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  • MD, BHMS
    A marriage can go stale due to several reasons. If you blindly believe in the maxim" marriages are made in heaven" you are still living inside a bubble. The gamut of difficulties faced in making a marriage work can leave newlyweds in complete awe. A marriage doesn't tiptoe on a tightrope between success and failure; it is more of a road taken towards happiness.

    If your marriage doesn't fill you with contentment or you can sense the lack of bliss with your partner there are reasons to worry. Apart from the regular tiffs and grave contradictions, a married couple could also bicker or part ways due to the nonconsummation of their marriage. At times only one person has to experience the toll of little sexual intimacy while at other times, both individuals suffer from its absence.

    A newly wed couple fails to have sex for 3 main reasons

    1. Man's problem: erectile dysfunction (failure to get or maintain an erection) and very early ejaculation before vaginal insertion.

    2. Woman's problem: either tight hymen or severe fear of pain & bleeding

    3. Position difficulties: surprisingly, many couples find it difficult to take a proper position for sex as many do not have proper orientation of each other's body too.

    Probable reasons behind nonconsummation of a marriage:

    1. Extreme exhaustion: being very tired or exhausted can make you sexually inactive. One might be stressed due to work pressure. You or your partner could be tired of balancing professional and personal life. All these factors could lead to nonconsummation of marriage.

    2. Real or apparent rejection: in many cases, only one person makes efforts to consummate the marriage. The partner may not directly decline your advances, but might not show much passion. This kind of passive response makes the other person feel rejected. You tend to avoid communication of such feelings and that complicates your situation. Along with the lack of intercourse, there arises a lack of love as well.

    3. Any kind of substance abuse: addiction can deter you from performing in bed. Alcohol or drug abuse can reduce your sexual capabilities. There is also a range of medications leading to erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness as a side effect. Having a physical inadequacy can make you recede from the idea of consummation.

    4. Lack of emotional attachment: two people might have gotten married under societal or familial pressure. They may not feel love for each other or might not have anything in common to strike a chord of friendship. Lack of emotional attachment can prohibit the consummation of your marriage.

    5. Sexual trauma: a person might have experienced instances of sexual abuse in childhood or at some point of time in life. Such instances scar them forever; the scars could be deep enough to come in the way of intercourse after marriage.
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  • MD, BHMS
    With the advent of the internet and it's free nature, pornography has become one of the most viewed explicit contents of the internet. Though not made for adolescents, pornography is viewed by a large number of teenagers and young adults. Sex education is highly necessary for teens and young adults and pornography can never be substituted for sex education. Read more to find all about it.

    1. Pornography is an act

    The porn industry like all other industries exists for profitability and actors who indulge in explicit sexual activities on screen are professionals and the scenes are entirely scripted. The purpose of sex education, which is to provide knowledge about a person's own sexuality is lost in porn. Similar to romantic movies, which are far off from reality, pornography is also a fantasy.

    2. Pornography is focused on the act itself

    Sex education is not just learning about sexual activities or preferences, but also about learning reproductive sex, safe sex, reproductive health, birth control and also emotional relations and responsibilities. Pornography is graphic by its nature and does not provide any knowledge on these subjects, which are of utmost importance as comprehensive sex education is necessary for every single person.

    3. Pornography gives out the wrong message

    The different positions or ways, which actors perform in pornography might be admirable, but it should be kept in mind that pornography has a purpose and it is not providing sex education to adolescents and young adults. When engaging in sexual activities with your partner, their level of comfort, their consent, and their preferences matter the most. So knowledge gained from pornography is in most cases faulty. Also keep in mind that there is a stark difference in what is shown in porn and what happens in real life.
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  • MD, BHMS
    In today's hectic and stressful time, where both men and women have their own priorities physical intimacy has taken a back seat. Most men complain that women are sexually passive because they do not initiate sex more often and that makes them question their own sexual viability. In reality, women want sex as much as men do, but it takes a right man and right situations to get her in the mood for it. The sole reason for it is unlike men; women's sexual desire is unpredictable and depends on their level of intimacy with their men.

    The following are some of the tips that can help you to set the tone to get her into the right mood:

    Get her out of her head: the most prominent factors that hinder women from enjoying sex to the fullest is stress and insecurities. The more capable you are to make her feel attractive and comfortable in her own skin, the more she will feel confident around you to open up both emotionally and sexually. Once her insecurities subside, you can get her in mood with ease.
    Give her genuine compliments: women are good at differentiating genuine compliments from tasteless ones. Make sure that you compliment her genuinely on her inner beauty rather than her outer appearance. Most of the time women are skeptical of the things that men tell them. It is a defense mechanism of women to protect themselves against manipulative and emotionally unavailable men. The more you express your true feelings for her the more she will feel connected to you and will respond positively to your sexual approach.
    Prolong the foreplay: the longer you invest your time in foreplay, the easier it will be for you to get her in mood. Pay proper attention to her face, neck, shoulder and lips. Some erotic massage techniques may prove handy in the foreplay. Make sure you make ample of eye contact during the entire process.
    Be gentle in your caresses: most women do not prefer rough actions prior to engaging in sexual activities. Women crave soft and sensual touches on their body. Caress your way to her erotic zones with slow and prolonged touches that make her crave for you more. Gentle touches will arouse her and get her in the mood.
    Pay attention to her like and dislikes: ask her about her sexual likes and dislikes, such intimate confessions are known to arouse her sexually. Use her likes to your advantage. You will be surprised how quickly she will get aroused with your considerate approach.
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  • MD, BHMS
    Human sexuality is a complex subject and most knowledge floating around in the world is often misguided by myths and wrong assumptions. One of the things, which worry men the most is their size of their penis, and information about this subject is often fraught with misinformation. Let's take a look at some of the facts that have been published in scientific medical journals within the medical community and come from legitimate sources.

    The average penis size
    Studies done around the world, irrespective of race has shown that the average size of the human penis is about 3 to 5 inches flaccid and 5 to 7 inches erect. There are deviations to this as well, but this is the norm in over 90 percent of the cases. Medically a penis is only considered small if it is less than three inches in size when erect. This is a condition known as a micropenis. Penises tend to fall into two categories as far as erect sizes:

    I. Growers: The ones who have a flaccid smaller length but tend to grow much more proportionately and thus have a much larger size after erection.
    II. Show-ers: These are men who have larger flaccid sizes but don't grow proportionately as much after achieving an erection.

    Normal size
    If you have an erect penis which is 5 to 7 inches long, then you have a normal penis as do most of other men. Most women have stated that they were happy with the partner's size, but what mattered to them more was how it was used. Also some women reported that the girth of the penis was more important as friction on the side walls of the vagina made them feel more pleasure.

    The mechanics of sex
    Although there are some women who may like the visual appeal of a bigger penis, most women can't really tell the difference between a 5 inch and a 7 inch penis when it is inside the vagina. The fascination with a bigger size is mostly cultural, social or hyped up by the media. Most women want a variety of sex acts to help them reach orgasm and very rarely reach orgasm only through penetrative sex. Size only matters to an extent if the penis is much below average, but in most cases what matters is the capability of the person to satisfy their partners through other means as well.
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