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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Pediatrician . Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and financial concerns.

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Vardaan Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Abhilash Agrawal, a well-reputed Pediatrician , practices in Faridabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 52 patients.

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Villa No-3, Block-5, Charmwood, SurajKund Road, Surajkund
Faridabad, Haryana - 121009
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SMS Medical College, Jaipur
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Ajmer
MD - Paediatrics
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Indian Academy of Paediatrics
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    Things to do when your child gets flu

    Although cold and flu are very common issue it is usually not a very serious condition. However when it affects your child, it is essential to take good care since a child’s immune system is not fully developed. Children tend to get flu very easily and if immediate care is not taken it has the potential to develop into serious conditions. Running nose, headache, nausea, body aches, fever, feeling cold, coughing etc. are some symptoms of common flu.

    When to call the doctor?
    Flu sometimes comes and goes away all by itself. However, when it is about younger ones, take professional advice if you see the following symptoms

    - Difficulty in breathing
    - Dehydration
    - Extreme loss of appetite
    - Difficulty in breathing
    - Continuous coughing
    - Get a rattling sound while breathing
    - Sudden loss of energy, dullness
    - High temperatures even after intake of appropriate medicine

    How to quickly rid your child of Flu
    Apart from the prescribed medication here are few points you must always take care of, when affected by flu-

    1. Good Rest - Complete rest till symptoms vanish
    2. Nasal Drops - Use nasal drops to support easy breathing
    3. Warm Water - Warm fluids, honey-lemon potion, cough syrup for chest congestion
    4. Administer Paracetamol - Fever medicines that are available specially for infants
    5. Increase fluids - Abundant intake of fluids in the form of soups, fruit juices or electrolytes in water.
    6. Body Sponging - Warm water sponge bath for relieving muscle or body fatigue

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    Dr. Rittika Walia
    Dr. Abhilash is a very caring, compassionate health provider. He would spend extra time and effort with the patient to assure his health.This is a rare skill as health care professionals often think like a clinician and miss the customer's perspective. I enthusiastically recommend him.
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