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Cure without chemicals. Nature & Herbs are playing the most important part in today's life full of chemicals from morning to night. The over exposure to chemical drugs has led to severe problems of immunity, causing a sudden rise of organic diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, liver diseases, kidney diseases, PCOD and many. Visit to know more.

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Nature & Herbs Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Vishram Rajhans, a well-reputed General Physician, Integrative Medicine , practices in PUNE. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 79 patients.

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    General Physician
    All of us have our'good hours' and'bad hours' each day. While there are the night owls, who are more productive and ideating in the late night hours, there are others who like to be the early bird that literally catches the worm. For both these categories, there are again hours where the energy wanes. Did you know there are some simple techniques that can help to maintain consistent levels of energy throughout the day?
    As much as possible, try and maintain a regular routine in terms of waking up, eating at the same hours as closely as possible, and retiring for the day. The biological clock or circadian rhythm needs to be maintained as much as possible if high productivity is desired. Here are some things that can be completely and easily controlled to keep your energy levels steady through the day.
    Sleep patterns: be it going to bed or waking up, try and maintain a pattern that does not vary too much, at least not drastically. After waking up, a good dose of light in the morning is very helpful. If your work requires you to sleep during the day, ensure you get up into a room that is well and brightly lit.
    Exercise: whether is it saturday or cloudy, a 30 minute workout does magic like nothing else. Get outdoors and be it a walk or a run, cycling or swimming, you will see nothing else boosts your energy as well as this.
    Nutrition: reduced carbohydrates, a good dose of protein, ample hydration, adequate fiber intake, and good quantity of dry fruits are somethings to definitely follow. Start with a good breakfast that can boost your energy requirements for the day and eat less as the day goes by.
    Caffeine: one of the most pleasant experience is to wake up to have a refreshing cup of coffee. While it sounds exotic, the body benefits more if this caffeine is provided sometime later in the day when the energy levels are low.
    Alcohol: for many, alcohol could be a way of stress busting, but if scientifically looked at, alcohol reduces the quality of sleep and leaves you feeling unrested. It also leaves one tired and irritated. If possible, the alcohol intake should be at least 2 hours before bedtime.
    Power naps: highly proven technique, where possible, a power nap of 15 minutes is believed to boost up energy levels significantly.
    These are some methods to boost your energy levels. Most of it something completely controllable and changeable by you, all it requires is a conscious effort from you.
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    General Physician
    Sometimes, the joint that connects the big toe to the feet may develop an unnatural hump. This condition is known as bunions. Sometimes, it may so happen that the big toe move towards the other toes, pushing the base of the toe outward, leading to the development of bunions. There are ways, by which you treat bunions. Some of them are-

    1. Medication
    Visiting a doctor is the most prudent step to take in case you are suffering from bunions. The inflammation and the swelling that accompany bunions can be initially treated by medicines and pain relievers.

    2. Heating pad
    Heating pad generally treats and manages pain by applying heat on the affected areas. In the case of bunions, heating pad has emerged as an effective way to deal with bunions.

    3. Ice pack
    Working on a principle, which is the very reverse of heating pad, ice packs uses refrigerant gel or cold water to treat injuries.

    4. Wearing the shoe of the right size
    Bunions are generally the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Therefore, one of the easiest way to deal with it would probably be wearing the right size.

    5. Bunion pads
    At the initial stages, a bunion can be treated by wearing a bunion pad. This will help to realign the toe that had deviated as well as reduce the ensuing pain.

    6. Foot exercises
    Exercises have always proved to be an efficient way in dealing with various physical deformities, and a bunion is no different. Few foot exercises can work wonders in treating bunions.

