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Healing Touch Homoeopathy is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Hemant Kumar Mittal, a well-reputed Homeopath, Counselling Psychologist, Relationship Counsellor , practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 95 patients.

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    Both natural and homeopathic remedies can efficiently deal with lactose intolerance and thus you should check the reports of the patient for finding the best solution. You can choose any of these remedies or else can continue with both.

    List of homeopathic medicines for treating lactose intolerance

    Aethusa Cynapium: The medicine helps in the digestion of milk so that unwanted stomach aches can be easily avoided. On the other hand, health condition of the kids can also be improved to a great extent using this medicine. Loose tools or green colour diarrhea due to dairy products can be prevented with care.
    Apis Mellifica: Milk allergies can be easily cured with this medicine and thus kids are often prescribed the drug by a homeopathic expert. A few symptoms are found in kids due to lactose intolerance like breathing difficulty, body itchiness, redness, swelling, skin rashes and others. All these symptoms can be treated by this homeopathy medicine.
    China Officinalis: This medicine is mainly prescribed to those kids for whom Apis Mellifica is not the suitable one. Flatulence, belching and bloating can be properly controlled or regulated by taking this drug regularly. Excessive mucus formation, chest's rattling sound and excessive coughing might occur with dairy intolerance and these symptoms might get severe. This is the reason the doctors often prescribe this medicine as the best option.

    A few natural remedies for treating lactose intolerance

    Probiotics: These are specialized bacteria that not only help in improving digestion, but proper nourishment can also be gained.
    Coconut milk: This is now considered as one of the leading substitutes for different dairy products.
    Apple cider vinegar: Lactose intolerance signs can be completely eradicated along with the maintenance of body balance by consuming apple cider vinegar regularly. This is a natural product, and thus you can take the same regularly without taking a doctor's permission.
    Fermented products: Kimchi and Sauerkraut are those fermented foods that can create helpful bacteria as a result of which the gut can be re-populated and digestive system can be regulated. The symptoms will get reduced slowly with the consistent intake of these foods.
    Yogurt: This can be taken with meals as it is enriched with beneficial bacteria that can help in digesting different other dairy products. With the consumption of yoghurt, Lactose can be broken down naturally, and on the other hand, digestion can be improved.
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    Men are always concerned about their performance in bed. It is important that you satisfy your partner, however, some of us are not able to maintain the required level of erection, which is known as erectile dysfunction or ed. Ed is a condition, which affects men at some point of their age. This term usually refers to and is synonymous with having trouble in maintaining erection. As the men age, this condition might worsen and becomes very common. This was formerly known as impotence and usually increases in men after 65 years of age.

    Causes of ed

    A number of factors result into the condition of erectile dysfunction, such as

    1. High level of blood pressure in body

    2. High insulin levels

    3. Prolonged use of tobacco

    4. Stress and depression

    5. Poor mental health

    6. Too much and frequent alcohol consumption

    7. Peyronie's disease

    8. At times even prescription drugs can result into erectile dysfunction

    Homeopathic treatment for ed

    Here are few homeopathic remedies which relieve and cater specifically to ed:

    1. Agnus castus: this remedy is useful in men who have developed impotence after they have led a life full of intense and frequent sexual activity. An indication for the use of anus castus is a cold feeling in the genitals. Men who take this remedy are very anxious regarding their health and might face problems with concentration and memory.

    2. Argentum nitricum: this remedy is helpful when a man experiences failure of erection while sexual intercourse is being attempted. Also, thinking about the problem worsens the condition. Men who need this remedy might be imaginative and nervous along with being warm blooded and a craving for salt and sugar.

    3. Caladium: this is indicated in men who have limp genitals, despite interest in sexual activities. These men might have nocturnal emissions without erection, even though the dreams are not related to sex. People who need this remedy might crave for tobacco.

    4. Causticum: this remedy is for those who experience diminished physical pleasure during sex and reduced sexual urge. These people might feel weak and tired and experience memory loss, along with an urge to check things compulsively, like, checking whether doors are locked or not. These people also experience leakage of urine on sneezing and coughing. This impotence also leads to prostate problems.

    5. Lycopodium: this is commonly known as club moss and is wonderful homeopathic remedy. This is used for people who display problems in erection due to worry. They have issues with memory loss and self confidence. People who might need this remedy have digestive issues like bloating and gas and low energy particularly during late afternoons and evenings.

