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Diabetologist, General Physician
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I strive to treat my patients using the latest research and evidence based medicine.

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Nirmal Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Kailash Gokral, a well-reputed Diabetologist, General Physician , practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 60 patients.

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Plot No.14B, Sector 4, Nirmal Clinic, Shree Anmol CHS, Kharghar, Behind G.D. Pol Hospital, ph.02230932063
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 410210
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Topical National Medical College, Nair hospital
Global Institute for Value Education
MD - Community Medicine
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Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine
Raigad Medical Association
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Kharghar Doctors Association
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Consulting physician since 12 years at Nirmal Clinic
  • MBBS, PGDMLS , MD - Community Medicine
    Diabetologist, General Physician
    Consultation Charges: Rs 300
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  • PGDMLS , MD - Community Medicine, MBBS
    General Physician
    Diet for all

    To achieve optimum health we tend to listen to advice from all and sundry. Unqualified advice may lead to confusion and illness. So what should people really have in their diet?
    It would be wise to include the following in your meals:-

    1. Nuts: Pistas, almonds or walnuts. Not more than 6 to 8 daily of each. Preferably early morning before breakfast. Avoid cashew nuts and groundnuts.

    2. Fruits: Atleast 2 medium sized seasonal fruits like apple or orange daily. Preferably to be had between meals.

    3. Vegetables: They should be cooked minimally. At least one green veg and one sprout. Also have salad.

    4. Fish oil: Either 200 gm fish weekly or cos liver oil capsules twice daily.

    5. Olive oil: Use extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp per person per day. Preferably as a dressing over salads. Don't use for cooking.

    Some tips for having meals:

    1. Keep 2 - 3 hours between your dinner and bedtime.

    2. Restrict use of salt to less than 1 tsp per person per day.

    3. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day. Never have large quantities of water at a time. Generally sedentary workers should not have more than 2.5 liters of water daily. Don't have water immediately after meals. Wait for at least 30 minutes after meals.

    4.1 tsp of cow ghee is recommended for essential fats.

    5. Don't have more than 300 kcal per meal.

    6. Limit every meal size to what fits in a quarter plate.

    7. It is advisable to fast once weekly having fruits, vegetable salad and milk.

    8. Use minimal sugar in your meals. Stay away from carbonated sodas.

    Exercise for all

    Indians require more exercise than westerners.

    Exercise daily for 1 hour. Break it up as follows:
    40 minutes cardio
    10 minutes weights
    10 minutes office exercise (stretching and walking in the office)

    While doing cardio maintain your pulse at about 80% of your maximum heat rate (approx 120 bpm)

    Always warm up before exercise and do stretches after exercise.

    Stay any exercise routine gradually.

    Daily variations in speed and intensity of exercise are recommended and are most useful.

    Drink water or light diet 30 min prior to exercise. Have a warm shower after exercise. Never cold water bath.

    Stick to your routine despite all odds.

    Get a massage once a month.

    Don't exercise with sprained muscles. Give them adequate rest.
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  • Dr. Kailash Gokral
    answered 1 year ago
    Diabetes requires not only medicines but a lot of control over diet and exercise. Medicines do help but your body may become resistant to certain drugs over time and won't work that well. Also good sleep and stress management makes the treatment a multi pronged one. Kindly mention your age, weight, duration of diabetes, your current medication, your current sugar and if possible your hba1c value.
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  • PK
    Dr. Parag Kolhe
    Dr.Kailash Gokral is a very talented , caring & soft spoken physician. He is very efficient , ethical & motivating person. I recommend him because he practices preventive medicine most.
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