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Allergist/ Immunologist, Asthma Specialist, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Pulmonologist, Somnologist (Sleep Specialist)
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Pulmonologist . Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.

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Swasam Respiratory Centre is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Balachandar M, a well-reputed Allergist/ Immunologist, Asthma Specialist, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Pulmonologist, Somnologist (Sleep Specialist) , practices in Coimbatore. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 67 patients.

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266, Mtp Road, Saibaba Coil, Nsr Road Signal,Kandasamy & Co Building,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641043
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National Board Of Examinations
DNB(Respireatory diseases)
Professional Memberships
Fellow college of Chest physician
Member-European Respiratory society
Member-American College of Asthma allergy and immunology
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  • M.D, DNB(Respireatory diseases)
    Allergist/ Immunologist, Asthma Specialist, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Pulmonologist, Somnologist (Sleep Specialist)
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  • DNB(Respireatory diseases), M.D
    Pulmonary Function Tests
    Pulmonary function tests (PFT’s) are breathing
    tests to find out how well you move air in and
    out of your lungs

    Lung function tests can be used to:
    ■ Compare your lung function with known
    standards that show how well your lungs should
    be working.
    ■ Measure the effect of chronic diseases like
    asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease
    (COPD), or cystic fibrosis on lung function.
    ■ Identify early changes in lung function that
    might show a need for a change in treatment.
    ■ Detect narrowing in the airways.
    ■ Decide if a medicine (such as a bronchodilator)
    could be helpful to use.
    ■ Show whether exposure to substances in your
    home or workplace have harmed your lungs.
    ■ Determine your ability to tolerate surgery and
    medical procedures

    What is spirometry?
    Spirometry is one of the most commonly ordered
    lung function tests. The spirometer measures
    how much air you can breathe into your lungs
    and how much air you can quickly blow out of
    your lungs. This test is done by having you take
    in a deep breath and then, as fast as you can,
    blow out all of the air. You will be blowing into a
    tube connected to a machine (spirometer).
    The spirometry test is often repeated after
    giving you a breathing medicine (bronchodilator)
    to find out how much better you might breathe
    with this type of medicine. You will be asked
    to repeat this test two or three times to get an
    accurate measure of your lung function. It can
    take practice to be able to do spirometry well.
    The staff person will work with you to learn how
    to do the test correctly.
    It usually takes 30 minutes to complete this test

    What should I know before taking
    this test?
    ■ You may be asked not to take your breathing
    medicines before this test.
    ■ Instructions will be given on how to do this
    test. If you do not understand them, ask the
    technician to repeat them.
    ■ It takes effort to do this test and you may
    become tired. This is expected.
    ■ If you become light-headed or dizzy during
    this test, immediately stop blowing and let the
    technician know
  • DNB(Respireatory diseases), M.D
    How can doctors do better?

    Give more time to the patients.
    Listen to them attentively
    Detachment if fine but have empathy for the patient
    Put yourself in the patient’s shoes to see their perspective
    Be there for the patients need. Attend their needs on the phone. Two minutes of your time means a lot to the patient.
    Be encouraging and supportive.

    How can patients do better?

    Doctors are always very busy; they always have more things to attend to than the time available. Respect his time. Don’t call at odd hours for minor or non urgent issues.
    When meeting a doctor, come prepared for the info that the doctor will require. Be concise. Don’t ramble. Nothing is more irritating for the doctor than a patient who just goes on and on. It a good idea to make notes of the important things to tell and ask the doctor while waiting in the waiting room. This makes the consult very effective.
    Trust the doctor. Have faith in him

  • DNB(Respireatory diseases), M.D
    Facts about COPD?

    do you know what is COPD ?

    It is a 4th leading cause of death and very soon it will be a 3rd leading cause of death worldwide.

    Are we aware of it?

    1.Do you smoke for many years ?
    2.Are you working in a polluted environment ?
    3.Having cough,breathlessness, chest discomfort?

    you may have COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    It is a preventable as well as treatable and progressive disease

    Causes high morbidity and mortality worldwide.

    I feel it is more dangerous than cancer it term of morbidity and mortality.

    what to do?
    First Stop smoking!
    consult your doctor if you have symptoms!
    Do Pulmonary function test and diagnose COPD!
    Treat accordingly!

    Very potent inhaled drugs are available now!
    you can control your symptoms with the drugs and live a quality life!!!

    Stop smoking !!! start living!!!


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  • DNB(Respireatory diseases), M.D
    Facts about asthma:
    Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways.
    symptoms are wheeze, cough, breathing difficulty.
    Asthma is a controllable disease.
    asthma can be diagnosed based on history & Pulmonary function test.
    Inhaled drugs are the best choice for asthma.
    Inhaled drugs are safe and practically have no side effects.
    Asthma symptoms are variable.
    regular follow-up is required to titrate the drugs.

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