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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Homeopath.Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.


DR BONDE HOMOEO CLINIC is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Raj Bonde, a well-reputed Homeopath , practices in Aurangabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 97 patients.

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Osamanpura Road, Osmanpura, Aurangabad, Landmark : Opposite Gopal Cultural Hall
Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431005
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  • MD - Homeopathy
    Indigestion spares nobody. No matter how healthy you are, at some point or the other, everyone suffers from acidity, bloating and gas. On its own these problems are rarely serious but they can leave you feeling quite uncomfortable and can be embarrassing as well.

    Homeopathy can be very effective when fighting against indigestion of any kind. This form of treatment has negligible side effects and hence can be given to both children and adults. Homeopathy does not address only the symptoms but goes to the root of the problem. Thus it also stops the problem from recurring. Here are few common homeopathic medicines that can help ease indigestion.

    1. Nux vomica
    Nux vomica is known as the remedy for overindulgence. This homeopathic medicine can be used to treat stomach problems of all kinds. It is very effective against bloating and gas and is also often used to treat constipation. Nux vomica is also known as the best homeopathic remedy for heartburn associated with excessive alcohol or caffeine.

    2. Pulsatilla
    This is often used to treat gastric problems that follow eating heavy food like pastries, ice cream and food fried in ghee or butter. It can also be used to treat loose motions.

    3. China
    China is an effective form of treatment against bloating and build up of gas. Abdominal pain caused by gas can also be treated with china. This homeopathic remedy can also be used to treat diarrhea that is accompanied by extreme weakness.

    4. Arsenic album
    Gastric troubles that are triggered by food poisoning can be effectively treated with arsenic album. Some of the symptoms it treats are nausea, loose motions, abdominal pain and vomiting. Acidity and a burning sensation in the stomach can also be eased with this medicine. Arsenic album is also used in cases of chronic vomiting where the stomach does not retain any food.

    5. Lycopodium
    Sometimes even eating a light meal can leave you feeling bloated and with a heavy feeling in your abdomen. This bloating and excessive gaseousness accompanied by burning burps can be treated with lycopodium. It also treats acidity triggered by starchy and flatulent food.
    Along with taking homeopathic medicine, making a few changes to your eating habits can also help treat chronic gastric problems. Chew your food and eat slowly. Avoid eating anything that is too hot or too cold and drink plenty of water. Ideally you should hydrate your stomach half n hour before eating a meal.
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  • MD - Homeopathy
    Stress affects every aspect of our lives. It does not allow you to think or focus on anything else, tempts you to binge eat and takes control of your lifestyle. Stress can also cause severe health problems that can result in heart disease. Thus it is very necessary to learn how to control and manage stress. Managing your stress effectively can help you cope with it better and let your remain in control of your life.

    Homeopathy is based on the belief that the mind and body are connected. Thus by treating one, the other can benefit as well. Thus when prescribing a form of treatment for any health condition, attention is always paid to the mental state of the patient. Homeopathy can be very effective in treating and controlling stress and stress related problems. When treating stress with homeopathy, it is essential to first understand the cause of stress. Some common homeopathic remedies for stress are:

    1. Arsenic album
    This is usually prescribed to people who are generally anxious and nervous. People affected by the stress of being late for an event or meeting can also be given this remedy to ease the stress. Patients who benefit from this form of treatment are also often hypochondriacs who constantly feel that every minor symptom is a sign of a major illness.

    2. Bryonia
    This is very effective remedy for all kinds of stress. It can also be used to treat stress triggered by uncertainty at the workplace and insecurity about not having enough money even though they work very hard.

    3. Calcarea carbonica
    This is also a common homeopathic remedy for work place related stress. People who are concerned about being observed or stressed by an upcoming deadline can be benefited by this medication. This type of stress can commonly be seen at the time of appraisals.

    4. Staphysagria
    People who are extremely sensitive and feel that the world is unjust and unfair to them cab be benefited by staphysagria. This is often faced by children bullied in school and people in corporate work environments. Staphysagria boosts confidence levels and thus makes the person feel less vulnerable.

    5. Ignatia
    Emotional stress is very well treated by ignatia. This homeopathic remedy addresses feelings of disappointment and guilt and stress that follows an emotional loss such as the loss of a loved one or breaking up for a relationship. It also fights the desire to withdraw from family and friends and moodiness.
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