    6. Staphysagria: this remedy is made from seeds of the flower of delphinium staphisagria, whose raw form is poisonous. The homeopathic preparation is very powerful and not toxic. This is indicated in any abuse history like, physical, emotional or sexual. Men who are gentle, quiet and have deep emotions benefit well from this remedy.

    7. Selenium metallicum: this is helpful in men who show diminished sexual interest especially after an illness or fever.

    Other remedies, which can be considered to treat erectile dysfunction are china acid-phos, conium, sabal-serr, picric-acid, yohimbinum, strychninum, arnica, kali-brom, nux-vomica and baryta-carb.
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    Power foods for men to boost their stamina

    True manhood lies in your strength. Read on as I tell you how can you improve your stamina and work towards improving your power 

    1. Green tea: leafy tea is best for your body. It improves your metabolism and contains antioxidants that fight almost all major illness. Green tea is best amongst them all as it contains potent flavonoids that improve the antioxidant action. It also prevents the block cells from getting damaged, reducing chances of cancer. 

    2. Garlic: you might not be able to help the smell and run away from it, but you must accept the fact that it is amazing for your health. Men should have at least two chunks of garlic every day as it works wonders on your health. Your immune system will improve drastically and minor issues like cough and cold never bother you. The antibacterial properties it has, will help you fight viral fevers and any kind of infections. Men with high cholesterol should swear by garlic as it helps in lowering the cholesterol level and prevents the blood from clotting. 

    3. Tomato: eat tomato to stay young. Tomato helps prevent your skin from getting wrinkles. It also improves your memory and other signs of aging. Tomato contains lycopene that keeps prostate cancer at bay. You might want to start enjoying tomato sauce as it has more lycopene. Cooked tomato works much better on your body that raw ones. So start adding it to your vegetables and salads. 

    4. Broccoli: broccoli contains folic acid that men need extensively. Folic acid reduces the level of homocysteine that is amino acid in blood. The increased level of homocysteine increases the risk of heart attack. Broccoli also contains vitamin c and potassium that reduces the risk of cancer. 

    5. Nuts: nuts contain protein, vitamins and fibres and are extremely good for your heart, skin and even the digestive system. The omega-3 fats that they contain nourish your heart. Nuts, when eaten, also help slow down the assimilation process so that the fats and sugar in your body are processed effectively. 

    Including these items in your diet will nourish your body and make it healthy. It will also improve your immune system and make your body powerful enough to fight against not just viral fever and flew but health risks like prostate cancer and heart attack.

    Eat Healthy & Live Healthy
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    Common cold, as the name suggests, is one of the most common diseases in the world. It is a communicable disease, mainly occurring during seasonal change, even though it is not chronic in nature. And homeopathy has the most effective medicines which treat common cold without the side effects offered by allopathic medicines, such as drowsiness.
    Read on to know which are those:

    1. Aconite
    This homeopathic medicine is recommended when the most preliminary signs of common cold appear, such as getting thirsty frequently and being overly-anxious.

    2. Belladonna
    Belladonna is for more severe signs of cold, such as high fever and persistence of a throbbing headache.

    3. Natrum mur
    This medicine is effective for a runny nose, with initially clear snot thickening after a period of 24-48 hours.

    4. Nux vomica
    Nux vomica is effective for constant sensation of chill, with warmth not felt even in the comfort of the bed. It is also effective for headaches, blocked nose, body-aches, and nausea as results of the cold.

    5. Gelsemium
    Gelsemium is advisable for the known symptoms of common cold such as headache, fever, fatigue, drowsiness, shivers, etc.

    6. Eupatorium perf
    This medicine is effective in case of recurring thirst, sore muscles and bones, and immense headache that get worse on any kind of movement.

    7. Arsenicum iod
    If you are experiencing continuous sneezing with burning sensation and a nasal discharge, this is the medicine you should take.

    8. Ferrum Phos
    This medicine is also given at the preliminary stage, when the onset is slow, with mild fever, which gets worse especially with the approach of night.

    9. Pulsatilla
    When you have a nose with dense discharge and blocked ears, remember that these symptoms may worsen at night. This is the medicine best suited to your cold in such a situation.

    10. Influenzinum
    It is a homeopathic remedy for flu. The medicine, which is diluted and potentized, strengthens the immune system to fight against flu viruses. It does not suppress the symptoms but makes your immune system strong to not allow foreign viruses affect your health.
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    Treat Anal Fissure Using Homeopathy

    The first effortless and urgent task after you wake up is freshening up. But just imagine if passing stool becomes a painful exercise? In fact, a regular difficulty can turn into a traumatic experience. You can treat anal fissure using homeopathy. It is basically a tear or cut in the skin lining inside the anus which causes pain and/or bleeding in the patient. Anal Fissure can be caused by the passage of hard, long stool due to constipation. In case of women, it may happen after a normal delivery of a child.

