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Sexologist.We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
More about Dr. Raina's Safe Hands And Polyclinic
Dr. Raina's Safe Hands And Polyclinic is known for housing experienced Sexologists. Dr. Vinod Raina, a well-reputed Sexologist, practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for Sexologists recommended by 90 patients.


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MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

Do Condoms Prevent All Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Most of the learned population feel completely safe in their sexual relations when they use condoms. Most of the data available on internet and elsewhere claim that condoms are an effective protection against HIV/AIDS. However, the under-informed masses are unaware of the fact that condoms do not provide protection against a number of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) like herpes, HPV, syphilis, pubic lice, or scabies. They spread through skin to skin genital contact. Even if no fluid exchange occurs, these STIs may spread easily and can produce a life threatening condition, no where less threatening than the much hyped HIV, which make the immune system weak to the fatal extent.

HIV weakens the immune system by lowering the number of T-Lymphocytes. The normal range of T- Lymphocyte is 500 to 1500 which drops below 200 due to HIV infection. This makes the immune system weak enough for any other pathogen to attack the body and cause secondary infection. Usually, the patient dies of secondary infection caused by the weakened immune system which make the body vulnerable to secondary attacks. These are called opportunist infections, some of which are mentioned as under:

Candidiasis of bronchi, trachea, esophagus, or lungs

• Invasive cervical cancer




• Cytomegalovirus disease

Encephalopathy, HIV-related

• Herpes simplex: chronic ulcer(s) (greater than 1 month's duration); or bronchitis, pneumonitis, or esophagitis


• Isosporiasis, chronic intestinal (greater than 1 month's duration)

Kaposi's sarcoma

Lymphoma, multiple forms

Mycobacterium avium complex


• Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

• Pneumonia, recurrent

• Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

• Salmonella septicemia, recurrent

Toxoplasmosis of brain

• Wasting syndrome due to HIV

Being a viral infection, antibiotics are of no use to prevent the infection of HIV. HIV Vaccine, although confirmed at research stage is still not available in open market for masses.

Sexually transmitted infections like herpes, HPV, syphilis, pubic lice, or scabies are not prevented with the use of condoms. So, this is a big myth among the masses that condoms prevent all sexually transmitted disease. Moreover, these STIs may lie dormant in the body of the carrier person without any symptoms or physical manifestation. However, they may transmit the infection to someone who comes in sexual contact. So, its very difficult to find conclusively that a person is infected or not.

However, there are certain misconceptions too about sexually transmitted infections. They do not transmit through the use of same utensils, toilet or towels. However, the less severe infection like pubic lice or scabies may transmit by sharing clothes. However, they may be treated by the use of simple medicine or creams.

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MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

Tired of Reoccurring Warts? Get a Wart Removal That Works

Warts are deformed growths that occur on the skin. They are mostly caused by HPV (human papilloma Virus). Some other cases of warts are from contacts with an infected person on weak, sore or open areas of the skin.

Warts can happen to anyone, but some people are more prone to it than others. Children and teenagers are more susceptible to the disease because of their weakened immune system.

There are several types of warts, each with their unique shape, effects and location on the body. Some popular ones include common warts which mostly occurs on the hands, plantar warts which occur on the soles of the feet, flat warts which occur on the face, arms, and legs, genital warts which specifically grow on and around the genitals and periungual warts which are found under and around the toenails and fingernails.

More often than not, warts go away on their own. But there are some that linger on for long periods. They keep spreading, get worse and advance to complicated levels.

There are several treatment options for warts, ranging from surgery to over-the-counter medications and home remedies.

While surgical methods are fast and effective, they are also known to be very invasive, expensive and complicated. Most people try home remedies like crushing vitamin C into a paste and rubbing it all over the warts, or rubbing the juice of pineapples and garlic. While this may work for a few people, it cannot be used to treat extreme cases of warts, especially genital warts. Most dermatologists recommend over-the-counter medications when people are really sure the growths on their skins are warts. Because some other skin conditions like corns can be mistaken for warts.

Some very good over-the-counter medications like Wartrol wart remover have about 80-90% success rates. But there are still some complaints of warts re-appearing months after they have been cleared off by Wartrol. This does not necessarily mean that Wartrol did not do its job of getting rid of warts, it did. But most warts, especially genital warts, have the propensity to re-occur.

Genital warts usually come back mainly because there is no specific cure for the virus that causes them. And it is very difficult to control warts in a moist environment like the genitals. When it comes to genital warts, it is better to consult professional help from a physician. But for less malignant warts like plantar and common warts, milder treatments would do the trick.

What wart remover would work successfully and permanently for more serious wart infections?

While Wartrol wart remover is really great at getting rid of warts, there are certain practices that should be adopted with the medication to achieve permanent results.

Warts are primarily caused by a virus, therefore to get rid of them permanently, you would have to boost your body's ability to fight them. Most people have observed that warts re-occur when they are not eating properly nor getting enough sleep, or when they are constantly worn-out out or sick.

So while using any treatment for warts, getting sufficient sleep and eating properly are steps that would boost your immune system to completely fight against the virus. Foods that contain immune boosters' like vitamin C, turmeric, olive leaf, astragalus, elderberry etc., should be added to meals to kick up the immune system.

Also, exercising regularly keeps your body and immune system active and strong. This reduces the risks of warts re-developing.

If you stay around people with warts, let them treat theirs at the same time you treat yours. This is because warts are very communicable and can spread back to you upon contact with them just as easily, even after recent treatment.

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MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

What Impact Does An Alkaline Diet Have On Multiple Sclerosis?

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include changes in sensation, vision loss, and weakness. Your diet, including water affects your health. This article looks at what impact an alkaline diet can have on the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

How do you know if you are acidic? You can test your urine or saliva or do an Acidity Self Test. Your diet may be causing your body to become very acidic. Our imbalanced modern diet fosters acidity. Pathogens such as harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic internal environment which can increase your symptoms and level of dis-ease. Switching to an alkaline diet can increase your energy levels and improve your overall health. This can enable you to better manage your symptoms. Here are 3 ways to improve your management of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

First, start drinking ionised, alkaline water. This is a simple yet powerful way to nourish your body back into balance. This is achieved by using quality water filters. This provides your body with what it needs without toxins. There are different types of filters available ranging from simple bench top filters to under the sink premium filters. Things to look for are filters made to your countries standards, ease of installation, lifespan of filter, and heavy double filters.

Second, switch to an alkaline diet. Nutrition is an important factor in health. The pH Miracle book by Dr Robert O. Young recommends a balanced pH 80/20 alkaline/acid diet with many raw, green vegetables. There are many other valuable resources available on how to make your body more alkaline. One of the best is a 80/20 Alkaline/ Acid Food Chart. This is an excellent guide to keep in the kitchen. You don't have to spend time and money reading hundreds of books or searching the web for information. You can immediately start to heal your body by becoming more alkaline.

Third, stop putting toxins into your body through household and personal care products. Switch to household and personal care products that contain only natural products. For example to clean your floors at home switch from using bleach to white vinegar. For personal care products, switch from deodorants containing aluminium to an aluminium free tea-tree deodorant.

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are unpleasant at the least, unbearable at worst. The pH of the food and water you intake affects your health. Implementing an alkaline diet including alkaline water can improve your overall health and make the symptoms of multiple sclerosis manageable.


The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition but is intended to help individuals make informed decisions about natural health. This information does not substitute for treatment or advice that may have been prescribed by a physician. If you have a medical condition, you are advised to seek assistance from a trained medical professional. Products mentioned in this article have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

Find Pain Management For Your Multiple Sclerosis That Works For You

As many as 60% of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS, will experience some level of pain at some point and no two people will experience the same type of pain. Some experience acute pain and others have chronic pain. Their pain can be headaches or they may have neuropathic that is unrelated to their nervous system.

