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Dr. Deepak jain is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Deepak Jain, a well-reputed Homeopath , practices in Agra. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 49 patients.

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    Scabies is a highly infectious disease, which is caused by very tiny wingless insects called the Human itch mite or scabies mite. The insect lays 1 to 3 eggs daily after burrowing into the skin. A small, almost invisible blister is formed on the area. You might also feel an urge to itch especially at night, which would likely cause a red rash to form on the scratched area. Sides of fingers, in between the fingers, the back of your hands, the wrists, elbow, and armpits are the common areas where scabies affect. It is generally spread when you come in close contact to any infected person or their belongings. Scabies can occur at any age, but is most common among children.

    Treating scabies with homeopathy:

    Homeopathy, due to its safe and natural medicines are the best alternative in treating scabies. It attacks the infection at the roots and does not let it reappear. Here given below are some of the best homeopathic remedies:

    Sulphur: If you are suffering from a recurrent or suppressed form of scabies, Sulphur is one of the best remedy for you. You might feel an intense urge to scratch the area, which worsens with when washed and exposed to heat. Your skin might be extremely sensitive to air, wind as well as washing.
    Causticum: If you have scabies in the folds of the skin and between the thighs, causticum works well for you. Intense itching, scratching and soreness are some of the symptoms you experience.
    Arsenic Album: The infection occurs in the bend of your knees and it could be dry as well as full of small pustules. You may experience itching and a burning sensation around the area. Application of cold water may also make you feel better. These symptoms are well treated with Arsenic Album.
    Sepia: It is one of the best homeopathic remedy if you have scabies, and scratching the area as much as it feels, would not give you any kind of relief. Your skin might turn pinkish and the condition worsens when exposed to open air. You may also feel better in a warm room.
    Psorinum: You can opt for this medicine if you have any past history of scabies. If your infection has not been properly cured, it can result into internal infection e.g., asthma, heart ailments etc. You might not want to stop itching until your skin starts bleeding. You may feel better if you lie down for some time.
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    Autism is identified by characteristics like difficulty in communication, the use of language, understanding abstract concepts and building bonds with other people. This brain development disorder is also characterized by the performance of repetitive behaviors in the affected individual.

    Treatment of this condition requires an understanding of every vital factor associated with the condition. The hardcore approach is vital for understanding the stimulus/response connection of symptoms. This is because whenever an autistic child undergoes stressful situations, the reaction is a sign that a homeopath cannot ignore. By completely understanding the cycle of stress and reaction, a homeopath can only be able to suggest the right treatment program.

    What about the remedies prescribed for treating the condition? Being a holistic branch of medicine, homeopathy takes into account the complete physical as well as the mental makeup of the individual. Additionally, in this alternative medicine, the homeopath also takes into consideration the details of the disease while recommending remedies. Remedies like Carcinocin, Secretin and Thuja are favored the most for treating the condition. At the same time, the appropriate remedies are recommended after having a thorough understanding as to whether the individual falls within the constitutional makeup of the remedies considered.Another essential aspect of this branch of medicine in the treatment of this brain development disorder is the practice of using LM potencies (homeopathic medicines on the last scale of potencies). These remedies are not only acted faster but are also gentler compared to others.
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    Homeopathy offers many options for penis enlargement. Not just providing immediate relief, homeopathy as in all cases, tries to address the root cause and treat the individual holistically.

    Listed below are some common ingredients used in medicines that can improve the penis size. There are many formulations that use the below mentioned ingredients. All of these are herbs and aphrodisiacs that have been used from ancient times across continents.

    They have been proven to have good results and improved sexual satisfaction:

    Cuscuta seed and bark extract - The seed of Cuscuta is believed to delay premature death of sperm and prevent premature ejaculation. The bark, on the other hand, is believed to relieve stress and improve the functioning of the nervous system. These two are used in combination in medicines to enlarge penis and help better performance.

    Hawthorn berry - In some formulations, the Hawthorn berry is also added which is believed to improve the blood flow to the heart and brain. Improved circulation to these vital organs help improve sexual performance.

