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It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring people who will answer your questions and help you understand your treatments.

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Dr.yvrao's Hair & Cosmetic Surgery Centre is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Yv Rao, a well-reputed Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon , practices in Visakhapatnam. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 70 patients.

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Opp: Apollo Hospital, Waltair main road
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Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
kasturba medical college, Manipal
MS - General Surgery
Madras Medical College, CHENNAI
M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
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All India Association of Plastic Surgeons
Indian Association of Aesthetic Surgeons
Asian Association of Hair Restorative Surgeons
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Asst. Prof & I/C Head at NIMS-Dept of Plastic Surgery
  • MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
    Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon
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  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    Age is really nothing, but a number. The best thing about age is to embrace it. However, not everybody can jovially accept the bodily changes that come with age, especially the wrinkles, the sagging skin and the not-so-wanted curves of the face. So are you tired of using a hundred different age-renewal creams?

    Tired of all the false promises from brands claiming their products would turn back time? Tired of putting heavy makeup to hide those wrinkles? Guess what? There is a long-term solution to these problems. Consult an awesome cosmetic physician and get a facelift. Since this is a life-changing decision, you must know about the different types of facelifts to give you a proper idea about the whole thing before you contact a surgeon.

    A surgical procedure that involves minimizing the various signs of ageing around the face and neck area is called a facelift, also known as rhytidectomy. There are numerous types of facelift surgeries, a few common ones are discussed below-

    The deep plane procedure: There is a layer beneath our skin known as the superficial musculoapnoneurotic system (SMAS). The muscles of facial expression are surrounded by this layer. The deep plane lift is the most commonly used face-lift technique and in this technique the SMAS is lifted, released and repositioned. After the repositioning of this layer, the loose, extra skin is removed and the edges of the layer are structured and stapled in place. This is by far the best voted technique and is known to give long lasting results with lesser number of revisions. The estimated cost of this procedure ranges from 5000 - 12000 dollars.
    The short scar lifts: This includes various types of facelift techniques, which involve minimal scar formation. The short scar lift techniques unlike the others do not extend beyond the ears. The surgeon can re-suspend all those tissues that support the smile-line and jowls, thereby, tightening a moderate amount of loose skin wherever required. The estimated cost of these types of procedures ranges between 6000-10000 dollars.
    FAT auto transfer?: In this technique, fat from the buttock/stomach/thigh area is collected by the process of liposuction and is then injected into the face to fill in the required areas. Price ranges from 5500-15000 dollars.

    However, the most important part is to contact a certified cosmetic physician because as already discussed, this is a life changing decision, and one wrong move can cost you a lot.
  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    Liposuction is a surgical procedure of removing stubborn fat bulges from the body. Age is not a major consideration with liposuction as long as your skin is firm and elastic. Else, your skin may begin to sag in places from where the fat has been removed.

    Liposuction surgery techniques involve ultrasound and laser for breaking down fatty substances and ultimately removing them. After a liposuction surgery, you may not see the results immediately. Compression garments and/or elastic garments are used to get your affected body part to adapt to its new shape.

    When should you opt for the procedure:

    1. You are putting your best efforts to gain a contoured body: If you are doing regular work out and stay very much focused on achieving a stunning contoured body or in other words, visually chiseled abs and arms, but still fat doesn't go away then liposuction surgery can help you achieve a complete body contouring you so wish for.

    2. Despite exercising and eating healthy, you are unable to shed stubborn fat: It is quite natural to lose weight after exercising and eating healthy. But even if you manage to attain a leaner and fit body, some fatty deposits are often left behind. So when your daily efforts prove insufficient and you see no striking change, then it is quite likely that you should go for liposuction which will help you eliminate excess fat from some specific parts of your body.

    3. Even though you are happy with your body shape, it seems you have a double chin: If it appears that you have a double chin despite having optimum weight, you are perhaps putting up with fat under your chin and possibly around your neck which you are unable to address on your own. Liposuction, therefore, can help you get rid of these fat deposits for a smoother and youthful appearance that complements the rest of your body.

