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By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.

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Dr. Monty Talwar's Homoeopathic Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Monty Talwar, a well-reputed Homeopath , practices in Gurgaon . Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 69 patients.

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#260, 2nd Floor, The Sapphire Mall, Sector 49, Landmark: Opp. Orchid Petals, Near Sohna Road
Gurgaon , Haryana - 122001
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  • CME Course in Diabetes for Family Physicians, Certificate in Child Health , BHMS
    Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy. It is induced, either by the use of medications or by surgical procedure. The term abortion is usually used to denote induced termination. Unsafe sex is one of the major causes of abortion, even though it is legal under a number of circumstances in most countries.
    The term miscarriage is used to denote spontaneous termination of pregnancy before a fetus develops. In other words, miscarriage is denoted as spontaneous abortion in medical terms.

    What are the causes of abortion?
    Causes of an abortion or miscarriage may be due to fetal or maternal complications. Some of the fetal factors include:
    1. Unwanted pregnancy
    2. Abnormal development of fetus, either due to abnormal chromosomes or teratogenic factors.
    3. Immunological factors
    4. Problems with implantation
    5. Serious health diseases like kidney disease

    What are the homeopathic treatments for abortion?
    Homeopathic medication system is one of the most popular and widely accepted holistic medication approaches used all over the world. The choice of remedy for any disease is based on individualized symptoms and lifestyle habits using a holistic method. In such a way, a state of complete wellness can be achieved by eliminating all the signs and symptoms that the patient is suffering from. The main objective of homeopathy is not just to manage the adverse effects of abortion.

    Some of the homeopathic remedies that are beneficial in treating abortion or miscarriage are given below:

    1. Aconite Nap: Helpful in treating anxiety, excitement or fear experienced before the procedure.
    2. Apis Mel: Medication used during the 3rd month of pregnancy
    3. Aletris Far: Treats conditions of typical abortion that is done due to anemia or weakness or other conditions affecting the mother
    4. Arnica Montana: To manage abortion that is done after an accident to treat the mother
    5. Baptisia- Used in treating abortion is done due to shock, fever or mental depression. Often used for women under the age of 21.
    6. Sepia: Used when there is an abortion during fifth to seventh month of pregnancy.
    7. Thuja: Used to treat women who have a history of gonorrhea.
    8. Syphilinum: Used for treatment when there the abortion is done due to syphilis.
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  • CME Course in Diabetes for Family Physicians, Certificate in Child Health , BHMS
    Homeopathy and Depression

    Most people have felt depressed in their lives some time or the other. Depression can be a natural reaction to failure, injured self-esteem or loss but when the severity of the condition increases it is diagnosed as 'clinical' or 'major'. Subtle signs of depression usually go unnoticed because it is difficult to determine whether it is a phase or a chronic condition. It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and get help at the earliest.

    Some major symptoms are consistent sadness, feeling hopeless, thoughts of suicide, uninterested in life, low on energy, a persistent physical trauma that does not respond to medications.

    Homeopathic Treatment

    There are efficient homeopathic medicines that can work to reduce the illness, especially if treated in the early stages. Homeopathy is a reliable path to follow because it does not have any side effects, unlike antidepressants that tend to numb people. Here is a comprehensive list of homeopathic medicines which most doctors are likely to recommend for treating depression.

    -Arsenicum album

    This medicine is prescribed to control the symptoms like diarrhea, gastric problems, indigestion which patients often suffer from as a result of intense anxiety. Patients, appropriate for this medicine tend to be fastidious and restless. It is made of white arsenic and should be taken in prescribed potency because an overdose can cause gastroenteritis.

    -Natrum muriaticum

    This homeopathic treatment is useful for mild depression or for people suffering extreme bereavement due to loss or a sudden shock.


    This medicine is beneficial to women suffering from postpartum depression (sadness or emotional confliction after giving birth) and menopause. Feeling of solitude and hopelessness with no energy to continue with life are some common symptoms that can be reduced with Sepia.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.
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    Constipation and the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating it

    Constipation is defined as the condition in which the affected person has dry and hard stools with less than three bowel movements every week. In severe conditions, the bowel movements are reduced to one per week.

    It is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems that people face these days as a result of their unhealthy food habits and sedentary lifestyle. A number of other factors can cause constipation. Some of those are the lack of sufficient fluids and fibers in your diet, physical inactivity, laxative abuse or drinking less water/liquids.

    Whatever the root cause of the problem may be, homeopathy is the best solution. Here are prominent reasons why homeopathic medications are the best option when it comes to treating constipation.

    1. No side effects

    Homeopathy uses natural remedies for treating constipation, therefore, the medication is completely non-toxic and free from side effects of all kinds. You can completely rely on homeopathy for the treatment of your condition without being worried about the side effects at all. This virtue of homeopathic medication makes it best to use homeopathy for the treatment of constipation especially in the case of children, pregnant women, and elderly people.

    2. Addressing the Symptoms

    Homeopathic treatment for constipation is based on your individual symptoms so the treatment varies from person to person. This makes homeopathic medications completely symptom based and therefore more effective.

    For instance: A medicine called 'Alumina' is prescribed when a patient has to strain hard to be able to expel even soft stool (which is clay like and sticks to the rectum). However, 'Silicea' is recommended when stool recedes back in the rectum, being only partially expelled.

    3. Permanent treatment

    Homeopathy deals with the root of the problem and cures the causes and symptoms of constipation in such an effective manner that the treatment is permanent.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.
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    Hair fall is becoming a common problem these days due to dust, pollution, environmental toxins, stress. Seborrhoeic dermatitis can also cause it due to the accumulation of sebum on the scalp which prevents the hair from growing. Male pattern of baldness where there is a receding hairline from the sides of the scalp occurs due to a type of testosterone hormone. Hair fall can be prevented by having a good protein diet, more of fruits, vegetables and good hygiene of the scalp. Shampoo regularly 1-2 times in a week. Homeopathic medicines are very effective and promote new hair growth. If you wish you can consult me on-line on Lybrate.
  • CME Course in Diabetes for Family Physicians, Certificate in Child Health , BHMS
    To get that shine in your hair, you can use olive oil which is great for conditioning and shine.
    Honey can be added to the olive oil to get an even better result.
    Put the olive oil in a small cup and use your hands to rub it in the ends and the mid-length of your hair. Shampoo after 2hours.
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