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  • diploma in dietitics
    Be it burgers, bagels, muffins, sandwiches or simple toasts, bread has made headway into the diets of a huge portion of the populace. Although a staple diet for many since time immemorial, the consumption of bread has increased extensively in the recent past. But, which type of bread should we intake to incur the best health impacts is a question that bothers many. The general assumption is that the wholegrain variety is the best alternative. However, the barrage of marketing tactics makes it impossible to distinguish the best variety from the others.

    There are a whole lot of myths surrounding the best variety of bread and you must choose wisely before settling for one particular type. It is expedient to look beyond the overt appearance or the name of the bread, one needs to be wary of the ingredient before taking a call.

    Mostly, white bread is made out of refined flour which is often striped off essential nutrients and fibers. To worsen the situation, white bread is often bleached with certain chemicals to enhance its appearance.
    Certain assumptions deem brown bread as the healthier option. Unfortunately, it isn't true always. More often than not, brown bread is simply white bread with artificial coloring added to it or is caramelized. They essentially add no surplus nutritional value.

    Similarly, multigrain bread can often mislead the consumers about its health impacts. Unlike whole wheat bread, multigrain breads are usually chemically treated with softened grains. This does not effectively recover the lost nutrients of the bread.

    Whole wheat bread has more pronounced health benefits. It contains more wheat germ and fibers in comparison to the more processed varieties of bread. Having evaded the toxic additives, it has relatively healthier effects on our blood sugar levels.

    As you realize that the bread that you eat does not necessarily affect your health favorably, wisdom lies in seeking out the least harmful variety. In that context, rye bread or spelt bread contains greater amount of minerals. Besides, bread made from barley, oats and millets have greater mineral content than the commercially hybridized varieties and promote better health.
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  • diploma in dietitics
    Despite them being sweet and tasty, there are no nutritional benefits to sodas whatsoever. Moreover, doctors from all over the globe have concluded that numerous health risks are linked to soda pop consumption. Here are a number of reasons to help you arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of the harmful effects of soda on your health:

    1. It has been scientifically backed up that drinking sodas is absolutely pointless. Because sodas have been found to contain nothing but sugar and calories, there is really no reason why you should drink soda. Further, even diet sodas have no particular nutritional value attached to them, despite the claim that they have zero to no calories.

    2. The sugar contained in soda often combines with bacteria present in your mouth to form certain types of acid. These, along with carbolic inherently present in carbonated sodas, work together to have a damaging influence on your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

    3. Sodas can also prove to be injurious to your major organs, and are associated with conditions such as chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease and the development of metabolic syndromes.

    4. Because of the presence of large amounts of high fructose corn syrup, there is a greater risk of obesity. Furthermore, because of its high sugar content and its perverse effects on hormonal levels in the body, soda consumption is also associated with the development of type 2 diabetes, besides other complications like increased appetite and greater difficulty losing weight.

    5. Soda consumption also tends to soften bone strength and contributes to lower bone density. The presence of caffeine and phosphorus in most sodas further increases the risk of acquiring disease such as osteoporosis.

    Fortunately, there are tons of options, which you can choose over soda pop. These alternative beverages will most naturally contain higher nutritional value and benefits. A few alternatives include:
    a) Water
    b) Milk
    c) Fruit juice
    d) Tea
    e) Powdered drink mixes
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  • diploma in dietitics
    Burning fat with food must sound contradictory, but there are certain foods that can actually melt away your fats by improving your metabolism. Some foods have an extensive thermogenic effect (metabolism increasing effects) that can lead to reduction of fat in your body. Read on to find out five such super foods and burn your fat away.


    Tuna is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and it also helps boost the production of a hormone called leptin. This particular hormone gives the illusion of fullness and you don't end up having large portions. It also accelerates your metabolic process. Apart from tuna, sardines too have the same properties.

    Green tea

    The benefits of green tea are widely known. It has 'epigallocatechin' which improves the nervous system and elevates the heart rate. Drinking three cups of green tea daily has proven to burn up to 80 calories.

    Hot peppers

    Different kinds of hot peppers not only spice up your food but they also melt calories. Capsaicin, a chemical present in peppers can increase metabolism rate by 25% for up to three hours after you consume your meal.


    This delicious fruit has the amazing power to make you slim. Grapefruit has an antioxidant called 'naringenin' which can aid your body in its use of insulin more effectively, thereby keeping the blood sugar level under control and prevent diabetes. Recent studies have shown that sugar control coupled with grapefruits lead to improved calorie burn.

    Whole grains

    The body needs a lot of energy to break down and digest whole grains which causes it to use more calories. You literally burn your fats when you eat whole grains. Start your day with a bowl of oats which will not only keep you full but also aid your metabolism.
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  • diploma in dietitics
    How to tackle the harsh summer heat?

    Well, there are some commonly known cooling foods like buttermilk, curds, coconut water, watermelon. Besides this, there are some food which our grandma must have used every summer. Do consider that!
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