Each person with this Multiple Sclerosis has a different level of severity with their pain on a daily basis. And for those who suffer from the disease, their first job every day is to fight that pain in any manner they can.

And while there are many types of medications that can help, most people with this disease are looking for a non-medication pain management approach. The good news here is that this is possible now. But first, one must understand more about the disease and the pain that comes with it.

How Multiple Sclerosis Pain Can Affect Your Life

The pain that people with this disease will have sleep problems, they have mood swings and lose energy. They have trouble functioning physically and this affects their enjoyment of life.

The person with this disease experiences not only pain but anxiety, depression, fatigue and this all creates stress for them. They are unable to do daily activities as simple as cleaning, hobbies or going to work.

How Can A Multiple Sclerosis Patient Find Pain Management?

The first step in finding help with their pain, a patient with this disease should talk with your general healthcare provider. You need to be completely honest with how much pain you're having and how it is affecting your daily life. Be open-minded to the options your healthcare provider suggests for pain management and ask questions.

Utilize the internet for more resources to gain as much knowledge and information as you can about your disease and the various ways pain is being managed today, with and without medication.

Typical Pain Management for Multiple Sclerosis

There are many different treatments today that are available for effectively managing pain associated with the disease. Sometimes it is using multiple ways. Here we list a few of the most common types of pain management.


While you should always listen to and rely on your healthcare provider, the most important person involved in managing your Multiple Sclerosis pain is you. Only you will know the pain you experience day-to-day and thus, it is important to practice self-management of your pain. Self-management is tracking your pain and noting the different strategies you use for pain management then keeping track of your progress.

Behavioral Treatment

It has been discovered through research of diseases and illnesses that pain can be managed with behavioral treatment and skills. While it has not be exclusively proven that these same treatments are helpful, there is a strong belief that it could be beneficial.

Physical Treatment

Physical treatment for Multiple Sclerosis pain management would include maintaining a regular exercise routine, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Before trying any of these, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider first and then follow their recommendations accordingly.


For the pain caused from Multiple Sclerosis to be treated effectively, it is necessary for the specific cause to be determined first. If your pain is neuropathic pain, your healthcare provider may treat it with an anticonvulsant medication. The pain from this disease is often treated with OTC medications as well as prescription pain relievers.

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MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

Foot Disorders - Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed

It is estimated that roughly seventy per cent of all our countrymen suffer from some foot disorder, including clubfeet, fallen arches, ingrowing toe-nails, corns, athlete's foot, blisters, swellings, etc.

Almost all of the present-day foot ills can be directly traced to man's effort to force twenty-six bones and some thirty cubic inches of blood and tissue into the torturous confines of string, steel and leather called a shoe. Corns, calluses and blisters became the rule as men and women cramped healthy feet into these leather prisons. Overlapping toes, athlete's foot and ingrowing toe-nails were the direct result of squeezing the feet into confining quarters and denying them the air and sun that would protect them.

The two worst public enemies manufactured in the shoe factories are the high-heeled shoes and the rubber and canvas affair worn by athletes. It is no accident that "athlete's foot" takes its name by those men who spend long hours in sneakers. Footwear that permits no ventilation holds the toxic discharge of the foot tissue and creates the atmosphere necessary for the growth of fungi. In addition to this unhealthy state, the rubber-soled shoe or sneaker acts to insulate the wearer from the benefits of earth-contact. Thus, while these shoes create the conditions that contribute to decay, they also isolate the feet from one of the natural agents which would ordinarily serve to strengthen the feet against such decay.

The high-heeled shoe, as we have already mentioned, is directly responsible for many of the bodily aches and pains that pursue the modern woman. The twisting and bobbing action of a body that is forced to walk upon these wood and leather stilts creates immeasurable damage to muscle, bone and nerve from head to toe. But worst of all is the effect of these monstrous devices upon women's feet. By bending the feet into semi-permanent positions of unnatural distortion, the high-heeled shoes succeed in destroying the natural forms and muscular strength of the feet. No false pride or fashion fetish can excuse this deliberate sabotage of bodily health.

It is quite possible, even in our present society, for the average person to spend several hours each day in barefoot walk, work and exercise. It is also a simple matter for all of us, even during the working day, to shoe our feet -in unconfining wear that will permit the skin to receive the benefit of air. Sandals, preferably wooden or leather-soled, and the perforated and woven Mexican-type shoe permit such constant benefits. When at home, in the garden or yard, make certain that your feet receive the strengthening and invigorating stimulus of barefoot exercise and earth-contact. Whenever possible, avoid the use of confining footwear.

The natural therapy for bunions, blisters and calluses is the same as that for corns. But it is important to realize that none of these conditions can be permanently alleviated without doing away with the source of irritation. Unless you are willing to carry on an endless campaign against such painful conditions, you had better eliminate the source, the improper footwear you have forced upon your innocent feet.

In addition to perverting the natural form of the foot, most shoes tend to immobilize many of the foot muscles provided by nature. This condition reduces the perfect mechanism provided for us at birth to a condition of degeneration through disuse. Without proper exercise the muscles that support a healthy foot fall into a decline that brings with it foot fatigue, pain and a loss of stability. Realizing this, I have created an effective programme for returning aching and weakened feet to a condition of natural health. This consisted of hot baths, cold-water rubs, massage and, most important of all, exercise. These were developed not only to strengthen the muscles of the feet but those of the legs and back which support our daily foot work, thus helping to eliminate the leg and back pains that often originate in the feet. It is important to remember in these, as in all exercises, that the patient's capacity for such stimulation was always ascertained before the exact programme of exercise was provided. Never guide yourself according to the abilities or constitution of others, but provide for yourself what you can best afford and by which you will most benefit. To each his own.

The first exercise is performed from a face-up reclining position. The arms are outstretched and with the palms of the hands and the toes of the feet the body is raised. From this position, the body is moved slowly forwards and backwards from a tip-toe position to a point at which the heels almost touch the ground. This is repeated some ten or fifteen times.
Fingers touching the ground and one leg extended well behind the other in the position of a track runner, the balance of the body is moved first from the toes of one foot to the toes of the other. This shifting is repeated another ten to fifteen times. Both of these first two exercises are extremely beneficial to feet and legs, and to back muscles.
Taking a book or a strong box no more than three inches thick, the patient stands upon it so that the front half of the foot extends over the edge. Now, moving slowly forward and then backward, the toes are made to touch the ground and then return.
Now the position is reversed, with the heels extending over the edge and the swaying repeated. This time the heels are made to touch the ground and return. Both of these exercises will help to strengthen the arches and calf muscles.
Holding on to a chair or table for balance, the body is supported upon the toes of one foot. In the fashion of a ballet dancer, the raised leg is moved first forward and then backward to the highest degree obtainable. The true feeling of ballet grace can be attained if the free leg is swung in a slow and wide arc front to back. The legs are to be alternated during the exercise.
Standing upon the toes of both feet, the body is revolved slowly.
Lying flat on the back, the legs are raised one at a time and the toes and ankles stretched as far forward as possible. If the patient is particularly eager and relatively well toned, he or she may attempt to raise both legs simultaneously without bending the knees and then perform the exercise. This is no small feat, but well worth the effort.
Standing upon the outer rim of the feet, the patient walks briskly about. Following this, the position is shifted to the inner rim of the feet and the brisk walk repeated.


Penis Size Myths: Getting the Facts!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Size Myths: Getting the Facts!

There's a time and a place for myths - but not when talking about penis size. Just as it's important to get straight-shooting facts when locating information on penis health, so does a guy need to shoot down any myths about penis size that may come his way.

Why? Well, because society places such a disproportionate emphasis on penis size - and it does so generally for reasons that are based more on myths than on reality. As long as guys go on thinking that it takes 7 or 8 massive inches to provide proper satisfaction to a partner, they're going to have disappointment, potential penis problems and lowered self-esteem.

With that in mind, let's look at common penis size myths.

