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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Alternative Medicine, Counselling Psychologist, Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Homeopath, Obesity Specialist, Occupational Psychologist, Sports Nutritionist.We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply.

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Pioneer Nutrition and Wellness Pvt Ltd - Pitampura is known for housing experienced s. Dt. Shikha Srivastav- Nutrition & Wellness Clinic, a well-reputed Dietitian/ Nutritionist , practices in New Delhi. Dr. Shahazad Ali, a well-reputed Alternative Medicine, Obesity Specialist, Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Occupational Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist , practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 73 patients.

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ED - 35, Madhuban Chowk , Pitampura
New Delhi, Delhi - 110034
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Bundelkhand University
Msc - Food Nutrition & Dietitics
Bundelkhand University
Mphil - Food Nutrition & Dietitics
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J.M.I Delhi
J.M.I Delhi
Ph. D - Psychology
Professional Memberships
Best Dietician in West Delhi - 2012
Past Experience
2000 - Present Nutrition Consultant at Pioneer Nutrition and Wellness Pvt. Ltd
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Maharashtra University
Past Experience
6 Month Internship at Nanavati Hospital-Mumbai
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Siblings are most definitely, the best thing to have ever happened to anyone. We fight, we laugh, we play and we defend. No matter, whether you are the best buddies or you cannot even stand being in the same room, you two (or three or four!) share an inseparable bond, which will last for a lifetime. Siblings are surely in for the long haul, while friends and colleagues may just come and go. But do our sibs really influence us?

    The weight issues!
    Obesity has been known to run in generations and families, but there have been studies which show that siblings have an influence, especially when we talk of the waistline. Researches’ conducted from a 2014 based study at Duke University from the Sanford School of Public Policy show that if the older sibling is obese, the chances of the younger one, being the same increase fivefold. This is regardless of the fact that the parents are obese or not.

    Character talk
    Though there is little evidence supporting the theory of birth order affecting personality, there sure is enough to support that siblings do shape the same for each other. Siblings do develop separate identities for themselves and in the same run, affect and shape the personality and characteristics as well as the behavior of the other, to a major extent. For instance, a person would make more of an effort to become an outgoing person, if his/ her sibling is shy and quiet. In case of families with three kids, this is more likely to happen among siblings of the same gender instead of the opposite genders.

    The first teachers!
    Navigating social situations are what we first learn from our siblings. A daily practice in understanding foreign minds and getting an insight of the outer world is what we first get from our siblings. Strong bonds between two kids at home have shown better and more successful connections with peers at school.

    Saving marriages is their task!
    Being a part of a bigger family reduces the chance of divorce due to more chances of being accustomed to adjustment. Ohio State University concluded in a 2013 study that every sibling reduces divorce risk by 2%.

    Depression Deal
    Squabbling of siblings is as natural as the rain. Yet, the reasons for the fight can have major health implications. Quarrelling about issues like fairness and equality can lead to experiencing higher levels of depression. The same has been concluded by a 2012 study of the University of Missouri. Fighting over personal space can lead to development of low self-esteem and anxiety.

    But they are happiness boosters too
    You know that already! Having siblings is in itself a joyful experience.
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Here are some tips to overcome emotional eating
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Here are some tips to maintain good nutrition level
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Panic attacks can debilitate a person greatly. The panic or anxiety attacks can be extremely powerful and intense, whereby a person starts hallucinating. The level of hallucination can vary depending on the severity of the attack. Such people often hallucinate about something bad or catastrophic striking them. They lose self composure. In extreme cases, they cut themselves off from the outside world and recoil into their safe zone (Agoraphobia).

    Panic attacks, should, by no means, be confused with depression. These attacks can be essentially divided into three phases; the start phase, it then reaches the pinnacle or the zenith, before sliding down (fades away). The duration of a panic attack can vary from long to very long periods. The whole experience can leave a person depressed, traumatized and drained out (physically and emotionally). A timely medical assistance can prove to be extremely fruitful.
    Panic attacks- its causative, signs and symptoms

    A panic attack, can, indeed, come out of the blue (unexpectedly). Extreme emotional turmoil or anxiety can trigger such an attack. An over excited nervous system might turn out to be the wrecker in chief, throwing life in jeopardy. A person might be unprepared to deal with such a situation. Though extremely difficult, the best thing would be to try and relax. The attack is just an extreme state of mind, an abstract feeling that can never come true. It will pass off soon. Panicking will only pile onto your agony. Identifying the associated symptoms can prove to be effective.

    Some of the important symptoms associated with pain attacks include;
    - A feeling of breathlessness, suffocation and dizziness.
    -The palms appear to be sweaty.
    -A person may complain of uneasiness or chest pain.
    -Increased palpitations are quite common during panic attacks.
    -A person might experience severe chills or heat flushes.
    -Twitching and trembling of the muscles are often observed during the attacks.
    -An intense fear of death or going insane grips the person completely.
    -Hands, legs, arms begin to tingle.
    -During anxiety attacks, a person loses the reasoning ability.

