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Global Homoeopathy & Esthetiques Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Prabha Acharya, a well-reputed Weight Management, Homeopath , practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 91 patients.

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103, Gokul Regency, Above Cafe Coffee Day, Greater Bank, Opp. Vikas Sales J B Nagar, Andheri East
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400059
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CMP Homeopathic Medical College Mumbai
YMT- Homoeopathic Medical College
Tulip Institute
PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen
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Professional Memberships
Maharastra Council of Homoeopathy
Andheri Medical Association
Vile Parle Medical Association
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Past Experience
1990 - 2015 Doctor at Dr Acharya's Esthetiques & Global homoeopathy
1991 - 2015 Professor,Head of pharmacy Department at Virar Homoeopathic Medical College
  • BHMS, MD, PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen
    Weight Management, Homeopath
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  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. The nuts are rich source of energy and contain health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health.

    2. They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and an excellent source of all important omega-3 essential fatty acids. Intake of walnuts in the diet helps to lower total as well as ldl or bad cholesterol and increases hdl or good cholesterol levels in the blood.

    3. N-3 fatty acids by their virtue of anti-inflammatory action help to lower the risk of blood pressure, coronary artery disease, strokes and breast, colon and prostate cancers.

    4. These nuts are packed with many important b-complex groups of vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamin b-6, and folates.

    5. They are an excellent source of vitamin e. Vitamin e is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant, required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucus membranes and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen-free radicals.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. Vitamin c is an excellent anti-oxidant and as amla is so rich in vitamin c, it has strong anti-oxidant properties and helps combat free radicals.

    2. It also helps boost protein metabolism.

    4. It is essential vitamin to get better eye sight.

    5. Helps to regulate blood sugar.

    6. It is a powerful food for brain increases hemoglobin, red blood cell count.

    7. It is also used for cough, bronchitis and asthma.

    8. Amla helps strengthen the liver, and helps the body to get rid of these toxins. It thus helps purify and clean the blood. That is why amla is good for the skin.

    9. It enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens hair roots and maintains color. Amla powder prevents dandruff.

    So enjoy your way to health with fresh amla juice daily.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. It's good for your heart. Exercise reduces ldl cholesterol, the kind that clogs arteries.

    2. It also reduces your blood pressure, relieving stress on your heart; improves your insulin sensitivity; improves heart muscle function; and blood flow and diminishes the chances of developing blood clots.

    3. Exercise promotes weight loss. Be consistent and be regular.

    4. Exercise prevents osteoporosis. Exercise, together with a healthy calcium intake, builds strong bones.

    5. Exercise is good for your blood pressure - no matter your age, weight, race or gender.

    6. Exercise acts as a temporary diversion to daily stresses and it improves self-esteem.

    7. Exercise enhances blood flow to the brain, possibly reducing risk of stroke. It also improves reasoning and memory.

    8. Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain, just as it improves circulation to the heart and the rest of the body.

    9. It also helps you to gain a sense of emotional well being and a feeling of being more in control.

    10. Exercise is good for mind and soul.

    11. Exercise improves oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells in your body.

    12. Regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, and certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Breakfast = first meal of the day

    The word 'breakfast' means breaking the fast.

    Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast - that's where its name originates, breaking the fast! without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!

    Why breakfast is important:

    1. helps our bodies to wake up in the morning;

    2. provides us with energy;

    3. stops us feeling hungry before lunch, to prevent us from unhealthy snacking;

    4. helps us to concentrate at school or work;

    5. stops us feeling tired and moody;

    6. can help us maintain a healthy weight. (prevents you from over-eating later in the day)

    7. better memory

    Roadblocks to eating breakfast

    - time

    - not hungry

    - not convenient

    - forgot

    - not sure what to eat

    Motivators that work

    - eating breakfast can help:

    - increase physical energy;

    - increase mental focus;

    - maintain a healthy body weight;

    - maintain good health
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. Walking strengthens your heart: reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by walking regularly. It's great cardio exercise, lowering levels of ldl (bad) cholesterol while increasing levels of hdl (good) cholesterol. The stroke association says that a brisk 30-minute walk every day helps to prevent and control the high blood pressure that causes strokes, reducing the risk by up to 27 percent.

    2. Walking lowers disease risk: a regular walking habit slashes the risk of type 2 diabetes by around 60 percent, and you're 20 percent less likely to develop cancer of the colon, breast or womb with an active hobby such as walking.

    3. Walking helps you lose weight: you'll burn around 75 calories simply by walking at 2mph for 30 minutes. Up your speed to 3mph and it's 99 calories, while 4mph is 150 calories (equivalent to three jaffa cakes and a jam doughnut!). Work that short walk into your daily routine and you'll shed the pounds in no time.

    4. Walking prevents dementia: older people who walk six miles or more per week are more likely to avoid brain shrinkage and preserve memory as the years pass. Since dementia affects one in 14 people over 65 and one in six over 80, we reckon that's a pretty great idea.