    Treat Anal Fissure Using Homeopathy Medication:

    Allopathic treatment suggests oral pain relief medicines or stool softeners, topical ointments relieving some symptoms. But they in reality just suppress the problem for a short period and do not cure it completely. In worst case scenarios, a physician would advise a surgery as an only option for treating an anal fissure. But our answer is No. Anal fissure has an excellent treatment with homeopathy. Don't think of surgery unless you have tried homeopathic medicines for a fair period of time. These medicines are made out of natural substances and have zero side effects and could be very beneficial in providing relief in anal fissures.

    But the question that might be arising in your mind is how homeopathy can avoid surgery. Actually in a surgery, some muscles surrounding the anus are cut which helps in reducing anal spasms. But according to homeopathy, this can be achieved without a surgery and using a knife.This holistic treatment works by using one's own restorative processes and is safe. Medicines are selected based upon patient's particular symptoms and many other factors using a holistic approach. The aim of this medication is not only to treat the fissure but to also cure its underlying or root cause.

    Homeopathic medicines facilitate healing in the patient, improve the blood circulation in the affected areas and relieve the pain and prevent further infection. The medication also takes care of the root cause, that is, constipation or weak digestive system and cures all underlying symptoms.

    So what can be expected with homeopathic treatment?

    According to studies and data, this treatment has been effective in curing more than 80% of the patients of anal fissures. Most of the patients start showing improvement in about 3 to 6 weeks but some might need a longer course. There are many remedies which can provide relief but it's always wise to consult an experienced physician who can study your case, symptoms, and complete case history and provide medication.
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    Haven’t you heard of any elderly person who forgets everything? It’s the old- age Ailment Alzheimer’s disease (AD)… It’s a slowly progressive ailment that affects the brain and impairs the memory.

    A person suffering with it has problems in reasoning, language skills and even planning something. Did you know that one is likely to have Alzheimer’s disease more after crossing the age of 70 and even more after 80?  If someone is having a short term memory loss, is asking the same question again and again; can’t make decisions, he or she could be in the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


    Old-age Ailment Alzheimer’s disease is when you start losing your memory.

    Allopathic treatment for this ailment includes antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. You would know that the homoeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances and help in stimulating the body’s own healing power. Homoeopathy has proven effective in relieving symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and also reducing amyloid plaques in the patient’s brain. Regular homoeopathic treatment has been proven to show signs of better learning abilities and the patient is able to recognize objects and remember things more accurately.

    That’s not all; homoeopathy slows the progression of this ailment and also helps the patient in easing his or her symptoms. So let’s discuss the main medicines that could help. Baryta Carb helps patients who have regressed back due to this disease and show childish behavior. The symptoms also could be child-like fear, shyness and lack of confidence along with memory loss. Another medicine prescribed could be Natrum Sulph. This medicine is recommended if one is dwelling too much on the past events and hurtful memories. The patient could be too gloomy, lonely and full of self-pity. These patients often complain of headaches and joint pains or body aches.

    Homoeopathy is always prescribed after a thorough diagnosis and depending on the particular symptoms of the patient. Alumina is another excellent medicine for AD patients who suffer depression and have fluctuating moods. These patients would also complain of constipation, feeling cold and always are hurrying in whatever they do.

    Nux Vomica is prescribed to patients who are usually angry, irritable and insensitive to other people. But they get hurt easily and are very sensitive to what others are saying to them. There are other remedies that can improve the quality of life for the patients of this disease. But mixtures of remedies are not as good as a particular medicine recommended especially for treating chronic illnesses such as AD.

    For individualized and focused treatment, one must consult a qualified homoeopathic doctor and discuss the case in detail. Some other popular medicines are Mercurius, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Calcarea Carb, Chamomilla etc. Other alternative methods that help in this ailment include Ayurvedic medications, yoga, consuming olive oil, vitamin D and sticking to a low calorie diet.


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    Sweet Tooth

    Do you also have a sweet tooth? The younger generation is consuming a lot of sugar and sweetened products these days.

    This is one of the reasons that Diabetes mellitus is more common and we even find many children suffering from an Acquired Insulin Deficiency or Type 2 Diabetes. This sweet tooth problem is caused majorly due to dietary faults.

