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Neonatologist, Pediatrician
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[1] Diagnosis & Treatment of all Pediatric & Neonatal Problems [2] Complete Vaccination Centre @ Discounted Rate [3] 24 hrs Emergency Centre [4] Neonatal ICU [5] Advanced LED Phototherapy Unit - For treatment of Neonatal Jaundice [6] Oxygen, Nebulizer, Pulse Oxymetre ,Glucometre avalibility [7] Growth & Development Clinic [8] Nutritional Guidance Clinic [9]In house Pharmacy 24hours [10] Inhouse Laboratory Collection centre

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Shree shreeji women's & Children's Hospital is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Nirav Patel, a well-reputed Pediatrician, Neonatologist , practices in Ahmedabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 98 patients.

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2nd floor, Vandematram Arcade,near vandematram cross road, chandlodiya jagatpur road, new s.g. Road, Gota
Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 382481
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Pramukhswami Medical College, Karmsad
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Indian Academy of Paediatrics
Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Pediatric Advance Life Support Group
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  • MBBS,D.Ped.
    Pediatrician, Neonatologist
    Consultation Charges: Rs 200
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  • MBBS,D.Ped.
    Ideal Weaning food practice for babies after 6 months of age::

    You can continue breast feeding till 2 yr of age but after 6 month of age you can add supplementary food in addition to breast milk..
    1) rice water. Dal water
    2) RAB,
    3) fresh fruit juices
    4) fresh vegetable soup
    5)pasteurized top milk

    Consistency of above mention food should be liquid initially and then gradually switch over to semi solids as age advances..
    Give with spoon & bowel..
    Bottle feeding must be stopped..
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  • MBBS,D.Ped.
    Usually starts after 2-3 days of life peak at 4 to 10days and then gradually disappears. (There are few special exception to keep in mind eg. Mismatch blood group of mother and baby, premature baby..etc.)
    It presents as yellowish discolouration of eyes and skin.
    Home Based remedies: provide sufficient breast feeding to prevent dehydration and weight loss.
    Keep the baby under sunlight before 10 am and after 4-5 pm.
    If baby looks excessive yellow , or rapidly increasing yellowness , poor feeding and activity then immediately consult your pediatrician.
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  • MBBS,D.Ped.
    NASO LACRIMAL DUCT OBSTRUCTION--This is a benign condition which presents in newborn as excessive watering from eyes and some times sticky discharge from eyes.
    TREATMENT- self limiting condition by 3 to 6 months.
    Massage inner angle of eye gently for 10-12 time three times a day. This will open narrow nasolacrimal duct..
    If excessive stickiness of eyes then contact your pediatrician.
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