    7. Surgery
    This is used in the case of extreme situations. When the condition persists, then the intervention of a surgery becomes important to realign the affected toe.
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    General Physician
    Did you know your health could depend on how clean your fridge is? The person's fridge can be the marker of his good health or his bad health. Most of the times, people neglect cleaning their fridge or just randomly stock up their fridge without organizing the food in correct compartments. An unclean refrigerator can contribute to spoilage of food and drinks due to an unhygienic environment. The following measures can make you healthy:
    1. Temperature Control
    Make sure you control the temperature of your refrigerator from time to time according to the storage requirements of the foods. Lack of temperature control can make your fridge a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses. Milk products and meat have certain storage requirements therefore, temperature control is recommended to prevent spoilage and allows you to use food in the proportion required and store the rest.
    2. Organization of Foods
    Storing the foods in correct compartments can actually keep them fresh for a long time. It is wise to organize the storage of your foods in a way so that the ones which are highly perishable are kept in the coldest area. Keep milk products, vegetables and poultry in separate places to avoid food spills. Make sure you store the foods in proper containers so that they don't drip and mix with other food.
    3. Prevent Growth of Bacteria
    Cleaning your fridge is of vital importance to prevent the growth of bacteria or any other virus. An unclean refrigerator can induce growth of parasites thereby increasing the risk of food poisoning and other problems. Fermentation or frequent curdling of milk products can be a sign of an unclean fridge. Make sure you clean your fridge regularly to avoid contamination of your food.
    4. Get Rid of Expired or Rotten Food
    Cleaning the refrigerator on a regular basis can help you get rid of expired foods and rotten vegetables. It often happens that food gets spoilt inside the fridge due to lack of temperature control, improper storage or simply because it was left inside for a long time. It is best to check the contents of your fridge routinely and get rid of any food which gives out a stink or has changed color in ordered to keep the other foods in good condition.
    The above points will ensure you eat more healthy and in turn, will result in a better overall health!
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    General Physician
    Urban stress is increasing. The traffic, distances, time commitments, long hours of work, hotel food, dehydration, irregular meal timings, these are some examples of city stress. Sleep deprivation is something most dangerous. Many people in cities sleep late. That is against natural sleep timings.

    Result of all these factors could cause headache to begin and turns into migraine. Simple headache is caused by loss of sleep, or fasting, or eye trouble. There are many rmore causes. But poor lifestyle causes migraine. And remember it takes time to cure migraine. You need to correct lifestyle first, without which it is impossible to cure migraine with only drugs.
    General Physician
    Nobody wants to be sick. Nobody wants to take chemical drugs. But everybody wants to eat all junk and unhealthy food and do no exercise. How is this possible? food medicine is the answer. Most of the Indian vegetables and spices have medicinal properties. If they are consumed at regular interval, and in right proportions, your health will be maintained well. Your basic rules of intake verses output in calories is unchallengeable. Exercise is must. But food medicines cover aberrations.

    Food medicines keep your systems, hormones and stress within check. They act like oiling a machinery, keeps it moving smoothly.

    Ginger, turmeric, fennel seeds, fenugreek, cucumber, flax seeds, walnut, almonds, bottle gourd, curry leaves, pepper seeds, garlic, onion are great medicines and work as good as costly medicines. Besides the herbs produces no side effects even when you make mistake in consumption.

    Nature is great. Our past generations have survived all diseases by consuming these food medicines only.
    General Physician
    Whole Wheat Or Maida ??

    The coating of wheat grain contains b complex vitamins. When this coating or husk is removed while grinding, it becomes maida or refined floor. Maida is used for all bakery products like bread, biscuits and cake. Some indian sweets also contain maida. It's obvious that people don't get the vitamins when maida is eaten. Besides, whole wheat contains fibres. The husk of wheat contains fibres, which has multiple functions. The fibres slows down absorption of cholesterol and sugars from gut, thus prevent high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Fibres are also good for prevention of constipation. Fibres for bulk of stools. In us, the high incidence of colin cancer is attributed to lack of fibres in the food. In most of western and mediterranean countries consumption of bread as staple food is very high. Colon cancer is highly prevalent in these countries.

