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Vernon Advenced Hair Transplant Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. R.Brahmananda Reddy, a well-reputed Obesity Specialist, Botox, Chin Augumentation (Mentoplasty), Facelift, Chemcial Peel, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermatosurgeon, Dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Dermatopathologist , practices in Hyderabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 79 patients.

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  • Diploma In Dermatology, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine
    Obesity Specialist, Botox, Chin Augumentation (Mentoplasty), Facelift, Chemcial Peel, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermatosurgeon, Dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Dermatopathologist
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  • Diploma In Dermatology, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine
    Can stress really cause hair fall?

    You must have noticed the fact that when you are stressed, you experience a bunch of other physical problems too!

    Fatigue, lack of concentration, and headache among others are some of the symptoms you may experience when under stress. But, did you know that the culprit behind your constant hair fall may also be stress? yes, stress can be held responsible for hair loss, but hair loss caused by it is not permanent and can be prevented easily.

    Why stress causes hair fall?

    Studies reveal that physical stress or trauma sometimes disturbs the hormonal balance of the body, which eventually leads to hair loss. This is caused due to a disturbance created in your natural hair growth and rest cycle. Generally, the human scalp consists of 80 to 90 percent of actively growing hair follicles. The remaining 10 to 20 percent hair follicles lie in the resting phase. Stress interferes with this natural balance of hair growth and may give rise to a temporary period of hair loss.

    Which stress triggers can cause hair fall?

    Contrary to the popular misconception, mild stress caused due to everyday happenings does not generally lead to hair fall. Long term stress caused due to important life events like pregnancy, a major physical injury, chronic illness, chronic emotional stress, a significant surgical procedure to name a few may lead to hair loss. Moreover chronic stress experienced due to a disturbed relationship, troubles at workplace, and financial problems are also known to contribute to hair fall.

    Which types of hair loss may be triggered by stress?

    High stress levels are known to be the cause behind the following types of hair loss:

    ? telogen effluvium: when your stress level reaches a significant point, it affects your hair growth by increasing the number of hair follicles in resting stage. If stressful conditions prevail for a few months, you may experience hair loss even while just combing or washing your hair.

    ? alopecia areata: there are numerous causes of the condition alopecia areata, stress being one of them. This condition results in hair loss due to the immune system attacking the hair follicles, thinking of them as foreign and harmful invaders.

    How to prevent hair loss due to stress?

    In most cases it has been observed that hair loss caused by stress is temporary and reduces once the person is free from severe stress or trauma. With diminishing stress levels, the body functions normally, causing the hair growth cycle and hormonal balance to return back to normalcy, in turn minimising hair fall.

    Hair loss due to stress may be easily prevented by bringing few changes in your lifestyle, which will keep your body fit and healthy. The following steps can be taken to regulate your stress levels and keep hair loss at bay:

    - plan your diet in such a way so that it contains vegetables, fruits and proteins in ample amount.

    - take proper care of your hair, especially during and after using styling products.

    - try to keep yourself relaxed in all situations. You can opt for techniques like deep breathing or meditation to do so.

    - have an active social life and interact more with family and friends to keep stress away.

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  • Dr. R.Brahmananda Reddy
    answered 1 year ago
    There are several reasons for scars. Treatment will be easy once we know the reason, nature and severity of scars. There are several treatments available for scar like derma roller, laser, rf, chemical peel, mda and others. Treatment can be planned after checking the scars.
  • Dr. R.Brahmananda Reddy
    answered 1 year ago
    Brown lips are because of several reasons, wetting of lips with tongue, smoking, sun exposure and others. Best thing is to refrain from these habits and there are creams and treatments to get back its natural colour.
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