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Cosmetologist, Dermatosurgeon, Pediatric Dermatologist, Venereologist
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Cosmetologist, Dermatosurgeon, Pediatric Dermatologist, Venereologist.We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.

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Shikhar Ganjoo is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Shikhar Ganjoo, a well-reputed Dermatosurgeon, Cosmetologist, Pediatric Dermatologist, Venereologist , practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 75 patients.

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Kalpavriksha Superspeciality Centre, Plot No 66, Sector 12, Dwarka
New Delhi, Delhi - 110075
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JIPMER, Pondycherry
MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
National Board of Examinations
DNB (Dermatology)
Christian Medical College, Vellore
Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology
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Professional Memberships
International Society of Dermatology
Past Experience
Resident Dermatologist at JIPMER, Pondycherry
Fellow Pediatric Dermatology at Christian Medical College, Vellore
Attending Consultant at Cosmetology & Skin Centre, Model Town
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Attending Consultant at Saroj Superspecilaity Hospital, Rohini
Assistant Professor at SGT Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute, Gurgaon
Visiting Consultant Dermatologist at HCL - Healthcare, Dwarka
  • MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, DNB (Dermatology), Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology
    Dermatosurgeon, Cosmetologist, Pediatric Dermatologist, Venereologist
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  • Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, DNB (Dermatology)
    If too much facial has become a matter of embarrassment, It is time you get rid of it and stop grabbing more attention than you need. Here are some ways you can control excess facial hair:

    1. Shave it: Yes, women do it too. Apply a shaving gel or foam and use a disposable razor to clip the hair. Though this is relatively less painful, hair growth afterwards is quite fast so you'll have to be careful to add it to your schedule often enough.

    2. Try natural methods: It is slow but cheap and reliable. The visible effects of using natural ingredients for hair removal happens only over a period of time but the results are well worth the wait. Turmeric powder is an ancient remedy for facial and body hair - so much so that indian brides follow a traditional 'haldi' routine before their wedding. Other natural ingredients you can try include gram flour (besan) and sugar was. You can also give a good rub with a pumice stone.

    3. Hide it: some of the most common methods to hide facial hair are bleaching, threading, waxing, depilation or electrolysis. Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Bleaching, for example, masks the hair for a while and gives it a golden tinge which still makes it less visible. Threading or waxing has to be undertaken at periodic intervals and both may result in thicker hair growth in the surrounding areas. Women who are regular with their body care regimen can try these methods.

    4. Try a laser treatment: Laser is one of the most effective treatments for unwanted body hair. The bright beams of heat and light from the laser directly reaches the roots of the hair, removing it and preventing re-growth for a fair period of time. The downside is that it'll take a few months and prove to be expensive but the results can be well worth the wait as it can permanently remove hair. You may also need multiple sittings to destroy the hair growth completely. If peace of mind is your criteria, then go for it.If excessive hair is stopping you from living and enjoying your life, consult a professional who can help you find a way.
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  • Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, DNB (Dermatology)
    Following a proper skin care regime ensures a flawless skin. You cannot enjoy a beautiful, supple, flawless skin without taking good care of it or putting much effort into it. Giving energy and time into taking good care of your skin will result into soft and alluring skin. However, sometimes despite a proper skin care regime, your skin looks dull and unhealthy. This is due to the habits you have incorporated that ruin your skin as a consequence and make it look drab. Mentioned below are 5 habits, which are terrible for your skin and should be stopped at once.

    1. Washing your face with harsh cleansers:
    Most people who are prone to oily skin resulting in acne and pimples, resort towards cleansers and exfoliators to dry their skin out. While this seems like a great idea in theory, the cleaners end up removing the beneficial oils produced by the skin and destroy the skin's natural protective barrier.

    2. Using products stored in jars:
    Skin experts and dermatologists believe that tube packaged products are much better than products stored in a jar. This is because most skin care products contain antioxidants, which break down when repeatedly exposed to air and sun, thus making your products less effective with every use.

    3. Skimping on sleep:
    Apart from benefitting your mood, energy levels and metabolism, sleep also rewards you with a beautiful skin. It keeps dark circles away and makes your skin glow. Lack of sleep causes stress and generates free radicals in our skin, thus harming it.

    4. Using cotton pillowcases instead of satin ones:
    Your collagen breaks down due to persistent pressure of your face into your pillow, which is traumatic to your skin. Avoid too much friction by opting for satin pillows instead of cotton ones. Moreover, if you are prone to acne, wash your pillows every week to remove the buildup of residue that accumulates on your sheets.

    5. Talking too much on the phone:
    Studies show that bacteria gathers on the surface of your phone, which is why you must clean it every time you talk over the phone or talk to them on speaker. Phone applies pressure on your face, which traps the oil and causes zits.
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  • Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, DNB (Dermatology)
    Acne is a skin condition that leads to breakouts like pimples and other eruptions on the skin, including whiteheads and blackheads. In very severe conditions, an acne breakout may come with pus filled boils too. An acne breakout happens due to various reasons. Inflammation of an infected sebaceous gland leads to this breakout. This infection and consequent inflammation can take place due to hormonal changes, poor diet, as well as high testosterone levels and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Dirt and grime that clog the pores and dead cells that have not been washed off properly can also cause these breakouts. So what kind of skin care regimen can you have in order to prevent acne? Read on to know more.

    - Cleaning Acne Prone Areas: You must wash the acne prone areas with soap and warm water at least twice a day. If your case has been very severe in the past, you can even use a medicated soap to wash the neck, shoulders and back as sometimes, acne spreads to these areas as well. Concentrate on the face and remember to clean it to remove dust, grime and other irritants that come from pollution. If this is not done on a regular basis, the particles can block the pores and lead to infection where the dead skin cells play a major role.

    - Makeup: If your skin is acne prone, you can use non oily makeup or avoid it on a daily basis, if you can. Non oily makeup does not irritate the sebaceous glands, which can end up secreting excessive oil leading to acne breakouts. Non oily makeup and skincare products are known as non-comedogenic, which do not clog the pores. Also, you must remember to remove your applied makeup carefully before you go to bed, so that the pores are clean and get a chance to breathe rather than getting infected. Further, your old makeup needs to be thrown out regularly even if the products do not come with an expiry date. Invest in new makeup every few months and clean your brushes regularly too.

    - Sweat: After a particularly intense workout session or after a run, you must remember to wash you face and take a shower so that the sweat and oil is can be removed, as these lead to breakouts if they are allowed to gather on the skin's surface and enter the pores.

    Taking care of your skin with a proper cleaning and hydrating routine is as important is getting the right nutrition as well.
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