    4. You are embarrassed by your body shape due to bulging or sagging body areas: If your body appearance makes you feel embarrassed because of sagging body areas you cannot address, then liposuction can easily help give you back your self-confidence. If a smoother and fit body shape can help you improve your social and personal life, then this can be the cosmetic procedure that makes your life turn around.
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  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    Lip Correction is performed by women who want reduction of the inner lips on the outside of the vagina or labia minora. The reduction is done as many women are uncomfortable with the shape as well as the size of their labia. The swelling of the labia often causes discomfort in exercising, and women are unable to wear bathing suits as well as fitting clothes. It also causes interference in the sexual activity and sometimes it becomes very embarrassing and difficult to maintain basic hygiene.

    There are numerous variations in the thickness, size, color and shape of the vaginal tissues and not many women are aware of the prominent size as well as size of their labia. There are many women who are not at all concerned with the appearance of the labia. However, some women who suffer from these symptoms are very upset and feel their self-image is diminished, and it is important in such case that reduction of the Labia minora be done. It is through Lip Corrections that women can take control of their body and reshape their labia just like women who do augmentation of their breasts.

    It is very important to know everything about Lip Correction before opting for this surgery. It is important to do some research online and visit websites that provide information on vaginal surgeries. The surgical techniques that are used for Lip Corrections are many, but it must be conducted by a certified surgeon who is well-experienced and does the vaginal rejuvenation with perfection.

    When Must Lip Corrections Be Considered
    Lip Corrections is a surgical process, and that is done specially to correct an outsized or irregular labia minora. The tissues adjacent to the vulva of the vagina are reduced, and this surgery is done both for aesthetic reasons as well as for medical purposes. The surgery can be considered by a woman at times to feel physiologically and emotionally good, and at times it is done for purposes like.
    - Irregular shape of the labia
    - Oversize of the vaginal folds
    - Protruding labia
    - Discomfort caused due to thickness of the Labia
    - Labial disease that can occur after childbirth
    Duration of Surgery
    The excess skin is cut, and then it is sewn over the edge during the surgery. The disadvantage of this surgery is that after the surgery, the long vertical stitch line gives the area an unattractive appearance. It takes approximately an hour and half for the surgery to take place, and the patient is generally given local anaesthesia during the surgery.
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  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    A nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is performed to remove polyps and other blockages, alter the structure and shape of your nose and improve its function and or appearance. Here are a few things you should know about nose surgeries:

    Deciding on surgery
    Before deciding on undergoing nose surgery, consult with your doctor regarding issues related to your nose. Your doctor will check your problems and judge whether or not surgery is a feasible option. It is only with your doctor's confirmation that you should go for the surgery.

    The procedure
    The surgery is done either with local anesthesia (your nose and surrounding areas will be numbed) or general anesthesia (you will fall asleep). The surgeon will make incisions in your nostrils and base of the nose and alter the shape, structure and position of the cartilages in your nose for appealing shape and better functionality. Polyp removal is also done by rhinoplasty.

    After the surgery you will be required to wear a nose splint. You can expect swelling around the eyes, which will begin to subside after the third day. Swelling in the nose will go away after six months. Therefore, do not expect to see your results immediately, final condition of your nose will be apparent after the recovery period is over.

    - You should avoid strenuous activity for three to six weeks.

    - Do not smoke or drink alcohol during recovery. Smoking slows recovery time and alcohol reduces normal effects of drugs.

    Will you develop scars?

    As with all cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty can leave scars. In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nostrils and hence there is no scarring. In open rhinoplasty, an additional cut is made along the columella and this may result in scarring. However, the position of the scar is such that it is almost unnoticeable.