    We indians have started liking pizzas, burgers, cakes, pastries, biscuits and vada pav on massive scale. The incidence of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid and many other diseases are rising in young generation. One of the reason for such high incidence of deadly diseases is maida. Eat whole wheat not maida for good health.
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    General Physician
    Ever wonder how the dishes you order are served within minutes? most of the hotels keep the food half cooked ready and store it with some chemical stabilizers. On order they re-cook it quickly and serve. The canned food is another option they use. Most of the vegetables are stored in a can by using chemicals. That's why they can serve any vegetable even in odd season. Butter, cheese, oils are stored by adding chemicals. So whenever you consume canned food, you eat chemicals, some of which are potentially toxic also.

    Best thing is to eat freshly cooked food without using any chemicals. Avoid hotel food, bakery food or ready cooked food. Preservatives are bad for your health.
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    General Physician
    Piles or hemorrhoids is the disease in which blood vesselsof anal canal protrude out of body. Usually they are painless but cause painless bleeding from anus. Main cause of piles is constipation. Fissure is also caused by dry stools. It is a cut into sides of anal canal is always accompanied by pain, severe pain. Treatment for both conditions is completely different. Piles usually requires surgery. Fissure is treated with mainly medicines and rarely requires surgery.

    Both conditions occur because of dehydration, lack of fibres in diet. 3-4 litres of water and 200 grams of fruits everyday prevents both the conditions.
    It's always better to treat both condition with a combination of allopathy and ayurvedic drugs.
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    General Physician
    Stress is not mental tension. Stress is burden on your body and mind. When it is within your capacity, it improves your system. You feel energetic. When it outgrows your capacity, you feel tired and weak. Burden could be physical, like working day and night without rest. Or it could be financial burden. An impending wedding or hospitalization can be a cause of your stress. If you are hiding something in the mind for a long time, it becomes a cause of your stress.

    Work related stress is usually overworking beyond 8 hours. Continuous focussing on job cause mental fatigue. Young persons don't feel it. So they overlook it and continue working. Initial first symptoms could be heartburn, indigestion, headache, bodyache or infections. Later you have high blood pressure, kidney stone, gout, skin diseases. Still later thyroid, diabetes, pcod, liver disease raise their head.

    Stress is the root cause. If it is not treated, your disease will keep on increasing and your dependence on medicine will continue.
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    General Physician
    Water is often neglected by young people. Adults normally should consume 2 to 4 litres of water every day. Some people drink it only when they feel thirsty. Ideally you should drink a sip at least every half an hour. This way you can consume 3 to 4 litres. Your food should contain a soup to begin and a curry or buttermilk in the middle. Plenty of water ensures flushing of toxins, unwanted or excess substances through kidney. If you care for skin health, then water is the first and most important ingredient that keeps skin and hair shining, healthy and young. Water enhances longevity, keeps your body young. If you visit loo for 4-6 times a day, then you are hydrating body well. A study showed that water helps you control your emotions also. So next time, you are getting angry or emotional, gulp down few glasses of water.
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    General Physician
    More young people are detected with diabetes than aged people, nowadays. Stress of work, irregular lifestyle and uncontrolled eating are the reasons of diabetes. Diabetes is incurable. Repeat, diabetes is incurable. But, it can be kept under control. There is no cure for diabetes in any pathy. So stop visiting different pathy clinics, vaids, homeopathy clinics or any magic remedy centres to get cured.

    To keep diabetes under control follow these simple tricks.
    1. Eat six times a day, eat little every time.
    2. Walk for 60 minutes every single day, rain or sun.
    3. Avoid or eat least possible rice, sweet, fried food, potatoes.
    4. Take drugs.
    5. Sleep early, sleep well.
    6. Avoid stress, relax, laugh, play, listen to music and enjoy picnics.
    7. Check your hba1c every 3 months and adjust your medication under the guidance of a good doctor.