    So what can you do to stay away from Diabetes? A balanced or healthy diet and an exercise regimen or endurance sports are the best ways to protect you from this ailment. Take your pick out of 45 minutes to an hour of brisk walk, half an hour jog or hour long yoga or some sports session. What you decide on doesn't matter; what matters is that you must stay consistent and sincere towards this goal.

    Having said that, exercising considerably helps you in recovery or preventing Diabetes, but more important is to change your diet. Cut down on carbs and other sugar-laden foods. Measure your blood sugar levels regularly and keep a check on what you consume. If you are tempted to have your favourite cola, remember that it has calories equal to 20 sugar cubes in it. Hence, it's wiser to not have these colas and sweetened drinks. Choose healthier drinks like more water and green tea.

    When it comes to homoeopathy, sweet tooth Diabetes is caused when there is an imbalance in your body. In fact in this condition, your body is unable to effectively utilize the insulin that is being produced, or is not able to make the required insulin. Homoeopathy can regulate the metabolism and correct the disturbances that lead to this trouble. Furthermore, with homoeopathy, your body's self-healing capability improves and one can prevent further complications like dysfunctions of the blood vessels resulting in amputation, loss of vision, liver problems, kidney failure, etc.

    Homoeopathic treatment not only controls the sweet tooth levels but also understands the patient's detailed case. This includes patient's physical, mental, social and spiritual level and then recommending a holistic remedy. We have gathered main approaches that a homoeopathic consultant follows in treating this illness:

    Management of your blood sugar
    Individualistic approach in medicine by studying a patient's complete profile
    In the case of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Homoeopathy advises giving importance to the patient's past and family history too. This helps in understanding the genetics etc and thus, the physician can prescribe the medication accordingly.
    Homoeopathy believes that Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and prevented by making lifestyle modifications.
    So if you suffer from Diabetes and haven't consulted a homoeopath, do that right away! Believe us, it's worth it! Follow some other easy tips and keep this disease at bay. Eat smaller meals every couple of hours. Have steamed veggies and salads rather than fried stuff. Cut sugar, alcohol, carbs and fatty foods and include fiber-rich foods such as pulses, fruits, and veggies. Start exercising for at least half an hour daily and take the stairs rather than an elevator. Practice yoga and stay active and fit to keep your sugar levels in control.
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    Homoeopathy for Asthma

    Homoeopathy for Asthma is a way to avoid side effects and surety to get rid of Asthma forever. You surely have heard about Asthma, but do you know what causes these breathing problems? When you have Asthma, the bronchial tubes get squeezed or narrow, making it more difficult to breathe. You might have symptoms such as tightness in chest, coughing, or wheezing. You might also feel breathless sometimes. This is because the body has to work harder when you are walking, climbing the stairs etc. Pollution or dust can make you sneeze. Animals like dog or cat hair can trigger an Asthma attack too.

    Homoeopathy for Asthma is bliss:

    The allopathic and conventional medication offers control of symptoms. Bronchodilator inhalers enable the muscles of the airways to broaden a bit and let some air flow through. Just imagine your airways as tunnels, which have narrowed down due to Asthma. These inhalers are helpers who widen the tunnel allowing a greater flow of air. In some conditions, steroids are also given but all of these have side effects. In contrast, one of the best ways to treat this Asthma is with homoeopathy. The correct diagnosis and medication can prevent an acute condition and regular treatment can eliminate the Asthma completely.

    Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed as per the symptoms and psychophysiological profile of a patient and not according to the condition. Breathing can be made easy by these medicines as they offer a breath of a fresh air (quite literally). Homoeopathic medicines such as Arsenic Album, Natrum Sulph, Kali Carb and Bacillinum are few of the best remedies for Asthma. These medicines work on your immune system and not just on your lungs.

    Consult homoeopathy for Asthma and you will be surprised at how much time he/she will spend on understanding your case, symptoms, etc. Besides recommending medicines for your symptoms, a homoeopath will also try and find any allergic triggers and give you remedies for causes of allergic Asthma. There are homoeopathic medicines of house dust mite, grass, pollen, etc.

    As a matter of fact, this chronic illness affects over 300 million people throughout the world and sadly one in 10 of them are children. Though it might take longer in some cases, homoeopathy can solve core or root causes and eliminate it permanently. These root causes can be rooted in emotional, genetic or some physiological trauma, but this treatment has a strong promise of resolving them. Not only does it cure the disease, it also has a positive and very harmonious effect on your body as it balances your entire system.

    So if you suffer from this problem, don't waste any more time. Try homoeopathy for Asthma and breathe easy for the rest of your life.
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