    Damiana or Turnera diffusa: Popular in the Mexican and Latin American regions, there could be anxiety/depression, libido loss, and sexual insufficiency where Damiana can be of great help.

    Epimedium - Also known locally as the 'horny goat weed', this is believed to improve circulation to the penis, thereby enhancing erection and sexual sensation. It also affects the release of testosterone which is required for improved sexual urge and vigor.

    Saw palmetto - This improves blood flow and promotes hormonal balance in addition to treating urinary infections. The end result is improved sexual performance.

    Ashwagandha - Also known as poison gooseberry or Indian ginseng, this can be used in cases where the sperm density is low, or there is problem of reduced thinking ability, premature ejaculation, and weak penis.

    Ginkgo Biloba - This also is believed to improve blood circulation and oxygenation, leading to long-lasting erection.
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    Bad breath is a condition that usually results from poor oral health or digestive problems. Bad breath may also cause social awkwardness and self-esteem issues. The practitioner first carries out a diagnosis to detect the symptoms and prescribes a remedy accordingly.
    The various causes of bad breath are:
    1. Irregular brushing habits
    2. Tobacco consumption
    3. Consuming certain foods like onion and garlic may result in a foul smell
    4. Yeast infections in the mouth
    5. Dry mouth where saliva production is minimal
    6. Illnesses such as kidney problems may cause bad breath

    Homeopathy focuses on providing a holistic treatment rather than a symptom based treatment.
    The various homeopathic remedies for bad breath are:

    1. Pulsatilla
    If you have bad breath along with dry mouth, Pulsatilla can be an effective remedy. Pulsatilla is a very effective treatment for getting rid of bad breath along with dry mouth.

    2. Merc sol
    It is very effective in treating bad breath along with increased production of saliva. If your salivary glands are overactive and have a moist mouth, then this remedy is recommended. It is also useful in getting rid of bad breath that occurs from dental cavities.

    3. Carbo veg
    If the bad breath results from infections, such as gingivitis and gum bleeding, then you may use this remedy. It is also used in the treatment of pus discharge from the gums.

    4. Carbolic acid
    Carbolic acid is used to treat bad breath along with constipation. The symptoms are bloated abdomen, abdominal cramps and nausea.

    5. Kreosote
    This remedy is recommended for bad breath that results from dental caries. It may lead to bleeding from your gums due to teeth decay.

    6. Belladonna
    Belladonna is a treatment that is recommended for bad breath that results from a throat infection. The throat infection may be accompanied by symptoms of fever.

    7. Nux vomica
    Nux vomica is used for treating symptoms of bad breath along with cold. This also relieves symptoms of indigestion and constipation.
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    The human brain is a unique and intricate organ, which performs many functions both consciously and subconsciously. However, during the formation of the brain within the mother's womb, the slightest of changes can cause damage to it, which manifest in many forms after birth. One of the forms it may manifest in is Autism.

    What is Autism?
    Autism, sometimes also classified as part of the Autism Spectrum disorder or ASD is a disorder of brain development, which will affect a child's capability to interact socially, in communicating through verbal and nonverbal means as well as exhibit repetitive behaviors. Some severe cases of these behaviors may also result in self-harm as well.

    Other than this some other characteristics may be:
    1. Major to minor difficulties in motor coordination
    2. Intellectual disabilities
    3. Attention problems
    4. Gastrointestinal problems
    5. Sleep related problems among others

    How homeopathy can help
    Conventional medicine is mostly used to treat some of the symptoms but is never used to cure or provide remedies for autism. A proper professional homeopath will be able to guide you to get the best results for your child and reduce all the problems of autism, if not outright cure it. Some of the medications that could be used to treat autism are as follows:

    1. Carcinosin - This is very helpful in children affected by autism who are talented, but are obsessive, compulsive, stubborn and also have sleep related issues. These children may also have addictive disorders.

    2. Agaricus - This medication is very good for children who may be mentally and physically awkward and show symptoms like indifference, muttering, talking, shouting or singing but not answering to direct calls or questions. Agaricus is very effective for children who suffer from involuntary jerking when they are awake.