1. The average penis is six inches long. For many years, this was accepted as a fact, but some more recent studies indicate that an erect penis is more likely to be about 5.1" inches long. That means that many guys who are perfectly normal have thought they were "substandard" for not being the erroneously-reported 6" average - let along the sought-after 7" or more.

2. Women crave a man with a long penis. In fact, surveys indicate that, if size is all a person is looking at, most women (about 90%) are more interested in penile width than length. More importantly, about 85% of women report being perfectly satisfied with their current partner's endowment. (Interestingly enough, usually only between 40 and 55% of men say they are satisfied with their own penis size.)

3. Even if they don't crave it, women still PREFER a longer penis. In fact, for many women an above-average penis can be problematic. While the vagina can stretch to accommodate a surprising range of sizes, it doesn't necessarily do so without some pain. A woman who dates a man with an especially big penis may find that it can take many attempts to achieve proper penetration - and many more to achieve painless penetration.

4. Gay men are better endowed than straight men. This myth gained some scientific currency due to a 1999 retrospective study that did find gay men, on average, had larger equipment. However, that study looked at data that was fifty years old. More importantly, the data was entirely self-reported - which brings into question its validity. At this point, there is no reason to suggest that sexual preference impacts penis size.

5. Hand size correlates with penis size. Sorry, but tiny hands do not mean a tiny penis - or vice versa. Neither does foot size. Yes, in some cases a man with a large hand or foot will have a large penis, but he's equally likely to have a moderate or small one. And the same is true in reverse for a man with small hands and a small penis. Simply more myths.

6. A guy with a small penis is more likely to be faithful. There aren't really valid studies to support this myth. One study (not especially valid) found that men with a large penis were more likely to cheat on their partners, which makes it easy to infer therefore that a man with a small penis will be faithful. But there really is nothing to suggest that penis size and fidelity are correlated.

Penis size myths need to be debunked so men can get on with more important and fruitful things - such as seeing to their penis health. One excellent way to maintain penis care is via the daily application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Many men will benefit from a crème that contains two key ingredients: L arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in allowing penile blood vessels to more open and receptive to increased blood flow. The latter is a neuroprotective ingredient. If a man fears loss of sensation in his penis from rough handling, L-carnitine can help to protect from loss of penis sensitivity.

What to Expect During STD Screening?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
What to Expect During STD Screening?

From time to time, it's a good idea for a man to undergo an STD screening. This is true if a man is enjoying the company of more than one sexual partner, if he isn't sure that his partner is monogamous (or if he is not), or if he's thinking about unprotected sex with a steady partner for the first time. Men should consider STD screening an integral part of penis care, not something that can be overlooked or put off!

What happens during an STD screening?

For many men, the thought of a strange messing around with their junk is the stuff of nightmares - even if that inspection happens in a medical setting. Here's what a guy can expect:

1. A ton of questions. A guy will be asked a multitude of questions, and some of them might seem to be asking for 'too much information.' A doctor will need to know about a man's sexual history, how many partners he has had recently (or ever), what kind of sexual activity he engages in and any health issues that might have arisen during those encounters. The doctor will ask blunt questions and expect frank answers. This is not the time to be coy!

2. A physical examination. A guy can expect to have his equipment explored a bit by the physician. This will include a visual examination for any lesions, irritations, bumps, bruises, sores and the like. It will also include a physical examination in which the doctor will touch the penis and surrounding area. The goal is to find any lumps or bumps that can't be seen, only felt.

3. Swabs and urine tests. During an STD screening, the doctor might want to take samples for examination by a laboratory. In order to do this, swabbing is typically used. This means using an instrument that looks very much like a Q-tip, passing it over and around any questionable areas to pick up a variety of cells from that area, and then sending those cells to the lab for examination. A man might also be used to provide a urine sample.

4. Blood testing. Blood tests are extremely helpful in STD screening, as they pick up infections that might be latent in the body - meaning that there are no outward signs of it at the moment. Herpes is a good example of this. A man who is having an active outbreak shows signs of the problem, but during the times between outbreaks, it can be impossible to tell a man has herpes simply by looking at him. A blood test, however, can reveal the truth.

5. More invasive examinations. A man who is dealing with a particular issue might undergo more invasive testing. For instance, a guy who engages in regular anal play and complains of bleeding or pain in that area might be examined there to figure out what the problem might be. However, rest assured that the doctor will be gentle and try to cause as little embarrassment as possible. Doctors have seen it all, so nothing a guy says will shock them or make them view him differently.

Staying healthy

A man who is worried about STDs should take special care to prevent the problem by using condoms whenever he has sex with a new partner, ensuring he is in a monogamous relationship before going without protection, and getting STD screening on a regular basis, regardless of his relationship status.

When it comes to penis health, a man can also make great strides toward better penis care with a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Though no crème can prevent a sexually transmitted disease, the regular application of a crème indicates good penis hygiene; and that means a man will be faster to catch the first signs of an STD if he does contract one. A guy should look for a luxurious combination of Shea butter and vitamin E, as well as other nutrients and vitamins, to ensure his penis skin stays in tip-top shape.

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What Are Vinyl Weights And What Are They Made Of?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
What Are Vinyl Weights And What Are They Made Of?

Most weightlifters and bodybuilders use various types of weights like cast iron weights, chrome weights and vinyl weights. Though the main purpose of all these weights is to allow the bodybuilder to do an extensive workout to build their body stronger and fitter but still they are different from each other in shape, style, looks and colours. Here in this write-up brief information about vinyl dumbbells will be provided to know them more closely, if you are not familiar with them.

Introduction with vinyl weights

Vinyl dumbbells or weights are the workout weights made of solid concrete covered with a material made of hard plastic. It will be a good option for you to start your weight training if you are new in this field. The main reason for the newbies to start with vinyl weights is that they allow them to practice according to their form and perform properly for all types of weight exercises. Lifting weights properly is actually the most important part of weight training but the best way to lift the weights is still a debatable question.

What are they?

The concrete dumbbells coated with durable vinyl are used for various upper class extreme workout exercises. They are normally used to prevent any functional injury or rehabilitation of the weight trainer. Being coated with vinyl these dumbbells available in various weight levels are durable. You can use them according to the strength of your arms.

How are vinyl dumbbells made?

Basically they are made of concrete and vinyl is coated on them to give them a smooth and elegant look. They are made in different sizes and weights so that everyone can use them according to his/her own weight lifting potential.

Packing of vinyl dumbbells

The dumbbells are packed in pair to make it easy to carry and store for the user. They are usually packed in 2 kg, 4 kg, 6 kg and 10 kg packs containing 2 pieces of 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg in each respectively.

Manufacturing of vinyl dumbbells

Manufacturing of the dumbbells is a step by step process. First of all a cast iron mould is prepared according to the size and style of the dumbbell you want to manufacture. The moulds are created somewhat lighter in weight than the weight of finished dumbbell you want as the coating of vinyl also has some weight which will be added to the initial weight of cast iron mould.

The second step is to dip the cast iron mould of the dumbbell into hot vinyl in molten form so that its coating can cover up the entire mould. Molten vinyl is used in different colours to give the final iny dumbbells a unique and attractive look.

Machines used in manufacturing

In order to manufacture quality vinyl dumbbell cast iron moulding machines of highest quality are used to manufacture dumbbells of exact size and weight. Vinyl is basically manufactured with the help crude oil and salt. Ethylene is obtained by cracking crude oil or petroleum and chlorine by electrolytic dissociation of salt to manufacture vinyl.

Why Is Root Canal Therapy a Very Delicate Procedure?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Why Is Root Canal Therapy a Very Delicate Procedure?

