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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.

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Health First Clinic 2 is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Amber Shinde, a well-reputed General Physician , practices in Mubai. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 47 patients.

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Shop No.4, Golden Chariet Appartment, Charkot Sec- 6, Kandivali West
Mubai, Maharashtra - 400067
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KJ Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai
Boston University School of Medicine
Diploma in Cardiac Emergencies in General Practice
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Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Kandivali Medical Association
Association of Allopathic Family Physicians
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General Practitioners Association
Malad Medical Association
  • MBBS, Diploma in Cardiac Emergencies in General Practice
    General Physician
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  • MBBS, Diploma in Cardiac Emergencies in General Practice
    General Physician
    Next time you apply sanitizer on your hands, please consider these facts:

    Check the alcohol content and the bottle says it kills all the germs on your hands. But there is a catch here. For it to act properly, the concentration of the alcohol in the bottle needs to be above 60%.

    Not so good for kids and we all know that kids come with the increased liability of touching unclean things and putting their hands in their mouths. And helicopter moms have found the new age solution to their woes - hand sanitizers. But, if you have ever read the fine print behind the bottle you will see a warning telling you to keep it away from kids. That is because your child could be seriously harmed if he/she ingested it. There have been a number of reported incidences of alcohol poisoning in children due to hand sanitizers. Added to the risk is the fact that kids tend to put things in their mouths - and the sweet, fruity odour only makes them want to consume it even more. So, keep your kids away from the stuff and if you do use hand sanitizers make sure you make them use it in front of you.

    Can lower your child's immunity:in a study published in the science daily, it and found that a child's immunity is seriously affected by the use of hand sanitizers. They found that more kids were falling ill due to innocuous and preventable diseases after the long term use of the agent. They concluded that ultra clean environments during the early stages of a child's life lowers their immunity to such a level that their body's defence mechanism is in a constant fighting mode, which leads to weakened immunity. This causes serious effects when they grow older as well, these adults have a weak immune system and an extremely sensitive inflammatory response that makes them vulnerable to various diseases as adults.

    Triclosan in some sanitizers can wreak havoc on your health some hand sanitizers don't have alcohol content and use triclosan instead. Triclosan is an anti bacterial and anti fungal agent and is commonly used in a variety of soaps and cleaning agents. But, it is also an active ingredient in pesticides. Triclosan, as a component, is capable of quickly being absorbed into the skin and entering the blood stream, once there, it is known to cause various side effects like cancer, allergies, hormonal and neurological ill effects and muscle weakness. More importantly, it is known to cause infertility.

    That sweet smell can be highly toxic: that odour of sanitizers that you love so much is due to the inclusion of a compound called phthalates. These compounds easily leach into foods and then into your body. So using a sanitizer instead of soap before your meal might not be that good an idea.

    Does not clean all residue: after using a hand sanitizer you might feel that your hands are clean, but it does not take off all the residue. Things like fats and sugar deposits do not get affected or cleaned without the use of soap. So using it as a method to clean your hands after eating that yummy cheese popcorn will do you no good. In fact these residues tend to pick up more dirt, making your hands dirtier than before.

    Can damage skin while most hand sanitizers do claim to have moisturising effects, too much or continuous use of the agent can damage the skin.

    So go easy on that fancy sanitizer.
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