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Allergist/ Immunologist, Obesity Specialist, Rheumatologist, Sexologist
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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.

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Vaasanthi Homeo Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Ramesh Ram, a well-reputed Allergist/ Immunologist, Obesity Specialist, Rheumatologist, Sexologist , practices in Chennai. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 105 patients.

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61, Gangai Street, Santosh Nagar, Mugalivakkam, Porur
Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600116
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Vinayaka Missions Dental College
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    Allergist/ Immunologist, Obesity Specialist, Rheumatologist, Sexologist
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    Oxytocin is commonly called the love hormone or cuddle hormone and plays an important part in intimacy between two people.

    Oxytocin is thought to be released during bonding hugging, touching, and orgasm in both sexes.

    Oxytocin is involved in social recognition and bonding, and may be involved
    In the formation of trust between people and generosity.

    Oxytocin is released into your brain 4 times as much when you're having sex than when you're masturbating.

    Orgasm during intercourse releases four times more prolactin than masturbation.
    Since oxytocin appears to trigger the release of prolactin, it's quite possible that oxytocin released by intimacy accounts for the higher prolactin levels during intercourse.

    Release of prolactin will initiate the release of dopamine from body.

    Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells) and it plays a huge role in the part of our brain that is responsible for rewardmotivated behavior.

    Masturbation is a form of a reward-motivated behavior because we get rewarded at the end.

    Doing drugs, gambling, eating, having sex, and seeking approval are examples of other reward-motivated behaviors that cause dopamine to flood your brain.

    When we do these things, dopamine floods our brain and makes us feel really good.

    Especially masturbation. It's like giving our brain a giant piece of candy!

    This is why many of us become addicted to masturbation because just like drugs, the more the more we masturbate, the more our brain becomes used to and desensitized to the effects of dopamine and the more we need or crave just to get off and keep that amazing feeling coming back!

    Dopamine is the go get it neurochemical essential for libido, risktaking,
    Motivation, focus, and anticipation and cheerfulness. In other words, a decline in dopamine signaling is associated with all of these: diminished libido, which is a possible cause of sluggish erections, decreased risk taking and increased anxiety, combined with a tendency toward angry overreaction, any of which can decrease willingness to socialize, inability to focus, which can account for
    Concentration and memory problems, and lack of motivation and healthy anticipation, which can lead to apathy, procrastination, and even play a role in depression. Or to state it all more positively: when dopamine and related neurochemicals are properly regulated, sexual attraction, socializing, concentration and feelings of wellbeing are more effortless.

    Since addictive behavior and too much of anything overstimulates our brain and desensitizes our brain to the effects of dopamine, it leads to something called downregulation of the dopamine receptors.

    Dopamine receptors are the feelers in our brain when dopamine is released. They detect the dopamine that makes us feel really good.
    Over stimulation, or masturbating too much, causes these feelers to be overworked and not do their job as good as they used to. They become numb and less sensitive and receptive to dopamine. Also known as desensitization.

    Now we're searching for stuff on the internet that is dirtier, nastier, and crazier than we've ever seen because we need something more intense just so our dopamine receptors can detect or sense dopamine in our brain and make us feel good!

    So avoid masturbating often in a day.
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    Have banana instead of tea or coffee during break time, always choose naturally ripen banana.
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    Changes in female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that occur during the perimenopause might trigger increased headaches during this time.

    So have healthy food to avoid irregular menses during the time of menopause or during pre menopausal.
    By the age between 40 to 50 when you start to get irregular menses consult a doctor about your health and deficiency, which will keep the problem away during the menopause or it may extended.
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