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DR A HUSAIN is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Akhtar Husain, a well-reputed Emergency Medicine , practices in SURAT. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 102 patients.

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Zamrud Residency Inderpura Khatriwad
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    General Physician
    As long as the coitus, erection, ejacualation, masterbation, norcternal ejaculation, are concern I could  say that it is great myth are there taking all of these topics because I frequently answers such queries, it is all the disease to most of the persons those are worried about this, what comes before that still many of such persons  does not know what is the reproductive sytem and how it functions, many person does not know the biological fact for all of these topics 


    Coitus:- It may cause HIV infection, It may cause some STD, fear of pregnancy cant satify the partner, it is over too ealry 

    Erection:- Does not have strong erection, it becoms loose too early, looking for medicines for this trying some non pharmaceutical agents and wasting money 

    Ejaculation:- premature ejaculation asking for medicine for this, have great fear and due to this some avoids coitus 

    Masturbation:- It is very bad kind of sin, may cause several disese makes you weak you would be no more man, makes your vein so weak that you wont be able to satify your wife and you wont be father, and what not 

    Nocterl Ejaculation: It is a kind of disease that consumed great energy that you wont be able to wake up in the morning caues bad bacache, may be danger in later life

    Let me tell something all of these myths are very dangerous and it is not logic scientifically, it could cause depression and anxiety nervouse break down, loss of self confident, it is all physiological phenomenon and natural instict, like others as for example, sleep, hunger, thrust, defication, voiding, just difference is, it is the social barrier and desency required for sex one need to follow the rules and regulation to maintain and secure the society.
  • Doctor of Medicine
    General Physician
    It is being known as heat burn, dyspepsia, acidity, incidence of this being increases, this is just due to life style changes, beside the medicines if better care are taken for life style, diet, exercise, then one may not have attack of this, at the time of heart burn, try some walking till you get enough of perspiration (there should not be any cardiac elements) because of this level of contains of gastric region comes down, below the esophagus valve (sphincter) so it may not reach high up to esophagus, it is kind of dehydration not enough to cause any clinical symptoms.
  • Doctor of Medicine
    General Physician
    Most of the symptoms of disease are positive feedback of pathological event, as for example fever due to viral infection, and not just viral infection but fever is the positive feed back phenomenon for other causative organism too, it is in another word increasing the body temperature could be killed that causative organism so looking to this fever should never be tried to bring down immediately" fever is friend" it may increased the immune system too, (but of course care needs to be taken for hyperpyresxia, and dehydration) second underlying cause of fever is great matter of concern and that needs to be treated and just not the fever, body temperature can be controlled with cold sponging with ice water and it need to be put on wide body surface area like abdomen and not on head, antipyretic drug is like double age sword it needs to be avoided as long as it is possible, take good care of your health.
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