    Allopathy and Ayurveda both have very good medicines that will keep your sugar down. Ayurvedic drugs are free of side effects whereas allopathic drugs have to be constantly monitored for side effects. But in any case both the types of drugs are to be taken lifelong.

    As long as sugar levels are under control, diabetics have nothing to fear about. They can lead a normal life, have good longevity, can enjoy all pleasures of life including sex, travel, sports. Restrictions on eatings can be compromised once in a while when sugar levels are under control.

    Quarterly check-ups of sugar and general health check up once in two years will ensure that life is going well for you.
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    General Physician
    Migraine is a mysterious disease. It presents with most common symptom, headache. It gets relieved by simple treatment like aspirin and paracetamol. But when it gets again and again then people start visiting doctors. Unfortunately most doctors prescribe similar drugs or more specific vaso-constrictor drugs. But result is same, there is temporary relief but the headache recurs. It usually is once or twice a month. It may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, flashing before eyes, aura etc. The migraine is the most important disease which cause frustration on either side i. E. Patients and doctors.
    Migraine is a symptom of stress i. E. Physical and mental. Most of the doctors don't know how to deal with stress. So they advise only rest, or tranquillizers. But these are again temporary measures. What is required is exploration of the patient's history, find out stressors i. E. The causes of stress, provide short term and long term remedial measures to deal with stress, monitor the stress level, modify the treatment from time to time and finally educate the patient how to live a stress free life. When this is done, most of the patients get a permanent cure from migraine. Since most doctors have no time for this, the new branch of medicine i. E. Holistic medicine and lifestyle therapy takes care of such patients. Holistic branch also involves herbal treatment which is a better solution than a chemical one.

    Migraine patients also have to understand that there is no simple cure. But if they follow the advise and adjust their lives with new therapeutic advise, surely there is a new hope in their lives. Only you must find a good holistic and lifestyle consultant around.
    General Physician
    Common cold and cough are so common that almost everybody is affected by it every year. Some people get it repeatedly and are worried why are they suffering again and again. Cold is usually caused by viruses which attack human nasal passage through air. Exposure to cold air reduces body's resistance to fight diseases and that's why you get cold mostly in winter or being exposed to cold air. Sometimes summer also does the same damage and one gets summer flu.
    What should be done to prevent recurrent cold and cough?
    1. Protect yourself especially your nose from inhaling cold air. Wrap a mask or a muffler around face to cover nose.

    2. Wear warm clothes in winter and in the nights throughout year. If you work in ac, ensure proper wrapping up of the body and avoid cold draught of air gushing out of ac.
    3. Improper nutrition and hydration keeps your immunity intact. Drink 2-3 litres of water through out year. Eat fruits, esp citrous ones regularly. Eat balanced square meals at regular intervals. Fasting doesn't do any good to body.

    4. Sleep - continuous and early sleep of 8-9 hours daily is essential to maintain your immunity.

    5. Exercise - daily do some exercises for about 15-20 minutes. Lack of exercises reduce immunity.

    6. Maintain your mental health by positive thinking, laughing, mixing up with friends and developing good relations with your family. Sex is also an essential stress buster. Excessive work load, mental worries, lack of rest all add to stress. Stress is a major cause of lowering immunity level. So stay stress free.