    5. Walking tones up legs, bums and tums: give definition to calves, quads and hamstrings while lifting your glutes (bum muscles) with a good, regular walk. Add hill walking into the mix and it's even more effective. Pay attention to your posture and you'll also tone your abs and waist.

    6. Walking boosts vitamin d: we all need to get outside more. Many people in the uk are vitamin d deficient, affecting important things like bone health and our immune systems. Walking is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while getting your vitamin d fix.

    7. Walking gives you energy:' you'll get more done with more energy, and a brisk walk is one of the best natural energisers around. It boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply to every cell in your body, helping you to feel more alert and alive. Try walking on your lunch break to achieve more in the afternoon.

    8. Walking makes you happy: it's true exercise boosts your mood. Studies show that a brisk walk is just as effective as antidepressants in mild to moderate cases of depression, releasing feel-good endorphins while reducing stress and anxiety. So for positive mental health, walking's an absolute must.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. Use only positive words while thinking and while talking. Use words such as, 'I can', 'I am able', 'it is possible', 'it can be done', etc.

    2. Allow only feelings of happiness, strength and success into your awareness.

    3. Disregard and ignore negative thoughts. Refuse to think such thoughts, by substituting them with constructive, happy thoughts. Every time a negative thought finds its way into your mind, immediately replace it with a positive thought.

    4. In your conversation, use words that bring forth feelings and mental images of strength, happiness and success.

    5. Before starting with any plan or action,visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome. If you visualize with concentration and faith, you will be amazed at the results.

    6. Read at least one page of inspiring book every day.

    7. Watch movies that make you feel happy.

    8. Associate yourself with people who think positively.

    9. Always sit and walk with your back straight. This will strengthen your confidence and inner strength.

    10. Walk, swim or engage in some other physical activity. This helps to develop a more positive attitude.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Getting by on four hours of sleep isn't a testament to your physical strength and endurance. In fact, insufficient sleep detracts from your overall well-being. Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease, and even early death.

    1) lack of sleep makes you hungry:

    2) less sleep = more weight

    3) no sleep means poor health.

    4) the threat of early death

    5) greater heart disease risk, more diabetes complications

    Set yourself up for sleep

    Prepare for your good night's sleep with the following measures:

    Make it comfy. Get the best mattress you can afford, use shades, earplugs, and a fan to create a restful environment. Keep electronics and pets away.

    Exercise. Physical activity during the day can help you fall asleep faster at night.

    Relieve stress. If your mind races when your head hits the pillow, keep a journal by your bedside to note what's bothering you. Yoga, meditation, regular massages, and long walks also may help.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    One has often heard the phrase the longer the belt, the shorter the life span. Excess weight can be dangerous. It involves inconvenience and also decreases the efficiency of the person, besides subjecting the heart to undue stress.

    Obesity is indicated as a health hazard since statistical data shows that obese persons are at risk for a number of diseases such as coronary atherosclerosis and hypertension. It also complicates other diseases such as respiratory difficulties in chronic bronchitis and asthma. Heart attacks are more commonly found among the obese as in diabetes. Obesity, in short, places the body under undue strain, lowering resistance to infection causing general physical weakness and predisposing the obese persons to a number of diseases which can shorten the life span.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    1. Brown rice is rich in selenium

    Extremely high in selenium, an important trace mineral is known to drastically reduce our chances of developing many illnesses.

    2. Brown rice is very high in manganese

    One cup of brown rice provides over 80% of our daily manganese requirements. This mineral helps the human body create the important fatty acids that make healthy forms of cholesterol. It is also beneficial to the health of our nervous and reproductive systems.

    3. Brown rice holds naturally occurring oils

    These heart-healthy oils are naturally found in brown rice and can help the body reduce ldl forms of cholesterol.

    4. Brown rice promotes weight loss

    Because of its fiber-richness and ability to keep healthy bowel function, brown rice keeps things moving in a way that promotes weight-loss and metabolic function.

    6. Brown rice is an antioxidant

    Most people associate antioxidants with blueberries and green tea, but many are unaware that brown rice is also a source of antioxidants.

    7. Brown rice is very high in fiber

    Brown rice also contains the necessary components to stabilize digestion, prevent/relieve constipation and promote proper elimination/bowel function.

    8. Brown rice is a slow-release sugar

    Unlike stripped rice, brown rice can help keep blood sugar stabilized as it releases sugars slowly and in a sustained fashion. This makes it a better option for diabetics, as compared to white rice.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Stress affects every aspect of our lives. You may experience mental, behavioral, physical and emotional symptoms. While these symptoms are common during stressful times.

