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Sharma Polyclinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Ashok Sharma, a well-reputed Integrative Medicine , practices in Gurgaon. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 67 patients.

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Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
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    Deal with anger suffering is a reality and a part of human existence just like happiness. If we deny

    The existence of suffering we will never be able to get out of it. It
    Will be like living in a prison cell. Our delusion will surround us like barbed wire.

    But what is delusion? delusion is a state of mind that has the effect of causing the mind to be disturbed. Delusion disturbs the peace of mind and creates false belief. Our problems are always relation to others. There are antidotes which we can apply to our lives to eradicate delusions. Delusions are mental toxins.

    The three principle delusions are-

    1. Anger/hatred

    2. Attachments/desires/

    3. Ignorance/avidya

    Dealing with delusions- when we deny the existence of delusions, they slowly build up and one, day explode. This could lead to physical and mental sickness, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Sometimes we suppress and deny emotions in order for people ro accept and like us. That fear always lurks somewhere beneath that if we display certain emotions people may reject us.

    The first step is to accept the existence of delusions and disturbing emotions.

    The second is to transform such thoughts in our mind slowly to a state that is peaceful and accepting.

    1. Anger is a mental factor. It focuses on some object and sees that object as negative or bad.

    2. Aversion tends to exaggerate the object and make it look much worse that it already is- as something that is really bad and unlikable.

    3. Anger if very strong can harm the object it is projected upon. This may happen deliberately or consciously.

    4. Aversion, impatient, irritation, a judgmental attitude and unnecessary criticism are all subtle forms of anger.

    5. Full blown anger is when we really loose it.

    6. Denying and suppressing anger is not going to make it go away. It will return in a stronger way.

    7. Addressing anger is a good way of dealing with it.

    8. It takes time for direction of the mind to change. We all have a long history of anger. The pace of change is purely dependant on how much the angry person wants it to go away.

    9. Anger requires patience, perseverance and a lot of working on to be able to let go of it.

    10. Anger should never be justified as it is difficult to rationalize it.

    11. Anger is unhealthy, unwise and unskillful.

    12. To see and accept that the anger is harmful is very important.

    13. Anger has a long lasting unpleasant impact on our physical and mental faculties.

    14. Verbal and physical anger in relationships is like a lethal poison laden arrow.

    15. When we get angry with someone we never try to see their point of view as the mind gets clouded with delusion.

    Anger eradication methods-

    1. When angry, do not take decisions.

    2. After you have calmed down, try and generate some compassion towards yourself and person you are angry with. Both are sufferers and going through the difficult situation.

    3. Anger is caused by delusions and is a mental disease. We feel sad for a mentally ill person and so shall we feel for angry person as well.

    4. We see faults in others because we have those faults ourselves as well. That is the reason we feel annoyed. Anger is an internal emotion. If we accept it we have those very same faults, it will be easier for us to start working for eradication of anger.

    5. Accepting and forgetting will automatically make us less angry, but that is long conditioning process and requires not just focus but also a commitment to oneself to be a better person.

    6. Seek help of someone who has gone through many bad experiences and have overcome the delusion of anger. That person may be in a better position to help than someone without any bad life experiences. Some great indian philosopher and scholar wrote these beautiful lines- whatever joy there is in the world, all comes from desiring others to be happy. And whatever sufferings there is in the world, all comes from desiring myself to be happy.

    Look for peace within-

    A spiritual quest begins when we start self reflection. Life's journey travels to different destinations like joy, sorrow, hardship, inheriting knowledge and going beyond sensory world that we mistake for real.

    But the journey towards the self moves us within rather than without/ within lies the peace. True awareness is our real nature where there is absolute silence, peace and serenity. True awareness means to transcend the body and the mind. This process brings us close to the true nature of our real self.

    Silence- now think about this that peace cannot be acquired, it is our natural state. When our body and mind are exhausted and tired where do we take refuse? in sleep. Sleep is when we are closet to our true nature and sleep can only be experienced in silence. So the true nature of the self can be experienced in silence when all faculties are suspended.
    silence is only one but sound has sound has variety. Silence never changes and constant just like peace. Silence cannot be heard but only experienced. We can hear the sound through our sensory organs. So what sense organ do we use to experience the silence? every being carries a natural instinct to experience the silence in order to feel a sense of peace and calmness within. When creation began tere were a variety of sounds. Sound can never replace silence and is not a part of creation but nature of the source. In absolute silence lies our true nature.

    Self- in today's world we think our true nature is synonymous with our physical and mental attributes. How tall or heavy we are, the colour of our eyes, hair, skin, or how intelligent a person is. These attributes keep changing and are impermanent ans so any thing impermanent cannot be real. True awareness is universal and ever changing. If awareness was an attribute it would change. When everything in life reaches a point of equanimity where one does not get affected by opposites then true awareness of the real self is experienced.

    according to rig-veda, the person who treads on the path of truth and refrains from deception, treachery, and pretension and remains untouched by falsehood is never devoid of eternal joy, peace and bliss. One should never fear sorrow as it stepping stone to happiness.

    doing things contrary to truth will only take us away from our real nature. When we conform to truth we have no scope for sin. When we follow real truth and do not sin we experience peace which is our true nature.

    Truth- according to our ancient hindu scriptures sat-chit-anand is our true nature. Sat is pure truth, chit is pure consciousness and anand is infinite bliss. This encompasses the essence of awareness and real truth beautifully.

    the yoga sutra of patanjli say that the path to state of union with oneself mentally, physically and spiritually is by tapas swadhayaya iswarapranidhanani kriya yogaha

    The closest english translation of tapas means to burn or purify, in other words, austerity. Swadhayaya means constant study of the self. Isawarapridhan is a profound concept but the underlying connotation is to surrender to a higher force. So by practicing austerity we put in the right effort to burn our impurities and purify ourselves, seek an understanding of ourselves and surrender to a higher force.

    â we are gifted with the devine power of memory, which helps us to register, retain and reflect. Registering is the first step to understanding. Understanding is the recall of reflection. Constant reflection has the capability to remove the cloudy pockets in mind. If there are too many clouds in the sky there is darkness and it s difficult for light penetrate. Once the clouds move away, light passes through, and we see clear blue skies. In the same way, the mind reflects pure light and clarity emerges as the clouds are dissolved.
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