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Vein Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Shivraj Ingole, a well-reputed Interventional Radiologist , practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 69 patients.

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Agnelo House, 1st Floor, 156 S.V.Road, Khar (W), Mumbai- 400 052
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 052
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    The Endovenous laser therapy procedure uses a minimally invasive endovenous laser to treat varicose veins and is a clinically proven alternative to traditional and painful ligation and stripping surgery. It requires no general anesthesia and offers minimal risk and shorter recovery time.
    The Endovenous laser therapy uses the latest generation of catheter to insert a laser fiber directly inside the faulty vein under local anesthesia. The laser delivers a precise dose of energy into the vein wall, collapsing it. This process, called ablation, cures the condition and diverts blood flow to nearby functional veins. The resulting increased circulation significantly reduces the symptoms of varicose veins and improves their surface appearance.
    The Endovenous laser therapy generally takes less than one hour in a doctor’s office and offers immediate relief with minimal-to-no scarring. Patients can usually resume normal activities immediately with minimal or no pain. The success rate of the Endovenous laser therapy is as high as 98 percent – measurably better than the alternatives of surgical ligation or stripping and radiofrequency electrosurgery.
    Side effects of the Endovenous laser therapy procedure include mild bruising and tenderness that usually disappear within a few weeks, and a delayed tightness within the first week after treatment. This “pulling” sensation confirms that the veins were destroyed. Discomfort is usually managed with over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs like ibuprofen. Cosmetic improvement of the varicose veins is often seen, although other procedures like ambulatory phlebectomy may be required to obtain optimal results.
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