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Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health....more
Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.
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..... is known for housing experienced Psychiatrists. Dr. Norman, a well-reputed Psychiatrist, practices in new delhi. Visit this medical health centre for Psychiatrists recommended by 88 patients.


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13 Symptoms Of Alzheimer's!

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
13 Symptoms Of Alzheimer's!

With age, most body organs begin to deteriorate in their function. This happens to the brain also, thereby reducing the overall speed of functioning of most organs. While slowing of bodily movement is visible, the internal organs functioning also slows down, which is not that obvious. Memory loss or dementia is one of the main manifestations of this degeneration of the brain.

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, and the associated symptoms includes reduced reasoning abilities and cognitive defects. Though it is seen only in the elderly, not all elderly people will have Alzheimer’s. The overall quality of life of the affected person is reduced with difficulty remembering things that were recently learned. It is a progressive disease and as it gets more severe, a full-time caretaker may be required.

Causes: The brain cells are affected by protein masses known as plaques and tangles. These hamper the way communication between the brain cells happens as well as affect nutrition from reaching all parts of the brain. This leads to shrinking of the brain, eventually leading to memory loss and other problems. There is also a strong genetic linkage, as most people with Alzheimer’s have the lipoprotein A gene.

Symptoms: Though memory loss is the most common symptom, there are other symptoms:

  1. Being confused about places, people, and times
  2. Inability to find the right words during conversations
  3. Regular objects are misplaced
  4. Becoming irritable, (in someone who was not so previously)
  5. Mood swings
  6. Personality changes
  7. Inability to organise thoughts
  8. Not able to make the right decisions
  9. Repetitive talks and actions
  10. Forgetfulness (not something the person always does)
  11. Difficulty with numbers (again, not something calculations
  12. Difficulty managing everyday tasks and minor problems
  13. Suspicion of others (like immediate family members and friends)

Risk factors: While age is definitely a risk factor, the fact that not all aged people develop Alzheimer’s is to be borne in mind. Other risk factors include the history of stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressurediabetessmokingobesity, and poor lifestyle choices.

Diagnosis: While there is no definitive way to diagnose Alzheimer’s, symptoms along with brain scans and neuropsychological function testing are useful ways to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment: This is aimed at two things reducing the rate of disease progression and treat (or reverse) symptoms if possible.

Cholinesterase inhibitors improve cellular communication in the brain and also manage depression and agitation. Memantine is used to slow the pace of disease progression.
In people with the disease, small changes are useful to help them with the symptoms. These include keeping essential things like keys and wallet in the same place, keep a daily diary to help them remember things, keep pictures of friends and family within visible distance. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist.

Mindset and mood are Directly related with Praana Vaayu

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), cRAV, CKS
Ayurveda, Amritsar
Mindset and mood are Directly related with Praana Vaayu

Praana vaayu in human body is responsible for performing many vital functions. One of them is our intelligence. So mind related issues are directly related to dis-order of praana vaayu.

Signs of dis-ordered praana vaayu.

1. Anger
2. Stress & depression
3. Unable to forgive anyone
4. Confused state of mind.
5. Loss of joy in life
6. Week memory 
7. Sudden mood alterations
8. Head ache after having mental exercise
9. Over blinking of eyes
10. Always in seek of company (uncomfortable if stayed alone)

How to cure prana-vaayu.

1. Getting up early before sun rise is must to cure praana vaayu disorder.

2. Atleast 48 mins in morning should be given daily for deep breathing, walk, praanayam or yog.

3. Nasya (nasal adminstration) of luke warm cow's ghee is very effective in recovering all praana vaayu dis-orders.

4. Fresh n healthy food should be consumed (canned- packed should never be consumed)

5. Keep body hyderated drink adequate amount of water.

6. Spices, excessive salt, fried, non-veg, mashroom, alcohol, tobacco harm praana-vaayu.

7. Keeping anger in mind for a person, community or anyone will never let you heal. Forgiveness is the only key to happiness.


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Dear Doctor, its 5 am in the morning I am writing to you. I am an engineering student, Age 26, Unmarried, No record of mental illness or any other health issues in the past. Doctor, from last one week I am facing some difficulties in my thoughts. I just keep thinking myself in a hypothetical situation about anything or everything that is never gonna happen at all. It happens even when I am with my friends or in class or during dinner or while working, I don’t think I have situation where I don’t get these thoughts. I tried to keep myself busy but they (thoughts) are still with me. Initially I thought it was due to lack of sleep, but very soon I got that I keep thinking even in the sleep too, means in last week I never got a deep sleep like before. Doctor, I am not a continuous smoker but I smoke. Before yesterday, last time I smoked was 2 months back and I don’t have thought about tea, coffee, drinks (alcohol) or any other drugs. What actually made me panic is yesterday after noon I had a tea and smoked a cigarette. After that my mind is functioning well. I got a good sleep of 4 hours and as of now no issue of thoughts. 15 days back went to meet my parents (after 14 months). Where my mom used to give me the tea every day (2 times a day for 8 days), (I am telling it because I don’t have habit of tea or coffee and usually when I have a tea or coffee it’s difficult for me to sleep but in my home it was normal, even after having tea for 2 times my sleep was good and I don’t have a clue why) So doctor tell me now, What actually happening to me? Am I addicted tea in that short time? Or something wrong with my mind? I need to have this tea? Or smoke? (doctor I don’t want to be a slave of tea or smoke)

General Physician,
Dear Doctor, its 5 am in the morning I am writing to you.
I am an engineering student, Age 26, Unmarried, No record o...
Hello, Thanks for your query on Lybrate "As" per your clinical history is concerned please follow like this - 1) Do complete blood count with differential and check your TSH 2) Do a psychological evaluation by your clinical psychologist to rule out Depression 3) Discuss with your treating Doctor about SSRI like sertraline and take it regularly. Do follow preventive steps like this - 1) Make a plan to reduce stress Do Yoga & Meditations 2) Do regular exercise and eat fruits and vegetables in your diet .Add a multivitamin caps Rejuvit Plus at bed time. 3) Make a plan for sleep 10 PM-8 AM 4) Get medical checkups, and see your provider if you don’t feel right. Calculate your scale. 5) Try to avoid alcohol and illicit drugs Hope that helps.
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My child is 15 years old. Very good in studies but since 1 year lost concentration in studies no interest in studies, not listening to parents, negative thoughts, friendship with not studious children, etc. Pls help.

