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Devashish Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma, a well-reputed General Physician , practices in Alwar. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 42 patients.

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    Come summer and the vegetable stands in the markets start looking different. The green vegetables are replaced by fruits and vegetables that grow in the heat and have higher water content themselves. Here is a list of foods that will keep you hydrated and energetic during the draining summer heat.

    1) Watermelon - Watermelons have more water than pulp and are easily available. Not only will this relax you but also hydrates you at the end of a very tiring day.

    2) Cucumber - With less than 20 calories in a cup of cucumbers, this hydrating food is ideal to carry with lunch boxes to work, or eat at home. They cool and hydrate you at the same time. The seeds are also known to be high in nutrients and health benefits.

    3) Tomatoes - Tomatoes and their health benefits are widely known. They cool your stomach and hydrate you. Tomatoes are also good for diabetes and cardio-vascular problems, and are a rich source of many nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins ? C, A, E, K and B6, potassium and many more.

    4) Lemon - Lemon is a super food. Mixed with water, in different temperatures, it helps in weight loss to combating dehydration. Mixed in water with a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar, the lemon water mixture is known to cool, energise and hydrate the body.

    5) Curd - This is a staple in most Indian homes. Store bought or homemade, it is good to eat a small bowl full of curd every day. A delicious coolant, you can spice it up any way you wish to - by adding fruits to it, or by adding masalas or by eating it straight with just a tiny pinch of salt.

    6) Coconut water - Easily available on road sides, coconut water is your ideal drink on the go. While you can surely have it at home, it is highly recommended for students and professionals who are out in the sun, during the day. An immediate energizer, coconut water can be your savior from heat spells.

    7) Melons - Just like watermelons, melons and muskmelons too have high water content. The fruit is said to have 90 percent water apart from the nutrients.

    8) Buttermilk - Easy to make and easily available in the market, buttermilk can be customized as per individual taste. It is light in the tummy, cools and dehydrates the system.

    9) Mint - An inexpensive herb, mint has amazing cooling qualities. Churn it into chutney or just drop a few leaves into your bottle of drinking water, these leaves will keep your insides cool and mind fresh with their mild fragrance.

    10) Onions - Red onions in particular are known to have very high water content. Include them in your meals or have them raw, how you eat is up to you.

    If you have any further questions, click on consult privately to ask me.

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