    Any surgical procedure has certain risks. These risks associated with nose surgery include:
    1. Infection
    2. Adverse effect to anesthesia
    3. Unfavorable outcome
    4. Visible scarring
    5. Numbness
    6. Difficulty in breathing
    7. Chronic nosebleed
    8. A perforated septum
    9. Haematoma
    10. Bursting of blood vessels
    11. Nervous damage
    12. Possibility of revision surgery
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  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    Wrinkles are a normal yet unsightly sign of aging, which can come about due to various reasons including too much exposure to the sun, poor diet, excessive smoking and drinking, lack of proper sleep, advent of age, loss of moisture and elasticity as well as collagen, which creates a smooth and supple look and other such reasons. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are now turning to a variety of methods to lessen the pronounced look of wrinkles and remove them for younger looking skin. Here are a few methods currently in use:

    *fillers: fillers like collagen and others including poly lactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite and hyaluronic acid can be used to restore the elasticity of the skin even as they provide precious hydration. These injectables can be used on the face as well as on hands for a smooth and supple look.

    * botox: to get rid of the lines on the forehead and to prevent the onset of more pronounced wrinkles, botox or botulinum toxin type a is a favoured element used by many cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. This is usually administered via injection.

    * retinoids: this is administered with a surgical procedure in order to remove uneven pigmentation as well as the roughness of skin, which sets in with age and excessive smoking and sun exposure. It may cause skin peeling and redness.

    * laser: the use of laser resurfacing can also help in stimulating collagen production of the skin, which restores some of its elasticity so that wrinkles may be removed and further wrinkles prevented.

    *surgery: the use of surgical methods like face lifts, brow lifts and other cosmetic processes can help in giving the skin a tighter look, which does away with the appearance of wrinkles. These are usually minor procedures from which one will heal fast.

    *dermabrasion: this method is a surgical one that basically sands the surface of the skin in order to remove the wrinkles. It can cause side effects like permanent discolouration of the skin as well as scarring of sensitive skin in particular.

    * peels: glycolic acid peels and deeper peels that use elements like salicylic acid can be used to go deep into the skin and making it smooth again. It basically makes a difference to the fine lines. There is a chance of side effects like scarring, bruising and general discolouration in this method as well.

    Adequate sleep, good nutrition, avoiding excessive sun exposure and a good skin care regimen can help in keeping wrinkles at bay for a long time. Moisturising with products that contain plenty of vitamin a and e can also help in reducing fine lines.
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  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
    Cleft lip and palate repair surgery is a surgical procedure, which is used to fix problems of the upper lip and palate. A cleft may be a small patch on the lip or a complete furrow that extends all the way to the lower part of the nose. A child usually has one or both of these conditions at birth. This is a serious birth defect and can only be corrected with specialized plastic surgery techniques.

    Why it is needed?
    Cleft lip and palate surgery is necessary to correct abnormal development of upper lip in a child and to restore a normal appearance and function. The surgery can improve the child's ability to speak, hear and eat. In most cases the surgery is done when the child is between nine months to 1 year old, so as to allow the palate to change along with the growth of the baby.

    Steps to be taken before the procedure
    A therapist needs to be consulted before the surgery, as the therapist would analyze the best way to feed the child before surgery. The child must gain weight and has to be healthy before the surgery is performed. The health provider may do some blood tests and carry out a complete physical examination of the child. About 10 days prior to the surgery, it is necessary to stop giving the child aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin and any other drug that inhibits the clotting of blood.

    Risk factors
    1. Risks from anesthesia include breathing problems, reaction to the medicine, bleeding and infections in some cases.
    2. Problems caused by the surgery itself may include abnormal growth of the bones in the middle of the face and abnormality in the connection between the mouth and the nose.

    Post surgical care tips
    The child will be kept in the hospital for 5 to 7 days after surgery and complete recovery may require up to 4 weeks. The following tips need to be followed for quicker recovery:
    1. The surgery wound must be kept clean by washing it with soap, water or any other cleaning liquid.
    2. The wound must be kept moist with ointment.
    3. It is advised to prevent the child from picking at the wound by using arm cuffs and splinters.
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