Ayurveda, Ujjain
Change food habits add in your daily food calcium vitamins protein green vegitabale salad etc. Give him TejRas syrup 2 spoon in morning after lunch end dinner.
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I am 37 years old male I am taking a medicine name daxid. 50 for depression and anxiety I want a permanent solution how I can get rid from this problem.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
I am 37 years old male I am taking a medicine name daxid. 50 for depression and anxiety I want a permanent solution h...
Good morning, Usually, ​antidepressant treatment lasts for about 6 months and to get optimum benefit dose optimization needs to be done during each check-up with your psychiatrist. While I am not sure about the psychiatrist that you have been consulting and what they have in mind for you, you should speak with them about your concerns. I also believe that you should be able to consult with and take a second opinion for your problems on this forum if you wish to do so. Look forward to hearing from you. If you need help with booking an appointment online with me on this website either text, audio or video appointment for a confidential and private consultation you may do so by contacting the help desk of Lybrate.
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I am getting lost my memory .Please tell me best medicine for me and I don't sleep well.

MD Hom., Certificate in Food and Nutrition, BHMS, Diploma In Yoga, PGDM
Homeopath, Indore
For good sleep, just try out these simple ways - 1. Stick to a sleep schedule- Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends to no more than one hour. Being consistent reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle. If you don't fall asleep within about 20 minutes, leave your bedroom and do something relaxing. Read or listen to soothing music. Go back to bed when you're tired. Repeat as needed. 2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink - Don't go to bed hungry or stuffed. In particular, avoid heavy or large meals within a couple of hours of bedtime. Your discomfort might keep you up. Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol deserve caution, too. 3. Create a restful environment - Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens just before bedtime. Consider using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs. Doing calming activities before bedtime, such as taking a bath or using relaxation techniques, might promote better sleep. 4. Limit daytime naps - Long daytime naps can interfere with nighttime sleep. If you choose to nap, limit yourself to up to 30 minutes and avoid doing so late in the day. 5. Include physical activity in your daily routine - Regular physical activity can promote better sleep 6. Manage worries - Try to resolve your worries or concerns before bedtime. Stress management might help. Start with the basics, such as getting organized, setting priorities and delegating tasks. Meditation also can ease anxiety. Identifying and treating any underlying causes can help you get the better sleep you deserve. Take medicine, Passiflora Q, 20 drops in half cup of water, 2 hours before your normal sleeping time and for memeory take brahmi Q 10 drops in half cup of water twice a day If above things doesn't help you, then consult us for homeopathic medicines.
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I am unable to feel free and happy because my competitive exams went bad .It is hard to focus on anything .I am unable to think freely .There is always a thought in my mind that I could do better .It is so hurting .Please give some solutions to overcome this.

Ayurveda, Thrissur
I am unable to feel free and happy because my competitive exams went bad .It is hard to focus on anything .I am unabl...
Competitive exam is not the end of the world. I do t think the world needs more doctors and engineers. Look into yourself and find what you are best at .and jut flow your instincts. There much more jobs that have good pay and opportunities. Check with hospital management. Career in hotel management cooking and catering. Interior designing. And many many more. There you have a job in any part of the world is more fun to do with. Don't look back .look ahead and there is much more in more to do. U just definitely google on career opportunities. Some day are bad and some days are good .u just had a bad day. And it's over. Wake up .look bright and move ahead.
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My father is feeling body pain, heavy head and burning eyes ,when he wakes up in the morning he feels ache in back ,legs and hands. What should i do?

Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, MPT, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
My father is feeling body pain, heavy head and burning eyes ,when he wakes up in the morning he feels ache in back ,l...
You need to improve the tone of the muscles in a rhythmical manner. If you do that with proper diet restriction nothing will happen to you. Body pain is there after gym activity due to tiredness and you need to consume good protein and iron diet in your body which will help you to break the fatigue and body pain. You have to reduce the weight by walking minimum 3-4 kms per day. Slowly reduce the weight and slowly avoid adding salt in the diet which will help you to prevent water retention in the body. Excess salt in general leads to water in the body which might be the reason for you legs to pain as the leg will automatically become oedematous.
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Aged 31. Going to marry in april. I am very short temper. So getting angry very quickly. So am worried when I think about my future. So many questions are playing in mind. Please suggest me what should I do?

Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS), in yoga and naturopathy, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Ayurveda, Delhi
Hi Lybrate user, regular exercise, yoga and pranayama will help you add more fruits and vegges to your diet because diet is also one of the factor in short temper avoid hot spicy food for a while Take a few moments to collect your thoughts before saying anything — and allow others involved in the situation to do the same. Give yourself short breaks during times of the day that tend to be stressful When you become angry, try visualizing a place where you feel happy and calm. Take deep breaths, and repeat a word. Continue it until you feel like you have control over your anger. If your temper mostly flares with the same person, try speaking to them differently to help make your point Listening to music while you do unpleasant tasks can help reduce and prevent any feelings of anger.
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