    Few short term behavioural therapies can be of great help. Meditation, yoga and certain breathing practices can effectively ward off physical and mental fatigue. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a popular technique used to deal with panic attacks. This technique primarily emphasises on the present conditions and factors resulting in panic and ways to minimise or completely eliminate the attacks.

    Panic attacks do come out of the blue and there are effective measures to deal with the menace. If you wish to learn more about the panic or anxiety attacks, click on the link below.
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Tips for Managing Stress

    Increase your sense of control over stressful situations, for example, by applying stress management techniques.
    Accept aspects of stressful situations that you cannot change or control and try instead to change the way you perceive and react to them.
    Talk problems over with people that you trust, get another perspective.
    Learn to think rationally and positively.
    Look after your physical health during the stressful period: keep fit, eat wisely, get enough sleep and don't resort to drugs and alcohol.
    Develop satisfying recreational / creative and social outlets.
    Make relationship your priority.
    Seek out opportunities for fun and laughter.
    Do something nice for someone else.
    Give time to plan ahead, decide on your priorities and set your goals accordingly.
    Improve you time management skills.
    Learn to say 'NO'.
    Don't try to do everything yourself, delegate more.
    Stop trying / expecting yourself to be perfect.
    Develop relaxation skills and relaxation a regular routine.
    Give yourself a break when you are tired / ill.
    At times of conflict, avoid taking things personally / blaming others; try to distance yourself.
    Allow yourself to make mistakes without condemnation.
    Be kind to yourself; stop putting yourself when you have achieved something.
    Live for the moment; don't waste time to worry about the future or regretting the past.
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  • Ph. D - Psychology, Psychology
    Protein is a chain of various amino acids, it is one of an essential macronutrient that the body needs. Nails and hair in the body are made up of protein, it is also used to repair tissues in the body. Protein is also the main building block of muscles and bones.

    Advantages of including protein in your diet -

    1. It increases the amount of lean muscle in the body
    2. Induces feelings of satiety
    3. Facilitates muscle recovery after exercise
    4. Helps you maintain a healthy body weight

    Here are some foods which are rich in protein and should be included in your daily diet -

    1. Greek yoghurt

    It has more protein that the traditional variety of yoghurt. It also comes with important minerals such as calcium and probiotics.

    2. Eggs

    Eggs are considered to be a type super food as it is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has the highest biological value that is the protein in an egg has the highest number of essential amino acids.

    3. Meat

    Meat such as turkey and chicken are very good sources of protein. Chicken contains niacin, which also boosts the digestive and the nervous system.

    4. Tofu

    Tofu is a very good source of vegetarian protein and it is also packed with manganese. It helps in muscle recovery after exercise and also strengthens bones in the body.

    5. Fish

    Fishes are not only a good source of protein but also contain less fat. They are packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

    6. Cottage cheese

    Cottage cheese contains casein protein which provides the body with a steady supply of protein over a duration of time as it is digested slowly by the body.
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  • BHMS
    Here are cause and treatment of obesity in girls.
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  • BHMS
    Working out for more than 60 mts a day will lead to loss of muscle tissue. This further lowers down your metabolism. That means that you are burning less fat through the day. Exercising for more than an hour does not solve the purpose of exercising.
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  • BHMS
    Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age.
    PCOS causes irregular menstrual cycles, excessive body or facial hair and polycystic ovaries as it's main symptoms.
    The cause of PCOS is not known. Some women with PCOS are less sensitive to insulin than other women. Insulin resistance can cause the ovaries to produce too many male hormones. The resulting hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms of PCOS. Currently, PCOS has no cure, but a variety of PCOS treatments can help alleviate the symptoms of this disease, including fertility.
    PCOS symptoms -
    -irregular or missing menstrual periods
    -excess or unwanted body or facial hair growth
    -thinning hair on the scalp
    -weight problems, often including weight gain around the waist
    -skin problems, including skin tags, darkening skin and acne

    Pcos treatment

    -birth control pills to regulate menstruation
    -ovulation induction to treat infertility
    -treatment for hair loss
    -removal of other skin problems

    Lifestyle and prevention

    A healthy diet low in refined carbohydrates is important, as this can help regulate blood sugar levels. Exercise can also help the body regulate insulin and keep excess weight off. Losing weight is challenging with PCOS but doing so can help reduce the male hormone levels in the body, and some women will begin to ovulate naturally. With a proper diagnosis, lifestyle changes and PCOS treatments, women can get relief from this condition and the overwhelming health problems it can cause.
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  • BHMS
    I would recommend everyone to take all meals on time. Do not skip any meals. Skipping meals is not good, not healthy as well as it does not help you to reduce weight. First thing in the morning start your day with fruits and curry leaves. Take your last meal till 8p. M. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
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