Root canal therapy has to be one of the most delicate dental procedures ever. Every time someone mentions a visit to the dentist, this is the first treatment that is bound to come to mind. They will either think of root canals or braces. It is only recently that technology has brought about some other treatments like dental implants, Invisalign, dental crowns, porcelain veneers and much more. However, there is only so much that you can do with porcelain veneers to treat a tooth that has an infected pulp. To tell the truth, there is nothing that veneers can do for you in such a case. Root canal therapy can do a lot though.

The structure of the tooth

Let's take a brief biology class before going further into this article. The tooth is made up of a non-living and living part. The external part of the tooth that everyone sees is non-living. It is primarily the enamel, the hard outer covering that protects the interior part of the tooth. The pulp cavity, which is the interior part of the tooth, makes up the vast majority of the living part. It is in the pulp that you will find nerve endings and blood capillaries.

With time, the tooth ages and the enamel weakens. This is when people get cavities and bacteria will then be able to penetrate into the pulp cavity. This causes infection of the pulp and consequential pain. The pain varies in intensity from one person to another and from one case to another. There are times when the pain is just so mild it is negligible, but this eventually grows in intensity. This is how it always starts- mild and gradually growing to unbearable pain.

Fixing the problem effectively

Root canal therapy is the best way to fix the tooth. It comes highly recommended by medical practitioners because you get to not only to solve the problem but also save the tooth. You do not have to remove the tooth simply because of an infection unless it is extremely infected beyond salvation. There is the option of having the tooth extracted and replaced with an implant. There is no point in wasting a perfectly good tooth though.

The delicateness of root canal therapy is evident when you put into consideration the levels of hygiene that are necessary for the treatment. Root canals are very delicate because you have to observe high levels of hygiene. Secondly, the process has to be done carefully.

Cleaning out the dead pulp should be effective enough to prevent re-infection. If the tooth is not cleaned out and then it gets sealed, you will still have to go back for treatment for the same tooth. You do not want to waste your time with such things. Therefore, make sure that you have the therapy conducted by an experienced dental health practitioner.

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Why Intimacy Is Great for Penis Health?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Why Intimacy Is Great for Penis Health?

When a man is thinking about getting it on, he might be thinking about the pleasure involved - but there are benefits to intimacy that go far beyond what he might experience during those moments of bliss. In fact, penis health is vastly improved by greater intimacy, as is overall health. Here are ten good reasons why a man should make intimacy a priority - and it goes well beyond simply looking toward good penis care.

1. Intimacy lowers blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that those who have regular relations with a partner also have much lower diastolic blood pressure than those who are not sexually active.

2. Aggressive intimacy burns calories. Want to burn at least 200 calories? A good romp in the sack can do it. Just make sure to keep going for more than 30 minutes or so to get the best benefits - something a partner probably will not mind at all!

3. Stress lowers, happiness goes up. Sexual activity releases endorphins and other great hormones that lower the levels of stress, thus lessening the debilitating effects of that stress. In turn, happiness levels rise.

4. Immunity gets better. Those who want a stronger immune system should aim to have sex at least once per week. During a good session, the body increases production of immunoglobulin A, which creates a healthier immune system and thus helps the body fight off diseases.

5. It's an antihistamine. Those who suffer from allergies or asthma sometimes find that a good romp will lead to much easier breathing. It's believed that the body releases natural antihistamines during intimacy, which leads to an easier time for the lungs.

6. Heart attacks are less likely. A British study found that those who have intimate relations with a partner at least twice per week are much less likely to suffer a heart attack. In addition, the activity keeps other cardiac issues at bay, such as high blood pressure (as previously mentioned).

7. Sex protects against prostate cancer. When it comes to penis health, there's no doubt that regular sex is best. Those who ejaculate at least 21 times per month have a much lower incidence of prostate cancer than those who get off about 7 times per month. If that fun is had with a partner, many other benefits come into play, so it's a good idea to get busy!

8. Sleep is much better. There has long been that old joke about a man getting off, rolling over and falling asleep almost immediately. There's actually some truth to that: an orgasm releases oxytocin, which induces sleepiness and makes it easier to relax. However, it's important to make sure that both partners have that same dose of oxytocin, so that one doesn't sleep while the other stays awake and annoyed.

9. Bonding and self-esteem increase. In the aftermath of sex, bonding between the two people involved tends to be heightened, thanks to the release of oxytocin. However, self-esteem also goes up. Whether it's from the bonding or from the sexual event itself, no one really knows - but it doesn't matter. It's still a good feeling that deserves to be repeated over and over!

10. It's a natural painkiller. The body releases endorphins during sex. These feel-good hormones can help alleviate pain. Those who suffer from headaches, arthritis, minor aches and pains and even women with menstrual cramps might notice that those aches go away during and after intimacy - and tend to stay away for quite some time.

To make the most of penis health and intimacy, a man wants to be prepared for anything. This can be assured by using a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A guy should look for a crème that contains L-arginine, an amino acid known for helping blood vessels dilate, which can in turn help with erections. A crème that contains vitamin C is helpful as well, as it provides the support for collagen that is necessary for optimum firmness.

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Eye Problems - Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

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Eye Problems - Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Eye irregularities are generally of two categories: infections or muscular incapacities. While a condition such as cataract is a growth and therefore an exception to the rule, it is none the less true that the majority of eye ailments are either of muscular or infectious origin. All infections treated at sanatorium received a general programme of therapy plus specific treatment for the area in which the infection was localized. The application of the anti-infection programme differed only in degree from one infection to another. The final aim always remained the same, the internal and external cleansing of the body.

C. K., a woman in her middle thirties, had, since childhood, been the victim of repeated eye infections. When she entered the sanatorium both eyes were severely affected, red-rimmed, containing a yellow discharge which encrusted upon the eyelids each night and made it impossible for her to open her eyes each morning without first wetting them and removing the caked discharge. The eyes were extremely sensitive to light and vision was markedly impaired. She was suffering from an advanced form of conjunctivitis (commonly called "pink-eye").

An eliminatory diet was ordered. During the first three days full (one quart at 8o°) enemas were ordered. These were later exchanged for small (a drinking glass full at 72 °) enemas taken each morning. A three-quarter (neck to thighs) pack was applied for half an hour each day followed by a hip-bath (86°). Hot baths and applications (96°) were applied each morning and throat and calf compresses before retirement. The eyes were bathed with cold (6o°) water every three hours each day. At the start of the second week, the eye infection cleared and several small boils appeared upon the back. The toxins had been forced into a new exit. The treatment was continued with cold (60 °) compresses applied to the boils, which opened quickly. C. K. was discharged after ten days with instructions to remain upon a non-stimulating diet and continue daily eye-baths and short sun-baths. That was twelve years ago and the condition has never returned.

Treatment for muscular incapacities differs greatly from that prescribed for infection. While eye-baths (60 °) are ordered for both, the treatment for muscular weaknesses would of course be aimed at strengthening and rebuilding the deteriorated muscle tissue. The major eye weaknesses that have become common with the general increase in detailed work, sewing, reading, etc., are the result of muscular irregularities. While the tendency towards shortened or stretched eye muscles can be inherited and exaggerated through improper eye care, this tendency can also be combated through a natural programme of eye care and strengthening.

The natural method for rebuilding weakened or strained eye muscles revolves around muscular exercise, rest and proper diet. The discovery that Vitamin A is a deterrent to night blindness and other eye disorders has caused some to turn to carrot juice and other foods rich in the A Vitamin as some cure-all for eye defects. Even if diet could be considered a cure-all (and nature indicates to us that diet is but one important component of a programme for natural health), it would still be a serious mistake to isolate one food value and turn to it as an answer to disease and decay. If the eye muscles have become weakened, they must be fed not only with Vitamin A, but with a balanced diet that also stresses the B Complex, that family of foods that protects and strengthens muscular and nerve tissue.