    When you face repeated cold and cough, doctors will advise you all above and may prescribe specific vitamins and proteins to boost immunity.
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    General Physician
    This is the most common complaint doctors hear from mostly young patients. When the boys come of age, i.e. after 16 years, they start getting night falls and erection after watching porn or thinking of sex. Pictures of scantily clad girls also can arouse the boys. That leads to a natural thing i.e. masturbation. The masturbation gives the joy of sex without having any female around. So it becomes a habit many times.
    But the masturbation does not cause any weakness in erection. When the boy gets older and thinks of marriage, he feels guilty about masturbation. Many times the tension of having a sex with wife or sex partner creates nervousness. There is a false notion about having to satisfy a woman during sex. The loss of confidence creates another tension that further cause erectile dysfunction. Vey very rarely there is physical defect that causes erectile dysfunction.
    Erectile dysfunction or poor erection and/or premature ejaculation are thus mostly arising from fear of performance or doubt about ability to satisfy a woman. Every human being gets nervous about any act which involves other people like giving a speech, playing cricket when people are watching. Even Sachin Tendulkar gets butterflies while opening a batting. Amitabh Bachchan gets nervous before facing camera even today. So that is just normal. When you are under pressure, you make more mistakes.
    So what is the solution? Just stay calm. Talk to yourself that everything will be alright. Get friendly with your female partner. Spend time with her. Relax. Go for honeymoon. When you are friends with your partner, then approach sex. Don’t hasten with penetration. Do foreplay. Let erection be happening naturally. Most important, loving your partner from the bottom of your heart will cause erection and later orgasm just easily, naturally and will bring satisfaction on both the partners well.
    सेक्स ये निसर्ग का अद्भूत खेल है. आराम से और आत्म विश्वास के साथ उसका मजा लीजिये. टेन्शन लेंगे तो रुकावट हो सकती है. जल्दबाजी की जरुरत नहीं. अपने साथीदार के प्रति आदर और प्यार रखेंगे तो ये सेक्स का मजा बढ़ता ही जायेगा. औरत को प्यार और सम्मान चाहिए, केवल सेक्स से उसका समाधान नहीं होता.
    In case you have specific questions or enquiry or a problem you can always consult a good doctor who will advise you correctly. You can consult through Lybrate private question or through video conferencing also.
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    General Physician
    Oil and ghee (Butter oil) have been the soul of Indian cooking for generations. But doctors are advising usage of the same with caution. In fact some nutritionists are insisting for use of olive oil. What is the reality?

    Peanut oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, Safflower oil, soya oil are popular oils used all over India. And Vanaspati Ghee and Desi Ghee are popular choices amongst ghee. Usage of Poly-unsaturated fatty acids used to be deciding factor to choose oil type.

    But now it is acknowledged wide over that Saturated Fatty acids are equally important and they increase the good cholesterol level. That means eat any type of oil or ghee. It is good for health. Palm oil or desi ghee was considered bad. But now it is recommended.

    Only there is upper limit to quantity. For a 2000 calorie diet, oil/ghee consumption should not be more than 600 calorie.

    Then what is bad? It’s trans fat. When oil is reheated again and again, trans fats are formed which are bad for heart.

    I short, consume any oil or ghee it is good for health if eaten moderately.
    General Physician
    Stress is sometimes good for you. When you stretch yourself beyond your capacity, your body accepts challenge and increase the capacity to cope up with challenge. To a certain extent, it is good for body. But when the stress crosses the limits, it starts hurting you. That's the bad stress for you. Moderate stress for too long a time also is bad for you. Most of the hormonal diseases like diabetes, thyroid etc. Occur because of long standing underlying moderate stress.

    Stress can be physical or mental. Physical stress is due to long and continuous physical activities like walking, jogging, travelling, cycling. Mental stress is mainly because of financial tension or relationship distress. Both types of stress cause similar damages to body. Stress is the main underlying cause behind diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid, diabetes, kidney disease, peptic ulcer, bleeding disorders, cancer, recurrent infections etc.

    Finding out the reason of stress and removal of cause of stress should be the main line of treatment of such diseases.
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    General Physician
    Almost all bakery products contain trans fats. Trans fats are degenerated fatty acids in hydrogenation process. Vanaspati ghee contains maximum trans fats, the trans fats narrow the blood vessels supplying to heart, causing heart attack. Our body can tolerate small amount of trans fats. So eating bakery products increase the risk of heart attacks.
    Roadside food or street food stalls sell fried food items. The oil if reheated again and again, create trans fats. So eating samosa's, kachori's, vada's at these eateries increases the risk of heart attacks.
    So beware. Eating bakery products and roadside food is an invitation to diseases. Very few doctors know the facts.
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