    On your body: headache, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, fatigue, change in sex drive, stomach upset, sleep problems, frequent illness

    On your emotions: anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation or focus, irritability or anger, sadness or depression, forgetfulness, feeling overwhelmed, insecurity

    On your behavior: over or under eating, angry outbursts, drug/alcohol use, social withdrawal, sleeping too much or too little, relationship conflicts, crying spells, etc

    Stress management is an important skill and it is worth taking the time to figure out what works best for you. Taking care of your mind and body can go a long way toward managing your stress level and help restore yourself to balance. Here are some suggestions:

    Get enough sleep.
    Eat a healthy diet. Sugar and processed foods can make stress worse.
    Excercise regularly.
    Learn deep breathing/relaxation techniques.
    Practice saying" no" to situations and people that add stress to your life
    Get a massage!
    Talk with a friend or someone you trust.
    Limit your caffine intake.
    Avoid using alcohol or other durgs in an attempt to relieve stress.
    Laugh! watch a funny movie or try laugh yoga.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Tips to improve your daily life:

    1. Drink a glass of water in the morning.

    2. Sleep enough.

    3. Stretch in the morning.

    4. Snack the healthy way.

    5. Eat breakfast!

    6. Take a daily walk.

    7. Make social connections.

    8. Study ingredient lists of your favorite products.

    9. Find new activities!

    10. Love your life!

    11. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

    12. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar.

    13. Eat less salt.

    14. Get active and be a healthy weight.
  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Bring back their smile and you smile forever

    Children easily catch infection from others at school, at play, from pets and at home.

    Homeopathy for children

    Homeopathy is child`s best friend. Safe and effective. The sweet pills are easy to administer and effortlessly revive immunity. Your child gets strong enough to withstand the demands of everyday life.

    It greatly reduces and completely stops the need for antibiotics given for repeated infections, asthma or nephrotic syndrome and many more.

    Common children disorders treated with homeopathy- infant colic, fever, teething problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, asthma, tonsillitis, recurrent boils, headaches, migraine, nephrotic syndrome, growth retardation, obesity, convulsions, eczema, jaundice, warts, hairloss, growing pains, arthritis in children, psoriasis, leucoderma (white spots), thyroid disorders and many more.

    Earlier the age, better the results

  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    While we all believe that green leafy vegetables are to be included as part of our regime, not all of us know in detail the amount of goodness that is packed in these. The first thing that comes to mind at the thought of leafy green vegetable is the tender, green, luscious looking spinach. However, not all of us know the amount of goodness and nutrition it stores within in. Spinach, though appears to be delicate and light, puts up a strong fight against inflammatory problems, stress-related problems, cardiovascular issues, bone diseases, and various types of cancers.

    1) minerals and vitamins - fresh green spinach is loaded with a multitude of vitamins a, b1, b2, b3, b6, c and k. Major minerals contained in spinach include manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium.

    2) anti-cancer benefits - the antioxidant properties in spinach come from carotenoids and flavonoids, and it is loaded with about a dozen flavonoid compounds, thereby getting a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Spinach helps in reducing inflammation in the stomach lining and other areas, thereby reducing chances of intestinal cancer. It also provides significant protection against prostate cancer. The incidence of skin papilloma is also reduced with increased consumption of spinach.

    3) anti-inflammatory benefits - the good amounts of vitamin c, e, a, zinc, manganese, selenium are beneficial for reducing stress and thereby reduce incidence of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Spinach also is rich in protein and contains some peptides (small protein units) which inhibits angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is responsible for increasing blood pressure. This is another way how spinach helps lower blood pressure.

    4) eyes - lutein and zeaxanthin are two carotenoids, which protects the eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration.

    5) bones - the bacteria in the stomach convert vitamin k1 in spinach to vitamin k2. While vitamin k1 supports the bones by reducing the number of osteoclasts (cells that break down bones), vitamin k2 activates osteocalcin, which promotes bone formation. The high levels of calcium and magnesium only make it even better for the bones.

    6) digestive system - with the good fiber content it has, there is reduced instance of constipation. The anti-inflammatory property helps keep the stomach lining healthy and less prone to ulcers. It also helps flush out toxins and keeps the body alkaline, which helps beat stress.

    7) skin - the various minerals and vitamins in spinach reduces chances of skin infections and also adds to the glow of the skin. The itchiness and dryness of the skin also is reduced with regular use of spinach.
    So the next time you are thinking, which is one thing you should pick up when you go to the market, think spinach.
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  • PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
    Whatever maybe the reason do the following
    1. Keep fixed time for sleep
    2. Avoid afternoon nap more than 30 minutes
    3. Drink a warm cup of milk with jaiphal crushed in it
    4. Have warm water bath at bedtime
    5. Spray lavender aroma in your room
    6. Avoid tv mobile 
    7. Put soft instrumental music
    8. Prayers if you wish
    9. Most important. Don't worry whether you will get sleep or not.

    For more you can consult with us by clicking on the consult button
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