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Dietitian/ Nutritionist, General Physician, Homeopath
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Holistic health through homeopathy and optimising nutrition

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Dr. Anupama Mehta's Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Anupama Mehta, a well-reputed Dietitian/ Nutritionist, General Physician, Homeopath , practices in Gurgaon. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 98 patients.

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Residency Greens, Opp. Unitech Cyber Park, Sector-46
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122003
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NHMC Medical College, Delhi University
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Central Council of Homeopathy
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    Dietitian/ Nutritionist, General Physician, Homeopath
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    A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. It also helps prevent obesity and weight-related diseases, such as diabetes. A healthy dose of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is essential to maintain a healthy growth of body and mind.
    Ensure a mix of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy on a daily basis.
    Promoting fruit and vegetables consumption is essential for good health both now and in the future. An easy way to remember this is to serve a fruit and vegetable at each meal and one at snack time. Having your child fill up on produce will keep them from snacking on high- calorie, but empty nutrient varieties of junk food.
    It is hard to binge on fruits and vegetables as the fiber has a satiating effect; kids will stop when they feel full. With junk food, the salt and sugar present cause an addictive eating response whereby the child continues to eat and eat, never feeling satisfied.
    But we live in a world empowered by media; and children, being the most susceptible part of our society, are heavily targeted by media. This brings us to a point where most of us give in to the demand for junk foods and as a result, nutrition suffers. While we may let our children and ourselves too indulge once in a while, eating healthy as a routine for the entire family would go a long way in establishing eating patterns for their life.
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    Although Type-2 diabetes has a strong genetic component, diet and lifestyle significantly affect the likelihood that the disease will manifest and influence its course after diagnosis. The risk for type 2 and gestational diabetes can be decreased by avoiding overweight and by following specific dietary practices.

    Populations that follow traditional diets low in animal fat and high in complex carbohydrates and who remain physically active have a far lower incidence of diabetes than those who follow a western diet and activity pattern. The incidence of diabetes has been found to be lower in vegetarians than non vegetarians.

    A higher intake of dietary fiber, particularly in the form of fruits and vegetables, results in lower postprandial glucose. In addition, high-fiber diets often contain micronutrients important in glucose tolerance, including magnesium and Vitamin E.
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    Why are your gaining weight despite working out?

    Many people have a common workout woe that while they are working out for hours they are not losing weight. The reason on a broad sense is simply that you are undoing your workout. Let me explain the reasons here.

    1. Calorie overload/dieting - A general opinion amongst a lot of people is that since they are working out, they can binge on their favourite foods. Another group of people are those who workout with utmost sincerity but do not eat post workout. Both are equally harmful and aide fat generation.
    2. Not staying hydrated - While working out, our bodies lose a lot of water. Often, we confuse the feeling of being thirsty as being hungry. So after a workout, when one might actually be hungry, one ends up filling the stomach with food. Stay hydrated at all times, especially before and after workout.
    3. Drinking alcohol - A lot of people workout during the day and drink in the evening. This is a strict no-no and if not adhered to, you will end up gaining more weight than losing. Usually it is recommended staying completely off alcohol while trying to lose weight because drinks have calories and high sugar content. If abstaining is difficult, restrict the quantity.
    4. Not working out enough - Human mind can be fooled very easily into believing what is not. We often believe that we our workout is enough and we don’t need to increase the number of counts, level of difficulty etc. It is good to give yourself a pat in the back, but never too soon.
    5. Rewarding yourself - Rewarding yourself after losing every kilo is a very bad idea. Set a big goal and reward yourself only once achieved.
    6. Drinking energy drinks - Advertisements promote energy drinks as a must for people who are working out. What they conveniently hide is the fact that these drinks are full of sugar.
    7. Not eating enough vegetables - Many people turn to protein shakes and unhealthy foods instead of eating regular home-cooked vegetables which are packed with nutrients.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.

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    For people suffering from respiratory allergies and infections, steam inhalation should be followed as a routine. Even when you are well, taking steam for 5-10 min twice a week will ward off many potential episodes of illness.
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    Homoeopathy boosts the immunity by strengthening the defense system of the body by helping it fight disease of its own. Children taking homoeopathic treatment for common ailments and infections have been found to have better immunity and fewer episodes of illness.
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    Mindful eating - Portion control is the key to losing weight while eating healthy
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