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Cardiologist, Diabetologist, General Physician
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Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and financial concerns.

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Dr. Raj Kumar is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Rajkumar, a well-reputed Cardiologist, Diabetologist, General Physician , practices in New Delhi . Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 48 patients.

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8490/91, Arakshan Road, Paharganj, Near Dharam Kanta, Opposite Vandana Hotel
New Delhi , Delhi - 110055
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Rajendra Medical College - Ranchi University
Patna Medical College
Rajendra Medical College -Ranchi University
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    Cardiologist, Diabetologist, General Physician
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    5 natural ways to control your blood pressure

    Blood pressure rises with each heartbeat and falls as your heart relaxes. The normal blood pressure should be less than 120/80 mm hg. An increase or decrease on either end can cause various problems.

    Here are some of the natural ways to control your blood pressure.

    1. Having a diet low in sodium

    In the event of a high blood pressure, curtail the consumption of foods that are rich in sodium. However, research reveals that sometimes it is not just enough to cut down on sodium in your diet. A person suffering from high bp should consume foods rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium as well to keep his/her bp in check.

    2. Drink plenty of water and curtail the consumption of alcohol

    In case a person suffers from low blood pressure, it is advisable to drink plenty of water as low blood pressure is usually accompanied by bouts of dehydration, and consumption of water can help increase your blood pressure. Also, health drinks, which are rich in electrolytes, help your raise blood pressure. But one should avoid drinks that are high in sugar, and abating your alcohol consumption also helps to quite an extent.

    3. Burn extra calories and exercise regularly

    Blood pressure usually increases with weight. Being overweight can lead to sleep apnea, which is marked by disruptive breathing while you sleep, which in turn condition can lead to increased blood pressure. Studies have found that weight loss is one of the most effective ways to control high bp. Regular physical activity is also advised to maintain a stable blood pressure.

    4. Avoid long, hot showers

    The hot water in showers and spas can expand your blood vessels, which can often lead to a drop in blood pressure. A common sign of this would be dizziness and fainting while taking a bath. Therefore, for people suffering from this condition, using warm water rather than hot water is advisable.

    5. Completely avoid stress

    One of the contributing factors of high blood pressure is chronic stress. Stress tends to affect blood pressure in indirect ways. Many react to stress by overeating, consumption of alcohol and smoking, all of which can increase your blood pressure. Try to know what triggers your stress and take steps to avoid it.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'consult'.
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