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Laser Dental Solutions is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Bharat Tharwani, a well-reputed Dental Surgeon, Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentist, Implantologist , practices in Gandhidham. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 60 patients.

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Plot No-20, Sec-1/A, Opposite Gandhi Market, Near Hotel City Plaza
Gandhidham, Gujarat - 370201
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Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune
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American Academy Of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
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Dental Surgeon at Zydus Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Dental wing
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    Dental Surgeon, Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentist, Implantologist
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    We often tend to neglect the black spot on tooth, which eventually hollows out the entire tooth. At this stage the tooth cavity is limited to the outermost layer that's enamel. Over a period of time, it enters dentin which is the second layer of tooth. At this stage, slight sensitivity to cold/hot may be experienced. After eroding the dentin, it enters the third layer, which is the pulp, and this is the time you experience shooting pain, can't sleep in the night. This is the time you visit dentist and undergo a root canal treatment and then a crown, 2-4 appointments minimum and around 5000 rs expenditure. Now you realise that a visit to a dentist few months back would have been better. The dentist would have simply removed a decay and cover your tooth cavity with a dental cement. Just 600-800 bucks. So my dear patients, don't wait for the dental pain and then seek treatment. Better, keep a watch on your teeth, visit dentist every 6 months for routine check up, your will save lot of time, energy and money!
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    Hi all! As I have already mentioned in my previous post, oral irrigation is the next revolution in controlling and preventing gum disease. An oral irrigator is also known as water floss. It has a simple design. The lower part of irrigator has a reservoir for water. Mouthwash can be added in it for better results. The upper part has a tip and push button. A water jet emerges from tip on pressing push button. This stream of water has to be directed against spaces between teeth which expels out food debris, plaque and bacteria. Also, water jet cleans the gum line and reaches the base of gum pocket where a toothbrush cannot reach. Using a water floss is more effective than brushing and traditional thread flossing.

    I would recommend this to all those who care about their teeth. It is highly effective in cleaning around braces, implants, crowns, bridges and for regular oral hygiene. In India, its available online.

    So, your regular oral hygiene regimen should be: brushing with tooth paste and toothbrush in morning, after every meals use water floss to remove bacteria and food particles. Water floss only needs to be used for 2-3 minutes. Its quick. In the night add mouthwash instead of water. If you follow this routine daily, you will reduce the chances of occurrence of dental disease by 85%. So redefine your oral care. Thanks!
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    I have heard lot of people saying that, i brush everyday, don't eat chocolates, don't smoke or eat tobacco but still i have cavities and other dental diseases. Why so?
    I would like to make you all understand that for dental cavities to occur, three factors have to work at a time. First, the micro-organisms that you have in your mouth, secondly, the food that you eat and thirdly the safe environment that bacteria get by hiding in between and around your teeth. You cannot eliminate your teeth, bacteria and stop eating food. But you can surely avoid these three factors to work at a time. Using a mouthwash daily, it will kill the bacteria and neutralize its acidic contents. Don't let food stick on your teeth, so rinse properly after every meal. Use a dental floss daily, it will clean the spaces around your teeth.
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    Hello everyone! Most of times our concerns are the yellow deposits around the teeth. We brush hard thinking that they will get removed. But truth is that even if you brush 100 times a day, they won't come out. These yellow deposits are films of bacteria and can only be removed by a dentist by procedure known as Scaling. If you don't want these deposits, floss and use a mouth wash daily. Because your toothpaste doesn't conatain anti bacterial agents in sufficient quantities.
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    Instead of Brushing twice daily, i would recommend my patients to brush once in the morning properly, rinse after every meal/snacks and use a dental floss and mouthwash daily. Mouthwash to be used at night half an hour before sleeping. Sooner in India, we will have a trend of water floss which is a revolution in oral care. Its already available on e-commerce websites and is highly successful in United States. Visiting a dentist every six months for a regular check up is must.
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