Rest and protection must be guaranteed for the eyes. Protecting the eyes involves such simple but basic steps as reading only under conditions that will not create an exaggerated amount of strain. Reading in itself is not a natural process, but the knowledge of mankind lies within the books of the libraries of the world and must be conserved and continued. This rather recent practice (reading is, at most, five thousand years old, while man has between five hundred thousand and a million years of history behind him) makes it necessary for all of us to take special precautions to protect our eye health. You know the proper method for reading but the question is how often you follow it. Do you make certain that there is enough light upon the page of your book before you begin to read? Do you hold the book at least two hand spans (fingers extended) from your eyes? Do you read from a sitting position, the book supported firmly in your hands to avoid constant motion of the reading matter upon which your eyes are focusing? If so, you are protecting your eyes. Reading without proper light; holding the reading matter immediately before your eyes so that they are forced constantly to strain the muscles for proper focus; reading in bed with the printed matter swaying and bobbing with each breath you take, thus forcing the eyes to focus and refocus a hundred times a minute, all of these are the stones that pave the road to impaired vision.

Providing the proper reading conditions and working conditions will not return the eyes to health once that health has been injured. Here diet, exercise and hygiene take over. Eye hygiene, as already stated, requires daily cold baths for the eyes. Frequent rest periods for the eyes, particularly during reading or close work, are also primary to their health. Do not wait for your eyes to tell you that they are tired. If your eyes signal through pain, watering or dizziness that they have been strained, then you have waited too long to supply needed rest. Make it a rule to rest your eyes at least twice a day under any circumstances. If you are reading or using your eyes for unusually close work, apply a half-hour rule to your programme of rest. Never work more than thirty minutes at a time without using the following simple steps for eye rest:

PALMING. Close both eyes and rest the palms of the hands lightly upon them. Slowly roll the eyes within the sockets in wide circles which take the eyeballs to the extreme walls, roof and floor of the eyes. Repeat this roll a dozen times or more.
MASSAGE. Following the palming with massage. While the eyes remain closed, place the thumb and forefinger of one hand upon the eyelids and rotate slowly with a gentle pressure that brings comforting relief.
CLAMPING. Now clamp the lids of your eyes together as tightly as you are able, and then open them wide. Repeat this lid exercise half a dozen times.
No matter what the condition of your eyes, this programme of relaxation is basic to protecting your sight. Where the eyes have already lost the muscular capacity to afford fine vision, you may be interested in the programme of exercise evolved. This programme was intended to strengthen the weakened muscles of the eyes and had, as its final aim, the elimination of glasses. But it must be explained that full sight could never be attained even with the programme applied at the sanatorium so long as the patient continued to depend upon glasses for visual support. If he or she was merely interested in stopping the loss of visual capacity, then it was possible to do so without removing the glasses. But where the patient was determined to return to a total state of eye health and full visual capacity it was necessary that the glasses be discarded before the programme was begun.

Sight Strengthening Programme

Diet and all of the components of natural lining must be observed. Cleanse the system; feed the body for health, not merely to satisfy taste buds. Sun, air, and natural baths must be a part of your daily life. These basic requirements satisfied the Sight Strengthening Programme may be applied. These exercises were prescribed twice daily at the sanatorium, on rising and prior to retiring for the night. The only piece of equipment used for these exercises consisted of a small card (about three inches square) upon which a black circle about the size of a sixpence had been drawn. Each exercise was applied first to one eye, while the other remained closed, then alternated and finally both eyes completed the exercise.

Holding the card a hand span (ten inches) from the eyes, the focus is drawn first to the black circle upon the card and then to an object five or more feet away. This shifting of focus is done quickly and repeated twenty times with each eye and twenty times with both. This motion from the near focal point upon the card to another at many times the distance strengthens the eye muscles through swift, vigorous action.
Holding the card one inch from the face and concentrating upon the black focal point, the card is moved from a point immediately above the eyes to one below the chin while each eye is alternately opened and moved from top to bottom in pursuit of the focal point. Twenty times for each eye and twenty for both is the minimal course of exercise.
Holding the card one inch from the face, it is moved from one side of the face to the other as the eyes are moved in changing focus with the card; ten times per eye and ten for both.
At a distance of six inches, the card is rotated five times clockwise and five counter-clockwise for each eye and the same for both.
At a distance of one inch, the card is moved from left side of forehead to right side of chin and then from right of chin to left of forehead, forming an X in the air, while the eyes, alternately and then together, move quickly in diagonal lines of pursuit.

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Masturbation and Camping: A Good Combo!

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Masturbation and Camping: A Good Combo!

Camping is one of the great joys of summer vacations (and, for the more adventurous, of vacations at any time of the year). Being out in the fresh air does wonders for a guy's spirit and outlook. Of course, all that fresh air may also inspire a guy to take things into his own hands and engage in some masturbation as well, which is good for his penis health. While masturbation is masturbation no matter where a guy is, there still are a few things he might want to take into consideration when self-gratifying while camping.


1. Be careful of mosquitoes. One of the big drawbacks of camping is the presence of way too many bugs - including pesky mosquitoes. Nobody likes the little bloodsuckers, and a guy really doesn't appreciate getting a mosquito bite on his manhood. (Guys have to deal with itchy penises often enough without mosquitoes adding to the problem!) But when pulling out the penis to masturbate, a guy is making it an easy target for a mosquito attack.

The problem is that the insect repellents are really too harsh to use on sensitive penis skin. In addition, many lotions men use for lubrication may contain a faint fragrance which can be a lure to mosquitoes. To be safer, masturbate inside a tent that has been well-sprayed for flying pests and properly zipped up and sealed. This can't eliminate the possibility of a bitten member, but it does decrease the risk.

Some guys also prefer to masturbate while tucked snugly inside a sleeping bag. (This is especially the case when camping with another guy and being hesitant about masturbating openly in front of them.) This is even better at keeping the manhood free from bites - but it does limit range of motion.

2. Outside is not necessarily alone. Often, a guy will take advantage of being in a woodsy area to masturbate quite openly outdoors. There definitely is a great appeal to this (mosquitoes aside), and when a guy knows for sure he is all alone and far from others, it can be quite an experience. However, it pays to be sure that he is really and truly alone; masturbating just down the path from other campers, for example, is a risky (and rude) activity.

3. Remember the shadows. Some guys don't care if people know about their masturbation habits, but others might be embarrassed by the family in the next campsite having knowledge of how they handle themselves. That's why it's good to remember that those lanterns many people hang in their tents sometimes cast big shadows. It might be worth it to turn out the lights if a guy plans on getting frisky with himself.

4. Get comfy. Sleeping bags are nice, but sometimes the solid ground underneath can be filled with rocks and ridges that cause discomfort - and can be distracting to a guy when he's just trying to get into himself. An air mattress not only makes masturbation more enjoyable, it makes sleeping much easier.

5. Remember the altitude. If going on for some really high altitude camping, remember that thin air can mean less oxygen - so guys shouldn't go overboard in how vigorous a masturbation session they engage in.

Keeping Penis Odor From Ruining a Date!

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Keeping Penis Odor From Ruining a Date!

A man getting ready for a date always goes through a mental checklist. Killer smile? Check. Shirt that proves he spends time at the gym? Check. Witty observations? Check. Ability to feign interest in rom coms? Check. Overwhelming penis odor? Check - unfortunately. Yes, many guys, even those who regularly engage in good penis health practices, are cursed with persistent penis odor.

Sure, that penis odor may be well disguised through most of the night. But if things go as planned and it comes time for slipping out of the pants and into bed, then suddenly that penis odor may make more of an impression than the erection from which it emanates.

Penis odor shouldn't put a quick end to an otherwise wonderful date. But what can a man do about it?


The first and most sensible thing a guy can do is to make sure he's practicing good penis hygiene. Unless a man is a nudist, his penis tends to be kept packed away underneath two layers of clothing - trousers and underwear. This creates a high heat situation which is exacerbated by the presence of a thick thatch of pubic hair, which acts as an insulator and creates more heat. It's no wonder that sweat develops on the penis, bringing with it the bacteria that causes penis odor. So being sure to wash the penis and surrounding area regularly and thoroughly is the first step in controlling an unwanted odor situation.

