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Mantra : The Psychology Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Mehak Arora, a well-reputed Clinical Psychologist , practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 62 patients.

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Central Institute of Psychiatry
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Psychologist (relationship therapy unit) at VIMHANS
  • Masters in Psychology, MPhil Clinical Psychology
    Clinical Psychologist
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  • MPhil Clinical Psychology, Masters in Psychology
    Life is full of challenges. We all have our own ways of dealing with stress and strains of life. But, a strong sense of resilience can make you different from others. Winners don t do different things, but they do it differently. That s what you need to keep in mind. While there are hundreds of strategies to deal with stress, you need to learn the best ones to increase your sense of resilience. The more resilient you are, the better is your chance of succeeding in life. Your power of resilience is like an armour that will guard you in the battlefield of life. Here s all that you need to know about how to become more resilient. From personal tragedies to occupational hazards, you will be able to deal with everything under the sun by following the tips below:

    1. Acceptance towards change: It is important for all of us to accept a simple fact that life is dynamic in nature. Nothing in our lives is permanent. Situations and events change in our lives, bringing occasional bliss or sorrows. Therefore, if you realize the fact that change is an indispensable part of life and be a little flexible, you will automatically become more resilient.

    2. Be realistic: You must have a realistic outlook towards life. Don t let your mind be preoccupied with fanciful ideas or build castles in the air. Realism and pragmatism are the fundamentals to a healthy living. If you have a pragmatic mind and understand the real problems in life, you will not lose hope too soon. Therefore, you will be more resilient than others as you have already prepared yourself for the worst things in life by understanding the reality.

    3. Control your emotions: It has been often noticed that when scuba divers drown, they are still left with enough oxygen in their tanks. It is because they have pulled off their oxygen masks at the time of danger. Researchers believe that most of us, when in danger, lose our senses and start panicking. This worsens the situation and aggravates the problems in our lives, destroying harmony and peace. Therefore, a person with better sense of resilience has better control over his emotions as well. Don t freak out or panic at the time of danger or get depressed over an issue for long. You must have a fighting attitude in life and be prepared to face the worst.

    4. Be a good communicator: It is quite true that most of our problems can be sorted out by communication. If you maintain proper communication with people and yourself and keep all channels of communication open, you will have solutions to various problems in life. This boosts your confidence and sense of resilience.
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  • MPhil Clinical Psychology, Masters in Psychology
    It has been a proven fact that if you are alone, doing nothing and just thinking that I want to become happy; you might end up feeling unhappy, unsettled than being happy. So if you want that happiness should come to you try these:

    1. Having a community around you- if you have good friends, your dna tend to measure your level of social support and can help you in slowing down your biological age resulting you in living longer and happier.

    2. Mediating- daily practice of meditation for around 20 minutes activates areas in your brain which lead to feeling happy. Research says that people who are optimistic in their attitude have protection against stroke, heart diseases etc. People who are pessimistic in their approach are three times likely to face health problems.

    So if you are not naturally happy, try these and see a difference in your life. 
  • MPhil Clinical Psychology, Masters in Psychology
    The World Health Organisation defines health as "A state of physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." And, this state of physical, mental and social health is obtained when we surround ourselves with happy people who love and care for us. A sibling is one such person. Ever since our childhood, siblings are the ones we depend on. We fight them, argue with them and even torment them at times. And, with time, our love for our siblings only grows stronger.

    How can your sibling help you achieve good health?
    An elder or a younger sibling can help you achieve good health. How? Let's find out.

    1. Physical exercise is extremely important in order to maintain good health. Whether it is tennis or badminton or any other sport for that matter we need at least two people to play. These games help you keep fit. In fact, siblings can partake and compete in different activities together like running, hopping and skipping.

    2. The competitive approach between kids while playing helps them become more sportive and playful. It helps them treat failure or loss in a positive spirit.

    3. With the growing technology, the human generation is becoming lazy. And, a single child will be much more interested in staying indoors, glued to the television than go out and have fun. His physical activity is more or less suppressed. But in the company of a sibling or a friend, people tend to lean more towards going out. Hence, keeping their lifestyles healthy and fun.

    4. A single child will find it boring to even occupy a swimming pool or stroll down a hill for fun during holiday tours to other places. A holiday trip with a sibling makes swimming at the hotel pool, or strolling down the pathway a lot of fun. Swimming and strolling are in fact physical activities which help a person keep fit.

    5. Over a period of time the generation gap between the child and parent becomes so vast, that the child is not able to share emotions and feelings with the parent. This under severe circumstances leads to depression and in worst cases suicide. This is a case of mental ill health. Generation gap between siblings hardly exists and they find it a lot easier to share their emotions and private feelings with each other. They support and guide one another to boost each one's morale, and thus contribute to one another's mental wellbeing as well.

    So, having a sibling may seem troublesome at times, but, it sure does have its boon!
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