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Vandana Datta Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Ms. Vandana Datta, a well-reputed Psychotherapist , practices in Gurgaon. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 93 patients.

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M.Sc - Psychotherapy
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Delhi Psychiatric Society
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Psychological Counselor & Psychotherapist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • M.Sc - Psychotherapy
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  • M.Sc - Psychotherapy
    Ways to Save Your Relationship When You’re Depressed

    The foremost thing that you can do to save your relationship is get your spouse treated for depression. When you are depressed, whether it is because of your relationship with your partner or some other reason, you must make joint efforts to save your relationship. Non depressed spouse has to take the lead. A relationship cannot go further only with the patience of one partner. Efforts and care of both the partners go hand in hand.

    However, there are few things you can do even when you or your partner is depressed.

    1. Communication: Don’t stop communicating with your partner. It’s very important to understand your partner’s viewpoint and to make him understand your viewpoint. Until, both of you share your thoughts and concerns; you will not be able to save the relationship.

    2. Think about your commitment: When you are depressed, you might make your partner responsible for all the wrong things. You need to be wise. Don’t let one bad moment spoil your years of relationship. Think of the commitment you have made to your partner and then you might handle the situation in a more loving way.

    3. Don’t leave your partner alone for longer time: After presenting your viewpoint, you must give your partner some time to digest everything. What is easy for you might be difficult for him and what is difficult for you might be easy for him? In such a case, you need to leave him alone for some time but do take care that this silence shouldn’t continue for a longer time.

    4. Don’t play blame games: If you are depressed, you shouldn’t let your partner suffer from that. Do not strain the relationship any further by playing blame games. That will not help. When your spouse says something that seems negative try not to personalize it, even if it's directed at you. Attribute it to the state of depression.

    While this can be a very difficult time for both you and your spouse, you can weather this storm with compassion and empathy.

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  • M.Sc - Psychotherapy
    Foods to fight Depression

    Depression has become very common not only in stressed adults or elderly but also in adolescents. It must be addressed at a very nascent stage so that one doesn’t remain low for long. One thing that can help to a great extent is your food habits. There are foods that can certainly help in fighting depression.

    1. Fresh fruits and vegetables: Eating folate-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries, oranges and bananas can combat stress and eating dark green leafy vegetables helps in rejuvenating your mood along with lot of other health benefits too.

    2. Omega-3 fats: These Polyunsaturated fats combats depression and is mostly found in fish like salmon & sardines.Flaxseeds and walnuts are also good sources

    3.Eat plenty of Protein: Eating protein-rich food like beans and peas, low fat cheese, fish, milk, yogurt, and soy products helps in brain regulation which keeps depression at bay.

    4. Dark Chocolate: In spite of having high calories, dark chocolate is considered to be a great stress buster as it uplifts the mood. Pick up a bar of dark chocolate whenever you feel the blues.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.
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