But there are other things to consider to help keep a date from ending with the unveiling of the manhood. These include:

- A quick scrub and change. Regular washing is important, but a guy with a consistent penis odor problem should visit the bathroom right before he plans on bringing out the equipment. A quick wash can eliminate some of the odor which may have developed on the date, and changing into a fresh pair of underwear will also help.

- Consider a shave. Manscaping is more and more common nowadays, and a guy with serious penis odor may want to give it a try. Shaving away the pubic hair takes away some of the insulation that produces odor-causing sweat. Also, with the hair gone, the sweat has fewer surfaces to cling onto and may drip further down and away from the penis.

- Go commando. Dispensing with underwear while on the actual date may not be a good idea, but regularly allowing the penis and balls to air out is an excellent way to help diminish unwanted stench. Many men find that sleeping in the buff does the trick for them. If that isn't possible, spending an hour or so naked each day is advised for men with persistent odor issues.

- Watch the diet. Different bodies metabolize foods differently, but there are some foods that tend to produce a strong odor when they leave the body through urine or sweat, such as asparagus, broccoli and red meat. Tuna, garlic and onions are often associated with more pungent sweat. That doesn't mean a man has to avoid these altogether, but he may want to moderate his intake or avoid them the day of the big date.

- Regularly apply a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to fight penis odor and save a date. Not just any crème will do, of course. Be sure to select one that includes vitamin A among its ingredients. Also known as retinol, vitamin A is a natural antibacterial agent that can help eliminate the bacteria that causes penis odor to thrive. The crème should also include moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E. Frequent washing to eliminate odor can also eliminate the oils that keep the skin properly hydrated, so using moisturizing agents can help fight dry, patchy skin from developing.

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How To Get Stronger Erections - Follow These 2 Rules!

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How To Get Stronger Erections - Follow These 2 Rules!

Have you ever suffered from bouts of erection issues in the bedroom? When you're experiencing problems achieving or maintaining an erection, nothing will comfort you. A man wants to satisfy their partner in the bedroom and a woman would like a man with a strong erection for sexual satisfaction. In this article, find out everything you need to know to keep a strong erection. Nearly 30 million men in America are estimated to experience some form of erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction - They Are Easy To Identify:

1. You are no longer able to get or maintain an erection. 
2. Your erections may not be so hard as they used to be. 
3. You may experience less sexual desire. 
4. You may experience symptoms for a few days or weeks and then matters resolve.

If your ED does not or comes back, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can affect a man at any age. However, the problem becomes more common as you grow older. Erection troubles can be caused by an emotional or physical problem or a combination of factors. This issue is generally caused by the lack of blood flow to the manhood necessary to achieve and maintain an erection. Physical causes are more common in older men. Emotional issues are typically the cause of ED in younger men. Research shows that men with erection issues can reverse their problem without medication.

1. Get Help With Your Weight

Obesity is one of the main causes for erection troubles in males. Maintaining a trim waistline is a good solution for ED and even good prevention. Men with a larger waist are 50 percent more likely to have ED than those with a smaller waistline. Losing some weight may be one of the best solutions to restore your sex life. Nearly half of the men that take part in weight-loss studies regain normal sexual function. You do not need to rely on any medications to achieve the weight loss. Instead, just consume fewer calories each day and increase your weekly physical activity. Luckily all men have to do is walk, not even run each day. This alone can be very beneficial for men who are looking to overcome ED and improve general health.

2. Eating Bananas For Potassium

A deficiency in potassium can cause weakness in the penile muscle which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Add such foods as bananas in your daily diet and stay away from foods that can affect your sexual health such as junk foods, particularly fast and processed foods. Getting enough potassium is great for your heart and circulation. Getting sufficient potassium helps keep your sodium levels under control and also stops your blood pressure from getting too high.

Eating a healthy diet containing foods low in sugar and fat will help erectile dysfunction. In fact the best natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and sometimes more effective than medication is proper diet. This will need to include the essential super foods that naturally relax blood vessels to enhance blood flow and decrease inflammation inside the body.

Men can judge themselves pretty harshly when it comes to their sex life. The fear of not being able to perform can develop into a recurring nightmare for men and often feels like failure and loss of masculinity. The good news is that men who lose weight, exercise more and include more nutrients in their diet may experience better sex life, self-esteem and improved emotional health. These can be great things if you're looking how to get stronger erections without using any pills.

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7 Situations That Ruin a Couple's Sex Life and How to Overcome Them!

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7 Situations That Ruin a Couple's Sex Life and How to Overcome Them!

Many times sexuality succumbs negatively when a relationship of couple stabilizes. If the above is added to the coexistence, the problems of the day to day and the arrival of the children, the result may be discouraging. But there are certain measures that can be taken to come out gracefully.

Having a stable, healthy and happy partner relationship is not easy, and sexuality is also part of this challenge, since it is no surprise to anyone that the routine, the monotony and the lack of novelty in the encounter and even the sensations of being with the other, slowly advancing and diminishing sexual desire.

However, this hopeless perspective changes when couples understand that the sexual desire of the onset is transformed over time and when the relationship stabilizes. In this way, sex becomes an aspect that the couple must keep healthy, satisfying and entertaining.

Magdalena Rivera, medical surgeon and sexologist of medical sex Center, delivers a vision and solution for some of the most common challenges that stable couples must face in the sexual arena.

1. Being too tired to have relationships

  • Fatigue is one of the most common aspects that appear in a stable couple that also coexist. To this, winter can make it difficult due to low temperatures. Now we must also recognize that this does not usually happen at the beginning of a relationship.
  • With regard to this, the specialist indicates that "at the beginning of the relationship there is a high level of infatuation," so even if there is a high level of activity or the couple is tired, it is so much what happens at the biochemical level, and it is so much novelty, that the same sexual stimulus manages to go through all that. "But once the couple is already stable, the fatigue and routine of daily life begins to rise."
  • "The solution is often not so simple because it involves changing the lifestyle," to find more time available: time to share in pairs, to converse, to go out together, to be without pressure, and it is very probable that in those free times, desire and eroticism emerge again, he adds.
  • "With so many things to do in the day, the hours of transport," children, there are people who work and study, then there is no time for sexual activity and you do not have to wait until the last minute, at 10 pm when the two are tired, or this can happen, but when you are in full love ", Rivero points out.
  • Now, another way to shake off all this is to "schedule" between the two or the sexual encounters. "While spontaneity is right, it happens that many times if a space is not programmed for the sexual encounter, that space may not exist." Programming it is a good idea, says the specialist.

2. Sex has ceased to be of interest, it is not priority

  • Suddenly having sex is not what moves the relationship, in fact, there are thousands of other things that begin to take more importance, such as working, paying bills, paying debts, fulfilling social commitments, solving problems; etc.
  • "What happens is that sex is no longer the same novelty as in the beginning." There are couples who get monotonous. And if you are interested in reviving sexual life, a good option is to start thinking about those things that interested you at the beginning of the relationship and see how to innovate and look for time, "Rivera says.
  • Parejapareja
  • Now, it is important to emphasize that separating some aspects one thing is that maybe the sexual frequency goes down, but another very different one is that the kisses, the caresses, the hugs and all physical and affectionate contact also disappear, because it is impossible to think that some space will be given for intimacy when there is no type of intimate contact.

3. You have sex, but do not feel connection

  • It may be that a couple has opted to schedule their sexual encounters or even have a high sexual frequency. However, at the time of the encounter both or one of the two may feel that there is no longer a connection and that the act is rather mechanical.
  • "In this case, we would have to see what is going on in the relationship of partner and not only in the sexual sphere, when there are unresolved conflicts or other problems, sexually it costs that there is more connection", says the expert.
  • "Look into the eyes, give yourself time, try to relax and propitiate the spaces of intimacy and not just sexual." Sometimes couples only talk about the everyday and do not know what the other is, all this serves to make more connection in sex, he advises.
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Do Cell Phones Contribute to Loss in Potency?