    3. Cuprum Metallicum - This works wonders when the child is being very obsessive, angry and is inflexible, tense and is very aggressive towards their parents. Some of these children may even exhibit malicious behaviors and are usually averse to touch or being approached.

    4. Androctonus - A child or a patient who tends to swing wildly from a stable good mood to a destructive mode can be calmed down or evened out by Androctonus. These children also exhibit behaviors of suspiciousness and quickness to act on their compulsion.

    5. Helleborus - This is a very effective medication when the child is slow and under active and seems to be depressed most of the time. Some of these children may also have muscular weakness and helleborus is very effective in treating them.

    These are only a few examples of how homeopathy can provide remedies for your autistic child and thus is an effective solution. However, you may need to consult a homeopathic doctor who can tailor make doses and medications after diagnosing the specific symptoms that you child may be having.
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    If you cannot get an erection or if your erection isn't firm enough for sex, then you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). If the troubles are persistent, then it is a serious cause of concern. You can take a look at the symptoms of ED listed here:

    1. Symptoms

    a. You find it troublesome getting an erection or keeping one firm enough for sex.

    b. Your sexual desire is reduced and along with it, you experience other sexual problems which might include ejaculatory dysfunction.

    2. Causes

    a. There can be physical causes, like:

    -Medical conditions like Parkinson's disease, heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

    - Medical treatments like treatment of prostate cancer or surgery in the pelvic region.

    b. If you are a heavy drinker, then you have cause for concern.

    c. There can also be psychological causes, like:

    -If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, then that is a probable cause for the disorder.

    - Relationship problems might also lead to problems which extend to ED.

    3. Treatment

    a. An efficient way of treating ED is homeopathy. This includes mainly two ways in which homeopathy can be used to address the disorder:

    - By using Agnus Castus: Agnus Castus is a top remedy for erectile dysfunction and is essential especially when the patient lacks sexual desire, or physical power required for sex.

    -By using Lycopodim: It is especially beneficial for people with an enlarged prostate and for old and young irrespectively.

    -By using Caladium: Caladium is the required deep-acting agent required when the condition is acute. In these cases, when erection is either not possible or not firm enough for sex, it is imperative that caladium is used as it tackles the problem at a much deeper level.
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    Why is Premature Ejaculation so Common + How to Get it Treated?

    Premature Ejaculation is a very common problem. When a man ejaculates or climaxes too early he ends up releasing semen too quickly which ends the sexual stimulation process early on. This mostly results in an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both partners and it may even be bad for conceiving, for couples trying to conceive.

    Why is it so common?
    Even men with normal sexual performance have suffered from this condition at some stage of their lives.

    Let's look at some of the causes that contribute to premature ejaculation being so common.
    i) Performance related stress - Starting off with a new partner or being in a new relationship may cause performance anxiety.
    ii) Hormonal problems - Hormonal imbalances can also cause issues within certain men and these may be the result of deeper physical issues.
    iii) Injuries - Sportsmen and other men who have had injuries in their groin areas may also suffer from premature ejaculation due to nerve or muscular damage.
    iv) Mental issues such as depression - Mental disorders can also contribute to a point where sexual dysfunction may result and premature ejaculation could be one of them.
    v) Medicinal side effects - Certain medications may cause muscle relaxation and thus result in premature ejaculation.

    Treatments for premature ejaculation
    In most cases premature ejaculation is relieved when the underlying factors have been taken care of or have been diminished.

    Some common treatments options available for premature ejaculation are as follows:
    - Reduction of mental stress: Whether it is due to a new partner or general stress before having sex, it is advisable to reduce levels of anxiety and also calm the nerves to reduce the possibility of premature ejaculation.
    - Medications: In cases where the condition is caused by hormonal imbalances, appropriate medication helps in curing it. In case it was the medicine itself causing the problems, then appropriate changes are made to rectify the situation.
    - Wearing condoms or using numbing creams and sprays: Condoms and numbing sprays are a good tool to reduce hypersensitivity to the penis and thus reduce the chances of ejaculating early.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.
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