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Insight Rehabilitation

Audiologist, Neuro Rehablitation, Speech Therapist, Speech Therapy
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Neuro Rehablitation, Speech Therapy.Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.

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Insight Rehabilitation is known for housing experienced s. Mr. Prasanna Hegde, a well-reputed Audiologist, Neuro Rehablitation, Speech Therapist, Speech Therapy , practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 78 patients.

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#1790/34, 7th main, E Block, II stage Rajajinagar
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560010
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All India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Master of Speech Language Pathology
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Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)
  • Master of Speech Language Pathology
    Audiologist, Neuro Rehablitation, Speech Therapist, Speech Therapy
    Consultation Charges: Rs 500
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  • Master of Speech Language Pathology
    Speech Therapist
    Its often heard in clinical practice of speech language pathologists and other medical professions about the negative opinions about a/many speech language pathologist (s).

    Not many look at the reasons for these disconnections from a service provider and the customer. Most of the efforts to understand this quote two main reasons

    Economical constraints and
    Unavailability of speech language pathologist (slp).

    However, there are more reasons both sides. But its up to you to decide to waste your time reasoning or utilize best the available services.

    To the care takers:

    He/she is your kid, but not the speech pathologist's - being a parent, your role is central in helping the slp to help you to help your kid.
    You need to communicate whats your needs are to the slp. They will tell you if its possible or not. You can ask questions till your doubts are cleared.
    Don't be vague in your expectations. It will only hurt you when slp's goals are no way matching your because your slp is working step by step while you are already thinking about the end bypassing the whole process. Ask what can be expected or what is practical.
    Slp can not produce results over night, unless he/she is a god or magician.
    Each speech pathologist targets the same skills in their own way. Don't impose things by comparing two slps. It can not be measured in mg. In ones comfort zone, efficiency is maximum.
    Consistently attend the therapy and then there is chance of improving your understanding about the improvement or reasons if there is no improvements.
    Knowledge is good. Share it but not compare.
    And more

    Note: more suggestions may be updated with feedback.
  • Master of Speech Language Pathology
    Speech Therapist
    Speech and language makes us unique. Maximise it.
Dr. Ruchir Joshi
/ Insight Rehabilitation
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