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Sexologist, Delhi
Do Cell Phones Contribute to Loss in Potency?

People are vastly uncertain about the idea.

Does a cell phone in my denims affect my fertility?

Results of a recently conducted study reveal that if men kept their cell phones in their pockets during daytime, potency was seriously affected in nearly 47% of cases!

And the stat is alarming.

If a man uses a cell phone for as little as an hour a day, it could result in lowering sperm levels significantly.

The study even shows that if the cell phone is close to the testicles, or within 1 or 2 feet of the body, it can lower sperm count to a level that conceiving could be difficult.

One of the basic ways of overcoming the problem is that if one wears a suit to work, he should put the mobile phone in his jacket pocket instead of trousers. So this would prevent the sperm count from dropping, or dropping too much!

  • Yet another important revealing from the study is that using a cell phone affects the fertility in just 11% of cases, but when the phone is close to testicles, fertility could be affected in as much as 47% of cases.
  • Let's quickly run through some of the key findings of the study. A team of doctors monitored over a 100 men who attended a fertility clinic for a year.
  • As per Professor Martha Dirnfeld from Technion University, the doctors analyzed the count of active swimming sperm and also the quality. Sperms showed some depreciation on these parameters.
  • The professor further explained that the underlying cause seemed to be heating of the sperm by the cell phone, and also the electromagnetic activity.
  • Results of the study reveal that some of the other actions which could be detrimental for sperm health are speaking on the phone while it was charging and keeping it only a few centimeters from the bed.
  • One could go through the findings of the study in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine. These form a very clear link between dropping fertility rates in men and use of cell phones.
  • Dropping fertility rates in men are critical in nearly 40% of cases wherein couples have a difficulty in conceiving.
  • In case of women, Professor Martha Dirnfield expressed that since women don't carry their mobile phones on them, there is a reason to believe that the phones won't affect their fertility.
  • However for men, not keeping the phone on the bedside table, and avoiding keeping it in shorts or pyjamas pockets could act as the first step towards rectification of the problem.
  • A discussion with experts in the field reveals that this is likely to be more of a problem when we take younger men into consideration. If a couple is trying to conceive and the problems persist for over a year, then this just might come across as an issue which might need to be looked into!
  • Stay-On Capsules are a miracle of Ayurveda delivered to your home in a safe and secure packaging. While being very effective for ensuring sexual well being and letting you get over sexual dysfunctions, Stay-On Power capsules are 100% herbal and free from all side effects.

What's Causing That Fishy Penis Odor?

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What's Causing That Fishy Penis Odor?

Every man is accustomed to the occasional penis odor issue. It usually happens after a sweaty workout, first thing in the morning after a night of enjoyment, or even after a long day at the office. A quick wash and some good penis care usually take care of the problem. However, some men deal with a strong fishy penis odor, one that seems to come back no matter what they do. There could be some very clear reasons for this particular odor, and the good news is that proper treatment and care can help ensure it does go away - for good.

What causes that fishy penis odor?

Men who notice that penis odor has gotten out of control might want to consider more serious conditions that could be causing the problem.

1. Urinary tract infections. When a man has a UTI, he will likely notice the big three symptoms first: Painful urination, an urgency to urinate even if there is no urine to come out, and a feeling that the bladder isn't empty even after urination. But then there is the smell, which is usually a very strong-smelling urine with somewhat of a fishy odor. This indicates infection in the urinary tract. A bit of that urine left on the penis and surrounding area can lead to an overwhelming stench. The good news is that antibiotics can clear a UTI up quite nicely.

2. Yeast infections. Though this is often something that happens to women, men can certainly develop yeast infections as well. The telltale signs include itching, swelling and redness of the penis, as well as a discharge that might look like thin cottage cheese. The scent is often strongly fishy, leading to overwhelming penis odor that won't go away, no matter how good a man's penis care might be. Antifungal medications help with this; though they are usually topical, some medications can be taken orally.

3. Bacterial infections. A wide variety of bacterial infections can lead to fishy penis odor. These infections are often shared between a man and his partner, so if she winds up with some sort of unpleasant infection, he is likely to have it too. They can also pass the infection between the two of them, so it is important for both to be treated, even if one partner has no symptoms.

4. Buildup of smegma. Sometimes men will notice a buildup of white film on their penis, especially around the head. This is known as smegma, and it's made up of dead skin cells, skin oils and other substances on the body. Bacteria can easily get a foothold here and grow fast, which means a fishy penis odor is likely to emanate from any area that has a smegma buildup. Excellent hygiene can prevent the problem from getting worse and can stop the penis odor in its tracks.

How to alleviate fishy penis odor

In addition to getting checked out by a physician and taking any medications for infections as directed, a man can take special penis care steps at home to alleviate or diminish that rank odor.

1. Wash at least once a day. Good hygiene is key to ensuring that typical penis odor doesn't occur. It's also a great way to catch other problems, such as an infection, before it can really get a foothold and wreak havoc with a man's private life.

2. Take all medications as directed. Sometimes a man will seek out treatment for a problem, but stop taking his medications as soon as he feels better. This is a bad idea! By stopping treatment too soon, the infection can come back and this time, it can be even worse. Always finish the full course of treatment.

3. Go with a great crème. A man trying to alleviate fishy penis odor can reach for a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should look for one that contains vitamin A, also known as retinol. This vitamin has antibacterial properties that are known for stopping penis odor at the source.

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Testosterone Levels and Sex Drive!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Seven Ways to Improve Your Testosterone Levels and Sex Drive!

If you are exhausted, fatigued and just lost interest in things that used to be of interest to you, you may be surprised that it may not be because you got up on the wrong side of the bed or have just been having a rough week. The symptoms that you are experiencing may be rooted in a problem that you least suspect and may boil down to your hormones being out of balance. Huh, wait... who are we speaking about exactly here because usually when we talk about hormones we speak about women right?

Intuitively, when we think about the subject of hormones, we may think immediately of women and that being out of balance means being bloated, moody, angry and suffering from PMS. No offense at all to women but this is the misconception. But women aren't the only ones who find themselves with this internal chemical up and down swing.

Not only can women experience imbalanced hormones but men as well. Chemicals and their reactions are responsible for many states and conditions in our minds and bodies. One particular powerful type is called androgens. These are hormones that are secreted in men and to a lesser extent women, that produce the sexual and other characteristics (i).

Testosterone is one of three of those androgens. While both men and women have these androgens, the more familiar and probably more potent one in men is testosterone and in women it is estrogen but both have quantities of each in varying amounts.

We are a sum of many different things including the chemicals and hormones operating in our bodies. And men too can be impacted in their effectiveness, strength and vitality based on those levels.

When it comes to men, testosterone is king so to speak; a veritable superhuman element to our minds and bodies. It is produced in the testes in men and the ovaries in women and brings about the secondary sexual characteristics. It is responsible for the growth of facial hair, the deepening of the voice, the changes in a boys musculature and bone mass, height, weight and strength differences and yes, sexual libido (ii).

But they say that you never miss the water until the well runs dry. These hormones and their reactions may be the last thing from our minds but they may also be the root of the way that we feel. Whether you know it or not, extremely low levels, can result in depression, poor concentration, fatigue, poor memory, decreased sex drive, diabetes and obesity (iii). Even low cognitive performance can be traced to it.

In fact 40-50% of men that suffer from low testosterone also suffer from diabetes and 52-79% of men dealing with it are obese (iii). So your hormonal health is definitely something to consider when you are trying to understand what's going on with your body and how you feel.

Low testosterone can occur for a number of reasons. After the age of 30 and even earlier for some men, it begins to decrease. It may also be a case of hypogonadism where the testes do not produce enough testosterone. Other issues may be medications, diseases and illness, obesity and aging. Other reasons for low testosterone can be many including too much stress, too much exercise without the appropriate rest, xenoestrogens from our environment, drugs and even the use of certain electronic devices -- your doctor is the best one to help you determine what is going on.

But one of the ways that we recognize quickly that something is wrong if you choose to self diagnose, is when there are issues with our libido, strength and vitality.

In many cases to combat low testosterone levels, some men do testosterone replacement therapy. There are creams, gels, patches, injections and more that can be prescribed by your doctor where the level of testosterone is increased from sources outside of the body.

This is similar to what body builders do when seeking to increase the amount of testosterone in the body to gain additional muscle mass. The exogenous (or outside of the body) chemical steroid is used and allows them to recover faster from strenuous workouts and achieve better gains.

Some users of the exogenous methods see vast improvement. There are also other methods that have actually been studied and claim to produce improvements in testosterone. Some may work but others may simply be better for your libido but not necessarily getting you out of a testosterone deficiency. But do your research if you decide to use an exogenous means. Some types of testosterone therapy can increase the risk of prostate cancer development and growth.

For those of you that seek to improve your hormonal health there are some natural means that can help boost testosterone levels before you consider a pill or injection. These may be the answer and have been proven to be effective in restoring levels to normal. And here they are:


Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a day. Testosterone is actually released and is highest during specific times when the body enters deep REM sleep.


This helps release testosterone and human growth hormone within the body.


Helps the body to assimilate food and nutrients better and makes it more efficient in the production of testosterone as well.


The body releases chemicals that actually help convert testosterone into a type of estrogen which further leads to weight gain and other issues.


These can be found in products we use like the lining of foods and beverage containers, plastics, certain foods containing pesticides. Try to eat organic and reduce the use of these items.


Eat a diet rich in nuts, fruits, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables. They contain good fats and nutrients that help in the production of the testosterone


Take vitamins and make sure that you are getting vitamin D3 and vitamin A. This helps in the production of testosterone.

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PGAD Can Lead to a Sore Penis!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
PGAD Can Lead to a Sore Penis!

Many men dream of sporting a constant erection as proof of their virility, but as men who have experienced priapism know, an erection that goes on for too long results in a sore penis -and can be dangerous to penis health as well. Similarly, men who experience the condition known as PGAD know that a sore penis - and many other issues - can result from being in too heightened a state of arousal too frequently.

What is PGAD?

PGAD is short for persistent genital arousal disorder and is also sometimes known as RGS (for restless genital syndrome). It's a relatively new condition (or, to be more accurate, it has only in recent years been given an official name) and there are some who dispute whether it is an actual medical condition.

So what is it? Basically, it's exactly what the name suggests: a feeling of sexual excitement in the genitals that is long-lasting and recurrent. In other words, in a man it means he has long stretches during which he is in a heightened state of arousal even in the absence of sexual thoughts or desires. Most often in men, it includes the presence of an intense erection, often painfully erect. In cases in which the erection wanes, the penis still feels a sense of throbbing or sensitivity.

PGAD was described in women before men, possibly due to the societal view of men as being "always ready" for sex.

Is it hypersexuality?

Some think PGAD is simply another way of describing hypersexuality, an overactive sex drive. But the key difference is that PGAD often occurs when there is no active interest in sex on the part of the affected individual. For example, a man may be working feverishly to finish a deadline project, but experience an intense arousal which creates a sore penis that keeps him from working. This is different from a case of hypersexuality, where thoughts of sexual activity are the reason for the state of arousal which gets in the way of his work.


Men with PGAD often find themselves masturbating or engaging in sex, not because they feel driven to by their desires, but because achieving release may be the only thing that grants relief - although that relief is often only temporary. Thus a man with PGAD may end up masturbating several times a day in order to relieve the discomfort. And often the frequent masturbating can make the sore penis feel worse.


Very little is known at this time about PGAD, and so doctors don't really know what might be causing it. It seems, however, that it is a neurosensory issue; something makes the nerves in the penis even more heightened and sensitive than they are normally.


Other than engaging in sex (alone or with a partner) frequently, is there anything a man with PGAD can do? Again, because the condition is so poorly understood, treatment options are still being determined. Among the common medications used are certain antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, and drugs that increase the hormone prolactin. Relaxation therapies sometimes provide relief, as does applying ice packs to the sore penis.

PGAD is fortunately a rare disorder, but a sore penis can occur in any man for a number of reasons. That is one reason why having on hand and regularly using a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is so valuable. Often that soreness relates to raw, dry penis skin, so a crème that contains both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) can help moisturize and soothe that skin. Penis skin is also strengthened if the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that is superb at fighting the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage sensitive penis skin.

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Penis Pain: Fixed Drug Eruption or STI?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Pain: Fixed Drug Eruption or STI?

When a man experiences some penis pain and then discovers a sore on his manhood, he may become anxious for his penis health. After all, doesn't that situation seem like it could be describing an STI? Certainly, it must be some health issue, but it could be due to a different cause, such as a fixed drug eruption. Learning the characteristics of certain penis health issues can help ease a man's worries until he can visit a doctor and get an informed and definitive answer.

What is a fixed drug eruption?

Essentially, a fixed drug eruption is a way of describing a specific allergic reaction to a particular drug. When a person takes a medication to which they are allergic, it may cause a reaction in one of several ways (itching, hives, sneezing, etc). With a fixed drug eruption, it means that a round or oval shaped lesion will appear. Typically, it is reddish in color although it may shade into brown or purple. The lesion will usually turn into an ulcer, which is tender to the touch.

When the fixed drug eruption appears on the manhood, it usually is accompanied by some penis pain, itching or burning; the burning sensation is more likely to occur during urination.

Although many fixed drug eruptions occur within a day or two of taking a drug, in some cases it may be up to two weeks before lesions appear. Ceasing the drug that causes the eruption may cause the sore to go away; in other cases, steroids may be recommended.


That description sounds an awful lot like an STI, at least on the surface. And because it is crucial to correctly identify causes of penis health issues, it's important that a physician be consulted to verify exactly why this lesion has occurred. However, that said, there are some reasons why this description indicates a fixed drug eruption rather than certain STIs.

- Syphilis. Take syphilis, for example. One of the most-feared social diseases, syphilis causes about 100,000 deaths worldwide each year - and newly infects about 6,000,000 people annually. One of the most common clinical characteristics of syphilis is a lesion on the penis. However, that lesion is typically much "harder" than the one involved in a fixed drug eruption. Additionally, penis pain is not a common characteristic with syphilis.

- Herpes. Genital herpes are also characterized with lesions; however, with herpes, the sores tend to be smaller and more numerous. They also tend to cluster, whereas fixed drug eruption lesions (when they are multiple) may not appear in an obvious grouping. The herpes lesions are also not pigmented in the same way. There is, however, a similar tendency to penis pain and itching.

- Chancroid. Chancroid is a penis health concern not just for itself but because it can also make a person more vulnerable to HIV infection. With chancroid, the ulcer can be more painful than with a fixed drug eruption. The coloration is much different, typically yellowish-gray, and turning to black when tissue cell destruction is complete. In addition, swelling of lymph nodes can create a swollen and sore area in the midsection.

- Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea often presents with no symptoms; however, when it does, ulcers are not among its common symptoms.

Once a physician has determined the cause of the sore, proper treatment can be initiated.

Whether caused by a fixed drug eruption or other causes, penis pain is not something most men look forward to. Keeping the member healthy through the daily use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help with normal penis pain situations. A crème with soothing moisturizing abilities is especially desirable, so select one with both a high-end emollient (think Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E is good). In addition, it pays to find a crème with vitamin D, the so-called miracle vitamin, which is beneficial for fighting diseases and improving cellular function.

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